GDB 59.0 Wrap Up: Bruins @ Oilers

Martin Marincin in the shootout – just like they drew it up! Final Score: 4-3 Oilers in the shootout.

This morning, Jason Gregor wrote about how the Oilers are 0-2-1 in the first game back after a road trip. As if that’s not bad enough, the Oilers’ game is nationally televised tonight and we all know how that’s been going lately.  With a track record like that, how could you not get excited about tonight’s Oilers and Bruins game? That’s the great thing about sports — the Oilers came out like a house on fire in what was maybe the most unexpected start of the season.

The Oilers came to play tonight, and were able to translate that into an early two-goal lead. Frankly, it was nice to see. Normally, the Oilers dig themselves a hole before the game has even really begun. Tonight was another one of those nights where sports doesn’t make any sense and you have to love it.  The Oilers haven’t beaten the Bruins at Rexall since 2000, and at the beginning of the second period you almost thought that they may finally pull it off. Fast forward 10 minutes and the Bruins had roared back to tie the game at 3-3.

The third period ended up being a much tighter affair. To me, the Bruins looked like they were playing to get points in the standings, and trying to gain some momentum to recover from the bad start to their road trip. To the Oilers credit, they were able to bounce back and play a solid period after that debacle in the first period. The third period solved nothing, and neither did overtime, so this one got settled in the shootout.  The shootout was a long one, and nobody even scored a goal until Martin Marincin scored the winner in the 12th round! That truly was the participation ribbon of shootouts. 

We wrap.



  • Nail Yakupov scored his 9th goal of the season, and extended his point streak to six games. He’s got the joy back in his face when he scores. It’s not just a sense of relief that we’ve seen in recent memory. This kid is worth hanging on to. The Oilers will be made to look like fools if they trade him. 
  • Speaking of Yakupov, does MacT need to re-sign Derek Roy based solely on his ability to play with Yakupov? He was on waivers earlier this year. What would be the risk? The Oilers can’t keep depending on rookies (McJesus aside) to play in the second line centre spot. Derek Roy is the Yakwhisperer.
  • Nice power play goal by Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (his 16th) on a sweet little pass from Teddy Purcell. 
  • There was a linesman named Steve Miller officiating tonight. I wish him well on his midnight toking.
  • Sportsnet ran a nice feature on Andrew Ference, and it told the story of how he stayed in touch with a young girl named Maggie from when he was in Boston. Ference made, and is making, a difference in a sick girl’s life just by giving her his time. You can question his play on as a defenceman, but you can’t question his character as a human being. Seems like a quality person to have as the captain of a team full of kids.
  • It was good to see Matt Hendricks back in the lineup!



  • The Oilers are 13-11-1 against the East. For the Buffalo Sabres to be as bad as they are is a testament to their awfulness. Tim Murray’s tank game is strong.
  • The Oilers gave up a two-goal lead in one minute and 35 seconds, in the second period. Gross.
  • It was a nice change of pace to see the Oilers drop a turd in the middle of the game rather than during the first 10 minutes. That minute and thirty-five was ugly.
  • Jeff Petry looked like he took a shot in the ribs, and he left early. If he’s hurt for any length of time, MacT had better put the full court press on signing him. Not being able to trade Petry because of injury, and losing him for nothing would be 10 shades of incompetent for Craig MacTavish.
  • Terrible luck for Anton Lander to get knocked out of the game with a shoulder injury. He was starting to turn the corner, and hopefully he won’t be out long.
  • These points in the standings aren’t going to help us catch Buffalo.
  • Long shootouts make me miss tie games. That being said, it was funny to see Martin Marincin score the winner in the 12th round of the shootout.
  • I couldn’t help but wonder if Ben Scrivens was actually ready to come back, or had to come back a little bit early because Viktor Fasth is out. Scrivens played well, but it all seems too convenient.



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    • Simply put, he’s younger. We won’t be paying for his 33 year old season.

      Also, the Oilers have very few other options and have handcuffed themselves with that last contract. They no longer have any bargaining power.

      And from what most people suggest, we’ll be paying Petry 5milper. That’s not a huge increase on the 4.9 Methot is getting.

      They’re also comparable players… Sorry what was your problem again?

  • Zarny

    Bob Nicholson said that all facets of the Oilers organization are being evaluated.

    I hope to god this includes MacT, because he has made some huuuge blunders – the hiring of DE alone should be enough to get his ass fired. Especially in the unprofessional and low-class way he, and Howson and Lowe, did it. These guys are amateurs.

    If Petry walks from the Oiler for nothing, then thats another huge blunder to add to his huge blunder trophy case.

    What will it take for this management group to be shown the door? If Bob Nicholson is a man of his word, and all aspects of the team are in fact being evaluated, then MacT and Howson (KLowes to high up the food chain) surely should be pink-slipped.

    Should be an interesting summer.

    • HockeyYoda

      A lot of posters are criticizing Mac T for hiring Eakins.
      That wasn’t his biggest mistake. It was his refusal to fire Eakins when it was clear by December of his 1st year the team was going backwards.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    It would be interesting to hear Ramsey and Actions take on the coaching change. The change in culture within the team must give them an unique perspective

    • freelancer

      This. I know when we brought in Ramsey, he was thought of as a good hire because of his background with defensive systems and special teams. However I didn’t seem to see too much of a change under Eakins. Now that is an area that looks much improved. Was Eakins implementing his own systems still> Is Nelson? Or is Nelson actually listening. Wonder if we will see some shakeups at the assistant level this summer.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    Well Mac-T may as well take Interim off of Nelson Job title. He has proven that he is able to compete and win even with a limited line-up.

    The longer the Oilers play competitive and/winning hockey with Hall in the line-up I think they need to look at trading him a hockey deal to bring in the defenseman they desperately need (especially if Petry walks) or package him with the Oilers 1st in 2015 for whoever wins the lottery to draft McDavid. Then you can go hard after Seabrook in the off-season.

    I also hope Mac-T has called Roy’s Agent and made a 1-2 year offer. If Yak can continue to produce at half this pace it will replace Hall’s production if they move him.

    I know this will likely not happen but that’s what I would like to see.

  • Burnward

    Nelson’s like your Obama. He’s allowed you to say with some sense of pride that you are Oilers fans again.

    That should get him at least one term at the helm.

    Completely different team out there.

  • Cain

    It was sure great to go to a game where there were a lot of the other team’s fans in the stands and have them leave with their mouths shut and have Oiler fans whooping and hollering as we exited the building. Good pushback by the Oilers after Boston tied the game. A lot of resilience and moxie showed by our guys last night. They would have packed it in a couple of months ago. Hard to see how they cannot extend Nelson, but under this regime of the “smartest” guys in the room, one never knows. Resigning Roy should be a given. What would you get for him at the trade deadline? A 4th or 5th round pick? Even if we should get McDavid or Eichel, which is unlikely, it makes sense to keep Roy here to mentor Yak and provide depth at centre. It wouldn’t hurt to have Draisaitl spend some time in the American League next year. Finally, why do we have to be tortured by that so-called organ player and his Organ Jam before the game?

  • freelancer

    Quote of the day from

    “I was running out of people. I looked down the bench and it was either him or Oscar [Klefbom] who was going. I looked at Marty and said, ‘Do you got this?’ He looked at me really calm and cool and said, ‘Yes, I do.’ I felt if he was feeling it, he should go for it.

    — Todd Nelson on Martin Marincin, who scored the only goal in a 12-round shootout to lift the Oilers past the Bruins on his 23rd birthday

    • freelancer

      I don’t have the exact quote, but it was in Nelson’s post game presser around the same time when he was asked about who he was going to start picking for the shootout. He was saying he looked over to Gordon, said, “do you have a move, and he turned to me, shakes his head and says nope.”

  • Rdubb

    Is anyone else GETTING SICK AND TIRED of hearing the SportsNet (& occasionally TSN) broadcasters say, “ANOTHER LAZY PLAY BY SCHULTZ” which lead to a great scoring chance or ended up in the net???
    Does Nelson not see what the sports broadcasters & commentators & everyone else in TV land sees? Perhaps coach Nelson should go sit up stairs in the press box and watch a game or two and then perhaps he’ll see what EVERYONE ELSE see’s, Schultz SUCKS as a defenceman, & it doesn’t matter what D partner he has either.
    In this fans opinion, Nelson has to put Schultz’s rear in the press box for a few games until he learns how to compete in his own zone and stop making LAZY plays, which he seems to do all the time in his own zone. The only time i really see any compete out of him is when he is jumping up into the play, and it should be the other way around shouldn’t it? Shouldn’t the coaching staff be trying to get him to compete more in the offensive zone? Wouldn’t that be much better for the Oilers as a whole?
    Also, MacT should be doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to try and sign Petry to a 3-5yr deal, even if it means over paying him a few hundred thousand. How can a team let their best d-man walk (or be traded in this instance)? A d-man that they’ve just happened to draft and bring up through their organization, & now that he is coming of age, playing perhaps his best hockey of his short NHL career, and now Oiler management is going to rid themselves of him, why?
    What’s the reason for this? Is it because the Oilers have MM, Klefbom, & Nurse coming up and going to be on the roster next yr, along with Ference, Nikitan, Fayne & Schultz?
    I’d much rather see Edmonton trade Schultz and sign Petry. Anyone watching the games can see that pigs will fly before Schultz will learn to play any meaningful defence. He has digressed largely since his stint in the AHL and then playing in the shortened season. He has done nothing defensively, has taken several steps backwards, heck, you name it and it has happened since that first season. I just cannot see Schultz as an NHL d-man, nothing of consequence anyways! He is not even close to being 3-4 pairing guy on any other team, i don’t even see him as a 3-4 guy on Edmonton’s team.
    In my opinion Schultz is behind Petry, Klefbom, MM, & Fayne. He may even be behind Aulie???
    Final thought, why has almost ever young guy stepped up his game since the coaching change except for Schultz?
    Just a fans opinion…& if I’m reading these posts correctly, it is the opinion of many fans that Petry MUST GET SIGNED and Schultz sat or traded…

  • Zarny

    Derek Roy is living proof of the old adage That the sun shines on a dogs ass at least once a day. Could he fallen into a better situation? The poll yesterday about where players least want to sign as free agents did not probably poll Derek Roy. Right about now a 1 year contract extension from the Oilers would look like he won Powerball.
    If Yak and Roy combine for 35 goals and 80 points next year that would be huge for this team.
    For those looking at stats and see that Jordan Eberle has 22 points in 23 games since Nelson took over must be thinking the same thing as I am. Where would this team be if Nelson had taken over earlier in the season?

    If your a Boston Bruin fan reading this. Its over. Your done. 15 years we have not won a game against you. The streak is over. and so is your capped out ass of a team. The only positive when you miss the playoffs this season is that you’ll have a .5% chance of winning the lottery for MCDavid.Your like Smaug from the Hobbit. You have gotten fat in your dotage and now its time to pay the price.

    To the Flames fan who trolls this sight because they just envy OilersNation. Don’t look now but that TREX in the sideview mirror is the Minnesota Wild and Devan Dubnyk. Ironic that DD will be the goalie that gets the Wild into the playoffs and you out of the playoffs.

    Lastly, could Bergevin please call MacT up and end this Petry drama. after last night we’ll trade our broken defencemen for you broken defencemen and a 2cd round pick.

  • pkam

    I was listening to the games last night and I thought something went wrong with my ears cause I heard 3 times Michael said Eberle hit Chara, and most unbelievable was the 3rd time he said Eberle knocked Chara off balance.

    It is hard to believe Eberle hits somebody, it is harder to believe he hits Chara. And I can never imagine Eberle knocks Chara off balance.

  • pkam

    I don’t doubt Nelson is doing a good job, and obviously the majority of the players – if not all – are more comfortable playing for him.

    But I just find it really hard to make judgement on a coach or team when the games don’t matter. Players play differently at the beginning of the year when the season is still on the line, when there is something to play for.

    What happens these last 30 games is mostly irrelevant IMO. And I watched that Oilers/Sens game and we looked as bad as ever, so I’m not really sure what to think of Nelson and Co.

    • freelancer

      Instead look at it like this: Yes games don’t matter for the Oilers, however they do matter for the teams we are playing against. Last night was a must win for Boston. They had lost 4 in a row, on the verge of losing a playoff spot and were playing the 29th place team.

      This is the time of year where teams really start to ramp up and make their push. It should be promising to see that we can keep up at this time of year. I don’t know if the fact that the pressure is off makes this team play better in the second half year after year.

  • pkam

    This team sure knows how to tease us in the Feb-March. The problem is that we are all so jaded that even if this is the real deal and the improvement would lead us to the post season. Some how it will be rendered irrelevant and we shall draft #3 Next year again. Unless… Oh where is the Lorax?

  • camdog

    Went to my first game of the year, been avoiding Rexall because I had a blow up the last time I was there, because the team wouldn’t stick up for each other.

    Turning point of the game was in the third when Yakupov made a nice body check in the Bruins zone in the third. The Bruins were playing hard at the time, it completely changed the energy of the game, got everybody excited and cheering again.

  • Cain

    For the people complaining about Oilers fans being happy about .500 hockey I just want to remind you the Edmonton Oilers just beat the Boston Bruins for the 1st time in 15 years.

    Without Hall our best player. Half of the game without Petry arguably our best D man and Anton Lander who plays Centre and we all know how weak that position is.

    The Oilers still won. That’s resilience. That my friends deserves our support as fans of this team.

    You tell me if the Eakins team last back half of the season could do the same?

      • camdog

        You’re absolutely right the Bruins are a shadow of their former selves however they are competing for a playoff spot. The Oilers are in 29th place.

        The Bruins are healthy with all their best players playing. The Oilers are missing Hall with Petry leaving the game.

        You telling me the Oilers don’t deserve credit for handing the Bruins a loss?

        I’m pretty sure if you checked Vegas odds the Oilers were the heavy underdogs in that game.

  • freelancer

    I agree with JG that Nelson should be made coach long term. I for one support the Oilers winning………because it makes hockey fun to watch.

    Trying to win the Connor McDavid sweepstakes is a fools game. MacT has deliverd ( for the most part) an AHL team for Nelson to compete with……..and the coach is delivering. There will be enough talent in the draft for us to land a quality player or two…… let’s all stop talking about Connor McDavid or Jack Echeil.

    Let’s instead talk about the Oilers sigining Roy and Petry. If we don’t do this now…….this is all we will be talking about next year…….the ones that got away.

    Steve Miller…….the guy is a joker…….not a midnight toker!

  • Zarny


    My comment was obviously cynical.

    Based on comments here, the bar seems to have been laying on the ground. Understandable after winning once in 21 games.

    You can’t compare the Oilers to Florida or Dallas let alone Chicago.

    Is Nelson really getting all he can out of the players? Or does he just have a veteran C in Roy and Lander instead of a clueless, slow-footed rookie and Arcobello?

    The underlying statistics show the team is no better under Nelson with the exception of Eberle. Is that Nelson? And if so, explain Eberle closing out last year with 15 pts over 12 games. He’s a streaky player so I attribute none of it to Nelson.

    The G haven’t been quite as hot as Scrivens was last year; but they’ve been a lot better than they were to start this season. You really think that’s Nelson? Given that most head coaches barely talk to their goalies?

    Do the players look happier? Sure, they aren’t losing 20 out of 21 games. Of course they look happier. They looked happier last year too when Scrivens was hot and they were playing 0.500 hockey. Not being putrid will do that.

    0.500 hockey isn’t new for the Oilers. Krueger’s team was better than 0.500 before tanking the final 15 games. Eakins team was only a few games under 0.500 for the final 61 games last year. They were a game above 0.500 for the final 30.

    So what’s different with Nelson going 0.500? Fans like him more because he doesn’t look like he has a stick up his a$$?

    The enthusiasm over 24th place hockey is too reminiscent of last year. Perhaps cynicism vs optimism is a choice but some of the comments on here would make you think the Oilers are 18-2-3 under Nelson. The reality is they are no better than they have been under Krueger and Eakins when you eliminate the Timbits moments.

    Perhaps the difference in perception comes down to overall expectations. Had the Oilers not cratered their season and were instead sitting in 24th with an overall record ~ 0.500 I’d still be disappointed. Because that’s still not very good.

    • The Soup Fascist

      You make some valid points and only time will really tell if the Oilers are truly better next season under Nelson (given that he gets the role).

      The only comment of yours I disagree with is comparing Krueger to Eakins. No one took a step forward under Eakins, in fact most players looked as miserable as he did.

      Kruegers team was considered a lesser team then what Eakins inherited and Krueger did what Nelson is seemingly doing right now. Getting the best of his players with what he has.

      Krueger also only faced Western conference teams. So to say he wouldn’t have kept the ball rolling forward with the Oilers had he been the coach the following season against both West/East would be interesting to watch.

      Too early to tell on Nelson but what we’ve seen thus far is a group that’s performing without their best players.

    • pkam

      “The underlying statistics show the team is no better under Nelson with the exception of Eberle. “

      I have to disagree. The one players that is
      playing much better under Nelson is Yakupov. when was the last time Yak has a 6 game point streak?

      I don’t know how much of it has to do with Roy, but saying Eberle is the only exception is plain wrong.

      And I have to give credit to Nelson for pairing up Schultz with Klefbom as both seems to play better together, not sure why Eakins didn’t try that pairing.

  • Zarny


    No the rosters aren’t the same. The roster now isn’t the same as it was to start the season.

    But they aren’t vastly different; which means it is entirely reasonable and logical to compare outcomes. What is not reasonable or logical is to look at the team’s performance under Nelson in a bubble.

    To suggest Eakins was “gifted” a roster is patently absurd considering he started this season with only 2 NHL C, no top-pairing D and two back-up goalies.

    If you are giddy and happy with 0.500 hockey…good for you. And I’m not being sarcastic. Enjoy mediocrity. Just don’t try to rosy up 24th place hockey as if the Oilers are one of the hottest teams in the league.

    As for tanking, it has nothing to do with logic. Fans should cheer for whatever they want because it doesn’t make a difference on the ice. Nelson and the players will try to win every game. They aren’t going to take a pass because some fans or even the GM covet McDavid or Eichel.

    And if you think playing 0.500 hockey and moving up from 29th to 28th or 27th will build momentum for next year we will simply disagree. They did that last year and nothing carried over to this year. The best outcome for any team is to draft McDavid or Eichel. That includes the Oilers. If they don’t get either c’est la vie – Hanifin or Strome it is.

  • Zarny


    Fair enough, Yakupov has been better over the last 6 games. And it’s certainly good to see.

    Personally, I don’t attribute that to Nelson; considering Yak only had 5 pt over the previous 17 games coached by Nelson.

    • pkam

      The last 17 games under Eakins Yaks had a total of 2 pt. And the 5 games under MacT Yak had 0 pt.

      So from 2 pt in 17 games and 0 pt in 5 games to 5 pt in 17 games to 7 pt in his last 6 games is not improvement?

      • Zarny

        7 pt in his last 6 games is certainly improvement.

        5 pt in 17 games vs 2 though? No, that’s not improvement. That’s picking up a few points in an extra 2 games out of 17 imo.

        • pkam

          This is how I look at it.

          Yak is a player who has 0 pts in his last 10 games and 1 pts in his last 20 games under Eakins and MacT, a player who has 0 confidence when Nelson took over. He has turned into a player with lots of confidence in less than 20 games.

          In the first 10 games under Nelson, Yak had 2 pts, that is not improvement. In the next 10 games, he got 6 pts, now that is some improvement. In the next 3 games, he got 4 pts, that is even more improvement but is too good to be true.

          But what is most important, Yak looked lost on ice before and he is making plays, shooting more and scoring more now. I think that is improvement.

          • Zarny

            I already agreed with you that Yak has shown improvement over the last 6 games. I don’t see the previous 17 games the same as you.

            Here is the thing…is that improvement because of Nelson or Roy?

            IMO…it has more to do with Roy but anyone is free to disagree.

  • camdog

    So lost in all the “hoopla” of the “whopping” of the Not so Big Bad Bruins.What a pleasure it was to listen to the smooth color tones of one Craig Simpson and outstanding play by play of All Pro Dave Randorf,Thank you Gentlemen Outstanding work!,Hrudey ,Romaniuk could do well to listen one nite.They dont make it sound so much like just a job watching a sorry Team like the Oilers ,sorry were not the Flames everynite Kelly .Well done Gents and Thank you !!

  • Zarny

    Hahaha!! By all means, re-sign the Yakwhisperer. Always liked Yakwhisperer and his size if there was ever any concern has hardly ever been his biggest issue even though to all else it seems to be for them