WWYDW: The Taylor Hall Situation

For the past couple days, the Internet has been abuzz with the idea of Taylor Hall being on the trade market.  Whether he’s actually available for trade seems to be irrelevant. People are convinced he’s leaving town, and there’s no shortage of trade possibilities being thrown out to the Universe (Matt Henderson wrote about it this morning).  It seems like everyone with a Twitter account is throwing out trade scenarios, and ideas about where Taylor Hall will end up.  Will he even be traded? We can’t know for sure.  For now, I want to know what you would do.



Regardless of what team/sport it is, the idea of trading the team’s best player is always sure to get a response.  It’s a very heavy decision, and likely not the kind of decision that would be made quickly.  I am kind of surprised by how much of a response this “rumour” has gotten.  Basically, all Darren Dreger said was that he thinks the Oilers will be listening to offers for Taylor Hall – that was it.  What a storm that one sentence has caused.

Frankly, I think Craig MacTavish should be listening to offers on every single player in the room – anything less than that means he’s not doing his job.  Let’s face it, the Oilers are in 29th place AGAIN, so it’s not like things have been working around here.   That being said, listening to offers is very different from actually pulling the trigger on a trade.  That’s where you come in…



I want to know whether or not you guys would trade Taylor Hall, but this isn’t as simple as a “yes or no.” I want to know why you’re making the choice you are.  If you’re pro-trading-Hall, then I want to know what you would expect to receive as a return.  If you’re not in favour of trading #4, then I want to know why not.  Maybe you would trade someone else instead?  I want to know about it. 

It’s time to play pretend, Nation.  From this point on, (and in this article alone) you are Craig MacTavish, and the future of the team’s best player is in your hands.  Pretend that you have the keys to the van, and your phone is ringing with trade scenarios.  What will you do?

  • vetinari

    If Gretzky can be traded (and more than once) than anyone can be traded.

    If you are going to do it, to absolutely need some star potential coming back at a position in need (centre, defence and goal) and we have just too many holes to fill them by trading one player.

    If anything gets done (and I doubt that it will) it will be between the draft until UFA season opens because teams will know their draft position and their payroll obligations for 2015/16 at that time.

  • james_dean

    At the draft and once the Oil have secured McDavid, trade Hall and Marincin to BOS for Lucic, Hamilton and Subban.

    BOS gets an elite LW to play with Bergeron and a developing defenceman.

    Moving forward, the Oil look as such:



  • kawi460

    I would be in favor of moving Taylor Hall, only if it makes the team better. Of all the young players on the the team i believe Hall would yield the largest return and in the end the Oilers could be a much better team moving forward.

    One trade I would like to see

    To Jets:
    Taylor Hall, Nikitin(even out cap)

    To Oilers:
    Evander Kane, Dustin Byfuglien, and Josh Morriessey

    I wouldn’t stop there I’d also try and deal Nail Yakupov to help our blue line out.

    To Maple Leafs:
    Nail Yakupov, Jeff Petry

    To Oilers: Dion Phanuef, Tyler Biggs, 3rd round pick

    And of course hopefully the Oilers will be able to land Connor McDavid in the draft! There are a couple of ufa’s that are physical two way wingers that would help the oilers out as well i would look to sign. Nick Foligno, Chirs Stewart, and Matt Belesky come to mind.
    I understand these are just dreams but I would like to see some sort of trades like these to make the team deeper on the blueline



    IMO the Oilers D-Core has more depth and is harder to play against. Opposing players will actually have to keep their heads up. As well they will improve down the center something they need to address asap.

  • kawi460

    I’m fine with the idea of trading Hall or anyone else on this roster…

    I’m NOT fine with the clownshoe wearing meathats running the show doing it though!

    So my answer is trade management for something more competent and then let them trade Hall or a legitimate Ekman-Larsson and a top offensive prospect.

  • Tikkanese

    Don’t trade Hall unless you’re getting a Doughty’esque type of elite top dman, period.

    We have two centers and probably a 3rd on the way in the draft. So no need for a Center really and if your argument is you can just move a center to the wing, well you already have Hall there so that’s a sideways move.

    No trading of Hall for a package either. That’s ridiculous. The Oilers need more elite players, not more hopes and wishes.

  • A-Mc

    If I’m the manager of the team, I’m looking ahead and seeing 2 scenarios i want to avoid at all costs.

    1. Hall reaching free agency, and walking for nothing.
    2. Hall getting fed up and asking for a trade.

    Hall has been losing here for 5 years already, how much more can he reasonably take?

    If i can move Hall at this years draft for a #2C and #3/2 D + decent pick, then i do it. I do it all day long because going into year 6 and 7, i am dangerously close to the 2 scenarios above that i need to desperately avoid.

    I also recognize that my team has the following Legitimate holes, and that moving players 1-1, I’m creating holes as i fill others. ie) Moving sideways.

    1. True #1 goaltender (high calibre)
    2. #1 Defenseman
    3. #2 Defenseman
    4. #2 Centerman
    5. #3 Centerman
    6. #2/3 Power Winger (Has skill but also has a mean streak)

    6 holes to fill, and few bodies of value to shift 1-1 to fill them.

  • MorningOwl

    what do others see as the value of Hall???

    do other GM’s see a potential 60-80 pt competitive player,


    do they see a diva who plays in one end only, coasting around and not going to the hard areas (with a possibility of an attitude problem?)

    Honestly, where would you all put him?

    In my opinion, HALLS trade value is damaged by the perception until he proves otherwise.

  • Anton CP

    On trading Hall, I would not. Now is not a good time to trade anyone anyways, so I would leave as is until the spring. But the biggest problem I have is there is no one in this organization I trust to make good trade of any size, further more a big one.

  • Anton CP

    Do not trade Hall. These guys all need to be taught to play nhl positional hockey. Not running around chasing the puck like a bunch of junior players. Stay on the wings and the centreman roves. Powerplay is too stationary and easy to defend. Create plays move around, get into open spots where you can score. Get someone in front of the net! this team on paper should be able to compete much better than they have been. Light a fire under their asses! Send nikitin to Oklahoma and pray someone plucks him off waivers. Brad hunt played awesome under Todd Nelson. Keep him around and see if he can help the powerplay. Get a centreman and try using Yakupov plus, plus to get him.