GDB 53.0 Wrap Up: Oilers at Leafs

At least the game finished early!  Final Score: 5-1 Leafs.

Hockey fans everywhere must have had this game circled on their calendar.  Who wouldn’t get excited about a game featuring a team on an 11 game losing streak, and another than hasn’t made the playoffs since JT was bringing sexy back.  That being said, skipping the game wasn’t an option.  Unfortunately, what we got was another couple hours that we could have used on absolutely anything else in life – thanks Oilers.  On the bright side, this loss may give the Leafs some confidence and take them out of the McDavid sweepstakes.

Quite frankly, we should have all been doing anything else tonight. This game was 50 shades of awful – there’s no other way to describe it.  What started out as a boring first period turned into one of the biggest turds the Oilers have laid on the ice in a while.  At this point, I don’t even know what to say anymore.  The Leafs are a struggling team that was on an 11-game losing streak, but the Oilers did everything they could to end that streak.  If nothing else, the Oilers are gracious house guests. 

The thing I don’t understand is why these types of games always have to happen on National TV?  The Oilers got shutout against Pittsburgh on Wednesday, and got absolutely shelled by the Leafs tonight.  I guess, if they’re going to put on such a special version of suckassery® they want the whole country to be able to see it.  I mean, if you’re going to do such a spectacular job of being awful, why not share it with a few friends?

We wrap.



  • I met and had a conversation with Ryan Smyth last night.  I know that has absolutely nothing to do with tonight’s game but I really don’t care.  Thank you. 
  • The game is over. 
  • I just found out that Steve Staios is an assistant coach for the Leafs. No wonder they’re terrible. Unless of course you need solid lessons on how to rim the puck around the boards #SteveStaiosBreakout. Speaking of terrible… ahhh nevermind.
  • I can only imagine that Viktor Fasth threatened to punch or stab most of his teammates tonight.  This was an ugly, disastrous night.
  • Luke Gazdic broke the shutout with his first of the year.  I can’t believe that’s a bright side either.
  • At least Twitter was good all night.
  • The Oilers won’t give up the McDavid dream without a fight!



  • I don’t get to hang out with Ryan Smyth tonight.
  • Morgan Reilly scored a slick little goal in the second period.  It annoys me seeing how good his hands are. I only give him partial marks because he did it against the Oilers.
  • At this point, an Oilers/Leafs game is about as exciting as finding pennies.  That being said, the Oilers gave the Leafs back some confidence which will hopefully hurt them in the McEichel sweepstakes. 
  • Everything about this game sucked.  When the Oilers had scoring chances, they seemed to hit the post.  When the Leafs had chances, they went in.
  • Kelly Hrudey said that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is a “second or third line centre.” Saying a second liner is arguable, but a third liner? Ridiculous in every way.



Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 7.50.19 PM


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  • Risto's Canon

    The wife and I were @ Rogers arena in Vancouver last night and watched the Canucks absolutely destroy Crosby and the Pens. At one point I commented on how Pittsburgh was playing a very Oiler-like game. Seeing Perron play with Malkin and Sid and *still* stink the joint out was kind of weird.

    • Serious Gord

      Over half of vans home games are against teams that played the night before while van was off at least one and sometimes two nights.

      That is an unfair advantage that needs to be eliminated.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Re: Petry.

    People that say “this is the worst D-in the league” (and you’re right, and it’s not close) THEN say “We need to sign Petry” really need to think a little harder about that ‘take’.

    Pssst. Petry is on the Oilers.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    RNH is playing like a weak second line center. There are currently 48 center men in the NHL with more points than or tied with RNH. He gets first line minutes where many ahead of him do not. He needs to be more assertive and become a stronger leader if he is going to be a star. He actually has ZERO power play goals (1 behind the game breaker known as Horcoff). This is unacceptable and he needs to step his game up.

    Unfortunately, he also has to deal with break out “passes” from the likes of Ference. The Oilers forwards are going to be in tough to live up to their potential with a back end as terrible as this.

    • BubbaZanetti

      But Nuge has two “gifted” wingers playing with him.
      The best left winger in hockey and a right winger with wickedly sick hands….I don’t see what the problem is. When this team’s eventually wins it will be because of them, but for now it’s not on them, they’re still so young and precious.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    Under Nelson:

    Jultz has shown improvement. Not sure where that leaves him, but improvement nonetheless.

    Ference will be playing me in rec hockey next year.

    Not sure what’s happened to Petry, but he’s regressed. I agree he’s not a top pairing guy at this point, but with the coaching and partners he’s received over the last couple years, what can be expected? He can pull out of the spiral with effort and a better partner.

    Eberle has shown signs of life. He also shows signs of avoiding blocking shots, body checks, back checks and strong moves to the net. But hey, that’s him as he’s become accustomed to losing.

    Yak is still a disaster. Release him at season’s end. I’ve held out hope to this point, but wow. He may have success elsewhere in another universe, but who cares. Give him a chance at a restart. MacT will obviously sign him instead of lose him because his IQ is the same as my shoe size.

    RNH is lost. He’s no doubt stressed about the potential arrival of another first pick taking his job, but he has some control over that. Pick your game up and keep the team out of the basement if you don’t want to lose your job.

    Goaltending has improved under Nelson as the team is “better” in their own end. I realize losing to the Leafs like that is disgusting, but overall they have been at least somewhat structured rather than chasing under Mr. Dallas. The Leafs had 3 open breakaways in the 3rd period alone that Fasth stopped. Yeah, they’re not very good goalies, but with the Oilers defense, Ken Dryden would be in tough.

  • gus1000

    So to all Teams in the NHL Heed our warning should you encounter a loss or 11 in a row .Fear not check your calender play to your 50 percent level and get ready to hold your head high ,The Mighty Oilers are comin to your Town ,Goodbye Slump,Gooodbye drought Goodbye 0-powerplay ,Hello New Life Hello resurgence .The SlumpBusters are in the building Tonite and your worries are all behind you.

    Do tell what did Edmonton do to Kelley Hrudey to make him such a bitter man towards our already ultra sensitive bottom dwelling and bummed out City and hockey squad ,Ouch Kelley what can we do to mend the fences??PLEASE TELL US OH HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA ICON!! So that we may no longer live with this guilt.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE whoever is Responsible for Paul Romanuk doing play by play for Oiler games make it Stop and make him Go Away NOW!!! He’s not of us he must have pissed some brass off somewhere and is now taking it out on Oiler Fans (whats remaining).

    Nice to see Marincin brought whatever he learned up to the Big Show what a difference ,Thanks for your contribution to not show the others up and STAND OUT !!
    Yes I end on a positive note: Thank You Brent Saik and All the 1 st Class Ladies and Gentleman and Volunteers for going ABOVE AND BEYOND ,There is so much more to life,Your all Winners Stay strong and stay determined for all of those who fought and for those of us who have been affected and lost Love ones ,Thank You.

  • camdog

    Mac Lowe must go. Bring in Ray Shero.Go all out getting Seabrooke sign up Anti Niemmi.Hopkins will be a number 1 center.All you Hall haters ,no goals in last 2 games for this team.Hall Pouliout 2 very big pieces.
    Maybe Mac should be scouting at the Worlds Longest game.

  • Burnward

    My suggestion…very dependant on Katz having the cojones to do it and Nicholson being adept at hockey as we are made to believe.

    Katz calls the closed door meeting with Lowe, MacT and Nicholson. Tells Lowe and MacT how much he loves them but, after being embarrassed again, it is time to for them to go. Tells them that since he did them a solid and kept them way past their expiration date, they have one chance to honestly assess the team. MacT gets to admit that Schultz is not a savior and that just because you were a sixth defenceman on a Stanley Cup winner, doesn’t make you a transcending leader(Ference)…plus more (lots more). And Kevin…see last comment about being a support piece, you alone are not the “winner”. Let them make their final suggestions about the errors they could never admit and if Nicholson feels their open suggestions are justified, act on them, and then let them go.

  • tealyn

    Wow, I taught the Penguins game was terrible.
    It was just a prelude to what was about to happen in Toronto.!!!!

    Yes goalie and D schittz the bed, but up front
    this team could not score one single goal [not counting Sniper Gadziks buzzer beater], in 6 periods of hockey.

    Oilers bring new meaning to the word ” lethargic”

    Not looking forward to the rest of this road trip.

    For three years this team has been hiding behind the ” rebuild curtain”, and now its the advance stats, forgiving their sins of error.

    When and where is someone going to bring out the “effort and energy” guage.?

  • tealyn

    Hey just wondering, what ever happened to that guy that everyone hated and wanted to “book it”? Can’t recall his sign in name but after last nights game something just reminded me of his negativity and ridiculous nature. Haha