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Yeah you read that right.

It’s January. As is the annual tradition in these parts, by
this point in the season the Oilers have settled comfortably on the ocean floor
at the bottom of the league. The early euphoria of the season has long since
worn off (NIKITIN IS THE NEW ORR YOU’LL SEE) and the season has been written
off 13 weeks back despite being only 12 weeks old.

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Now begins the annual rite of staring at the NHL standings
and the Draft Report and trying to decide who is going to match up with whom at
the annual Losers Ball (read: Entry Draft.) And this year the stakes are higher than ever.

Last night during the Oilers 5-2 whompin’ of the New York
Islanders I found myself arrogantly cheering for the team to keep the foot on
the gas. “Throttle these idiots!” I yelled at the TV, “they have copied our
colour scheme and they are wearing the exact same hockey pants as the

Then my Limbic Brain sprang to life and reminded me what needs to go
down. “Ignore the now Wanye” it whispered, “Connor will set things right. If that Nelson doesn’t ruin things”

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We need McJesus plain and simple. 

He is the shortest
distance between point A (Oilers inexplicably suck despite being stocked with
talent) and point B (the Oilers are awesome and I mail bags of poo to
FlamesNation HQ every Monday morning.) This will require losses piled to the sky
and the Oilers have a long and proud tradition of getting this done by every
means possible.

Having now watched every clip of him on YouTube, modifying my Justin Schultz bobble head to resemble Connor more closely and having watched him in the World Juniors it’s clear – THIS is the guy we need here in Edmonton. Screw all those other #1 picks – THIS number 1 pick is the number 1 pick that will get us on the bullet train to Victoryland.


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.36.27 PM

So right when we need losses the most this new chap shows up
on the bench. Who the hell does this upstart think he is? He looks like a
Detective from a Lifetime Movie about a missing child and a frantic mother who
must overcome her deep seeded childhood anxieties to reunite with her daughter.
Does he really think he can make this team win? Has he really been this effective solo behind the bench? AND WHY IS HE SO TANNED EXACTLY?


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Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.46.13 PM
We won’t have any of your “coaching” and your “non swarm defense” or any of
that nonsense. Was that forechecking last night? Where the hell did that
come from? At one point the Oilers cycled two lines and the puck didn’t
leave the Islanders zone the entire time. This spells trouble pure and simple.

Here are some rules to make sure you don’t screw this up on the eve of the Oilers landing the greatest player since ever. Please see that they are followed if you want to keep your shiny new job.

1. Bench Hendricks 

This son of a bitch scored one of his goals from his knees
last night. This is the last thing we need if we are going to land our newest
18 year old saviour. He must be placed on the LTIR immediately until he learns what Oilers hockey is all about.

2. Don’t play any new players 

Klinkhammer, Roy and Fraser have all made an impact since
they arrived. They have all seen the score sheet and have made their presence
and energy felt in a cavernous Oilers dressing room. This inspired play has started
to raise the spirits and the play of those on the ice around them.

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This has to stop immediately.

Where is Cam Barker these days? Can someone DM Ryan Jones wherever he is now? Dany Heatley is probably
ready to watch that DVD about life in Edmonton right about now. If we must
bring new players in to the dressing room please find guys who are going to drag
everyone down around them. We don’t need guys who are going to stick up for
their teammates and “finish their checks” for heaven’s sakes.

3. No more practices

What the hell are you teaching the Oilers this late in the season at practice? They are looking like an entirely different team – a team that is going to finish 3 or 4 spots out of the McDavid sweepstakes. As of today you must cancel all team meetings, practices and off ice sessions.

4. Don’t let Connor McDavid meet any cool people between here and July

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.32.06 PM

Gah! Is that our boy meeting Lemieux and Crosby? Get your filthy Pittsburgian hands off of him. You don’t need to know if he is a nice kid or not fellas. You don’t need to tour him around the Igloo or whatever you call your barn these days. McDavid ain’t gonna play so much as a shift for you people. 

The only thing you need to know about him, Sidney, is that he is going to put his foot squarely up your ass when he takes to the ice in Oilers silks. Todd Nelson: you need to hire a team of covert agents to prevent Connor from meeting anyone cooler than anyone in the Oilers head office. Given their behaviour of late this basically means “everyone on Earth.”


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.53.05 PM

I’m trying to watch last place hockey in a half empty
building for $100 a ticket whilst delicately sipping $9 beers with the grim
understanding that finishing anywhere above 28th place is the worst
thing the Oilers could possibly do right now. If you can’t do the job you were hired to do – deliver Connor McDavid on a platter – you need to get out of the way immediately.

Kindly stop screwing with all our hopes and dreams.

  • West

    The biggest reason I just can’t bring myself to care about whether or not the Oilers get McDavid is that no matter how great his numbers are, I feel like I’ve heard this song and dance before; Hall was suppose to be our savior because he was a young Messier, Nuge was suppose to be our savior because he had “the best on ice vision since Gretzky”, and Yak was suppose to be our savior because he was the next Pavel Bure.

    Enough already. I don’t need another draft pick with promises that may never come. I would rather watch the early 2000s Oilers who played their hearts out but often came up short than this endless parade of kids that come here and learn the fine art of coasting.

    • DoubleDIon

      And Draisaitl was the next Thorton.. and so on.

      You’re exactly right. Anyone who thinks that McDavid will be the savior of this franchise is sadly mistaken.. the Oilers rebuild has failed because they lack depth.

      Even if the Oilers finished dead last, they only have a 20% chance of winning the first overall pick.

      Last thing the Oilers need is another superstar. How about surrounding the core with some solid two-way, players with grit.

        • Zarny

          Oilers – Gretzky = 1 cup

          Gretzky – Oilers = 0 cups

          As for Crosby and Lemieux, look at the lineups that the Penguins iced the years that they won the cup; Crosby and Lemieux were the best players on very good teams.

          If you think that Hall, Nuge, and Yak are or will be superstars, then why should one more #1 pick be required? If you don’t think they are or ever will be superstars, then why are you so sure McDavid will be?

          Even if the Oilers land him a hundred things could go wrong. Maybe McDavid’s skills won’t translate to the NHL. Maybe McDavid will suffer a career ending injury. Maybe the same system which has failed other young Oilers will fail McDavid too.

          The best thing the Oilers can do right now is try to turn things around expediently. Nurse and Draisital haven’t been totally wrecked by this team yet, maybe there can be a positive environment for them in the fall. And we can hope that at least some of the past #1s haven’t had their careers totally derailed by the years spent in this environment.

  • Why do I need to read crap like this. McDavid will become one of the best players, guaranteed. So anyone talking about how we can’t use that in Edmonton is ridiculous.

    Secondly, this article is a great example of how media likes to energize its reader’s by spewing out garbage.

    I also want to draft McDavid or Eichel but to say that we should fire our coach and/or that he should lose all our games is stupid. You only have to read articles about a month old that say we should fire Eakens for losing too many games and now this genius pops up with firing someone who’s giving us a somewhat winning product.

    Hope for the win! Be even happier if we lose! But don’t tell the kids and coach that they should throw games for the CHANCE to MAYBE become better.

  • Chainsawz

    This Nelson guy might have the NHL’s secret draft formula figured out and is coaching the team to the percise finish it needs to win the lottery. (edit: how else can you explain starting Fasth tonight?)

    Don’t underestimate Nelson. We have forechecking now. FORECHECKING!!!!

  • slim_zani

    I’d like to think that getting McDavid would finally give us the freedom and confidence to move a piece like Hall, and try to solidify the D with a real NHL D-man.