Nurse recalled… Reinhart to IR


The Oilers have recalled Darnell Nurse and put Griffin Reinhart on injured reserve. Justin Schultz did not make the trip to Minnesota, so the Oilers have a spot on the backend, and I believe they need Nurse’s speed.

The Oilers blueline is not gifted with a lot of footspeed right now, and they got slower with Schultz being injured, so recalling Nurse makes sense.

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Reports suggest he has played a strong defensive game in Bakersfield, and will likely start in the third pairing in Minnesota tomorrow night. They could switch all of their D pairs and put Sekera with Nurse, Klefbom with Fayne and keep Gryba in the third pair with Ference or Davidson, but I suspect McLellan won’t change all three pairings tomorrow.

Reinhart can be put on IR retroactive to October 19th, and he could be eligible to return later this week if needed. McLellan didn’t offer much on Schultz’s injury today other than to say it wasn’t long term.

I’m looking forward to watching Nurse. I like his speed, aggressiveness and overall skill. I believe he will a good addition. 

Earlier this season Peter Chiarelli said when they recalled Nurse they wanted it to be for good, but this recall might alter that due to injuries, or maybe they feel he is ready now. My prediction is Nurse plays well and stays here the remainder of the season.

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Parting Shot

  • It sounds like Jordan Eberle is hoping to start skating with the team next week. They are looking at a possible return sometime after he has a few hard skates. His exact return date will depend on how the shoulder handles contact in practice. It sounds like November 10th to 15th could be reasonable.

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  • TRAIN#97

    What’s wrong with Reinhart? Does he have a boo boo? Man I sure hope nurse is ready. Good luck pal!

    Boys have to get at least one point tomorrow night. HAVE TO!!

  • Oilerz4life

    For all you Hall haters out there, the young man plays a simple North South game but pushes the puck hard to the net. Listening to your complaints in that regard seems like your neurons are trying to fire in a head filled with dough. Also Nurse. That is all.

  • Spoils

    what most people haven’t grasped yet (and that’s fine), is that Nurse has the potential to be the spiritual center of this team. In the next year it could slowly become apparent, to us first, and then to the league…

    the Nurse cares.

  • oilersfan30

    At this point I won’t put too much expectations on Nurse. As long as he plays better than Davidson and Ference have(99.9% sure he can). Later this year or next year he should be our top 4 and thats when expectations should be higher for him. The kid has only played 2 games in the league so if he doesn’t do well in the coming games just remember that before calling him an overhyped prospect.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    Nurse is begin brought up due to injuries. He will go back down for more “seasoning” when Rienhart and Schultz are back. They will stick to the game plan for Drai and Nurse, barring injuries.

    It is a great opportunity for Nurse to get another taste of the bigs to remind him how challenging it is and underscore what he needs to work on i.e. you can get away with much more in the AHL than the NHL so not all habits formed in the AHL are good ones. Hopefully he gets 3 or 4 games and Mc helps him better understand what he needs to work on to be successful.

    • Cain

      We don’t NEED to call up Nurse due to injuries – we are carrying 8 D men. With Reinhart and Schutlz out we could dress Ferrence and Davidson at the same time and have 6 D men dressed (with Klefblom, Sekera, Fayne and Gryba being the other 4).

      So in theory Nurse could be left to over ripen despite the injuries. Now, I believe Nurse is better than Davidson and Ferrence, so this could also be about icing the best possible team to allow us to win.

      I suspect he’ll get 1-2 games, a nice pat on the back for a job well done and then be sent back when Reinhart and Schultz are better (barring a D man trade).

      • robc186

        I suggested he is being called up to fill the injury positions. Ference is there because he has a no movement clause not because he is playing well-he has only played 3 of 9 games (without the NMC he would be playing with Nikitin). We were carrying 8 w 2 not able to play and a 3rd (Ference) that Mc appears to not favor playing. That leaves 5. If one gets injured then you are at 4 (even with Ference we are at 5 if one gets injured). That is why Nurse is up, IMHO. Once Schulz and/or Reinhart are back, Nurse will likely be sent down (unless his play is very good). Mc made the decision to give him more AHL development time and I don’t think that is going to change due to short term injuries.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    A move that could pay dividends , by bringing up Nurse now rather than later perhaps . We are in the worst performing division in hockey and are not that far out of playoff contention in our own division despite a 3 win six loss start . If Nurse ( more than just a Band-Aid solution) can add another element to backend , it might be the jump start to better results and a climb up the Pacific division rankings .

  • robc186

    Finally! Oh man I have been waiting for Nurse’s size, meanness, and wheels to come to the big club. Given how the defence has played, I really think Nurse is going to make it hard for Chi to send him back down.

    Him and Klefbom and Gryba now give the Oilers 3 guys who can break up a cycle and either skate the puck out of danger, or make a smart play to ensure it gets out of the zone.

    If I were coach, I’d pair Klefbom with Fayne and have them take the tough minutes. Then I’d pair Nurse with Sekera and give them easier minutes.

    Excited to see Nurse in his debut this season. Now all we need is Eberle to be healthy, Reinheart back with Gryba, Purcell or Slepyshev sent down and Draisaitl brought up.

  • fisherprice

    It bemoans me to defend any Flame, but I think everyone here is a little quick to call the Hamilton trade a bust less than 10 games into the season. He’s a young player adjusting to a completely new system in a new conference with a guy who literally sucks at hockey as his primary defence partner. I agree that the same price as Calgary paid + Nurse was too much for Hamilton and glad Chia didn’t bite on that, but I think we’re bound to see Hamilton rebound from this disappointing start, and maybe we shouldn’t express this much hubris based on his very early struggles.

  • fisherprice

    Also, to everyone claiming Hamilton only played well with Chara, are you aware that he basically put up the same type of stats when Chara was injured for 20 games last season? I hate the Flames as much as anyone here, and I’d be more than happy to be wrong here and have Hamilton completely flame out, but I sincerely doubt that’s really going to be the case.

  • fisherprice

    By Oilers site , Nurse not even on any line combo for tonight . Klefbom and Fayne , Sekara and Gryba , Ference and Davidson . Nurse unassigned as yet . If they do not intend on using him tonight , why did they call him up unless Schultz and Reinhart more longer term than day to day ?

  • A-Mc

    I know this is about Darnell getting what is most likely his best chance to crack and stay on this roster. I also think Nurse’s arrival could mark the end of Justin Shultz’s time in Edmonton.

    At this point, it’s tough to say just how valuable or invaluable Justin Shultz is to the Oilers. All the data states he’s about a #4-5 D man, that should play with a strong Defensive partner. The problem is that the last 2 oiler regimes and coaches have played him like he was the #1 D man on the team. Even Mclellan has leaned heavily on him this year, playing him more than he should be played.

    The results with Shultz on the ice are that the oilers are most likely getting outshot, and out chanced at evens every time he starts in a zone other than the other teams.

    I think if Nurse can show well over the next few games, the Oilers may start to see that Shultz is more of a burden than an asset to the team in his position.

    I’m not sold on Shultz. And I’m not sold that Nurse is the solution to this teams problems on Defense right now. But if Darnell can step in and play a more sound Defensive role than Shultz, and chip in a few more than Justin’s 1 point this season, this team should look to add another D man and go for it.

    Shultz playing on the Oilers top pairing, or in the the top 4, won’t get this team close to the playoffs. A developing Darnell Nurse might.

  • A-Mc

    The reason i think Nurse will stick before Draisaitl:

    Nurse’s flaws require him to do LESS to see success. Draisaitl’s flaws require him to do MORE.

    It is my opinion that it’s easier to teach someone to do less than it is to condition/sculpt a person to do more.

    Both will be great additions to the team, but i think Nurse makes the team this season, while Draisaitl will come in next season.