It’s Friday and that means that we’re turning OilersNation into a poor man’s Buzzfeed with our latest countdown of the Top 5 saves in Oilers history as voted by you fine citizens. You will see that some of the saves in the video above are a series of saves as opposed to one single save. That wasn’t my call. That’s your call. As always, I excuse myself from any and all criticism when it comes to this list and I urge you to file your complaints with Chris the Intern.


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I love that these old boys made the list. The Heritage Classic was the start of a new era for outdoors games in the NHL and the old timers game that came beforehand showed that these old boys can still play. You’ve gotta love seeing Fuhr flash the leather on that right-handed glove, and Ranford kicking out pucks with pad stacks like he’s still starting in the 90s. This whole sequence of saves is magical and should definitely be included on our Top 5 list.


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Regardless of what you thought of Ben Scrivens’ 2014-15 season there was a time when the Professor was a hero in all of our hearts. On January 30th, 2014, Ben Scrivens set the record for the most saves in a regular season shutout. Despite the fact that this isn’t one lone save the combination of all 59 saves was worth mentioning in our list. The Oilers won that game even though they shouldn’t have and the only reason they won was because of Ben Scrivens. We salute you, Professor. This was a night we will never forget.


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When we put out the call for you to vote for the Top 5 best saves in Oilers history a lot of you said “anything Ranford” and there were a lot of saves to choose from. We could have probably made a countdown from Ranford’s Conn Smyth winning playoff run alone, but there could only be one. This diving save shows Ranford at his best, and left the Blackhawks players shaking their heads. Was this the best Ranford save of all time? As Lowetide would say, your mileage may vary but Ranford supermanning that hoe is definitely a contender and should be on our list.


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I was at this game and I still remember Rexall Place going absolutely berserk. This save would have been incredible in its own right, but when you add the fact that it happened in double overtime it just makes it that much more special. Dwayne Roloson locked himself in the hearts of Oilers fans everywhere during that 2006 Cup run and it was saves like this that made it happen. I can almost feel the “Roli” chant breaking out in my heart. One day we’ll get back there. One day.


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This save is legendary and the look on Joe Nieuwendyk’s face says it all. If it were not for this save we wouldn’t have seen Todd Marchant blow by Grant Ledyard and go roof daddy on Andy Moog. I would even go so far as to say that if it weren’t for Cujo’s brilliance throughout this entire series there is no way the Oilers would have advanced past the second round. Regardless, this glove save is pure larceny and deserves its place as the top save on our list. 

Did we miss any obvious saves? Mess up the order? Just want to waste company time complaining before the weekend? Let us hear it in the comments! Be sure to watch out for next week’s vote on our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook pages.


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  • socaldave


    Moog’s glove save v Montreal! Ranford’s skate save v Winnipeg in ’90! Fuhr’s insane blocker save in the Canada Cup! Okay, the last one’s technically not an Oilers save, but SHUT UP, CHRIS!

  • Leef O'Golin

    “You know, doc…even now, I can still clearly see that open side of the net. I guess that’s where it all started going wrong” – Jonathan Cheechoo

  • Total side note here, just wanted to give OilersNation a big thank you as I received my Connor McDavid 16-bit T-shirt today and it looks amazing.

    Proceeds going to charity is the cherry on top. Keep up the good work guys!

  • ahbrown_42

    I’ve seen that Cujo save 100 times but I just now noticed that epic two-hander Mironov gives Sydor as he goes behind the net. I wonder if that gets called today?

  • There was a Grant Fuhr playoff save that I was too young for to be able to cite series or even opponent on where an on his back and beaten Fuhr reached up with his glove and made an unbelievable catch. For me that was a top 5 in the NHL save, not just top 5 Oilers.

    Fuhr gets a lot of flack I find on this site. I would suggest that CuJo is the goalie that the majority of oilersnation would put on their all time team. Fuhr was amazing! Defences were not what they are now back then and he knew every night that he was backstopping one of the best offences in the league. He got he job done when it needed doing and was a huge and much underrated part of the Oilers’ 80s success.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I could watch Roli annihilate Cheechoo’s dreams all day. Every time I watch it, I hear Roli going “nnnnnnNNNNOPE!” as he goes side to side.

    Thats gotta be my #1.

  • ubermiguel

    I read the title and knew what #1 would be, as it should be.

    After seeing that that Rollie robbery of Cheechoo I remember thinking “we got this” and I had no nerves for the rest of the game; I watched the rest of the game in a zen-like calm; it was the weirdest feeling watching OT playoff hockey. That save was HUGE for the team.

  • WhoreableGuy

    Some of the saves Ranford made in the 1991 Canada Cup were amazing too.

    He shut down the States in the Finals, I remember a huge one off of Bret Hull in Game 2.

  • iamlordeyayaya

    Grant Fuhr one of the best reflex goalies of all time . Lightning fast , good ball player , golfer as well . Got to see him several times with his Centennial club visits out in the Grove . One game against Taber in a playoff we were down a man and often two for about 48 minutes of game and he held us in with ten bell saves that describe description . I think they ( Spruce Grove) ended up winning the game 6-3 and some of Spruce Groves antics cost a few of their players to be banned for life from hockey . I then caught him in Penticton playing with NHL stars against Penticton club who we let MOOG play goal for them . Nhl stars just joked around first period while Fuhr was left to close off the net basically all by himself . He made 24 incredible stops in first period alone and did not allow a single goal . 2 on 0’s or 3 on 0’s didn’t . Man was he flexibile , fast with glove and feet , but even better at reading the shooter and whom they might try to pass it off to . He was pretty much the same for our Oilers , when he was on there was no one better .

  • iamlordeyayaya

    Well my surprise!!!

    This is the first list you have done that I feel pays proper respect to the less recent oiler teams.

    This list maybe not in the right order but does acknowledge the right people.

    With proper respect to Andy moog who only got mention in the cujo clip as he was the goalie who lost it.

    For many who are too young many strongly felt moog was and should have been the alpha goalie of the 80’s oilers

  • iamlordeyayaya

    great column. The Cujo and Roloson saves are huge, but I have to got with one that missed.

    1990, round 1, Jets leading 3 games to 1. Oilers leading by a goal, late in game 5. Ranford’s kick save on Dale Hawerchuk in the dying seconds, to preserve the win; making it 3-2 in games.

    That save turned the series around and the Oil go on to their 5th cup.