Another week has passed and that means it’s time for another Top 5 countdown. This week we take a look at the biggest blunders in Oilers history as voted by you fine citizens. The nominees were varied and this list has a little taste of everything, but that likely won’t appease some of you. Let the arguments begin!



Just thinking of this moment makes me angry. I remember watching this game in my friend’s basement (opening for a blogger joke) and being in complete disbelief at the sight of Dwayne Roloson laying on the ice. To make matters worse, Ty Conklin completely forgot how to be an NHL goaltender and allowed the Oilers to lose that game in the most embarrassing way possible. No one should ever be out skated by Rod Brindamour. NO ONE. Losing to the Hurricanes was not how the 2006 story was supposed to end, and the Roloson injury was the beginning of that end. 



I don’t want to cry again. I’m not going to cry again. I refuse to cry again. Okay, I admit, thinking about the day when my favourite Oiler was traded over an alleged difference of $100k in contract negotiations has left a hole in my heart feelings. I’ll never forget watching Sportsnet on deadline day and seeing an unnamed blogger (E5) announce that the Oilers had re-signed Smytty only to have him traded to the Islanders a few hours later. A part of me died that day. I’d bet that I’m not the only one that feels that way. Damned allergies!



I’ll never forget this legendary display of sucktacularness® for as long as I live. I remember being pissed off that the Oilers were going to drop another winnable game when Patrik Stefan turned it all around. There was a time when Stefan was a first overall pick in the NHL. Unfortunately for him he’ll always be remember as that guy that missed a breakaway on an empty net and fell down. Just how bad was this missed goal? Ray Ferraro described it best.

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Patrik Stefan you should be embarrassed for what you just did.” -Ray Ferraro



I’m just happy that I wasn’t old enough to fully grasp the magnitude of what this trade meant. To say that trading (read: selling) Gretzky for cash and a few players is an epic mistake would be the understatement of a lifetime… unless you’re a Kings fan. Regardless, trading away the best player in NHL history in the prime of his career is not only dumb but unforgivable around these parts. Don’t believe me? Have a few beers with a fan that’s 40+ and ask what they think of Peter Pocklington. 


Steve Smith

Poor Steve Smith. You’ve gotta feel for the guy. To state the obvious, April 30th, 1986, is a day that he would like to forget (did I mention it was his 23rd birthday?). The Oilers were playing in game seven with the scored tied in the third period. It was then that Steve Smith’s attempted clearing attempt bounced off Grant Fuhr, into his own net, and ultimately handed Calgary the win. Despite the fact that Smith won three Stanley Cups with the Oilers he will always be remembered as the guy that scored on himself in the playoffs. You’ve seen the clip thousands of times, and now you’ve voted Steve Smith’s own goal as the biggest blunder in Oilers history.

Did we miss any obvious bloopers? Mess up the order? Just want to waste company time complaining before the weekend? Let us hear it in the comments! Be sure to watch out for next week’s vote on our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook pages.


  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    I was working at a summer camp in 1988 when I heard about the trade. I had lost my Dad to a car accident on my Birthday that year and went to my first playoff game when they won the cup. I was totally broken that my dad was not there as he would of loved to see the Oilers win the cup in person. Then a few weeks later when he was sold to the kings my first though was that I was glad dad was not here to see this day as it would of broken his heart. What a year.

  • Serious Gord

    First of all, it was Andrew Ladd not Rod Brind’Amour.

    Second, what was Bergeron Supposed to do? Just let him cut to the front of the net in the third period of a tied Stanley cup finals game?

    The whole situation sucked. Still sucks but this isn’t on Bergeron. Just really bad luck.

  • Serious Gord

    1. Gretzky SALE, not trade. Nothing else is even close.
    2. Steve Smith own goal. No guarantee the Oilers would have won if it hadn’t happened but still a nightmare.
    3. The MacTavish/Eakins clown show. No words will suffice to describe the idiocy of their two year reign of error and how it stunted the development of our young stars.
    4. Bergeron injures Roloson. I don’t even know or care if it was his fault.
    5. Blowing the 5-0 third period lead against the Kings in Game 3 of the 1982 playoffs and going on to lose the series.

  • SimmerDownBoys

    Some of you young ‘uns know nothing…trading Gretzky was the greatest Oil blunder of all time. Not even close. MAYBE if the return had been ridiculous it might move to #2 but it wasn’t so it doesn’t. Then the Cup giveaways come 2 and 3. Probably Smith at 2 cuz it was the Lames and it was more of a brain cramp than MAB’s attempt to stop a rush to the net at full speed. Then Smytty trade. The Stefan goal was awesome so not really a blunder in my eyes.

  • SimmerDownBoys

    The Steve Smith and MAB plays might have cost the Oilers those cups individually but trading Gretzky cost the Oilers numerous cups. Thats #1 in my books by a wide margin.

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    As usual, I’m late the party. Everyone’s probably already moved on.

    MAB – I’m with the, it wasn’t a Bergeron blunder. He was a small defenseman that just couldn’t handle whoever it way and got out muscled.

    DOAN-DOAN-DOAN definitely should be there.