The December Photoshop Contest


If there is one thing that I love, it’s a photoshop contest.  Every month, we’ll be doing some kind of contest for free swag, but these are always home runs.  Who will be our champion, this time?  Who will earn the right at Internet glory? Who will be our virtual hero?  As always, I’m excited to find out.



When the 2014-15 season rolled around, we knew that there were holes in the Oilers roster.  Blogger, fans, and MSM were all talking about the depth at centre and the need for a #1 defenceman.  Well… MacT didn’t address either need, and what we’ve got instead was another chapter in the Oilers Guide to Kicking Their Fans in the Pills.  It’s a tough read, and frankly I’m tired of the ending.

As is tradition around these parts, the Oilers were all but officially eliminated from the playoffs by the 1st of December.  After the way last year went, I doubt any of us thought things would be this bad again this season.  Unfortunately, we are where we are, and I vow to pull some fun out of this Oilers team if it’s the last thing that I do. Enter the photoshop contest.



Whether you’re a kid or strapped to a desk all day, one thing we can all look forward to is a holiday break.  As such, the theme of this month’s photoshop contest is, “How the Oilers spent their Christmas holidays.” What does that mean? I don’t know, you tell me.  Do you picture Dallas Eakins breaking into houses and stealing cookies, like the Grinch? Send it in.  Do you see Taylor Hall flying balls out down a hill in a wok like Clark Griswold? I want to see that.  Maybe you picture Justin Schultz eating coal by an empty fire place. I get down with that!

The goal, as always, is to be as creative as you can within the theme.  Surround the Oilers with fire and brimstone with a Christmas tree in the corner, for all I care.  All we’re looking for is to give away some prizes, and have a laugh in the process.  



Whether doing to do a take on the Griswold family Christmas, the Grinch who stole Christmas, or the 3 wise men, the only rules are that you be creative and have some fun.  Gord knows the Oilers haven’t given us much to be happy about, this year, and I think we could also use a break from being angry.  So be creative, and make us all laugh – the Nation is depending on you!

Since it’s not really a contest without any prizes, I was able to scrape together a few things from our sponsors.

What are the prizes you ask?

  • 1st place gets a Nation Hoodie, $20 in Oodle Noodle GCs, $20 in Pint GCs & Nation Stickers
  • 2nd place gets one of the brand new #YakCity t-shirts, $20 in Oodle Noodle GCs, $20 in Pint GCs & Nation Stickers
  • 3rd place gets $20 in Oodle Noodle GCs & Nation Stickers
  • We’ll also pick 5 random contestants to win either an Oodle Noodle GC, sticker package, or whatever else we can find. 
The sky is the limit here as long as your entry relates to the Oilers’ Christmas Holiday. The deadline to enter will be Sunday at midnight (December 14th) and all entries will show up on the Nation next week.  The winner will be selected through the Nation Polls and prizes will be distributed accordingly.

To submit an entry, email it to me at I also want to thank the fine folks at Oodle Noodlethe Pint, and Print Machine for providing the prizes for the contest!