Oilers Recall Pitlick and LeLeggia

The Edmonton Oilers have recalled defenseman Joey LaLeggia and forward Tyler Pitlick from the Bakersfield Condors, and placed both Rob Klinkhammer and Justin Schultz on the IR. 

The Oilers roster gets a little bit lighter experience wise with Schultz and Klinkhammer being replaced by LeLaggia and Pitlick. Last night, we all saw Rob Klinkhammer go down in the game against the Wild so seeing him on the IR isn’t all that much of a surprise. Justin Schultz, on the other hand, confuses me because we aren’t even sure how he got hurt in the first place. 

I asked Jason Gregor if there was any news on Schultz…

“It looks like it’s in his hips/abdominal area but there hasn’t been much of an update.” I guess the Oilers are keeping things clear as mud.

To me, the interesting/unfortunate bit of news in all this is that Griffin Reinhart must not be close to returning. Reinhart was eligible to come off the IR as early as tomorrow, but it doesn’t look like that will be happening and the Oilers defensive corps gets a little bit greener. Exactly what they need right now!

I can’t help but wonder what Leon Draisaitl is thinking right now? Draisaitl isn’t exactly ripping it up in Bakersfield right now, but he’s one of the best prospects the Oilers have which means having him play developmental minutes in the AHL is more important than icing the best possible NHL team. That’s not a method of prospect deployment that we’re used to seeing around here, and it will take some time to get used to. Even so, it’s confusing to see that Pitlick and LeLeggia are the two players the Oilers chose to recall.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens because the Oilers aren’t exactly giving us much in terms of injury details.


9 Tyler Pitlick RW 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0.0


13 Joey LaLeggia D 6 0 1 1 2 10 0 0 8 0.0
  • Canoe Ride 27.1

    Doesn’t matter who’s on D if we play the way we did last night as a 5 man unit in our end.

    This me is the bigger problem. We have talent on both ends, we don’t yet have effective team play in our own zone. When the puck comes in our end you have time to use the bathroom and get a beer without missing a McDavid highlight.

  • Serious Gord

    Well now everything sounds good again. Get these 2 plugs on the ice along with our Norris candidate and we will be back where we started one decade ago. The best before date for this squad was the start of the regular season.

  • bwar

    It’s really unfortunate we don’t have a big, highly touted, skilled forward down on our farm team because it sure would be nice to have one of those for the Nuge line right about now…

    • Reg Dunlop

      Yep, too bad. We only have Draisaitl who needs to grow up and learn to skate.

      Anyone else see the oil struggling to equal last year’s point totals? If they lose the next two games I’ll wager I’m not alone.

  • Reg Dunlop

    These defensemen can’t give the puck to the guys with skill. They are better than last year but ultimately are glorified AHL players. How does that Reinhart trade look now?

  • Reg Dunlop

    Draisatl, Nugent Hopkins for Stamkos please….those who don’t agree stop watching hockey and go watch volleyball

    find out if Kronwall is available since Detroit suck finally

    Start getting rid of the player with no heart or backbone Taylor Hall

    Hall for Seth Jones

  • Reg Dunlop

    Why should Draisaitl be up in Edmonton?

    The reasons are multiple.

    Drai was close enough to being on the team coming out of training camp that he played in the most games in pre-season of anyone when you factor in Penticton. That is, Draisaitl was the most puzzling player for TM to figure out.

    The reason Draisaitl needs to be in Edmonton is that TM is instilling his coaching philosophy into the team at this time. By all accounts practices remain teachable moments on a regular basis. (Cue Yak’s many references to breaking down game film on day after) Draisaitl needs to be on the team now growing with the core, soaking in the coaching from TM, and absorbing the culture. Draisaitl, cerebral player, he eats this stuff up.

    From the games I saw in pre-season, it appeared that we got to see Drai’s ability to think the game best when he was shifted over to play with McDavid. The corollary, we haven’t seen the best of McDavid yet because you’ll only get to see the best when he is matched with players that can think the game at his level. Yak’s creativity is an example, but it is still a hit and miss experiment with Yak.

    That and, there may be no one on this team that can pass the puck with pace and with ability to move it completely across the zone with accuracy better than Drai. This gives McDavid more options for processing the game. You expand the repertoire if the combination is Drai-McDavid-Ebbs/Yak.

    Yes, obviously Drai has some deficiencies in his game which includes quickness, but most significantly that when Drai fatigues his drop-off is greater than most.

    We may have to live with the fact that Drai is top two line talent but an engine that is optimal at 14 or 15 minutes a game. Further, I think his play fell off as pre-season went on because of the grind. He may not be able to play in a zone effectively with McDavid if the schedule is too heavy. So what, sit him out every fourth game.

    This team isn’t going to be a playoff team so bring Drai up and find out how to work with his skill set and work around it. We need to find out and have him develop where we explore the top end capabilities and not manage for fear of exposing his weaknesses.

    Don’t get locked into thinking that Drai can only play centre. Leave the option of centre as something we can return to down the road a year or two from now.

    As far as ripening in Bakersfield, cough, cough, this is a pipe dream. What Drai is good at is not something that gets refined by having wingers that are two steps behind him in processing the game.

    Staying on the same page as TM and having TM work with him far out paces a few extra minutes of ice time in Bakersfield. I “think” that Drai actually is hindered by playing extra minutes as he gets seriously exposed when he isn’t fresh.

    There is no Detroit model and we need to get over that. If there is a Detroit model it is find yourself the hell of a best scout in Europe who can read talent. (case in point, Dylan Larkin; case in point, Nyquist) Repeat with me, there is no Detroit model. What there is are players who can handle playing in the NHL and players that can benefit from continuing to develop their skill set. Drai has skill set already he needs to figure out how to apply it when the game is speed up, which is something he may never get a chance to develop in Bakersfield.

    Lastly, Drai isn’t pouting in Bakersfield (okay speculation) as it appears he is a very cerebral player who has to think his way through what he is experiencing. The fact he admits to struggling is just his German nature of being forthright when no one else would admit it in same situation.

    I think TM has it in him to recognize the difference in character, cultivate it not suppress it, and manage around his weaknesses (did I mention breaking the habit of the soft, slow shield the puck move from corner to top of circle).

    Sorry for the length, had to get that off my chest 🙂

  • fisherprice

    If I was going to have that long of a post it should have been complete on the subject. hehehe

    Yes, Drai may miss an assignment or two in his own end. But please, don’t force me into naming names of other core players that do that to a greater degree.

    Drai is a heavier body. We need the size up front to cause other teams top D to wear down, even if ever so slightly. We need the body shots. It’s a cake walk physically for top D playing our top two lines. Please hold all references to heavy body that is pugilist as this isn’t what we need.

    Drai will likely improve our face-off winning % if substituted in smartly.

    Drai offers more options for in game maneuvering. He can play all positions.

    Not that is should be deployed every time, but Drai can slow the game down and still be effective which presents Edmonton with another style of attack. You need variability in your attack to expose another teams complete list of weaknesses. (Yes, of course Drai needs to learn when to slow it down and when to play with pace. Let’s break with that Detroit meme again though, there is no Detroit model. Drai can’t develop this correct mix most effectively when only simulating NHL games.)

    Can Drai play the heavy body in front of net on PP? Hmmm…

    Nurse’s stint in AHL is different experience for development as he is still learning to slow game down, not speed it up.

    Sure hope this isn’t management trying to teach Drai a lesson. Yikes, I thought we were well beyond that now.

    If Drai has to occasionally fall back to play with Lander so be it. Anyone explain yet why Lander has no offensive output.

    Ya, ya, ya, we have to be aware of Drai’s energy system and manage around it (really strict with shift length) and find ways to help him improve his energy stamina.

    Do we really care if a mistake or two by Drai cost us a game? I mean, will it make a difference in standings? It’s probably the risk we have to take to unlock some more offence.

    So can someone explain again why Draisaitl isn’t in the mix on multiple call ups?

  • Oilfaninvan

    For a big man Drai still gets knocked of his feet rather easily. Leave him be in the AHL for a while, there is no rush. With a competent coach and GM around finally, it’s nice to not have to question every single move…

  • CaptainLander

    Agreed – PC stated at the start of the season they want him to develop as a center. Why call him up and play him on the wing? Some argue he could play 3rd line center, but why do that when you can play him as a 1st line in the AHL and build his confidence and skill?

    The LaLeggia call up has me scratching my head however. Maybe he’ll get a 1 game look like Miller and then be sent back down.

  • Oilfaninvan

    Another demonstration of how massively stupid and perverse Chiarelli is.

    There is no prospect in the Oilers inventory more cringe worthy than Pitlick. An non-enity writ large.
    He can do nothing. I underscore he can do nothing.

    Chiarelli and his martinet coach allow Draisatl to rot in Bakersfield.
    As this happens we savor Gazdic, Korpikoski, Klinkhammer and now Pitlick.
    These men only show their abysmal incompetence, and abuse of a playing who can actually pass the puck. A skill view other players on this team display.

    Tonight will be a new low ebb for the Oilers.
    Expect another two losses over the weekend.

    It will be hilarious when Sam Bennett rips them up , as we savor Pitlick aimlessly crashing into the boards after missing passes for 3 periods. Imagine how insulting this will be to Draisatl, how utterly dispiriting ,and alienating.
    Does Chiarelli actually think the future of the Oilers rests with Pitlick?

    I continue to make the point – Chiarelli has no interest in improving this team. His motives are totally in doubt.