GDB 18:0 Wrap Up – Oilers @ Kings

“Hello, points? No we’re not interested right now. Thanks!” -Oilers Final Score: 4-3 Kings

The last time these two teams played the Oilers managed to keep it interesting, and the final result down to the wire after digging themselves an early hole. You remember the game. You remember the ‘no goal’ call right at the end. The problem is that both Connor McDavid and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins were playing that night and the Oilers still lost. Tonight, the Oilers had to try and figure this thing out with neither those guys in the lineup. I’m not going to lie to you, my expectations couldn’t have been much lower. 

In our pre-season preview not one of the OilersNation writers predicted that the Oilers would make the playoffs. That being said, I don’t think any of us could have expected the season to start out this badly. It’s not just bad plays or decisions, it’s bad luck too. When Connor McDavid went down it took the wind out of all of our sails. Add in the flu that knocked Lil Nugey out of tonight’s game combined with the general lack of decent defenseman and that’s a good mix for a bad night. Amazingly this game was way more entertaining than I think anyone could have expected. 

The great thing about sports is that the expected never seems to end up that way. Who would have thought that the Oilers would have been able to make a game out playing the first place (in the Pacific) Kings without their top two centreman? Regardless, what should have been points in the standings ended up wasted because of dumb mistakes. Anton Lander took a miserable penalty with only minutes to go and Talbot couldn’t bail the team out. Instead of pocketing a pity point and going to overtime the Oilers found a way to sabotage themselves again. Last place is ours.

Wrap it first. Always.



  • Taylor Hall was a force again tonight. The Kings were struggling to control him all night, and it’s amazing that he didn’t put up more than two points. Hall registered an assist on Draisaitl’s goal and tied the game up late in the third before the wheels fell off again. He’s playing some of the best hockey of his career right now.
  • Draisaitl maintained his hot streak by scoring his fifth goal of the season on a nice feed from Taylor Hall. Those two have been magic together. Draisaitl wasn’t done there as he assisted on Teddy Purcell’s second period goal. He is a man possessed.
  • Teddy Purcell score his second goal of the season on a nice little wrister from the high slot. It would definitely be nice if Purcell could keep finding a way to cash in on some of his chances. 
  • Despite having the top two centremen out with flu and injury the Oilers were still able to generate offensive chances. Way more than I would have expected, anyway. I think being able to generate anything against the Kings with the roster the Oilers iced deserves mentioning. 
  • The Oilers technically killed off all three penalty kills they faced but LA scored the winning goal immediately after Lander’s second penalty expired.



  • I don’t blame Mark Messier for calling Connor McDavid all the time. I miss him too. 
  • Nuge didn’t play tonight because of the flu. Losing Nuge for the night was the absolute last thing the Oilers needed. 
  • Andrej Sekera got knocked off the puck on the first goal. He needs to put in a better effort to maintaining good body position. 
  • How many times have the Oilers been done by two goals after the first period lately? It’s tough to win hockey games when you’re spotting the team a pair early.
  • Eric Gryba was briefly benched in the second period after he got caught puck watching on LA’s third goal.
  • Anton Lander’s miracle season continues. He took two penalties in the third period, and he’s not producing nearly enough to justify these kind of mistakes. He has to turn this season around or he could find himself back in Bakersfield very soon. It starts with regrowing the pirate facial hair. 
  • Underwhelming return to the net by Cam Talbot. I’d say he wears the goat horns on the first and fourth goals. He has to be better and everyone knows it. I still believe that he can be, but it doesn’t look great right now. Talbot finished the night with 24 saves and an .857 save%. 
  • During the second period my Sportsnet feed sounded like it was receiving alien signals. I don’t know what that noise was but it was annoying and made me want to kick children. 
  • Last place in the West. Perfect.


01:17 LAK Marian Gaborik (2) Wrist shot – ASST: Tanner Pearson (6) 1 – 0 LAK
18:56 LAK Tanner Pearson (3) Wrist shot – ASST: Marian Gaborik (2) 2 – 0 LAK
05:17 EDM Leon Draisaitl (5) Snap shot – ASST: Taylor Hall (12), Eric Gryba (3) 2 – 1 LAK
08:35 LAK Milan Lucic (5) Snap shot – ASST: Tyler Toffoli (6), Jeff Carter (10) 3 – 1 LAK
13:53 EDM Teddy Purcell (4) Snap shot – ASST: Leon Draisaitl (8), Oscar Klefbom (6) 3 – 2 LAK
15:10 EDM Taylor Hall (8) Wrist shot – ASST: Oscar Klefbom (7), Teddy Purcell (4) 3 – 3 Tie
18:23 LAK Nick Shore (2) Wrist shot – ASST: Tanner Pearson (7) 4 – 3 LAK


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  • Dinojr

    bring in richards? let lander go to bakersfield or get claimed. Richards could hopefully play second line minutes and then fit in as a third line role when mcdavid returns

  • Thumby

    Just looking at our Gf and Ga and we have about a -11 rating. Given how many really weak goals talbot has let in, we should have about 4 more wins right now.

    CALGARY is -24
    Anaheim is -15

    We all knew the fist 20 games would be ugly. I think if they keep working, the next 20 should be .500 and then we wait for McDavid to get back for the 2nd half.

    Hope springs eternal!

  • BlazingSaitls

    People don’t like Eberle, Yak, Fayne, Ference, Lander, etc because they are not good enough to be Oilers. But they are good enough to be trade bait for a top3 D-man?

    You guys can’t have it both ways.

  • Rob...

    Reading these comments you’d think the Oilers were playing the game perfectly healthy with no key players out with injuries or the flu. I get it, they’re losing way more than they’re winning, but they appear to be in the game a lot more than in the past. You’re having much fewer dumb plays while on the PP ending up as short handed goals. Our bottom two forward lines are full of mediocre players, but our top lines are depleted yet still having an impact.

    I’m not happy with the losing but I think once healthy with ‘most’ of our impact players back in the lineup we’ll be playing at least .500 hockey.

  • NJ

    I do not care anymore….this is beyond FUBARed.

    Why dont we stop drop and roll right here and now.

    The Oilers need supernatural help…

    Angelic Intervention.

    Something is preventing this help from stepping in on their behalf….what is hidden behind closed doors?This is a Group sized impediment because the Angels dont judge but they never enter unless welcomed .

    What debt to the Good Lady Karma has Mac-L inherited and failed to pay up on?Or what baggage did he bring with him which combined with existing bad Karma caused this Angelic disconnect.

    To recieve this level of ELEVATING Karmtic remedition the Oilers HAD TO HAVE picked on someone severely disadvantaged….they must have kicked a proverbial Puppy….done something downright wrong on the most basic levels they cannot just walk away from,even the Angels have turned their heads away until reparations are actioned.Oh yes baby the Oilers owe someone something of this there is no doubt….but only they know how and who to offer restitutions to,they remain the Masters of their own Fates..

    I didnt believe in the Voo-Doo Curse bad Karm stuff until I saw Mac-L sucked into the Vortex so easily and quickly and absolutely,hes not struggeling yet but hes in deep .

    For the love of God-Country-and Backbacon someone stop the pain….just pay TheBadMan however much it takes to make the pain go way,ok Darryl?lol.

    Whats it gonna take ,a Candle-light Vigil? A figurative Sacrifice of a Dozen Donuts under a full Moon to the Ghosts of the Oilers gone?lol

    • OtOil

      Isn’t it obvious? Fire Kblowe. He is the poison, the bad karma, the idiot the hockey gods can’t stand. His stank will linger until he is completely removed from the Oilers.

  • bradleypi

    It was a fun game to watch, which one would not see in a game against the Kings.They play boring hockey.

    Didnt like the way it ended with only minute and half to go from at least one point.. thanks to
    Talbot and Fayne.

    Despsite Talbot and the Defense, Hall and Co., put on a show. Purcell whatever you had for breakfast , keep having, was probably his best game as a Oiler.

    Even the Energizer Bunny [#10] actually played a decent game… only if he could finish.?

    Lander and Letestu had the flu, since Sept.!!!