GDB 22.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Hurricanes


What happened tonight was the NHL equivalent of a shart. All you can really do is change your undies and move on. Final Score: 4-1 Hurricanes

Coming into tonight’s game all I could think about was how these solid efforts had to start turning into wins. They HAD to. In years past, the Oilers would lose games because they were just awful, but this year they’re losing despite playing well. It’s like the Hockey Gods are taking our dreams and hopes and rubbing them all over their dirty junk, and then making us pay for it. From where I sit, the Hurricanes are nowhere close to being as skilled as the Capitals are, so matching the effort from Monday night should have locked in a win, right? RIGHT?! *sigh*

Is there any team in the NHL that can make a “winnable” game look as awful as the Oilers? I haven’t seen one. It’s not like tonight’s game started off poorly either. The Oilers actually came out hard and grabbed an early lead which should have gotten them started down the path to victory. Instead, what we saw was the Oilers stinking and the hockey gods playing every dirty trick in their repertoire. Want a linesman to take out a player? Done. Team beats the goalie on multiple occasions only to hit the post? You’ve got it. If the Oilers didn’t have bad luck they’d have none at all. 

For me, this had to be one of the most disappointing games of the year. For the past few weeks we’ve been rattling off reasons the Oilers look better but just haven’t been able to squeeze out the wins. Tonight, the Oilers looked awful, and nothing at all like the team that played the Capitals two nights ago. For chunks of the night, they made the 26th place Carolina Hurricanes look like they were contenders. It goes without saying that this was an ugly hockey game. There are no moral victories, and no lessons to be carried forward from this one. On the bright side, it’s still early enough that we can get drunk and don’t have to go to bed angry.     

Like lettuce – we wrap.



  • Benoit Pouliot scored his fifth goal (100th of his career) off of a Nugey wrister from the half boards and a nice little play, to maintain the zone, at the blueline by Nail Yakupov. Both of those guys needed to get some points and I was happy they started it off tonight. As an added bonus, Nugey’s goal came on the power play which desperately needs to get going. 
  • Yak got his 100th career point on the assist that came from Nuge’s power play goal.
  • The Oilers power play scored for the first time in what seems like forever. The PP went 1/4 on the night. 
  • The penalty kill was solid again in it’s only opportunity, albeit against the Hurricanes.
  • We won the Corsi (53/47)! The Oilers outshot the Hurricanes 31-27. The “bright side bar” is getting pretty low. 



  • The Oilers power play dropped from fourth (24.0%) to 17th (18.8%) over the last five games (1 for 19). The PP needs to get rolling if they’re going to turn moral victories into points in the standings. Luckily for the Oilers they were able to cash in on the PP tonight.
  • How many times have the Oilers allowed a goal in the final minute of a period? Instead of taking a lead into the first intermission a bad bounce allowed the Hurricanes back into the game. 
  • Nail Yakupov left the game, and did not return, after he was tackled BY A LINESMAN off a faceoff at centre ice. C’MON, REALLY!? Post game, Nick Kypreos said that he’s hearing that Yak’s injury isn’t overly serious but you should take that with a grain of salt. 

  • I think that late, first period, Hurricanes goal rattled Anders Nilsson a little bit. He didn’t quite look like himself until the well into the third. I’m not going to say that Nilsson is at fault for all the Carolina goals but I’m sure he’s not happy with them. He wasn’t as sharp tonight as he was against Washington (not entirely his fault) and I wonder if we’ll see Cam Talbot on Friday night. Nilsson finished the game with 23 saves and an .885 save%. 
  • Jordan Staal hadn’t scored a goal in eight games so it made sense that his streak of ineptitude ended against the Oilers.


07:34 EDM PPG – Benoit Pouliot (5) Deflected shot – ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (10), Nail Yakupov (10) 1 – 0 EDM
19:44 CAR Jordan Staal (4) Wrist shot – ASST: Andrej Nestrasil (1) 1 – 1 Tie
10:16 CAR Elias Lindholm (3) Snap shot – ASST: Eric Staal (9), John-Michael Liles (3) 2 – 1 CAR
16:41 CAR Jeff Skinner (5) Tip-in – ASST: Justin Faulk (9), Kris Versteeg (12) 3 – 1 CAR
19:09 CAR Andrej Nestrasil (2) Snap shot – ASST: Justin Faulk (10) 4 – 1 CAR


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This week the boys talk to Cat Silverman about goalie equipment, which defenseman will be sent down for Jultz, and Chris the Intern offers dating advice for Jeanshorts. 

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  • 5 Cups

    Whats going on? Has the kool-aid well run dry already? I swear it was but 2 months ago that I was reading on this very site by numerous posters how many teams the Oil were going to leap frog in the standings this season. Certainly at least 3 or 4 teams in the west. Most likely a real chance at a playoff spot! Not even the end of November and reality sets in. Again. Why can’t it be summer forever? What off season!

  • God I hate the Flames

    Can someone please explain to me the derogatory term “Coilers”. I don’t get what adding a “C” in front of the name is supposed to signify. One who “coils”? What does that mean? Help.

  • Andresito

    I think that linesman should be suspended. He intentionally grabbed Yakupov by the neck and pulled him down. Intent to injure. A player would get suspended.. why not a ref?

    • hagar

      That’s a funny thought, but it’s no more intent to injure than a player losing his balance, and sticking a guy in the face trying to catch it.

      Catching your balance is a primitive reaction.

  • LordVallko

    Question for Oilers Nation.

    Is Talbot still the better goalie and the guy that should be starting the majority of the games go-forward?

    Cheers for Yes, Trashes for No

    • S cottV

      Where is your evidence Talbot is a better goalie ? I don’t see that yet. Scrives was good in L.A., but not so here. Here you’re dealing with different defence, different experience, and different level of commitment and structure.
      I don’t think at this point Talbot is better. 0% evidence. If he is strong and focused in his next start, I will keep an open mind. If not, the contract running out might be a blessing. Lots of backups thrive in backup positions. Doesn’t mean they have the mentality to perform in a starring role.
      I’m rooting for whoever can be good enough, to be good enough for what we need. I couldn’t care what their name is.

  • Devolution

    Muchlose for Matthews begins.

    Carolina must have a big golf day planned on an upcoming west coast road trip.

    That’s where we are now, teams get up for games against the Oilers because if they lose all their upcoming team fun stuff gets cancelled by the GM.

  • From an Oilers fan!

    I wish we could go back to 2006 and tell ourselves that maybe putting a burning baby carriage on Chris Pronger’s front lawn is noooooot the greatest idea.

  • Devolution

    So, let me see now. The Oilers play well against the east, but most of their first 20 was against the west.

    Then, Most of the Oilers first 20 was against playoff teams from last year.

    There was some business about bad schedule and back to back games.

    I think I have found our niche. At home, against an eastern team that didn’t make the playoffs and playing the second game of a back to back while we are rested.

    Just a sec, I have to calculate how many wins we can expect for the rest of the year…

  • From an Oilers fan!

    The Oilers are dead last in the NHL again. Some morons on here still hope for greatness with June 2016 #1 overall pick in Matthews…

    Meanwhile the Habs are a real NHL team, not a peewee outfit line up such as coilers

    You’re in coil country for sure

    I just defected to the Habs.

  • Devolution

    TM quote after the game

    “We have some skill people who have to figure it out that it takes more than the finish,” said McLellan.”

    Might as well have named RNH and Eberle. Nice to hear the coach calling players out.

    • Spiel

      At this point we dont need Mc-L’s commentary to make pertinent observtions of the evidence being provided nightly.

      It isnt that difficult to see what is in place when they win and what is missing when they lose…and it doesnt matter what type of “System” the opponent uses these ingedients must be included in every game regrdless of Process being battled.

      “We have some skill people who have to figure out it takes more than finish”..??????? you had enough shots on net…you do EVERY GAME Mac-L so what the issue really happens to be IS ONE OF A CONSISTANT LACK OF FINISH…a consistant case of inferior Pre-Game plans being produced ….a lack of timely meaningfull process catalysed and supported contact.End transmission.

      Fix the shooting %.
      Fix the Pre-Game Plans.
      Fix the lack of tactical contact.

      What is hurting them are these 3 things ATM.

      Two things can be actioned by the players external to the Process but the Pre-Game Plans cannot.The Players can adjust how when why and where they shoot and hit but under no circustances are they building the Pre-Game Plans whic by proxy dictate to them when these things must be done .

      You CANNOT EXCLUDE THESE THINGS FROM YOUR PROCESS or when you build your Pre-Game plan you will end up with a bunch of men thinkng independantly of each other all trying to dial in from different places…every playaction.
      You gonna argue the evidence now to or what?

      • Randaman

        Wow a new low for stupid comments on here….In the NHL if the goalie can see it most of the time he will stop it. Shots on goal are no good if there is no screen and or guys going to the net… That is called the hard areas for a reason.


  • S cottV

    Letestu, korpikovski, talbot and gryba. All new additions this year, not adding anything to this club. Have any of these guys contributed in a positive way? Suppose new players coming to Edmonton reduce their own expectations of themselves because the oilers are so bad? Suppose they feel the pressure is off?

    Maybe hall demanding a trade would be a good thing. It would force chia to shake up the team. Again, they play well and lose. They play bad and they lose.

    • Spiel

      So tell me again what Chia has done to impact the team. Drafted McDavid? Even MacT would have got that right. Signed Letestwho? Gryba? Reinhart? Nothing to see here folks. Just the same garbage in garbage out. I really thought Chia would have done better. Sad the season is yet again over before I even take out the Christmas decorations.I feel for Hall busting a gut for this sad excuse of a team. Surprised Hall isnt demanding a trade yet. MacT’s visual statement is a distant memory yet we still hear the same tired excuses. We dont share Chias or TMacs timeline. We have been enduring a decade of bush league hockey and demand reults now. Now get off your a$$ Chia andprove your worth. PSYou can start by firing Lowe and MacT for a “visual” as you Oilermanagement refer to.

    • stonedtodeath61

      Why dont we go after Sidney?

      Crosby needs a fresh beginning.

      Right now IMHO he is fighting like hell to bring his team into the current Eras cutting edge NHL reality but his wheels are spinning,and this same battle is still raging here in E-Town.

      Sid wants to win and he knows how and why other Teams ARE winning,however he cannot seem to find traction with Management to action a full and complete accurate Tactical Audit of the last 4 Stanley Cup winning Systems or Processes to bring everyone up to date orgnisationally ….Gretzky encountered the same dynamic in LA when people stopped listening to him 100% and 98% compliance doesnt cut it….methinks Lemieux is pulling a K-Lowe impression and he is hanging on to an ancient out-of-date “message”/System/Process because it worked for him in the distant past…lol….its called living vicariously through your Team….a PRIVILAGE of Ownership only.

      • Been there

        I think I would try a trade and sign with Tampa for Stamkos, he already commented how he likes McDavids play. Offer Nuge and Eberle and a pick for Stamkos on condition he signs a 5 year deal

        • Serious Gord

          Stamkos os over-rated IMO. There’sa reason why yzerman is looking to unload him that is not financial. He played very poorly for stretches last season and was largely invisible at critical points in the playoffs.

      • Been there

        Forget the trade crap, no one player is difference. They have to learn what it takes to win. That is working hard even when things go wrong. They were playing a good game until that late goal in the first than they stopped. And they had the attitude of here we go again. Todd has got a tough job keeping the team on the same page even when things go wrong. Bet there will be a few four letter words after the game and in the meetings today.

  • S cottV

    Same Oilers, good first period, lucky goal against than we get to see the same team. What I did find interesting was right at the end of the game when you could hear Todd Mac Clallam was yelling for Taylor. You hear it clearly through the TV. I think Todd had seen enough and was ready to give Hall a kick in the butt.

    • LordVallko

      Ya, cause the one guy who carries the team every night is the problem… ever notice that whatever line Hall is on is “clicking”? Nuge, (and don’t get me wrong I love him), gets half the points when he’s not on Hall’s line. The guy makes mistakes, but he drives the play night after night. Anyone that thinks he’s what ails the team is either 13 or not actually watching.

      • Soiled Trousers

        Not saying any one player is the problem. Hall gets frustrated. Todd has got to get the boys to stick to the game plan even when things go wrong. Tough job. Todd is sending the signal that nobody is exempt. Of course Hall stirs the drink great player just needs to learn exactly what it takes to win. That is very hard in the NHL.

      • Chainsawz

        How quick we forget how Hall wasn’t clicking till Drai was put on the Hall-Nuge line. And how Hall wasn’t clicking on a line with McD. And which line was carrying the Oilers after the Eakins firing last season. Anyone who forgets this has ADD like they are 13 or doesn’t actually watch the Oilers.

  • LordVallko

    How long can the team stand losing ? They are on course to be far worse than last season . Chia and McLellan’s group are not the answer we expected , and doing little to change the course of the club . When your going in reverse you do not want to be patient for very long , and that time has already past . Start the trading, as obviously the players are the main ingredient for our poor results .

  • Been there

    That was an embarrassing display!
    Nurse was the only player to show up. Davidson was absolutely brutal.
    TMac told us he would use first twenty games for teaching structure and system, now that it has passed it is time to show us the accountability he said would come. Time to start benching players regardless of status.

  • From an Oilers fan!

    Very disappointing loss. Looked like boys vs men again.

    I don’t care what corsi says, Carolina was all over them. Although they looked better overall, much of the game resembled last year’s team.

  • All the patience they earned by playing hard against top teams is all gone now because they decided to play like a bunch of losers last night. No heart at all from anyone not named Leon or Hall. Very disappointing. The team should be embarrassed.

    • Been there

      Not sure what game you watched. Hall was brutal. Everyone talks about Yak running all over at high speed with no plan or structure, well Hall is right beside him there. The ONLY player last night that showed up was Darnell Nurse, every other player mailed it in. That was Leon’s worst game since called back up, so I will give him the one free ride. The rest have no excuse whatsoever!!!!

      TMac should have gave the third and fourth lines more ice time in the third period and send a message to the top two lines about about accountability and leadership

  • Randaman

    Todd Nelson had much less talent to work with but produced a much better style of play!

    Todd McLellan has everyone bunched up ………constantly skating either ahead or behind the play. No one ever seems open to receive a pass and whe they do they refuse to shoot.

    Well at least Drew Remenda is happy……..being the president of the TM Fan Club. To all those writers who claimed we needed a new experienced coach…….how come you are all so quiet!

      • Spiel

        How many coaches has “the core” been through now?
        Quinn, Renney, Krueger, Eakins, Nelson, and now McLellan. Could it be time to try and shuffle some pieces as kick in the butt for a group of secure players?

        If the Oilers can manage to miss the playoffs again this year, they tie the NHL record for most consecutive seasons without qualifying for the playoffs… 10 years! An entire decade of Oilers fans has never seen their team play in a playoff game. Sobering.

        • Zamboni Driver

          Quinn,Renney,Krueger,Eakins,Nelson now Mac-L,could it be time to change Ownerships “Message”,they very same one all of these men have been trying to build winning teams around?Hold on a second?It cannot be an ownership “message” because ownership changed…so what didnt change?….oh yes K-Lowe Inc….lol

          Or just let the Coaches choose their own Systems and keep out of

          Eakins wiped the roster…its not the men or the managers its the “Message”….no one can put together an NHL quality functional System to convey this “message” at least no one working for the Oilers LOL…lol.

      • Al Theeathoone

        Coaching is not the issue?
        Here’s what we were all told this summer…

        Oilers finally have an experience coaching staff that will make the team much better – fail

        McLellan is famous for getting the season off to a good start – fail

        Oilers are going to have a top ten power play – fail
        Oilers are going to play disciplined and have defensive structure – fail

        Not ready to play in at least 18 of the games so far
        Scored on in the first minute or first shot of at least three games.
        Scored on in the last minutes or seconds of at least 3 games.

        Can’t score with Hall, Draisaitl, Eberle, Hopkins
        Can’t get and then hold on to a lead
        Can’t maintain possession in the other team’s end
        Can’t get it out of their own end for extended periods of time.
        Cant’ get them to pick up their man in their end
        Can’t get them to stop taking ridiculous penalties (Gryba, Ference, Lander, Pouliot) every single game.
        Can’t get either of the goalies to stop sharp angle shots

        Playing guys like Lander, Letestu, Korokoski, Purcell, Reinhart, Gazdic, and Yakupov over and over when they said they promised they wouldn’t gift ice time to anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

        Starting Draisaitl in the minors in favor of Lander
        Starting Nurse in the minors – in favor of Reinhart

        All coaching fails…

        Clearly out coached in every game so far even by rookie coaches and especially by Bob Hartley, Tippet and his former assistant last night in Carolina.

        McLellan may be a good coach – but he is not the right coach for this team. What more than this horrendously embarassing record do you need for proof?

        Stop blaming individual players, the core, Oiler luck, the referees, the Flu, the Weather, Bob Stauffer, Drew Remenda and the rest of these feeble somehow self gratifying excuses.

        McLennan has FAILED. What more evidence do we need?

        Get going McLellan or get gone. And that goes for Chiarelli as well. Huge fail.

    • Spiel

      I was a huge Nelson fan, he seemed to do really well with the young group, he was the Lander whisperer, he managed to unlock the Yak, and he had Pouliot, Nuge and Eberle playing some of their best hockey. Oh! and that power play was incredible.

      Having said that, I would have never seen a game like Chicago where the team was defensively dominant. And not just the D core, but the whole team was smothering chances.

      While I want to say, that’s how this team needs to play in order to win games, I think more appropriately that seems like the more sustainable way to play. End of the year, I will be looking at the goal differential as my target indicator of if this team is actually better.

    • Zamboni Driver

      At some point…sometime..somewhere…some how…

      People are going to start trying to put their deep hockey intellect and notice that there is one thing in common with all these “terrible coaches” and their “awful systems”….

      The Edmonton Oilers PLAYERS are the consistent. and they’ve been consistently crappy.

      And stupid.

      • Spiel

        Since MacT moved on from coaching we have had seven coaches and a complet turnover of players 3 times! I’m not counting but it has to be over 100 players?

        Now I’m not saying it’s totally coaching……..but when Todd Nelson had the team headed in the right direction, we were told by many writers, this does not matter, lets go get the coach with the most experience.

        How is that working for us? I’m not saying we replace TM……..far from it. Just pointing out that no matter what changes the results seem to be the same. Now I’m hearing from many corners that we need a player like Travis Hamonic, and we are willing to trade many core pieces to get that player……..I say this is a flawed strategy……..too many variables to mention that will impact TM on a new team, playing a new system.

        Draft and develop. We never seem to come out on top with trades.

        • Zamboni Driver

          I agree with almost all of this, actually.

          We differ with the underlying thesis that one of the ‘core pieces’ cannot/should not be moved.

          For me, I am keeping McDavid, Hall….and that is it.

          Anyone else can be had for the right price.

          and should this team ever get good, the chances of all of Nuge/Eberle/Yakupov/Hall/McDavid ALL being on the team are zero percent.

          I’m worried actually that they’ve now waited too long to get any value for Yak (could have tricked people into thinking he might be good. He’s worse than Daigle), or Eberle, who clearly needs either a change or a cardiologist.

          • NJ

            Thank you I too agree with most of what you have to say, except we must be very very careful.

            No one gives up good players very often, without a huge overpay. Given the cap and it’s impact on trading, and the state of the NHL currently no team is going to do you a favor. In that respect we should continue to draft and develop.

            Draft the type of players that other teams covet, which is code for big and talented………not small, fast, and skilled. In addition build from the back end out as it is harder to get defenceman than forwards……….KBlowe missed this memo.

            And most importantly, ask Mac T and Kblow what they would do and then do the exact opposite!!!!

      • pkam

        Not entirely true.

        The consistent players on the current roster:

        Before 2010: none.

        From 2010: Hall and Eberle.

        From 2011: RNH, Schultz and Lander.

        From 2012: Yak

        So only 5 players who are on the current roster has played for more than 3 years.

        Lander has been in the minors for 2 years so he doesn’t count. All the other players have been on this team for less than 3 years.

        Players who start this year include Talbot, Nilsson, Sekera, Gryba, Nurse, Reinhart, Davidson, McDavid, Korpikoski, Letestu. That is 10 players, and Drisaitl only played 39 games last season and Slepyshev is in the minors now otherwise it will be 12 players.

        So even the players (except 5) are not the consistent. The only consistent of this team in the last 5 years is changes from top to bottom.

  • After that game I am coming around to the idea of trading Klefbom for Hamonic. What an awful game. I get that on NHL goalies you need to go top cheddar, but maybe try and bring your shot back in a bit cause that is like two games in a row where the Oilers have beat the goalie 3 – 5 times and hit the post. It’s getting real old.

    • pkam

      Are you serious? Trade a guy because his shots hit the bar too often?

      Klefbom is the leading scorer in our defense. If your complaint is the lack of scoring from the defense, then there is something wrong in suggesting to trade away our best scoring defenseman.

      And your solution is to trade him who has 4G/7A in 22 games for a defense who has 1G/5A in 22 games?

      • Not really, I don’t really have a solution at this point. I was against it, cause I felt it was a lateral move, but after last night it just feels like the team needs a shake up. Yes, individually these players are doing well, but as a team they just seem like they have such a losing mentality. I don’t think Klefbom is the problem, but maybe he’s not the solution either.

  • For Pete's Sake!

    With this team it’s not about the coaches, it’s about the players. We’ve had how many coaches in the last 8 years??

    These guys are making Todd McLellan look bad so what does that say about the much maligned Dallas Eakins? Maybe he wasn’t as bad as we thought he was.

    What we have on this team is a bunch of grossly overpaid young prima-donnas who just refuse to put the effort in that it takes to win, no matter who’s coaching.

    Nuge and Eberle, two 6 million dollar men, both just mailed it in last night. Absolutely unacceptable.

    Hall worked hard but didn’t accomplish anything, and Draisaitl didn’t do much of anything.

    On defense the story was pretty much the same except for Darnell Nurse who played well.

    There’s no more excuses. A significant part of the Oilers core just plain sucks and they’re not going to get any better until Chiarelli pulls the trigger and trades a core player to shake this team up.

    One of these guys old buddies, Sam Gagner found out what other teams demand of their players. It’s a lot more than the Oilers ever give. He found out fast what happens to players when they just try to rely on their talent, thinking they don’t have to work hard.

    A few of his old teamates might find themselves learning the lessons of playing in the NHL the hard way, as he has the last couple of years.

  • Yak is out 2-4 weeks. Say what you want about his lack of production without McDavid and chaotic style but as soon as he left the ice last night the whole team slumped. He brings a lot of positive energy to his line and you have to be on your toes to keep up with him. I bet it keeps a lot of guys sharp. He may be more important to this team than meets the eye.

  • Zarny

    The only thing sadder than the Oilers’ place in the standings is the litany of unintelligent comments on ON.

    It’s the coaching? Good grief.

    It’s Hall, Eberle or (name that player)…facepalm.

    The problem is and always has been that the roster simply isn’t good enough.

    They were a 62 pt team last year. To that, they added McDavid, Talbot, swapped Petry for Sekera and shuffled some deck chairs. They needed to improve by 29 pts last year to move up 1 spot in the West standings. Twenty. Nine. Points.

    The Oilers are clearly better this year. 12 of 14 losses are by 2 goals are less. 7 of 14 losses are by 1 single goal. Their goal differential is down considerably and they’ve actually pushed back against better teams.

    Hall has 24 pts in 22 games; Lander and Letestu? A combined 4 pts in 43 games.

    Letestu, Lander, Korpikoski, Hendricks, Klinkhammer, Pakarinen, Slepyshev and Gazdic have a combined 12 points in 114 games. COMBINED. 8 players have combined for half of Taylor Hall’s production in 114 games.

    But yeah, the problem is the guy tied for 5th in league scoring lol.

    Champions and contenders are characterized by depth. The Oilers remain the antithesis of depth. Until that changes they will continue to fall short most nights.

    • The core guys are dragging this team up as they mature but from the moves made this summer there was never any intention to challenge for a spot in the playoffs.

      Watch that game plan change this summer.