GDB 6.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Canucks


Dusting off the Flames and Canucks on back to back nights? That’s a beautiful thing. Final Score: 2-1 Oilers in OT. 

For me there is nothing more satisfying than watching the Oilers absolutely destroy the Flames like they did last night. It brings a sense of joy that not many things in the world can replicate. A close second, though, has to be my love of watching the Oilers destroy the Canucks. What the Canucks lack in geographical proximity to the Oilers (compared to the Flames) they more than make up with their insufferable fanbase of fair weather fans. I wanted Canucks fans to feel the same way Flames fan felt last night.

Despite playing in back to back games, the Oilers came out strong yet again. The were able to generate pressure, and an effective cycle, throughout most of the first period. After trading first period goals, the Oilers energy seemed to fade and the Canucks seemed to take over, though the Oilers were able to hold them off effectively. The Oilers were able hang on when they were tired, and that’s something we haven’t seen in recent memory. Actually, seeing the Oilers play competent defense is kind of like the first time I ever saw a naked woman. It goes without saying that it was something special, and something I’ll cherish forever. You know what I’m talking about. 

For the first time this season the Oilers were able to take a tie game into the third period and close it out with a win. The Oilers were able to weather any pressure the Canucks could muster, sometimes bending but never breaking. Anything the Canucks could get towards the net was met by solid goaltending. Anders Nilsson allowed the Oilers to stay in the game even in moments when they looked like they were tiring. Getting the game to overtime was a win in itself for a tired team coming off a tough road game the night before. Closing it out in the 3 on 3 extra period was a bonus, but cherry on the sundae had to be doing it front of 18,000 capricious Canucks fans.

We wrap.



  • Nail Yakupov is going to score 1000 goals playing with Connor McDavid if he can keep getting open like he did on his goal tonight. Yakupov’s second goal of the season came on a one-timer off a beautiful set up from Connor McDavid. The Pou-McDavid-Yakupov line was strong again tonight. 
  • Connor McDavid continues to improve as his confidence grows. The play he made to break into the zone on Nail Yakupov’s goal was a thing of beauty. He bounced the puck off the boards to himself as he slipped between two Canuck defenders. His ability to produce of the rush is pretty special to watch.
  • Yes, I’m fawning over McDavid but how about his ability to strip the opposition of the puck? He has such a quick stick that he makes stealing a puck from other NHL players look easy.
  • Also of note, Yak’s goal was also assisted by Mark Letestu, which was his first point as an Oiler. 
  • Anders Nilsson played very well again tonight. I still can’t wrap my head around having two competent goaltenders minding the net. He finished the night with 33 saves and a .971 save%.
  • Never has it been more evident that the Oilers need Jordan Eberle to have a speedy recovery then when I saw Rob Klinkhammer playing with Hall and Nuge. I’ll say an extra prayer for Eberle tonight. 
  • Shout out to Lauri Korpikoski for closing the game out in the 3 on 3 overtime. He quietly scored his second goal of the season on a beautiful backhanded pass from Andrej Sekera. 
  • 3 on 3 overtime when the Oilers have the puck.
  • Another solid night for Taylor Hall. He was all over the puck, and seems to be getting better.
  • Ending Ryan Miller’s winning streak against the Oilers was long overdue. The fact that it got to 12 games in the first place was far too long, in my opinon.



  • Why oh why did Sportsnet give us Paul Romaniuk again? I never thought I would miss Kevin Quinn as much as I did over the last two nights. 
  • Andrej Sekera needs to stop giving the puck up at the blue line. He was caught again tonight with a giveaway that could have easily wound up in the net had Nilsson not been able to bail him out. 
  • It’s strange to see Anders Nilsson stop some five bell chances only to let an unscreened wrister in a few minutes later. He needs to figure that out.  I’m not saying that he wasn’t fantastic tonight, because he was, it’s just odd that the first period goal that went in was of the weaker variety. 
  • Speaking of that goal, it happened to be the first time Matt Bartkowski scored a goal in regular season play. I’m not sure why I’m surprised. Need a slump busting goal? Look for the Oilers on the schedule.
  • I can’t stop watching the gif of Sedin missing the empty net (it’s in the tweets below). There was absolutely nothing between himself and the winning goal except a few inches of open ice. Somewhere Patrik Stefan understands. 
  • Matt Hendricks was missed tonight. He brings passion to the ice and to the bench.
  • 3 on 3 overtime when the Oilers don’t have the puck.


03:23 EDM PPG – Nail Yakupov (2) Slapshot – ASST: Connor McDavid (2), Mark Letestu (1) 1 – 0 EDM
15:43 VAN Matt Bartkowski (1) Wrist shot – ASST: Sven Baertschi (2), Dan Hamhuis (2) 1 – 1 Tie
01:46 EDM Lauri Korpikoski (2) Wrist shot – ASST: Andrej Sekera (3) 2 – 1 EDM


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  • 2Oilers4

    Yesterday I was bashed for a criticism I made of Pouliot. I mentioned how the play constantly died on his stick and all he ever tries to do is force passes to McDavid. Today, I am making the same comment. He was by far the worst oiler on the ice. Worse than Purcell worse than Sekera. I might have to change my goat from Sekera to Pouliot. At least Sekera made a nifty pass to Korp to end the game. Hall is still my Star, the guy flys. Anyone who wants to trade him needs to get a reality check. He is often the best Oiler on the ice. A big shout out to Shultz, best defender of the night. Possibly for both teams.

    • For Pete's Sake!

      I agree, Pouliot played terrible. On any good team he would be a third line winger at best.

      I hope the Oilers can get Draisaitl back up soon to take over Pouliot’s place on Connor’s line.

      We also need more speed and scoring on our third line. Purcell is just too slow for that line. Pouliot could actually help there playing with Lander and Korpikoski.

      Purcell is so slow now he’s really a fourth liner at best in the NHL. He could give that line a little more scoring as well. He is a decent passer and has a decent shot, he just can’t keep up with the traffic on the higher lines.

        • For Pete's Sake!

          Yeah, once Ebs is back in with Nuge and Hall and we call up Drai to play with McDavid and Yak, we can move Pouliot to the third line with Lander and Korpikoski.

          That’ll make the third line more effective offensively than it’s been lately and we need that extra offensive ability from that line. A goal here and there from the third line always helps.

          Although, those top two lines would be pretty hard to stop.

    • Canoe Ride 27.1

      I loved it but Daniel should have never touched the puck. Head on a swivel, someone has to pick him up. Nuge was caught watching Nilssons beauty save and needs to take a man. Nuge is normally good at this. All 5 Oilers were in tight watching the puck when it should have been buried. Like McLellan said, you may not get a break like that all year so at least capitalize.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Your Pace Palmer pic is so right for that missed Vancouver goal. I will think of that Non-goal every time we play the Nucks this year.

  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    That McDavid to Yak goal was a beauty. Yak had the gun loaded from well outside the top of the circle.

    That’s Yaks wheelhouse. Playmaking is one thing but you need a finisher. Good on Yak. They are really working with him on his 2 way play and its starting to show.

  • Positive Ray of Sunshine

    I watched the second and third periods of Saturday’s game on Omni. I don’t speak a word of Punjabi, but I’m comfortable saying the broadcast was far superior to the idiocy on SNET.

    When McDavid scored his first one, the play by play guy did a McDAAAAVIIIID call like a Mexican soccer announcer. Terrific.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Can’t believe Sedin missed the open netter, good grief lol. the best was the expression on BOTH of their faces right after lol just instant depression. Henrik must have dished that pass “laces in” cuz Ray Finkle, I mean Daniel Sedin, doesn’t miss those too often.

    Great Monday in Oilersnation, and a happy McDavid Day to you Calgary and Vancouver!