Eberle injured..Update: Not good


Jordan Eberle was injured midway through the first period. Kyle Chipchura hit him, but it was not a hard or violent hit. Eberle was in an awkward position when the hit occurred, and after the contact he was favouring his right shoulder.

He left the ice and went directly to the dressing room, and will not return tonight.

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I’m no doctor so it might not be a shoulder, but he was clearly in discomfort and favouring his right side. Best case scenario is it was just a burner, or a sprain, but worst case scenario is a shoulder separation or dislocation.

If Eberle is out for an extended period of time, Nail Yakupov, Anton Slepyshev and Teddy Purcell will need to step up and fill the scoring void on the right side. Eberle is a three-time 60+ point player, and filling is skates won’t be easy.

We will update Eberle’s status after the game.


Todd McLellan said he will know more about Eberle tomorrow, but he definitely will not be practicing. “It is not good,” I was told regarding the injury. Eberle left the rink with his arm in a sling.

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It’s too early to gauge the severity, but it sounds like he will be out longer than simply day-to-day. It puts a damper on what has been a very positive preseason thus far for the Oilers. Eberle is one of their best players, and losing him for an extended period of time would be a huge blow.


  • Anton Lander continued his strong preseason with another three goals. He
    looks equally as confident as he did at the end of last season. He leads
    the Oilers with five goals and six preseason points. I don’t expect him
    to score at this rate, but I don’t see why he can’t be a 40+ point player.

  • Anders Nilsson has been perfect thus far. He stopped 17 shots in 30
    minutes vs. Calgary, stopped all 25 vs. Minnesota and tonight he stopped
    all 11. The Wild and Coyotes didn’t create many good opportunities, but
    Nilsson did his job exceptionally well. I’d be surprised if he’d make
    it through waivers, due to his salary and preseason play, and that might
    help him in the back up battle with Scrivens.

  • Scrivens was also perfect tonight, stopping all nine shots he faced
    in 31 minutes. But it is hard to evaluate the goalies when the defence
    doesn’t give up many scoring chances.

  • Slepyshev looked good again. He isn’t flashy, but he reads the play
    well. None of us had him in the mix to make the team when camp started,
    but give him credit — he has put himself in the conversation. I expect he
    will play one, if not both, games vs. Vancouver later this week.

  • McDavid’s speed was apparent tonight. I thought this was the most
    explosive he’s looked all preseason. He is looking more comfortable
    every game, and there will be nights where everyone will be
    wowed by his ability.

  • Nikitin had two assists, neither was a beauty, but outside of his
    assists, I thought he looked solid. He didn’t look slow at any point in
    the game. Maybe that was due to the Coyotes young lineup, but he should
    be acknowledged for playing a good game.

  • The Oilers post back-to-back shutouts. Yes, they were against watered
    down rosters, but many teams are playing weak competition and none of
    them are posting back-to-back shutouts. Considering how bad this team
    has been defensively for the past few seasons, it should be considered a
    welcome change. The Oilers have not had many glaring breakdowns the
    past two games. That is significant progress in my books.

  • “It is much more fun winning. We haven’t won much the past few years, and even though it is only preseason, winning can become a habit. We have to work hard and ensure it continues into the regular season,” Lander said. Bang on.


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  • wiseguy

    If Eberle tore something or is going to miss a significant amount of the season with a break, this is where a smart GM makes the phone call to an agent of someone like Glencross or Stempnial. No they aren’t going to replace Eberles production, but they will provide you with top 6 ability and two way play.
    Betting on a rookie, like Slepyshov, is what our past GM would have done in this situation. History tells us most of the time it isn’t a smart answer.

    • Harry2

      I’m a Glenneration-X fan and even I would stay away from this option. I’ve posted various reasons before about why I wouldn’t sign him on the Oilers, but in this case I’d argue that he (and neither Stempniak) is a top 6 forward.

      But I do see where you’re coming from on your second point about putting a rookie in. I remember Omark coming in on a top line once and was horrible defensively, to the point where that experiment ended very quickly. 😛

      Right now the team is playing decent team defense. I haven’t seen any forward playing an irresponsible game thus far. We really need to see them playing tougher, actual NHL roster, competition to make any concrete statements, but I’m ok with not signing another contract at this point.

  • Harry2

    I remember getting trashed a few times this off season when saying Slepyshev would shoot up the depth chart and possibly make the team. the style of game he plays boasts well in North America.

  • Harry2

    Slepyshev, Lander, Korp sould be a decent 3rd line. Im starting to think that this will be Yakupovs last chance. Chiarelli wont feel the need to put up with his lack of productivity if he cant produce in the top 6

  • Harry2

    It will suck to lose Eberle for a significant amount of time, but for the first time I feel we have some depth to overcome it.

    No question now as to Drai or Slepy playing.

  • Joy S. Lee

    Damned shame. Eberle is a key player for this team. Hopefully a short-term thing, maybe he misses the team’s incredibly challenging month of October.

    Nail Yakupov… are you ready??? Guess we’re going to get an answer to that pretty quick, now.
    Opportunity knocks for Yakupov, Draisaitl and Slepyshev as the door just came ajar a lot more.

  • Hemmercules

    Any news yet on the actual injury??

    I guess it just wouldn’t be Oilers if one of their top players wasn’t out with some type of shoulder injury. Will the long standing tradition of shoulder surgeries continue?? I’m really just hoping at this point its not as bad as they think and he’s back before christmas.


    I would say this sucks but really, for the Oilers, it’s par for the course.

    Losing Eberle is a big blow. I wonder if Yak will finally get a shot now in the top six?

    And for all the Yak haters, in pre season he has more points than Hall, who has been playing exclusively with McDavid.

    • Rob...

      Didn’t like Hall’s body language after the 3 on 1 where Yak passed back to Hall. You’d think a ‘leader’ would want to talk with his teammates to discuss how they could have played that differently.

      Of course the cameramen and producer for the webcast sucked so bad that the conversation could have happened on the bench and been ignored in favor of more idiotic graphics that blocked video of the game.

      • AJ88

        I imagine Yak is missing Roy. He didn’t enjoy playing with him because they had chemistry but because after every shift, they would go back to the bench and Roy would talk to Yak about it. Yak is even on record saying Roy was furious with him, but that was good for him to hear.

        Something tells me Nuge isn’t that vocal, but at the same time, Yak is not made for the third line.

        As for playing with Hall, conversation or not, Yak has statistically played his best hockey with Hall.

        What do you think of

        Hall, Nuge, Yak

        Pouliot, McDavid, Draisaitl

        Purcell, Lander, Shlepyshev

        Hendricks, Letestu, Korpikoski

        Until Nuge gets back?

        • Rob...

          For me the difference is that I never saw Nichols as being a long term part of Edmonton’s success. Hall is part of it, and I want desperately for him to fix the parts of his game that will make both him and the team more successful.

          • camdog

            I just found it a little contradictory when many people in Edmonton would rip on Nichols for doing this, however clamour for Hall to get the C for putting on this same show.

        • camdog

          Nichols. Yes. I was glad to see him go. I’m sure the receivers were better than what they showed when he was throwing.

          I haven’t seen any preseason. I hope Hall isn’t carrying the same attitude.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Finally off shift, and the next two Oiler games are televised. Can’t wait to finally watch McDavid play on the big screen, beer in hand.

    All I need now is my beloved Ebs back.

  • #Oilers assign Darnell Nurse, Mitch Moroz, Martin Gernat & Iiro Pakarinen to @Condors

    whelp…..that answers the nurse question. Not really surprised though…..don’t think it will hurt him to spent some in the AHL…….though, i just hope NN can play well enough until he’s traded….

  • camdog

    “. . . But it is hard to evaluate the goalies when the defence doesn’t give up many scoring chances.”

    Isn’t that something. Preseason and all but still.