GDB 38.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Flames

You’re dead to me, 2014.  Happy New Year, everybody! Final Score: 4-3 Flames in OT.

Last night, the Oilers were somehow able to squeak out a win against the Kings.  After 40 minutes, you would have thought that the Oilers deserved the win, but a terrible final 20 minutes almost caused yet another third period collapse.  Tonight, the Oilers closed out 2014 with the annual Flames/Oilers rivalry game.  After losing to the Flames 4 days ago, you knew that the Oilers would want to get them back with a win in Calgary.  The problem is that what the Oiler want to happen, and what actually happens on the ice, don’t always mix.

On the bright side, tonight’s game was sure to be entertaining due to the simple fact that I’ve been drinking since the Canada/USA game started this afternoon.  Frankly, the rums have been going down so smoothly that I probably wouldn’t have even cared what the score was.  That being said, the Oilers lost and it was just as annoying as I could have expected.  Why was it annoying?  This loss was annoying because the Oilers were winning by 2 goals during this game.  Why a two goal lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey, when it comes to the Oilers, I have no idea.  It’s frustrating, and I don’t know when it will end.

We wrap.



  • 2014 is finally over (from an Oilers perspective)! In 77 games played, the Oilers only won 24 of them.  That’s Frank-Grimes-not-wearing-safety-gloves bad. 
  • Matt Fraser scored his first goal as an Oiler, AND it was a power play goal.
  • Beauty goal by Eberle. Nice feed by Draisaitl. 
  • Nice scrap by Keith Aulie. Unfortunately, it came after a late hit and he got booted from the game.
  • Nice game by Oscar Klefbom.  He has developed nicely over the past few years.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t grow sideburns and Marincin himself.
  • We got points in 2 straight games.  McDavid sweepstakes aside, that is big news for the Oilers.



  • Calgary’s jerseys are offensive to the senses.
  • Keith Aulie got booted for a hit to the head on Matt Stajan.  It was a late hit, but it was nice to see the Oilers actually engage physically. 
  • Glencross was an Oiler. #ThanksKevin
  • Joe Colborne shouldn’t be allowed to score. Ever!
  • I feel like Todd Nelson needs to step his suit game up. Kevin Lowe needs to buy him a new suit.
  • Gave up a 2 goal lead… again.
  • I thought Scrivens played well despite the loss.  That being said, he only finished with an .857 save% so he obviously wasn’t good enough.  Story of the season, really.
  • Special teams couldn’t click… again.


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Another year is in the books, and I wanted to wish all of you a very happy and safe New Year.  May you drink too much* (if you’re of age) and make the kind of poor life choices that will result in a story that your friends will use to embarrass you for years.  Be safe, Nation.

*by drink too much, obviously I mean drink responsibly and take a cab home. 

  • geeker99

    I think Jason Gregor is screening my comments, so I will type really fast…*slanted eyes of distrust. HAPPY 2015 NEW YEARS OilersNation!!!! I’m only 9 hours late; still hung-over, got lucky right at midnight. That’s worth bragging about! Oilers; 2015 can only get better, maybe they all got lucky at midnight?

    Ference got a goal!! Ference; that guy I want to stumble up to and rip that C right off his jersey. Petry avoided death by dodging a huge hit, Hall is looking less zombie, and Nelson is actually engaging the guys in conversation on the bench- unlike Eakins standing there like a mannequin with incredibly nice hair.

    I think the Oilers are actually on the right railway track again (or an oil reference, drilling in the right zone) so cheers to things looking a little brighter!!

    • Spydyr

      Why wait? Trade him if someone will take him. This defence thing is not changing. There is no priide, compete, and the glimpse of talent without the desire is blatently evident. He is a 30 point defensman who is anchor to ever player he plays with because he won’t get dirty.

      Even the Oilers can’t qualifying him at 3.6, so he goes UFA?

      Oilers need to move dead wood, so they can dump a brink load at Petry’s feet and say it wasn’t you it was me.

      • Spydyr

        I suggested the summer because he keeps the team in the Connor sweepstakes.

        If they give Petry an offer and I think they should the contract will not kick in until next season,so summer works for moving Schultz.

        • Serious Gord

          Petry is not coming back and shultz should not be signed.

          Difficult to see how the defense next year will be a whole lot better than it is now as there will be at least two, maybe three dmen with very little experience- klefbom, marincin and nurse. What a mess.

    • Serious Gord

      Have you (or anyone else) ever seen shultz make a decision on defense that made impressed you as being a Smart (or creative) defensive play? I haven’t.

      IMO he should not be defenseman. Either make him a forward if that’s possible or cut bait. Personally I Favour the latter.

      • D-Unit

        I don’t think I have ever been impressed by anything Schultz has done, at either end of the ice. Not a good D man, not a good Offensive D man.

        I am on the cut bait option for him, he has done nothing to show he should get a chance as a forward.

        If the Oilers make him a qualifying offer, MacT, Lowe and Howson are worse than I could have ever imagined. I will be interested to see what other GMs do when he is a UFA.

    • Czar

      I made my donation to the Alzheimer’s Society in honour of Justin Schultz but it was issued as a gift instead of in his name. I’m not sure why? Maybe they want nothing to do with him as well?

  • Spydyr

    We have gone , in a paltry 20 months , from a team under TAMS and Kreuger that showed some relevancy to one that is now totally inept and irrelevant . Ironic , as Oiler fans figured nothing could be worse than Tams . Happy New Years is a house cleaning of management .

  • Serious Gord

    As much enjoyment as people get for blaming Ferrence (and whoever that other defenseman was) for that line change – they were beat. They were likely doing just as much good sitting on the bench as they would have on the ice. I recall a previous overtime goal with tired Oilers standing around.

    Petry – coming out of the penalty box. Wasn’t that his man?
    I like Petry. I hope the Oilers pull off some magic and re-sign him but I didn’t notice him on the goal.

    I actually enjoyed watching the game till Calgary scored the winner. I don’t know if it’s because they’re playing better or my expectations are being lowered.

  • Czar

    Lost another bet on the BOA so I made a $20 donation to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada and sent a copy of the receipt to the Nations twitter account. It seemed to be the most appropriate charity with all the warning signs and symptoms of dementia the Oilers have shown this season, poor judgement and the inability to perform common tasks being at the top of the list.

  • HOZ

    …its refreshing to see the the last three games, i actually think they competed for the most part.
    …Schultz showing a little confidence but still very weak defensively and has continually hung himself with the long rope he has been given.
    Scrivens always has a habit of over committing himself and loses the rebounds, not as yet reached NHL calibre.
    Fraser is the typical player for the Oil. Great pick up. Roy looks good too.
    2015 can’t be any worse than 2014. It can only get better……………

  • D-Unit

    I for one love what Nelson is doing……….which in other words is playing with the skill set you have and not forcing them to be something that they are not.

    The engagement on the bench is very noticable with players chirping and looking like they are having fun again. Mac T has done well in getting Fraser and Roy for nothing………I will cut him some slack but not too much as he could have had these players over the last summer.

    I’m just so happy not seeing Eakins on the bench……..Go NElson, he should have got the job in the first place!

  • Czar

    …..if we want to be in the Mcdavid/Eichel stakes it is important to keep playing Schultz as we can rely on his weak play and giveaways, allowing teams to score, this is the only reason I can think of the Oilers keep playing him.
    Schultz and Scrivens/Fasth are responsible for where we are today……
    Schultz has been like an anchor not letting the Oil move forward…..

  • tealyn

    …its refreshing to see the the last three games, i actually think they competed for the most part.
    …Schultz showing a little confidence but still very weak defensively and has continually hung himself with the long rope he has been given.
    Scrivens always has a habit of over committing himself and loses the rebounds, not as yet reached NHL calibre.
    Fraser is the typical player for the Oil. Great pick up. Roy looks good too.
    2015 can’t be any worse than 2014. It can only get better……………

  • BubbaZanetti

    Just a thought:

    Let’s assume we draft McDavid/ Eichel, we would still be going into next season with only to “NHL” centers. Clearly Draisaitl with 40 NHL games and a rookie #1 Draft pick are better then rookie Drai and Arcobello, but it is still 2 vets and 2 “rookies” at center to start next season.

    I can’t help but wonder if maybe the Oil start one of the 2 on wing next season and get a 3rd vet on center (maybe even Derek Roy)

  • Andy7190


    Whenever you question MacTavish, somebody says “what about the Peron for Paajarvi trade?”. They conveniently forget the fact that Edmonton had to throw in a second round pick in to make that trade.

    St. Louis used that pick to take Ivan Barbashev. Barbashev has 49 points in 29 QMJHL games. Totally outplaying Tkachev, BTW. Barbashev has 4 points in 4 WJHC cames, same as McDavid and Eichel (I know, very small sample).

    So if you were trying to rebuild a struggling NHL franchise, who would you rather have, Barbashev or Peron? I know, it’s not a fair question, because Edmonton’s scouts (hired and retained by Lowe and MacTavish) are incompetent.

    Virtually every move these people have made has turned to sh!t.

    • Romanus

      You are assuming edmonton would have made the same pick. They likely would have drafted someone different with that pick that wouldn’t have panned out anyway. So Perron is/was more of a sure thing.

  • geeker99

    I was at the game. It was great for two periods but it is what it is. The bitter truth is this: the Oilers are as good as they are built to be. Two backup goalies that could have been starters was a dice roll, but neither worked out. The D on paper made sense in October, but again nothing has worked out. The Eakins experiment was a failure. I think MacT is trying, and is ripping his silverfox hair out right now. At the same time, and I hate to say it – but why get better?

    Everything sucks, but hey, McDavid doesn’t suck. I hate this, but another last place finish will get the fans the firing they want, and hopefully a half decent team by the time Rogers Rexall Downtown opens up.

    You can troll like Tychkowski and sewer these players all you want, but in my opinion our billionaire owner knows Crosby 2.0 is the prize of the draft this year: and knows we’ll be lining up to see him.

    Markets have ups and downs. The Oilers owner knows this. Spend your money on a trip, go snowboarding and drink in a cabin, or save it, it doesn’t matter. There will always be a market for NHL hockey in Edmonton. There is no message to send – McDavid’s rink is being built.

  • geeker99

    I know i am going to get slammed for this but here i go. Lowe fired no question,should happened after the 3 tier nightmare. going into this year I was pumped. everybody wants our signings to kick ass but it hasn’t happened. the only way he can do anything is if we start winning but that screws with the draft. If we pick out of the top 2 we should really consider trading the pick. This is no place to develop a prospect.

    what i’m saying is Mact is screwed and working from weakness that is almost unworkable. everybody says why didn’t he get a center this summer? We suck if we are on the ice or off. I would be surprised if anyone would take this job right now. Trash away

    ps I like the american, he already seems pissed