GDB 31.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Bruins

Meaningful games in December! We’re never losing again! Final Score: 3-2 Oilers in overtime

Isn’t it weird when you hear a stat like the one where the Oilers have been unable to win a game in Boston since 1996? Think about it: Connor McDavid hadn’t even been born yet when the Oilers last walked away from Boston with two points in their pocked. On one hand, it’s almost mind boggling to think that the Oilers haven’t been able to win a game even by accident, in Boston, in the last 18 years. My second thought – who cares? How did this stat apply to what the Oilers and Bruins were doing? 

If the Oilers were going to break nearly two decades worth of suck they were going to have to play hard, and they would have to limit Boston’s offensive chances. With the way tonight’s game went through 40 minutes I started to think that the losing steak in Massachusetts would continue despite the Oilers having a two goal lead. The Bruins were all over the Oilers for big chunks of this hockey game. Fortunately, Cam Talbot showed up to play and he kept the Oilers in it when they, easily, would have been down several times over. The fact that the Oilers carried a lead into the third period was nothing short of a miracle.

Although the Oilers were better in the final frame than they were in the second, they were still not playing at a level that was on par with the Bruins. The Oilers looked like they were doing some kind of inadvertent rope-a-dope that left Cam Talbot facing two games worth of shots in his first start since November 27th, in Detroit. Frankly, seeing the Edmonton win this game must be like when the Washington Generals get a rare win over the Globetrotters. I’ll tell you one thing, Cam Talbot had better not be paying for dinner tonight. This win is on his shoulders, and I’m happy to see him play a bounce back game like this. 

We wrap.



  • Loved seeing Matt Hendricks stick up for Jordan Eberle after he got levelled in the first period. It wasn’t much of a fight but it was nice to see someone stepping up for a teammate. The Oilers could use six more Matt Hendrickses (Hendri? Hendrickseses?).
  • Speaking of Jordan Eberle, how about that shot on his goal (seventh)? Eberle had the puck in tight on his back foot and was still able to roof the puck from a terrible angle. Those hands be special, man. Eberle finished the night with a goal and two assists.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins also got on the scoresheet when followed us his own rebound to bang one him for his eighth of the year. Both Nuge and Eberle bounced back after having a rough night against New York.
  • Who called Nikita Nikitin coming back to the lineup, registering a point, and not at all looking out of place? Anyone? Good for him. At best Nikitin will play well over the next couple weeks and find himself useful as a trade chip.
  • Andrej “the Giant” Sekera with the winner (his third) on a nice second effort with the puck, in the slot. 
  • The Oilers dominated the overtime period, maintaining control of the for the majority of the extra frame.
  • The Oilers are pretty fortunate to have received the kind of goaltending that they got from Cam Talbot. For a guy that hasn’t played in a while he was lights out and gave the Oilers a chance to win in a game they had no business being in. Cam Talbot set a career high with 47 saves, and he finished with .959 save%. With a game like that you can’t help but wonder when the next time Talbot gets the crease will be. 
  • I liked seeing balanced scoring from the Oilers. On a night when both Hall and Draisaitl went pointless Nuge and Eberle chipped in with some big goals in the first period. 



  • 41 days without Connor McDavid. 
  • The first 10 minutes were not very good for the Oilers. Fortunately, the early tests were all rejected by Cam Talbot, but Edmonton could have found themselves trailing early.
  • Actually, the second period wasn’t much better than the first 10 minutes of the first period. The Bruins outshot the visitors 17-3 in the second frame. Ugly, ugly period.
  • Brad Marchand is painfully annoying but that’s mostly because he plays on the opposing team. How I would love for the Oilers to find a player as equally skilled and annoying as Brad Marchand. His goal came off of a beautiful shot and you could tell that he was annoying the opposition throughout the night. Great hockey player. 
  • I don’t know who we have to sacrifice but we have to figure out a way to help Cam Talbot figure out pucks that are behind the goal line. Belesky’s goal shouldn’t have happened. Period. That goal was a weird blemish on an otherwise stellar effort by Cam Talbot. 
  • Justin Schultz did not have a good game. The giveaways/overcommitting to players and getting himself out of position/generally poor decision making were all on display tonight. I can’t wait to see what Chiarelli does with this guy.
  • Gregor nailed his NSOGP in this morning’s GDB and I’ll have to hear about it for the rest of time. Personally, I think he’s some kind of gypsy and I will be investigating what he knows. 
  • Am I crazy to say that the refs were garbage again tonight? It seems to be that the Bruins were getting away with a hell of a lot without any calls being made. 
  • Lots of running around in the defensive zone, and way way way too many errant passes to nobody. Turnovers were plentiful and from all areas of the ice. 


08:29 EDM Jordan Eberle (7) Wrist shot – ASST: Eric Gryba (4), Brandon Davidson (3) 1 – 0 EDM
13:58 EDM Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (8) Wrist shot – ASST: Jordan Eberle (2), Nikita Nikitin (1) 2 – 0 EDM
13:29 BOS Matt Beleskey (4) Backhand shot – ASST: David Krejci (20), Zdeno Chara (12) 2 – 1 EDM
15:22 BOS Brad Marchand (15) Wrist shot – ASST: Landon Ferraro (3), Patrice Bergeron (20) 2 – 2 Tie
00:41 EDM Andrej Sekera (3) Wrist shot – ASST: Jordan Eberle (3), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (14) 3 – 2 EDM


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  • CMG30

    The plural of Hendricks can be derived in a number of ways. The only English noun with a similar-sounding ending I can think of is coccyx, the plural of which is coccyges, so, one Hendricks -> two Hendriges.

    But, Hendricks is of Dutch or Low German origin, which to make plural you would add -en, except for the short -i sound at the end which necessitates a vowel change to long -e: one Hendricks -> two Hendrecksen, pronounced “hend-reeks-en”.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    It’s been said on this site by smarter people than me, but it’s worth repeating that no-one criticizes teams like Montreal or LA when they get badly outshot yet still win games through stellar goal-tending… A win is a win.

    I’m extremely amused by all the media hacks that are so used to making fun of the Oilers that they have no idea what to say right now. Gord help me but I wanted to reach through the TV and stab Remenda in the eyeball during the third period as he verbally masturbated about all the Bruins players… The guy is *not* an Oilers fan – he has no place commenting during an OIlers game. Then watching the so-called experts on the Sportsnet panel after the game as they choked back the fact that the Oilers won… Good stuff.

    Only saw the third period but the less said about the quality of officiating, the better… Why do referees in the NHL hate the OIlers?… Is there a secret memo from the league circulating out there or something?… Good grief.

    Anyways.. Suck It World! That Just Happened!! Hell yeah!

    • giddy

      I don’t understand the ref hate for the oilers. You would think bets would want us to make the playoffs so we would have no chance to get first overall again with his rule change. But at the same time maybe he wants us to come in last and get the forth pick to also make his oilers rule seem great.

  • My very overly optimistic take. Most teams with a lead in Boston going into the second will get out shot by the Bruins. I’d expect nothing less. On the other hand if the Oilers fell down 1 or 2 – 0 then you wouldn’t see the shot clock nor the edge in play go so heavily to the Bruins. Not say that there isn’t work to be done..

    Imagine if Ebs’ goal counted? This was a great road win. Get an early lead and weather the storm to get the game to OT. They beat Boston at home – another “streak” snapped!

    I’ll be going to the game here in Vancouver on the Dec 26th- a game with playoff implications in December?! Is this really for real?? Isn’t the fact they’re doing this without McDavid a bit mind-blowing!? THEY’RE IN A PLAYOFF SPOT IN MID DECEMBER!!! 1 game below .500!!

    I’ve suffered for so long so my mind is cloudy with beer but with that Pou-McD-Yak line back does this give the Oilers 3 legit scoring lines? Imagining this line-up healthy is making my head spin but in a really good way.

    How good is this team, really? If they get / stay healthy with McDavid, Yak, Pou, Klefbom in the line-up, is this a PLAYOFF TEAM OR IS THIS JUST THE BUDWEISER TALKING??

  • CMG30

    I promised you last game that Ebs and Nuge would bounce back with a strong effort.

    Oh, and that Marchand guy is too small for the NHL, no way the Bruins are going to make the playoffs with him in the lineup. They need to trade him to us for Gazdic, to help with their size issue. And we Oilers love the little ones, that is why we lose.

  • CMG30

    Slip on the hoody, take the two points and quickly get the heck out of town… outside of Talbot,Nuge and Eberle, and Sekera to a point this was one ugly ugly hockey game by the Oilers. Lets no pretend they played a great game….

    If not for Talbot [even though he did a poopoo on the one goal,] this was a 6-2 bashing at the least.

    The hockey god owed us one.. we will take it,even if the Refs made it difficult.

    Very lazy effort by the team and chaos was the king in their own end…this team falls apart when ever they are pressured.. turn overs and terrible pass to no where all night long.

    • bradleypi

      Remember like that 21 game winning streak by Chicago during the last lock out. There were a lot of games during that streak they did not deserve to win. You have to get good goal tending sometimes and even a little luck, cause damnit it sure goes the other way sometimes.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    The Oilers were 16-15-4 through 31 on this date in 2005, the last time we made the playoffs, and the last time the NHL played around with the OT format. A sign of things to come?

  • bradleypi

    I got a lot of flak for posting the fact that the oil played a bad game yesterday. If you don’t think so please give your head a shake and try to learn how the game of hockey is supposed to be played. Boston outclassed them all night. If they play like that they will lose most nights. Just saying.

    2 points is 2 points and yes, Karma after outplaying Chicago and wash and losing. Those two loses still hurt.

    • Zarny

      The fLames have been applying the exact same STABILISING curative data to their System Management process that the Oilers have been using,in fact you can see them implementing the same things in sequential chronological order.

      Its time for the Oilers to get this data off-line and into their exclusive tool-box because every single bit of data posted is eaten up by the Oilers competition,the data is pure and accurate and impactfull,it has also been followed closely by the fLames faithfull for YEARS and the last 2 years fLames management has listened closely .

      Burke didnt have the balls to pay but he knew how to keep his hand out for charity like many of his peers accepted and he was given an accurate NHS Organistional Template option to fit his style,however this means the Oilers curative solutions and data will FIT perfectly into the fLames System Management profile.

      PC…Mac-L…your move.

    • sportsjunkie007

      The BOA we are approaching will prove to be an ORGANISATIONAL LANDMARK for the Oilers if they play their cards right and ASAP,its simple the fLames are bringing what the Oilers are cooking,one of these 2 teams is going to spring-board themselves into the Playoffs and one is going to be caught behind the curve terminally.

      Two ships sailing full steam ahead in the pitch black night charted on mirrored and quickly closing courses …..this BOA will be defining to say the least.

  • Zarny

    Three things:

    Dam I love being an Oilers fan right now.

    When we score at home some lame a$$ music is played that sounds like candy store music….can we please change it to the music that’s on the opening clip!!

    No offence to the announcers on Rogers Sportnet calling the games for the Oilers (I don’t even know their names) but they gots to go!!!!!

    Merry Christmas nation!!

    • bradleypi

      Lol. You like that eh? Just because I don’t agree with oilersnations analysis of schultz, I suppose that makes everything I say stupid? We’ll see when the oilers are finally a good team or when schultz moves on to a good team who is right or wrong. Time will tell.

      • Delete

        Actually yes. Everything you say is stupid.

        You kinda have that creepy stalker feel about you. I’d raise the security alert up a notch if I were Justin Schultz.

        And yes, moron, I do this for the UpVotes. In fact, 30 more upvotes and I can cash them in for a deep fryer.

      • bradleypi

        You keep ignoring why you get trashed, and you’ll probably either ignore this or go off on another tangent.

        And it’s not because you defend Schultz (though, to a smaller extent it is).

        • bradleypi

          Tangent? You mean like the ones I read every day about Schultz? I don’t care why I get trashed. Nice of you to add your 2 cents that have nothing to do with hockey at all.

  • Keg on Legs

    •Justin Schultz did not have a good game. The giveaways/overcommitting to players and getting himself out of position/generally poor decision making were all on display tonight. I can’t wait to see what Chiarelli does with this guy.

    Are you surprised?

  • bradleypi

    Probably going to get trashed for this but is there any way that the Oilers resign Hendricks for another year or two at a lower cost. Really like what he brings every night.