Are the Edmonton Oilers actually this bad?

The article Mike Brophy wrote for the Hockey News recently got me thinking about the Oilers and whether they’re actually as bad as their record suggests. He essentially said that it’s absurd how bad the Oilers are after drafting first overall four times in the past six years, and that the league should do something to ensure that teams aren’t constantly rewarded for their ineptitude. He also talked about a coach named Scott McLellan and the Columbus Blue Jackets selecting Erik Johnson first overall in 2006, but that’s beside the point. 

When I watch the Oilers, I don’t see a basement team. I certainly don’t see a playoff team, but I have a hard time believing that this team is as bad as it was last year, and frankly, I’m confused as to why their record is so poor. In total, the Oilers have lost 17 games this season. Of those 17 losses, eight of them have been by one goal, and only four have been by more than two goals. And when you take away empty net insurance goals, the Oilers have lost 11 games by one goal. Let’s break down each of those losses further to see who this team actually is.

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(I’m going to look at each of the Oilers’ 17 losses and try to determine whether they deserved to lose or win, or if it was too close and easily could have gone either way. Feel free to disagree with my analysis of how each game should have gone. I link to the statistical breakdown to each individual game so everyone can come up with their own way to categorize each of these 17 losses.)

Oct. 8, 2015: 3-1 loss in St. Louis. The Oilers took the lead late in the first period, then the Blues tied the game in the second, took the lead in the third, and added an empty net insurance goal with 18 seconds to go in the game. The Blues had 43 even strength shot attempts while the Oilers had 39, and the Blues outshot the Oilers 31 to 25 in all situations. This game was pretty tight, but the Oilers were outplayed slightly. I’ll put it in the “could go either way category.”

Oct. 10, 2015: 2-0 loss in Nashville. The Predators scored one goal late in the second period and one more in the third on their way to a 2-0 shutout win. The Oilers had 42 even strength shot attempts while the Predators had 38, and the Oilers outshot the Predators 31 to 26 in all situations. In the third period of this game, the Oilers had an all situations Corsi For percentage of 78.6 per cent. Much like the first game, this one was pretty tight. Outside of a pretty horrible first period, the Oilers outplayed Nashville, so this could have gone either way. 

Oct. 13, 2015: 4-2 loss in Dallas. The Stars took a 2-0 lead, but the Oilers tied it up before the end of the second period. Dallas took the lead again with under five minutes to go in the game, then added an empty net insurance goal with under one minute left. Dallas outshot the Oilers heavily in this game, 52 to 28 in situations and 40 to 21 at even strength. The score makes this game seem closer than it really was, so I would say the Oilers deserved to lose this game. 

Oct. 15, 2015: 4-2 loss to St. Louis. The Oilers took a 1-0 load in the first period, then St. Louis scored goals in the first, second, and third period to take a 3-1 lead. Edmonton added one more goal in the third, but St. Louis countered with another goal of their own and won the game 4-2. The Blues outshot the Oilers 29 to 26 in all situations and 25 to 19 at even strength. The Blues also posted a 57.6 Corsi For percentage at even strength. I think this game also wasn’t quite as tight as the score suggested. Despite the total shot counter being close, St. Louis was dominant at even strength and in possession. I’ll give the Oilers a loss on this one. 

Oct. 23, 2015: 7-4 loss to Washington. The Oilers and Capitals went back and forth with goals in the first period, but in the second period, Washington scored three in a row to take a 6-3 lead. Each team added one more goal and the final score ended up being 7-4. This game was marked by some pretty horrible goaltending, as Anders Nilsson allowed six goals on 17 shots and Philipp Grubauer allowed four goals on 19 shots. Shots and possession were pretty equal throughout the game, as Washington slightly edged Edmonton 19 to 18 in even strength shots, while both teams posted a 50.0 Corsi For percentage. The Oilers weren’t outplayed, and this game easily could have gone either way had it not been for terrible goaltending from Nilsson.  

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Oct. 25, 2015: 3-2 loss to Los Angeles. The Oilers took the lead in the first period before L.A. added a couple of goals to take a lead of their own. In the third, Edmonton tied the game, but L.A. quickly answered and won 3-2. The Oilers were outshot 34 to 28 in all situations and 25-21 at even strength. The second period was dominated by the Kings, as they boasted an 81.2 even strength Corsi For percentage in the period. L.A. outplayed Edmonton, but it can go under the either way category. 

Oct. 27, 2015: 4-3 loss in Minnesota. The Wild took a 2-0 lead in the first period, but the Oilers answered back with a goal in the first, second, and third period to take a 3-2 lead. Minnesota eventually scored a couple in the third period to win the game 4-3. Minnesota outshot Edmonton 28 to 25 in all situations and 23 to 18 at even strength, while also posting a 55.3 even strength Corsi For percentage. Just like the game above, this one was tight, and could have gone either way. 

Oct. 31, 2015: 5-4 loss to Calgary. The Oilers battled back from a 4-2 deficit in the third period and looked to have forced overtime, but Michael Frolik scored a hideous goal from behind the net with nine seconds to go in the game, giving the Flames the 5-4 win. While the Oilers and Flames posted similar possession numbers in all situations, Calgary outshot Edmonton 24 to 16 at even strength and 32 to 23 overall. This was a terrible situation. The Oilers were outplayed throughout the game by the Flames, but despite that, they appeared to be on their way to overtime before allowing a last second soft goal. While they did deserve the loss for the way they played, they should have at least received a loser point. 

Nov. 6, 2015: 2-1 loss to Pittsburgh. The Oilers scored the first goal of the game in the second period, but Pittsburgh answered with two more and eventually won 2-1. The Penguins outshot the Oilers 27 to 20 at even strength, and 33 to 28 overall, and also dominated the possession game, posting an even strength Corsi For percentage of 57.0 per cent. The Oilers were dominated in the first period, but played better in the second and third. That said, I don’t think the Oilers played well enough to say this could have gone either way, so I’ll give them a loss. 

Nov. 8, 2015: 4-2 loss in Chicago. The Hawks jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first period, then the teams exchanged goals in the third before Chicago eventually won 4-2. The Oilers outshot Chicago 31-24 at even strength and 36-28 overall, and also posted an even strength Corsi For percentage of 52.6 per cent. The Oilers dominated the second period, outshooting Chicago 22 to six, all at even strength. This one was tight and could have gone either way. 

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Nov. 12, 2015: 4-1 loss in Arizona. After taking a 1-0 lead in the first period, Edmonton allowed four unanswered goals and Arizona took the game with a 4-1 win. Edmonton outshot Arizona 23-14 at even strength and 28-21 overall, and they also dominated the possession game, putting up a 61.1 even strength Corsi For percentage. Mike Smith was the difference in this game, as he saved 27 of 28 shots, while Anders Nilsson allowed four goals on 21 shots. The Oilers were the better team in this game, but unfortunately, their goalie was poor and Arizona’s was good. I’ll put this in the deserved to win category. 

Nov. 14, 2015: 4-3 loss in Los Angeles. The Kings took a had a 3-1 lead in the second period before the Oilers battled back to tie the game 3-3 with under five minutes to go in the game. With just under two minutes to go, L.A. took a 4-3 lead and won the game. The overall shots were close, but L.A. was pretty dominant at even strength, outshooting Edmonton 24-17. The Oilers were terrible in the first period, dominant in the second, and the two teams were evenly matched in the third. Cam Talbot wasn’t very good, allowing four goals on 28 shots. This is a tough one, so I’ll put it in the either way category. 

Nov. 18, 2015: 4-3 OT loss to Chicago. The Hawks grabbed a 2-0 lead, the Oilers battled back to tie it at 2-2 in the second, then the two teams exchanged goals in the third before Chicago won in overtime. Edmonton outshot Chicago 29 to 23 at even strength and 37 to 27 overall, and also posted a 56.2 even strength Corsi For percentage. The Oilers led in all situations shot attempts in each of the three regulation periods, and dominated the third. I think Marian Hossa should have been called offside, but regardless, Edmonton was the better team in this game and deserved the win. 

Nov. 23, 2015: 1-0 loss in Washington. The only goal in this game came from Washington with under 10 minutes to go in the third period. Braden Holtby was fantastic, saving all 33 shots he faced. The total shots were close at 33-30, but Edmonton dominated the first and second periods in terms of possession, ultimately finishing the game with a 55.7 even strength Corsi For percentage. This was a pretty close game, so I’ll put it in the either way category even though Edmonton was the better team. 

Nov. 25, 2015: 4-1 loss in Carolina. This game was a carbon copy of the Arizona game in terms of scoring, as the Oilers scored the first goal of the game in the first period and allowed four unanswered goals, including an empty netter, eventually losing 4-1. Edmonton’s best period was the third in which they had 26 shot attempts in comparison to Carolina’s 16, but the Hurricanes outshot them in both the first and second period. Edmonton outshot Carolina in all situations 31 to 27, but the Hurricanes had more shots and better possession numbers at even strength. So I’ll put this in the deserved to lose category. 

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Nov. 27, 2015: 4-3 OT loss in Detroit. The Wings scored the first two goals of the game, the Oilers answered back soon after with two of their own, then each team scored another before Detroit eventually won the game 4-2 in overtime. Detroit controlled the game in a very lopsided first period, posting a 76.2 even strength Corsi For percentage, and Edmonton was dominant in the third, posting a 60.6 even strength Corsi For percentage. Detroit ended up leading in total shots 32 to 24, but the possession numbers suggest a much closer game, as the Wings just edged the Oilers 47 to 45 in even strength shot attempts. The shot counter suggests that Detroit dominated, but the possession numbers say otherwise. I’ll put this in the either way category. 

Nov. 30, 2015: 3-0 loss in Toronto. The Leafs scored a goal in the first and third period, then capped it off with an empty netter with just over a minute to go to earn a 3-0 win. Toronto outshot Edmonton 26 to 24 in total, but Edmonton outshot them 22 to 18 at even strength, and also posted an even strength Corsi For percentage of 53.1. Just like the game above, the possession numbers suggest a better fate for Edmonton, but it could have gone either way. 


All in all, of the 17 games the Oilers have lost, I think they certainly deserved to lose five of them, they deserved to win two of them, and the other 10 were too close to call and could have gone either way. When you break down their wins, you’ll also find a few games that could have gone in the other team’s favour that the Oilers didn’t necessarily deserve to win. That said, 10 close games tipping in the favour of the opposing team suggests that the Oilers have been getting terrible luck. 

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This is a team that’s 20th in the league in even strength Corsi For percentage, right around San Jose, Minnesota, and Pittsburgh. They also boast the fourth worst even strength PDO in the league thanks to a pretty terrible team save percentage of 91.18 and a mediocre team shooting percentage of 6.90. Obviously this is a somewhat subjective analysis as to how the outcome of games should shake out, but with all of it considered, you have a team that doesn’t deserve to have a record as bad as 10-15-2. If I had to venture a guess, I would say they should end up around 20th overall, right where their possession numbers have them ranked in the league. Certainly not a playoff team, but also not the surefire first overall picking lottery team that Mike Brophy is suggesting. 

  • CMG30

    The Oilers are not as bad as their record. And if and when we get healthy, I think we should be able to play at a 500 level, or even slightly above.

    As it is right now, I think we will be in the 20-25th place finish area.

    Anyway, once we win the draft lottery again, everything will be fine. Our goal differential puts us 24th in the league right now, and I believe that is about where we actually fit. Might have been a bit higher too, if McDavid would not have gotten hurt.

    We have had some tough luck so far. Even the leafs game, we hit 4 posts? Not even credited with a shot, but beat the goalie clean, with no reward. It will come around though, and so will RNH and ebs. Once we are healthy, I think we will start to see the wins start rolling in on a consistent basis. And our Defense is improving as well. Fayne and Ference need to go though.

  • crackerjack14

    Brophy’s take had an eastern bias and was under informed. What’s forgotten is that in the back half of last season BUF and ARZ were full on tanking while EDM started to string together some wins. Yes they traded away their best dman, but they also brought in Roy, who woke up Yak, and Todd Nelson, who woke up the rest. By season’s end EDM had an 89% chance of losing the lottery and were more likely to land Noah Hannifin. But, the hockey gods had other plans.

    Remember that the lottery system is in place to aid parity. Since EDM is not an attractive destination for UFAs, the lottery is one of the few avenues for bettering the team. Only until the arrival of McDavid has there been a slight change in EDM’s attractiveness to UFAs.

    Quality of the draftee must be taken into consideration, though. Over the last 15 years, how many No. 1 overalls have turned their organization around? Sid? He had Fleury and Malkin already on the team. Kane? See Toews. Stamkos had Hedman join the next year. Tavares’ Islanders are only now becoming elite. Hall and Nuge have the potential to be that elite, the former are than the later. Yak doesn’t even compare. Regardless, Hall and Nuge were hampered by mismanagement and

    Instead of crying about high-end talents being wasted in a dysfunctional organization, perhaps Brophy should look at talents like Ekblad, Domi or Hannifin playing in front of empty seats. EDM, if nothing else, has a passionate fan base.

  • camdog

    I’m willing to bet that Brophy is in bed right now, rather than watching the late games out west. I’m guessing he hasn’t watched an Oiler game all season. There’s a reason he’s bounced around so much the past few years just like a 4th line winger. I know people don’t like Don Cherry, but the guy actually watches the hockey games, he’ way more relevant than Brophy, who’s time has long come and gone.

    • Jiff

      In defence of Brophy you have to realize that he is in bed because his Mommy put him there and he can’t get out because he can’t figure out how to operate the sides of his crib.

      • camdog

        I should correct myself though he did watch the Oilers play the Leafs not too long ago, thus his rational for the story line. Ten years ago or more when Brophy was with the Hockey News I used to enjoy his stories. I don’t know what changed, but now days he’s the last person I will read.

  • Soiled Trousers

    I think we will improve greatly when everyone (especially McDavid) is healthy. I think PC will be making a few trades in the next few weeks and we will see a fair bit of dead wood culled from the team. The second half of the season will see a big change in our fortunes. As for Matthews – do we REALLY need another underage, undersized left winger? I don’t think so. Let’s trade this pick for something we truly need. We are NOT as bad as some seem to think – we are still only 5 points away from a playoff spot.

    • 24% body fat

      While Matthews value as an asset is nice, your right we need help else where.

      Matthews- Left handed shot, trade pick for number on d plus other prospects

      Laine- This is one of two guys the oilers need, huge RW

      Puljajarvi – The other player, huge RW, not as big and currently not as prolific as Laine

      Chechryn – Oil could use him but he is left handed. If we take him flip Reinhart for a RH D prospect, or a bag of puck

      Tkachuk – If we passed on Barzal dont think we take him, Barzal was right handed which we needTkachuk is not.

      Best option is to trade pick if we have top 5.

  • 24% body fat

    Oilers will win lottery again , as it should be . Oilers would have had only two if Bettman and gang had left it as it was – last team gets first pick . Serves the league right for changing it and giving us 4 instead of two . This year will make it 5 if we win . Tanking has failed , or just opened more ground/space for those that might want to do it and tempt the odds . Oilers the benefactor of changing rules for drafting . You want to gripe go after Bettman .

    • Orm Nullman

      I don’t think that is true.

      Their is luck in sports. Anyone can win on any given night. It is not always the best team that wins, in a single game.

      Look at the playoffs, if the best team always won, the champion would sweep all the series every year.

      Oilers beat Dallas the other night, but they should not have. Other games, they deserved a win, and lost.

      The Oilers have had some bad luck this year. We have deserved to win a few more then we have.

    • S cottV

      Take away the first 4 games. And what do you have? A 500 team. And how may years does it take a generational player to have success? And is he even playing right now. Let’s be patient.

  • lav

    Bad breaks all season for the Oilers. Plenty of bad reffing calls to go along with it. Both LA games come to mind. LA gets away with a lot of the same infraction the Oilers get called for in those games. Not to mention the ridiculous last second disallowed goal that was clearly a goal. That win could have changed the trajectory of the Oilers season. The Oilers also lost a lot of momentum after that Calgary loss. Again bad reffing with the obscure goalie interference call. The Oilers have been cursed since Pronger left.

  • Soiled Trousers

    oilers are the most injured team in the league, both by playing time lost per man and meaningful time lost per man (ie 1st liner injuries weighted more than fringe player injuries)

    people need to stop acting like this isn’t a valid reason to suck, no team with similar injury stats is even close to being a cup contender. the only competitive team similar to edmonton in terms of injuries is detroit, after that theres miles between playoff teams and the oil in terms of playing time lost per game due to injury.

  • hagar

    Is there such thing as writing an article that doesn’t have to stir up the same pot over and over for traffic?

    How about mixing it up with things in general about hockey that will still get lots of opinions and feed back once in a while?

    How about the affect some of these calls made by the refs are influencing games? In the last two games two of our defenceman have made momentum changing killer clean and legal hits, just to have the refs step in an take the steam away?

    Both Gryba and Nurse are bringing something this team needs in physicality, and when they do, they get punished for it?

    The look on Grybas face after he destroys someone is disbelief, when it should be a smile.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    Last year after 27 games:

    7-20, 60 GF, 91(!) GA -31

    This year after 27 games:

    10-17, 67 GF, 80 GA -13

    Good? No. Better? Yes. I don’t know how anyone can NOT see the difference between this year and what we went through in 14-15. Last year was toxic and soul-crushing. They were getting killed more often than Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow. This season, while admittedly having that familiar Groundhog Day stench, has merely been frustrating and disappointing, a series of tough breaks, but with a few precious moments of hope and joy interspersed throughout.

    Brophy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, because he’s too busy watching 10 hours of Leafs coverage every day to actually offer a valid opinion on any other team. He clearly had no idea how truly terrible they were under Eakins, and has even less of an idea how they’ve improved since then.

  • hagar

    Anybody else getting a little sick of the Calgary “gets every bounce” flames?

    They tie the game with 1.2 seconds left against Boston last night in a game they should have left with nothing, they bank one in off of talbot from behind the net with 9 seconds left to take the lead, I could go on forever. This kind of thing doesn’t seem to ever happen to any team but Calgary, when do we ever get a bounce like that? When we need a bounce the puck rings off the post and that’s all she wrote. We should be better than our dismal record, and Calgary should be worse than their dismal record. Yet they consistently get points they don’t deserve simply because they get random lucky bounces at very opportune times.

    Or maybe it’s just me and the fact I hate the flames with a passion.

    At least it’s 5-1 us in the only stat that matters.

    • The Last Big Bear

      Oh, the irony is rich here. An Oilers fan complaining about another team succeeding through luck.

      Lucky bounces at the draft lottery are literally the ONLY success the Oilers have had in a decade.

      The Flames would be 4 points behind without their lucky bounces?

      The Oilers would be in Seattle.

      • hagar

        The thing is.. All that needs to be highlighted here is the fact that YOU HAVE 1 CUP IN 35 YEARS.. So I guess “litterally the ONLY success” the flames have had in the better part of four decades is 1989. I’d be bitter too

        also I wouldn’t say you’re record of 10-14-2 is exactly “succeeding through luck”, rather it’s taken a lot of lucky bounces just to arrive at your bottom feader record.. And that’s with a primarily healthy line up, something we haven’t experienced yet this year.

        • Zarny

          The Oil may have won more cups (even though none this century) but they have pretty much sullied all their past accomplishments by being the joke of the league for the past 10 years. No team in modern history has sucked as bad as the Oil – both on or off the ice (re: being managed by a bunch of clowns). But hey there’s only a few tier 1 fans in Edm anyway so the rest better shut up because according to Kblowe they don’t matter and they deserve to be served this crap.

      • Orm Nullman

        Irony? Irony!

        Last year on this date the Oilers were GP-26, W-6, L-15, OT-5, for P-17 and last place in the league. Flames on the other hand were GP-27, W-17, L-8, OT-2 for P-36 and 7th overall in the league.

        This year the Oilers are currently GP-27, W-10, L-15, OT-2 for P-22 and last place in the League. Flames on the other hand are GP-26, W-10, L-14, OT-2 for P-22 and tied with Edmonton and Carolina for last place in the league.

        Irony is a Flames fan coming on to Oilers Nation and implying that the Flames are a success.

        By the way how is that Dougie Hamilton deal working out for you guys anyway?

        • .

          How’s Hamilton doing?

          2 games ago he scored the game tying goal with about 3 minutes left to complete the Flames rally, coming back from trailing 3-0 in the third gainst Dallas, which they went on to win in a shoot out. Last game he went end to end and set Gudreau up with an awesome feed for the overtime winner against Boston. He’s also plus 6 over the last 11 games. So after a slow start it looks like he is starting to be a big asset.

          • Orm Nullman

            So Dougie has turned out to be a big asset. Gee that’s great for Flames. Just imagine if the deal hadn’t worked out so well the Flames might be doing worse in the standings than being tied for las….. oh never mind.

    • TheoForever

      Funny as it gets coming from an Oiler fan. You guys just won 2 games that you had no business being in, all because your goalie stood on his head. Then again we know that will not last.

      You should have watched the Boston game which was one of the best in the NHL this season, then perhaps you would know what you are talking about.

      As for luck, in previous game against Dallas, Flames were down by 3. Despite having hit the iron 5 times in the second Flames didn’t fold the tent like your joke of a team would have.

      Flames completely dominated Stars for the final 2 periods, and finally the puck started going in.
      This is what happens when you show heart, perseverance and determination, something your team knows nothing about.

      • Lofty

        Fair argument stating that Edmonton had no business being in the Dallas game, although if Calgary was missing half of their top six I’m sure they would have no business even being 28th in the league, which is no feat might I add.

        It would make sense that you know so much about having no business being in games, as that was you’re entire season last year. Outplayed, outchanced, outshot every game and yet somehow, the flames lucked their way into the playoffs and even luckier, got to play the only team actually worse than them, the Canucks, in the first round. But luckily, as everyone and their dog saw coming, Calgary (the new Colorado from 2013) is back in the bottom of the league where they belong, even with multiple fluke wins on this young season already.

        If you’re looking for a brightside, or something to look forward to for your eternally mediocre organization, it’s that history suggests you may win a cup this century, which would astonishingly double your total

      • hagar

        You mad bro?

        You know what will help that? Mind your own business, and go back to your own “site.”

        I choose not to listen to things people say I have zero interest in, such as flamesnation.

        I checked that “site” out once, and I saw the entire front page of articles, with the most having 10 replies to an article.

        Go find yourself some real fans to back you up before coming here to trash ours.

  • CMG30

    Interesting exercise. Your conclusion that the Oilers are a little snake-bit this season has the ring of truth to it. Which might signal good things for the rest of the season as these things tend to sort themselves out in the long run.

    It may be too late to hope for a legit playoff push in the spring. Still, for my money, this team is (usually) playing a much more competitive brand of hockey than in years past.

    As a side note: I’d love to see the Oil kick dirt in the eye of this Mike Brophy character by finishing 16th only to walk away from the draft with this Matthews kid!

  • Serious Gord

    I’ve been an Oiler’s fan since the early WHA and more than anything I want them to win.

    I think it’s important for the players to know a game loss was close, or tight or whatever, but the simple fact is they lost and that can’t in any way be acceptable. A loss can’t be marginalized, or forgiven because it was close.

    If anything it’s these close losses that scream to me that this team has and lives a losing culture right now. “Why is it they can’t go that extra step at a crucial moment when the games on the line”? A close loss says there good enough, but that’s the issue that needs the answer. They’ve proven they can win big games with the current roster, coach and effort. Why isn’t that sustainable when the other team makes a comeback in the game?

    At the end of the day they lost. It’s like an Olympic silver medal, you’ll take it with dignity, but you know you lost.

    I think that Bettman O/T loss point also drives home that there are acceptable losses. How many times do we hear teams say” Well we got a point anyways”. They just accepted that loss. That thinking needs to go-away, it doesn’t help or work.

    • 2 line pass

      Goal difference and number of decisive wins has been shown to be strongly correlated to future points. In fact, a stronger correlation than past points!(I think maybe coppernblue did this work). Being 20th in goal difference is a huge sign that the Oilers may start winning more.

      As for the loser point, you can’t blame a team for enjoying the point, since points are what they play for. They are obviously still twice as happy with 2 points. This is just a monumental error by Bettman that I can’t believe has existed this long.

  • hagar

    How is Edmonton supposed to get better when all NHL players want to play in California or New York. Oilers never make the short list of trade destinations. What does the league expect? I’m sick of articles like this. Maybe for once all good NHL talent from Edmonton and area might actually want to help this team out.

    That’s what’s frustrating. I personally don’t want another 1st pick, I want this team to start winning!

    • Serious Gord

      Football players seem to want to play in places like Green Bay. Many if not most pros want to play for a winning we’ll run organization. EDM is neither. If it becomes both it will have little difficultly attracting and retaining stars.

      • hagar

        Yep!! Figure out how to play with compete first, then spend the riches on players that would then consider coming here.

        Watching Montreal, their team is made up of virtual no bodies beyond price and pk, yet the entire team knows how to play. They don’t need household names making up their top 6 to be competitive year after year, they have a team that plays like they want to win.

          • hagar

            Well ya, I meant more so that they don’t have a stable of household known names like we do.

            I am sure lots of households out east know them, but it’s more to do with them playing as a solid team, and not as much to do with Nike commercials and such.

            Of course PK and Price go without saying as an exception.

  • Serious Gord

    1. No.

    2. The current situation is largely the fault of the MacLowebellini regime.

    3. It’s absurd that anyone feels the need to respond to these articles. Honestly, I assume anyone writing for The Hockey News has the two brain cells necessary to look at the record, the goals/for against, the number of 1-goal losses and the absurd number of man-games lost to top-6 players in injuries.

  • ubermiguel

    “He also talked about a coach named Scott McLellan and the Columbus Blue Jackets selecting Erik Johnson first overall in 2006, but that’s beside the point.”

    …not if the point is that Brophy is a straight up idiot and his opinion can be dismissed outright.

  • Jaxon

    Don’t look now but Todd Nelson’s Griffins have won 8 in a row. Shudder the thought of one day losing a playoff series to a Nelson coached team. Just a matter of time in my opinion

    • S cottV

      IF…IF…the Oilers can make the Post Season they will win the Stanley Cup IMHO.Nelson does know his stuff though…lol.

      The Oilers have if anything remained a team BUILT FOR THE PLAYOFFS for several decades…this is the “message” everyone talks about being projected down through the entire organisation.This “message” is why Mac-T walked on water during his run to the Finals.

      This “message” pre-dates even olde Six-Rings managerial tenure.Katz is a pucking genius for keeping the Dynasty Candle Burning in the window because now that Mac-L has reined himself and his Crew in a bit and simplified things the last 3 games his boys might just grind their way into a Playoff spot this year….lol…and if they do all hades will break loose.

      Pc and Mac-L were NOT brought in to explode and purge the Roster…they were brought in to make the Oilers a Playoff Team….the “message” Mac-L is being paid to project is the EXACT SAME ONE the 6 Coaches before him were required to illuminate and project.Mac-L didnt leave San Jose to come to Edmonton to build another Sharks clone Team….he is building something else all his own with the assets he has because he now has to project Katzes “message” just like he was projecting Sharks Ownership message with their assets …lol.

      #..3’s…6’s…9’s…those are the winning streaks the Oiler must learn to build and achieve consistantly.

      Time to level out and KISS and begin taking chewable bites of the big picture.

      Is a 3 step process….EVERYTHING boils down to a 3 step process….3’s…6’s…9’s,ok?

      A TANGIBLE AND HONEST CEREBRAL REWARD Process must by actioned ASAP to halt the atrophy within the Esprit de Corps.

      No more “moral victories” or “positive optics” BS…the men do NOT BELIEVE this stuff in their guts….so we SIMPLIFY the dynamic process using HONESTY AND SELF-INFLECTION to help them…we BUILD the dynamic cerebral nerve endings and sympathetic reactions we wish to have by aiming for HONEST TANGIBLE MICRO-REWARDS but always keeping a carrot dangeling if front of ourselves…3-6-9.

      3’s…6’s…9’s…win 3 Games in a row and you KNOW YOU ARE MOVING FORWARD…no one can tell you different….you know in your GUT you are moving forward….win 6 in a row and you can feel the weight leaving your shoulders and step and your endurance doubles….win 9 nd you are dialing in your optimal game and you KNOW IN YOUR GUT you can win the Sanley Cup.

      These are tangible realistic and attainable “curatively catalysed” goals which have been tailormade specificlly for the Oilers Roster immediate mentality and their current Personell using IDA and IDM… the Oilers need to re-wire their cerebral mainframes….and this is a delicate task which obviously Mac-L needs help doing.

      I listened to my battered Warrior Hallsy being gut-check honest evaluating himself and his linemates peripheral tendancies and illuminating how much JJ adds with his drive the net physicality…this H-O-N-E-S-T-Y is the beginning of the Winning Formula.Me be Proud.

      I wish to see the Roster kept intact by DECREE with only sensible additions like Hamonic on a FAIR TRADE to upgrade…nothing involving the Core because Hamonic is not worth any of the Oiler core Players at this point in time.

      You have to work harder to produce a 2-1 NHL Hockey game than you do to produce a 6-5 NHL Hockey game?Where is the tipping point when opponents MUST OPEN IT UP and go against their own conservative grains,down 1 goal… 2 goals?…. does the Oilers offensive make-up jack up the urgency?


      Its about STARTING A FIGHT with the intention to COMPLETE IT….not waiting for someone to bring the fight to you so you may “compete” nd be beat….lol.

      Taylor Hall gave a PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THE PLAYER HE NEEDS TO BE FOR HIS TEAM by feeling comfortable taking some risk and coming out driving it to the hoop and jamming it down the opponents gullet immediatly by using his elite skillset in a Superman effort.If Taylor Hall gives up TEN PUCKS A GAME by taking them to the Honey-Barrel NO ONE WILL EVER BIATCH about him giving up to many pucks,and he will evolve into power forward,he is big enough and aware enough now to pick spots on anyone in the NHL.

      The 2-Minute Drill combined with a TSP and the H&A SHOULD have given Mac-L the tools to come out looking to end fights early by establishing a lead then focusing on the proper interpretation of “possesion” and RUNNING THE HOUNDS HARD grinding the opponent down .

  • Orm Nullman

    LOL, Flames fans! Sharing the basement with us and bragging?

    It’s absurd that they come in here.

    Dougie also took a penalty which caused a penalty shot which should have ended the game but someone found that horseshoe that was up their ass last year and put it back in.

    The difference in the standings for the Flames from last year shows how much progress they’ve made. They are a bigger joke than us.

    Take away their top player and their whole second line for as long as we have gone and they would be junkier than the “Coilers”.

    So F off and go to your own site and talk about how great you are.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Brophy is an idiot. I can only hope the Oilers place 25-20 in the NHL, win the lottery again, then trade it away for a #1 dman at the last min at the draft after a few heads explode leading up to the draft.

  • .

    Think we’re seeing baby steps being taken. Realistically this is what should be expected, not instant success.

    I live in Vancouver so I don’t get to see many Oil games, but still follow obsessively and read ON constantly. I think we’ve seen, gradually, and in spite of injuries, games being played better and individual successes increasing. What was losses became OT losses; games getting g closer. Now we’re seeing more games go to OT, and now just recently some going our way after battling through. Team has gone from not being able to make a breakout play to getting the puck out of our end and begun following that up with some dmen actually joining the rush and contributing in a meaningful way. Sekera is steadily improving aND (say what you will) Schultz looks like he’s taking steps toward maturing and finding his game. Nurse is lights out, Ders is giving them some confidence. Next they must learn consistency.

    No trades necessary, no more draft picks. Patience will pay off.