Seen Stamkos?

It would be worth it just for the tears of the Eastern Media if Steven Stamkos signs with the Edmonton Oilers.

The centre/right winger for the Tampa Bay Lightning who was
drafted first overall in 2008 stands to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. He is going to be the most coveted free agent in recent
memory, maybe ever.

Over his career Stamkos has 524GP, 287-233-520. He’s easily one of
the NHL’s best goal scorers. The fact that he’s having a down year (32GP,
11-11-22) in which he’s recorded fewer points than RNH and is on pace for the
worst offensive season of his career, since his rookie season, will likely be
overlooked completely this summer.

On July 1st he will be a 26 year old shooter with
60 (!) goal potential hitting the open market for the first time. One would assume that the
Lightning will be doing everything in their power to prevent losing him, but
reports are coming out that the marriage between the two is crumbling. There
are almost daily mentions in the news about a rift between Stamkos and newly
extended head coach Cooper. This stemming from Cooper’s insistence on playing
Stamkos on the wing versus his preferred center.

These kinds of reports are easy to dismiss, except when they
start to come from Hockey’s reigning Heavyweight Champion reporter Bob McKenzie. When he says, “Steven Stamkos won’t be playing for the Tampa Bay
Lightning next year”, the ears perk up.

Naturally, because Stamkos is a good Ontario boy, the media
storm has swirled around the Maple Leafs. Toronto is home for every potential
UFA, it seems, so why not with Stamkos? It fits in the sense that the Leafs can
financially withstand paying Stamkos a max contract at max contract length.
Unfortunately, if Stamkos wants to win anything during his career it doesn’t make
a lot of sense to go to the Leafs or take that max contract (cap concerns).

McKenzie doesn’t buy that the Leafs are the only team in the
conversation and he mentions several who might be good fits for Stamkos in one
way or another. Among those he mentioned, the Edmonton Oilers.

Edmonton? Not sure how the Oilers could shoe-horn Stamkos
money into McDavid/Hall/Draisaitl et al money, to say nothing of what they
would do with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or others, but dare to dream of the

Dare to dream indeed.

Like the venerable McKenzie I also don’t see how the Oilers
could afford to spend 10 million on Stamkos when they need to spend that money
on defense and keep enough left over to pay McDavid when his ELC comes to a

But would Stamkos be a great fit for the Oilers? I’m not
certain he’s what they need, but there’s not a team in the NHL who couldn’t use
someone who can score like Tampa’s pending UFA.

Edmonton has collected a handful of first overall
picks and a few others who are capable of performing at the highest level
offensively. As a UFA the Oilers wouldn’t have to part with any assets and
could conceivably run a top nine of:


Hall Draisaitl Stamkos

Hendricks (?) RNH Eberle

Pouliot McDavid Yakupov

What would it take to do that? Just a desire from Steven
Stamkos to make his next team hilariously overpowered up front.

He might also have to take a discount, not terribly
different than when Kariya signed with the Colorado Avalanche for $1.2 million
dollars. If we’re dreaming about Stamkos choosing the Oilers then I don’t think
it’s absurd to dream about him doing it on the cheap for the short term.

Actually, it’s probably the only way it’s happening when you
consider the obvious need for the team to spend money on the blueline and to
pay players coming off of ELCs. Edmonton needs money for Draisaitl and McDavid
long term, but next year they should have some cash to work with.

Do I think the Oilers will sign Stamkos? No. Do I think they’re even a realistic destination? No.

Still though, as McKenzie says, dare to dream.

  • Stamkos wants to go to a contender , thus the leafs are really at the fore front. [ chokes on beer and hot dog] lol… why Steve would you even consider that. Babcock has them playing way over their heads.
    No Talent there, N-O-N-E.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    I would almost put 100 bucks down saying Katz really wants to make a statement with the new arena, and oks a 7/70-80 mil offer to Stamkos if he really does test the FA waters.

    • smiliegirl15

      This actually has validity. The Oilers will increase gate revenue by at least 20% in the new arena plus advertising and suchlike. Add TV revenue and radio rights and other revenue streams like merchandising. The dollars generated would more than work. Say the cap rises to 77 million US in the next 4 years. The dollar remains the same or worse the Oilers still would be a money making team. Just in gate revenue they would generate 60 m or better. To get to the break even point would be not much of a stretch.The marketing of a team that included Stamkos,Hall,CM,LD and JE up front would be a advertisers dream.
      Tbay fans pay an average of 71.00 per ticket. Toronto fans 371.00. That is in US dollars. Tbay has a bad history with VL contract. Ownership would be reluctant o step up again with a 10m plus 7 year contract offer. They also have several FAs and RFAs due at this seasons end and coming next season.
      Its in Stamko’s court but when we hear that John Cooper has been resigned and the rumors of a rift between Stamko’s and Cooper it does make one wonder where Stamko’s mind is at on this matter.
      Stamko’s comments regarding CM and Teddy Purcell, who he is friends with apparently also make one wonder.
      With the plethora of young talent in Edmonton and a new arena in a hockey mad market would it be out of the realm of reason to think Stamko’ s may want out of a situation in Tbay where he may feel he under appreciated by the coach and where he is so far under the sports radar that he can walk into a McDonalds and nobody recognizes him. Who knows.

      July 1st could be a huge day here in Edmonton.

      • a lg dubl dubl

        Totally! If PC front loads the contract and can some how keep the cap hit to 8-9 mil, with the longest term possible, then damn right the Oilers have a chance with Stamkos.

  • Petrolero

    If any of you are stupid enough to think Stamkos is coming here you should stop watching hockey. I love 97, 4, 29 and 25 as much as anyone but if you think Stamkos is going to take a discount to play with them then you are an idiot.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    1) Chiarelli signs Steven Stamkos. Something like 7 years x $9M would be a very good deal.
    2) Flip him to a team like Nashville for a package that includes someone like Roman Josi
    3) ????

  • Natejax30

    My first thought was why is this a thing? Then you mentioned how funny it would be to hear the Eastern media cry about it. It would have to be a short-term deal I’m sure and I don’t see it happening but it would be pretty epic.

    • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

      Stamkos is a UFA you don’t need to trade RNH + picks to get the guy, he’s cap space only.

      If you sign Stamkos that’s when these players have to be traded.





      Walk away from Schultz

      Walk away from Gazdic

      Buy out Ference

      Find a cheap goalie, (back up)and pick one of Talbot or Nilsson to sign.

      With the remaining players coming off you’ll be in excess or north of 30 mill cap.

      This is where a GM can be worth his weight in gold.

      Start offer sheeting players who’s teams are in cap hell or up against a budget to get that #1 D man…..
      (I’m looking at you Nashville)

      Trade one of those wingers to a team that needs scoring ( still looking at you Nashville) with Flordia as a back up ( love me some Gudbranson)

      Pull Hamonic out of NY the Oilers got themselves a team

      Stamkos would still have to sign on the cheap, I’m looking at the numbers and 10 would be max cealing without crippling the team.

      However, this goes down and whatever team he chooses to go to at the very least the Oilers are now a destination and not the gulags of Siberia.