REPORT: Oilers interested in Lehner, Talbot, and Gibson


If you believe Pierre LeBrun (I do), the Oilers have been busy trying to upgrade their goaltending position. It’s no secret that the Oilers need better goaltending than what they’ve had in recent memory and LeBrun’s report reinforces what everyone in OilersNation already knew – stopping pucks is kind of important. 

According to Pierre LeBrun, the Oilers have reached out the Rangers, Ducks, and Senators in an effort to plug the hole in net. LeBrun says the targets of interest are Cam Talbot (Rangers), John Gibson (Ducks), and Robin Lehner (Senators). It’s interesting to note that the Oilers are apparently chasing goaltending options that fit along the same age range as the core. Personally, I thought Chiarelli would be looking for a sure thing type goaltender (Anderson/Niemi) over an unproven, but that doesn’t appear to be the way things are moving. 

There are options that are potentially available:

From Jonathan Willis on May 1st…

  • Ottawa Senators. They’ll need to trade someone this summer. The only question is whether it will be veteran starter Craig Anderson, understudy Robin Lehner or the shocking Andrew Hammond.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs. There have been persistent rumours that restricted free agent Jonathan Bernier could be dealt. If he isn’t James Reimer is another option.
  • Detroit Red Wings. There’s a goaltending controversy in Detroit at the moment, as up-and-coming goalie Petr Mrazek pushes established starter Jimmy Howard for playing time. Eventually one of those guys will shake loose.
  • Vancouver Canucks. Given the restrictiveness of Ryan Miller’s contract and that Lack will be entering his walk year next season, my guess is that the young Swede will be moved on down the line this summer.
  • New York Rangers. Cam Talbot is 32-15-5 with a 0.932 save percentage on his career, but plays behind Henrik Lundqvist. There’s lots of history between Edmonton and New York and Talbot’s an awfully intriguing player. Add that he’s in a similar contractual situation to Lack and this is a pretty interesting option.
  • Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago has three goalies: Corey Crawford and the dirt-cheap duo of Scott Darling and Antti Raanta. In Stan Bowman’s shoes I’d think hard about moving Crawford, despite his reasonably solid play, mostly due to cap concerns. Raanta and Darling are both inexperienced but interesting.
  • Los Angeles Kings. Jonathan Quick is their forever starter, so Martin Jones might be available.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning. Andrei Vasilevskiy is a special young goalie, and his 0.920 save percentage over 15 NHL games is backed by solid work in the AHL and KHL. I’m guessing the Lightning are willing to keep both Vasilevskiy and starter Ben Bishop together a while longer, which is why the team falls so low on this list.
  • Boston Bruins. Malcolm Subban is in the pipeline and Niklas Svedberg has been an awfully good backup this year. I think the Oilers would be taking an insane risk if it were to bet on either in a starting role next season.

There are plenty of attractive options out there, and it makes sense for Edmonton to shop around. The goal here is to acquire the best goaltender for the smallest expenditure of dollars and assets and from that perspective Lack is the name that interests me most, but that’s complicated by the dynamics of trading in-division and may not be a realistic option for the Oilers. Talbot is in a similar situation out East and at the right price would be a good add.

The problem the Oilers may face in trying to secure one of these younger guys is what the other teams will be looking at in terms of return. We shall see…

  • knee deep in it

    Get a goalie who can also consistently move the puck from behind the net to the corner or sidewall and rim it off the glass to clear. This will help the D with the crappy NHL dump and retrieve offense.

  • Johnnydapunk

    They could wait, but if the Oilers offered them something they thought could push them over the top, they might bite anyway. Really come down to how bad the Oilers want Gibson.

    I would guess any deal with the Ducks would have Scrivens going the other way (possibly with salary retained) and the Oilers signing someone like Niemi anyway.

  • YakCity1039

    Don’t know why you guys wouldn’t want Ward. A veteran, #1 goalie, with a year left on his deal. If we manage to get one of Lehner, Talbot, or Gibson, we’re still gonna need a veteran goalie, and Scrivens can’t be that guy, as much as I like him.

  • YakCity1039

    Let us hope new management is better at assessing our needs and acquisitions . Last time we ran with 2 backups instead of known starters proved to be a poor choice . I like Neuvirth even if he is our backup .

  • BigMcD

    Use a second on a goalie. Only move the Pittsburgh pick for a legit top 4 defender in a package.

    I see a NY deal for either Stall or Girard and Talbot for the Pitts pick with a complimentary couple prospects or picks.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    For 2 1/2 million they could have both Talbot and Jones. That would create some competition going into the season. Both kids battling it out for the crease.

    Dump Scrivens.

  • BigMcD

    Sportsnet and MacKenzie say there is already offers on the table for Lehner . I suspect one of them might be ours . San Jose seems to be persuing same group as us by Sportsnet . Niemi on way out ?

    • Kevwan

      I’ll be very interested in the level of pursuit of Niemi. No one knows him better than McLellan. I have a feeling that TM says no to Niemi.

      If the rumours about Lack for a 2nd rounder are true, I’d be OK with #57 for him. Gibson or Talbot would be great but probably more expensive to acquire.

      • 916oiler

        Being as he is only 23 (Lehner) , I could see even second round pick #33 , seeing as some feel we might draft a goalie at that position anyways . Might we also consider a conditional pick on any of them to sweeten pot ? I sense this years lineup will have a few new faces by seasons start . So many teams wanting to change players . It’s captivating whom we might target and get to add to team under our new management and coaching .

  • BigMcD

    I am not sure why nobody is looking at St. Louis? Elliot was on the bench for the playoffs again this year. They obviously have little trust in him even though he has put up spectacular regular season numbers.

    I believe he is available and of all the goalies mentioned in trade rumours and The UFA market Anderson would be the only one better than him.

  • 916oiler

    I still say if Eddie Lack can be had for a second round, and it sounds like that might be the going rate, there’s your guy. And he’ll be pretty cheap for one year.

  • Toro

    What about:

    To Ana – Eberle, Scrivens (Oil retain half salary)

    To Edm – Gibson, Belesky (signed for 5 years at 3 million per year) and Wisnewski

    Edm signs Niemi to 2 year deal at 4 million per year

    • YakCity1039


      No GM would trade Gibson for Eberle and Scrivens, let alone throw in Belesky on a sign and trade. If we can sign Bels for 5 yrs and 3 million our franchise would do a backflip. Not even going to get into Wiz.

  • Career NHL stats of each of the mentioned goalies
    Lack:34-30. 917 and 2.43
    Lehner:30-36 .914 and 2.88
    Gibson: 16-8 .919 and 2.45
    Talbot: 33-15. 931 and 2.00
    Ramo: 43-45 .905 and 2.92

    Hutchinson: 23-11 .914 and 2.39. His stats are on par with all of these other goalies and with the interest in the ones mentioned above, he can be most likely be snagged for next to nothing so no real gamble. I seen him play a lot of hockey in the AHL and I know that although there is a big difference in the calibre, he was calm, cool and collected and carried his team to the finals. Last year he played very well on a defensively weaker team than any of the goalies above. He may turn out a dud but with not having to give up much for him, we can use other trades and cap room to shore up the D. He is also only 25 years old and if he maintains his strong play, can mature with the team. Like playing ‘Money Ball’….get some cheap players with good number and use the extra cash for a some D that can be in the top pairing.