GDB 33.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Blackhawks

WE’RE GOING STREAKING! Wait… final Score: 4-0 Blackhawks

Do you ever look at the Chicago Blackhawks and imagine what could be for our beloved Oilers if only they can add a few of the right pieces? I catch myself doing it sometimes. It’s a pleasant little hallucination. Unfortunately, when I look at the Oilers it’s hard to ignore the fact that there are no Duncan Keiths and there are no Brent Seabrooks anchoring the roster… at least not yet. Can Darryl and Klefbom turn into those guys? Maybe someday, but there is still a tonne of work to put in to become players like the two from Chicago. Do we have talented forwards? Absolutely. But what about the supporting cast?

I guess what I’m saying is, when it comes to the Oilers it’s hard not to see the potential of what they could be, but it’s also hard not to see the holes. Although the Oilers have been playing a tighter team game they still make too many mistakes. Whether we’re talking about blind passes to no one or misplays with the puck, Chicago feasted on turnovers and were essentially gifted bonus time in the attacking zone as a result. The Blackhawks didn’t give the Oilers anything, and when the cards were all on the table Chicago’s ability to minimize their mistakes and capitalize on their chances wound up being the difference. 

At the end of the day, the Oilers were outclassed by a far better hockey team. The Oilers were often unable to make simple plays which result in Chicago maintaining zone pressure, and producing some grade “A” chances. To put it another way, the Oilers made far too many mistake and they paid for it. To make matters worse the Oilers, once again, made Corey Crawford look like the second coming of Patrick Roy. Despite producing 30+ shots, many of them came from the perimeter, or without any traffic, and were easily turned away. I guess all that potential that I was daydreaming about will have to wait for another day.

We wrap



  • We’re one day closer to McDavid!
  • Shout out to Matt Hendricks, Anton Lander, and Lauri Korpikoski for being the only three Oilers that weren’t in the minus column tonight. Yay? 
  • Cam Talbot was solid tonight, and kept the Oilers in this game for far longer than they deserved to be. I realize that he let in four goals, but it’s not like he had much help in front of him. Even though Talbot held the Oilers in this game for longer than they should have been he’ll still take daggers in the comments section. Talbot finished the night with 37 saves and an .892 save%. 
  • Darnell Nurse played a lot of solid hockey tonight. He lead the team in minutes played with 23:26. I love how Darryl is playing lately but you can’t tell me that he wouldn’t benefit with some easier minutes. 
  • Khaira > Klinkhammer
  • The penalty kill was 2/2 on the night. 
  • At least it was fun to watch the refs fall down, right? RIGHT?! 
  • The Nation Christmas party is happening tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that.



  • The Oilers did not have a good start in this hockey game. While they were able to get some shots, and produce a few chances, the Blackhawks ran the show. 
  • How many of the 33 Oilers shots came from the perimeter or were completely unscreened? I’m guessing a lot of them. 
  • I’m not sure if there’s anything scarier than a Jultz/Nikitin defensive pairing.
  • Is it at all a surprise that Jonathan Toews broke out of his slump against the Oilers? No? Anyone? *fart sound* There is no better slump buster than the Edmonton Oilers. Toews had three points tonight. 
  • How did the Blackhawks play a full 60 minutes without getting a single penalty? It’s endlessly frustrating when veteran teams get veteran calls from the refs. Lame. 
  • Darnell Nurse got pickpocketed on an attempted outlet pass which led to the Teravainen goal. As Nurse gains more experience he won’t be making those kind of mistakes, but tonight he got caught and punished for it.  
  • Jultz finally scored! It was for the wrong team, but he finally got one. 
  • Too much Chelsea Dagger. Far too much Chelsea Dagger.
  • It’s hard to win a hockey game when you don’t score a goal.


14:00 CHI Jonathan Toews (10) Snap shot – ASST: Marian Hossa (9), Teuvo Teravainen (8) 1 – 0 CHI
12:29 CHI Teuvo Teravainen (7) Snap shot – ASST: Jonathan Toews (9), Marian Hossa (10) 2 – 0 CHI
16:42 CHI Teuvo Teravainen (8) Backhand shot – ASST: Marian Hossa (11), Jonathan Toews (10) 3 – 0 CHI
18:35 CHI Artemi Panarin (10) Wrist shot – ASST: Brent Seabrook (16), Patrick Kane (28) 4 – 0 CHI


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You’d better find a spot on the floor and clear some time because uncle Brownlee stopped by to tell stories. This week the boys (and Brownlee) cover everything from goaltending, to the salary cap, to how Robin met Glen Sather. 

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  • S cottV

    This WAY off topic, but for the love of the English language. Either have someone proof-read posted articles, and start using a spell-checker. Every article I have read the last while is full of grammatical errors and/or spelling mistakes


    • Speed Junky

      I new a guy that was always annoyed about grammatical errors…did not understand why.. but then I found out he had a small joint.

      PS.. this site is for the love of hockey and not the English language… relax.

    • hagar

      English-wise, the writers are pretty tight on this blog (Sure, Baggedmilk has the odd typo in the drunken or tired game wrap. We forgive because we need the word). The comments are pretty well not tight, grammatically speaking. As you say, a second to proof read before posting would help. On the the other hand, internet; no real name, no real worry. “Nial not with Poo good But hallsy holding it Nuge Blows but goil! flames suk is who? Fire Loww! Ate t’urd Locomotiv” seems to pass for commentary because who made who the big grammar sheriff in this nation? THIS. IS. HOCKEY! All standards of basic English are now suspended. No! Uh… wait. Conner! Conor! Connor! Konner! I’m not asking for Robertson Davies, but buddy, look it over before hitting ‘post’. Or don’t. I’ll skim over you like a bird of prey over garbage looking for something good. *Hunches, waits for the inevitable fusillade of slacker spit*

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Okay everyone back to reality…team was over achieving on that streak. Nilsson was compensating for our terrible D….some will be great but not for a few more years.

    Trade Hall in the off season, he’s our most valuable after McDavid and the only one that could net us a true #1. Not saying trade him for a 3 or 4 dman, if there’s no legit number 1 available then he stays but if that #1 we need so bad is out there then the deal needs to be made. He’s the only one that gets him.

    Don’t lose it Hallsy lovers, I’m not hating, just saying if it makes the TEAM better then let’s get it done.

    • crackerjack14

      I don’t even think we need a legit #1. We definitely need better than Schultz and Gryba on the right side though. Jared Spurgeon and Radko Gudas are both right handed, RFA’s and would be looking for a raise soon. Would they be an upgrade from Schultz and Gryba?

  • hagar

    How frustrating was that to watch, wow.

    They played fairly well aside from the large handful of mistakes (careless icings, lazy passes, weak pressure)…and aside from that embarrassing final few minutes after goal 3.

    Why no one stood up to Shaw and Desjardins taking liberties was a head scratcher.

    Hopefully we don’t see Nikitin and Schultz paired together next game.

    • Serious Gord

      Never change Verdad, never change.

      I do find it hilarious that you always blame chiarelli for not doing anything, but how many trades have occurred this season? 2 fairly minor deals, so perhaps it isn’t chiarelli being unwilling, but other GMs. It takes 2 to consummate a trade.

      But say you are right and they “flush” hall for OEL. Who plays LW on the first line? Khaira???? It’s one thing to suggest it, it’s another to ignore the remaining roster balance and how your goals against may go down, but your goals for will go down even more.

  • Anton CP

    Was disappointing to see the team quit on Talbot in the last 5. That’s not an attribute of a winning team.

    Pretty sure they got an ear full from coach after this one.

  • hagar

    I watched a bit of the flames game was wondering how they beat a good Nash and Dallas team on the road 3goals last night 2 were greasy wrist shots from the point flames always have players screening the goalie 1 sometimes 2 including thier best players Monahan etc they pay the price. oilers make Crawfod look good .want to colaps a box on the powerplay go to the net not sure if that is coaching or the makeup of the team .Hendricks the only player willng to do that Lander did it last year on powerplay and got 10 goals my point is get some guts and go to the net

  • billythebullet

    Ok every one settle down. We lost last two games to the the eastern conference champs and the stanley cup champs. We just finished 6 in a row without key players. Goaltending has been good. Coach will get em fixed up. The shultz experiment has to end. Send to ahl please!

  • Anton CP

    Surprised we are doing as well as we are considering the many injuries to key people we have had . Even healthy we are not that strong as yet , but are trending to be more competitive .

  • Serious Gord

    Looking through all the comments in this thread and nowhere did I see any one raise the key aspect of the team that this loss showed:

    They are the worst road team in the league.

    At home they are quite good – beating good and bad teams.

    The question is – Why?

    The obvious is that the coach isn’t able to match lines and that faceoffs are more challenging. I would like very much to see some ON analysis on what the cause(s) are.

  • crackerjack14

    Most oiler fans are delusional, when they had this 6 game win streak people were talking about this playoff team and the maturity of certain players. Wow do you guys have the blinders on. It was so clear the goalies won 5 out of the 6 and the other the oilers just happen to score. The reality of it all, is this is not a good team, the are soft they are small and the defence men are brutal. Sure they have made improvements,but the reality is this is not a playoff team, this is a bottom feeding team. It’s time to stop drinking the oilers cool aid and for heaven sakes stop saying the oilers are going to be so much better with mcdavid back. Yes he is a great but he is one player and he does not play defence. It’s time to make some moves and shore up the back end and get rid of the many floaters on this team. Start by ridding the team of eberle and jultz….

    • CMG30

      It’s not so much that posters are doing about-faces (though some are). It’s more that certain posters come out of the woodwork after loses.

      * Eberle is an asset not to be moved rashly.

      * Schultz won’t be here next year.

      * I’m sure PC and Tmac are aware of the of the back end problems and are not ignoring them.

  • CMG30

    You know, I read every ON article every day. I used to post a lot but now just once in a blue moon, cause the comments have gotten so goofy. There always used to be one “trade Omark for Crosby” guy, but lately it’s like he discovered cloning.
    Trades by definition involve equal value going each way to each respective GM. (The rare thing that alters that sometimes is trouble with the cap).
    Something that people need to realize – there are no #1 Defensemen out there who are available. Hamonic is the closest thing to quality being gratuitously available, but no sane man gives up Klefbom or Nurse.
    Chiarelli looks and no doubt sees what we do, but what other GM is going to trade for Jultz? This has taken about 8 years to run into the sewer, so it’s not changing overnight. I for one, have confidence in our Coach and GM because the Oilers have actually looked like a hockey team this year and look at the $ playing in Bakersfield. That’s never happened before.
    Realistically, if the players we have play hard as they can and as smart as they can, that’s about all we can demand until a trade deadline and off season or two go by.

  • Zarny

    J Schultz for the Norris! Yes!

    Tonight showed how badly the Oilers need bonified Dman. Missing Klefbomb especially sucks.

    I don’t think the team necessarily mailed it in.

    They just looked really tired and slow. Or flat as TM mentioned.
    Played a lot of games in few nights lately…. and maybe a little partying in Chi town on their day off left some a bit hung over??

  • CMG30

    Looking at the two teams’ top six it was possible the Oilers could run with them. But then you look at the top four defence for each team, and it was clear the Oilers were gonna have a bad time.

    To all those saying one player won’t make a difference on this team, well, missing the whole second line plus Klefbom made a hell of a difference last night. I really believe if they can just upgrade on that second pair right side spot, our top four could be competitive when healthy.

    I am looking forward to the Colorado game as that seems like a much better match up and maybe Klefbom and Pouliot are back by then.