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The Pacific War Room – January 2nd, 2015.

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  • nuge2drai

    Oiler a Domination To Follow… Yeah that’s a joke…

    Build around Hopkins, McDavid, Draisaitl and Hall…

    Trade Eberle and Schultz… Soft as butter, free up the cap…

    Wait and see on Yak….Yak played well with Horcoff and the one game with Roy, there’s a chance a skilled veteran Center could maximize his potential…

    Hate using the word “build” or “rebuild” as an oilers fan…

    • hitchikerforajax

      When does the “rebuild” stop?? This “rebuild”, started 5 yrs ago & literaly, no production. When is this horror story going to stop? If you, want this team to get better, the fans have to stop going to games, stop buying Oiler jerseys & make it, so Katz starts hurting in the pocket book & just maybe then, he’ll fire Kevin Lowe. This team needs new scouts, G.M. & a complete management rebuild & just maybe then, this team has a chance. How does every other team, starts a rebuild & they get better. This team starts a rebuild & gets worse. What a joke.

    • ubermiguel

      With our newest scout at the Vancouver game(Dallas Eakins)the oilers are in fine shape for the future,he couldn’t coach some talent and now he’s looking for talent to bring here,upper management really know how to run a team

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow… Jk…

    MacT has been on the job for a season and a half…

    In that time…

    He’s moved out these players: Khabibulin Smid, Schultz, Potter, Fistric, Whitney, Pekham, Horcoff, Gagner, Hemsky, Jones, Paajarvi, Brown, Belanger, Smithson, and Smyth…

    Tough to turn a lump up sht into gold… He’s made mistakes but he took over a tough a team full of crap…Trade targets won’t waive, and top ufas won’t sign… You almost have to always overpay to sign a second tier free agent…

    I think he takes a lot of negative heat because of his association with Lowe… I remember the rebuild days under Tambellini where nothing was being done… Not even guys like Sutton were moved at the deadline…

    I guess things could always be worse… Just look at the players on the list above for a quick reminder…The bright side, the Oilers will eventually boast the best 1-2-3 centre combo in the NHL with Hopkins and Draisaitl and whoever they end up picking this year.

      • nuge2drai

        Even though he’s improved the bottom pairings and bottom six forwards- the west is getting better making the Oilers worse.

        Dallas adding Seguin/Spezza, Ducks with Keslar, Kings with Gaborik, Blues with Statsny….

        He’s dumped a lot of garbage players, freed up cap… Has no long term commitments to players outside the core(except Fayne and Pouliot)…

        Point is teams worse, but I blame that on goaltending… if they draft an elite Center this year … The d prospects are maturing and eventually this team will turn around…

        Whether that was the plan, or MacT is around to see how it plays out is debatable…

        The goaltending has been so horrific over MacTs one+ year tenure that getting a gauge on his acquisitions has been difficult…

        • nuge2drai

          I agree with you a little bit but who brought in the goalies that are so terrible? Of course the team is gonna improve, when you’re the worst team in the league and always getting high picks its virtually impossible not to improve eventually.

    • camdog

      Don’t copy and paste stuff off James Tanner on … He isn’t the brightest soldier out there.
      And for you wondering, the title of this article was “Oilers Mac-T: A Passive Aggressive Genius + Schlemko to Stars”. That should throw all logic out the window.

      Also, don’t ever copy and paste someone else’s work and act if its yours. Grow up.

      • nuge2drai

        All I copy pasted was the players that he listed off.. Lol

        It’s a great article I agree with James Tanner… The times I’ve posted other sites on here to reference my post hasn’t gone up.. So I left the reference out…

        Oilers suck, I took time out of my day to share some thoughts and put some positivity out there… You need to relax…

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow… Jk…

    MacT has won 4 championships and been around hockey for 40+ years…

    I think he knew with Scrivens in net and Arc and Drai at C this team would tank…

    We all knew this would happen, of course he knew…

    He thought he could get away with two more seasons of a rebuild and put together the pieces needed to make this team competitive in the west, without taking much heat… Those players being Drai and McDavid…

    He took over a crap team, that had 3 first overall picks before taking over but no Crosby or Stamkos…

    This plan would enable the young D to mature, while setting up the Oilers with the generational talent up the middle that has been missing since the Gretzky days…

    He executed this plan knowing his job may be at risk, but it was the right thing to do for the franchise… Looking at the roster he inherited from Tambellini I think the strategy was necessary…

    • camdog

      Give me a break!

      He has no crosby, other than pitt who does LMAO

      Mac T said he could change this around quickly with bold moves , now he says it’s been only 20 months lol

      BTW Perron scored for Pitt Nice!

      • hitchikerforajax

        I agree.
        He has had time.
        His issue with him fixing the team was his thought process that he can fix this mess by ALSO trying to build from the forwards back. Until he changes this logic and starts acquiring immediate goalies and improves drafting, along with 2 top 4 defensemen, this team is staying in the basement. This now has to happen in the off season obviously.

    • hitchikerforajax

      “MacT knew this team would tank…..and we all knew this would happen.” What a crock. Go check your pre-season predictions and you’ll see most OIler fans guaranteeing a playoff spot and that this would be the year that the first rounders along with the great off season acquisitions would blossom into a playoff hockey team. Well nuge2nail, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Your team has regressed and the organization is known as the most dysfunctional in hockey.

      • camdog

        I didn’t watch his first game in Nashville, where he got his 8th goal of the season but I’d imagine he was playing on the wing.

        On a real NHL team a guy like Arcobello would slot in on the 3rd or 4th line as a winger. Most NHL franchises run with greater than 4 listed centres in their lineup. The Oilers are the exception as they sometimes only have 2-3 NHL centreman on their team at any one given time.

  • Jordan88

    I guess we should trade all our assets away for bags of pucks, tape, sticks, skate sharpening coupons and first round picks.

    MacT’s thinking ” crap the oilers are looking to turn it around, move impact players and turn up the suck… I CAN TRADE FOR ALL THE FIRST ROUND PICKS!, oh dang I forget to feed Lowe his daily dose of nepotism and irony. Once I am back I will move Nikitin for Aaron Asham and eat half his over inflated contract I signed him to.”

  • camdog

    These are my thoughts and you can trash it if you like, but if you think about it, it makes sense.

    Klowe and MacT cannot be total idiots and I think the main problem with the Oilers; is with Katz’s interference. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Katz’s pick with Yak over the scouts, dumping the players that are unhappy and I could go on and on. Once the season is lost, its save the payroll and save the owner money.

    I have worked for far too many owners who think because they have money to purchase a company, that they know best with how to run that business. Klowe and MacT are puppets filling a chair and will not be replaced. Where else does a professional underperform for 9 years and they still have their job? Katz doesn’t give a rats ass with what the Oilers do until they are in the new arena.

    If you want change, hurt an owner with the only language they understand. Don’t buy tickets.

    • ubermiguel

      I buy owner interference. We’ve seen Lowe put together a Cup finalist. We’ve seen MacT coach over-achieving teams to the playoffs. We’ve also seen Katz being very hands-on chasing high-profile players like Heatly/Hossa/Jagr.

      My gut tells me Katz has issued a “don’t trade the Fab 5” order, so everyone that doesn’t fit into their clique gets moved.

    • hitchikerforajax


      Tom Gilbert has a goal and an assist for Montreal.

      Tyler Seguin just scored goal number 26. He has more goals than Hall has points (24).

  • MorningOwl

    Anyone see this new guy in Pittsburgh? His name is Perron, and he is tearing it up! wonder what it would take to get a guy (to play) like that in edmonton.

  • The Last Big Bear

    1) MacTavish has only been on the job for a year and a half. In that time… the Oilers went from bad, to worse, to WORST.

    2) The players MacTavish brought in to replace your list of terrible players are the 30th place team in a 30 team league.

    3) UFAs and players with NTCs don’t want to come to Edmonton because the Oilers are incompetent, and everyone knows it. The inability to get good players is not an excuse for poor management, its EXHIBIT A.

    4) None of the Oilers’ last 4 goalies are starter material, but none of them were/are as bad as the team has made them look. That’s because the Oilers defence has been absolute garbage. Both of those are on MacTavish.

    5) The Oilers are a cap team. Why? Because they want to contend? So they can ice a decent team while their prospects develop in lower leagues? So they can surround their young core with established high end vets who can shelter and mentor them?

    I would honestly like to hear one valid reason for the Oilers to be a cap team at the bottom of the standings, that does not directly implicate the incompetence of the GM.

    This is a guy who says Schultz has Norris potential, that pushing young prospects until they fail is the best way to develop them, and that Grebeshkov and some guy he saw at the WC’s would be anything other than the worst pairing in the entire NHL.

    The only reason Craig MacTavish is an NHL general manager is because he used to play on a team with Wayne Gretzky.

  • nuge2drai

    Gagner scores his 7th of the season, Reider his 5th…

    Arcobello scores his 8th in his first game with the Preds…

    Perron scores in his first game with the Pens…

    Dubnyk has a top 10 save percentage in the NHL…

    Seguin scores his 26th, more goals than Hall has points…


    • camdog

      DD didn’t play last night, however that Reider kid, did and he scored a goal and an assist.

      Irony is the Oilers have had 2 kids not sign here because they thought they were too small to fit in with the other small skilled forwards, the other being Riley Nash.

      It’s a cruel twist, because with the line up we have today we could use more skill on the wing. In over a year we have lost Hemsky, Gags, Perron, Arcobello (and even Ryan Smyth). Skilled wingers on any other team and replaced them with less skilled but bigger forwards. Quite the juxtaposition in team philosophy over the last 6 months.

      The wingers went from the strength of the team to just another hole that needs to be fixed in the next coming years.

  • nuge2drai

    I live in Edmonton and I have been an oiler fan for decades. l could care less if they lost 82 games or won 82 games. My paycheck dosen’t change. What makes me sick is how clueless the fans are . Let’s say the average ticket price in Edmonton is about 100 bucks multiply that by attendance and you get 1700000 per game. So why does a hockey player make 6000000/year while my daughter’s teacher makes 50000/year. It is so pathetic. Wake up fans . Hockey is not the most important thing in the world.

    • Serious Gord

      1. your daughters teacher makes way more than 50 grand – add in benefits and pension and put a value on job security and its north of $100000 and even more as she builds seniority and probably upgrades her education levels.

      2. There are probably several million teachers in the world that could teach your daughter

      3. There are only 700 or so people on earth good enough to play NHL hockey. And possibly a million or more who competed/tried to become good enough to be one of those 700.

      4. Diamonds are wOrth more than cubic zirconia even though they appear the same.

      Supply and demand are why world class hockey players get paid more than run of the mill teachers (and run of the mill hockey players). World class teachers get paid far more than your daughter’s teacher does.

      Hockey is indeed not the most important thing in the world, but then neither is your daughters education. And if you look at how much the Alberta taxpayer and parents spend on education it is vastly more than what Albertan’s soend on hockey.

      • camdog

        Hi serious Gord I enjoyed reading your reply. While I agree with your points the problem still is that 600 people in hockey get paid way more than the rest of us . Why? I can shoot a puck , skate around , and talk to media. Big whoop. The point is- even if a teacher makes 200000 factoring job security it’s still way off from the league minimum, takeaway the smoke and mirrors and what’s left.

        1 hockey players make too much money.

        I doubt you or anyone else could convince me they are worth it.

        • Serious Gord

          How can you agree with his points but disagree with his argument? You need to look up the definition of scarcity. Your ability to understand has failed you spectacularly.

          • Serious Gord

            The truth is , I prefer not to question people and their views while hidden behind a keyboard. you sir don’t have this problem and you should know better. I don’t blame you because you are an unplanned pregnancy.