GDB 38.0 Wrap Up: Kings @ Oilers

That sucked. Here’s Motorhead. Rip Lemmy. Final Score: 5-2 Kings

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I wasn’t very excited to watch this game tonight. With the way the Oilers had played against Vancouver and Calgary I really didn’t expect much from a game against the Kings. If anything, I was hoping for a classic Oilers Twitter night where #HereComeTheOilers gifs came raining down like self-deprecating gum drops from heaven. Needless to say I was planning for the worst. Sometimes I hate being right.

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Tonight’s game was the third in a row where the Oilers had a good start, and first period for that matter, only to have the wheels fall off completely in the second period. It was like a scene from the same movie we’ve been watching for years now. This edition of the story featured what happens when goaltending lets you down and the team is never able to recover. As far as bad periods go, for a goalie, tonight’s second period was the top of the list for Talbot. After allowing three quick goals the Oilers were like a corpse, left to be picked at by vultures.

My preparation prepared me for a tough night and for that I’m thankful for that, but it didn’t mean that a loss like this was any less annoying. As far as reasons to suck this game checked whole bunch of them off the list. Bad goaltending – got it. Frustrated players – nailed it. A decent effort completely wasted – Got that too. Not to mention the fact that all of this happened despite the Los Angeles Kings playing last night in Vancouver. At least the home winning streak was fun while it lasted.

We wrap.


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  • I turned down tickets tonight. The honest answer is that my wallet is a little bit light after Christmas, but I’m not exactly upset that I wasn’t able to make it. 
  • Look at Benoit Pouliot heating up a little bit with another goal tonight (his 8th). Pouliot has been playing better since McLellan called him out last week. 
  • I like Mark Letestu as a pick up for the Oilers. He knows his role, plays it well, and chips in offence from time to time. He did that tonight after finishing off a nice pass from Lauri Korpikoski for his 5th goal of the season. 
  • Three assists in the two games for Nuge. The points are starting to come and I’m seeing a player that’s starting to play a little bit better. He seems to be gaining confidence with the puck.
  • How about the balls on Darnell Nurse for choosing to take on Milan Lucic as his first NHL fight. Darryl picked a pretty tough customer for his first scrap and he held his own. I wouldn’t give him the decision but I do give him huge marks for the balls that took. He was also one of the Oilers best players tonight. 
  • Sekera has been getting better as the season progresses, and he’s playing tough minutes, but it would be nice if he had some help apart from Darnell Nurse. 
  • The Oilers were able to generate 44 shots against the Kings. That’s a solid effort that was wasted by poor goaltending and mental breakdowns. 



  • I turn on my TV expecting to see an Oilers pre-game show and all they were doing was fluffing Johnny Gaudreau. When I turn on my TV expecting to see Oilers coverage, and it’s Flames talk… nauseating. To make things worse I wasn’t expecting it. *shudders*
  • After having a solid first period the Oilers dropped a shit on the ice in the second period. Cam Talbot was brutal and the team was never able to recover. 
  • Gross night for Cam Talbot. He allowed three goals on 14 shots for a .786 save% but the worst part may be the fact that he allowed another goal from behind the goal line. After that, he was basically useless and got pulled after allowing two more weak goals. Awful night for Talbot.
  • Anders Nilsson wasn’t a whole lot better. After coming into the game in relief Nilsson stopped 17 of 19 shots for an .895 save%. 
  • Another night, more wasted power plays. The Oilers went 0/2 on the night.
  • The penalty kill went 1/2 giving the Kings a sweep of the special teams game. 
  • Matt Hendricks left the game but did return. Here’s hoping whatever was bothering him won’t be a nagging issue. The last thing the Oilers need is more injuries. 


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04:22 LAK Dwight King (1) Wrist shot – ASST: Dustin Brown (9), Trevor Lewis (4) 1 – 0 LAK
05:42 LAK Michael Mersch (1) Wrist shot – ASST: Andy Andreoff (1) 2 – 0 LAK
05:58 LAK Tyler Toffoli (18) Snap shot – ASST: Anze Kopitar (17), Drew Doughty (17) 3 – 0 LAK
09:56 EDM Benoit Pouliot (8) Snap shot – ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (18), Jordan Eberle (6) 3 – 1 LAK
14:18 LAK Trevor Lewis (4) Snap shot – ASST: Dustin Brown (10), Dwight King (1) 4 – 1 LAK
01:59 EDM Mark Letestu (5) Wrist shot – ASST: Lauri Korpikoski (4), Andrej Sekera (10) 4 – 2 LAK
11:58 LAK PPG – Dustin Brown (4) Backhand shot – ASST: Trevor Lewis (5), Jake Muzzin (13) 5 – 2 LAK


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This week the boys are joined by a couple of very special guests, Adam and Jeff fromPride Tape! They talk about their incredible initiative and how you can become involved, and Adam regales us with some tales from the early days of Oilersnation!

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  • bradleypi

    Everyone settle down. Come on now, team goes on a 6 game hot streak which was 95% their goalies and now everyone wants to blame Talbot and goaltending. Same thing with Dubnyk, same thing with Scrivens.

    Yes Talbot cheated on that goal and should be hugging the post but he cheated because he does not trust this sad poor impression of an NHL defense.

    One of or a combination of Hall/Nuge/Ebs need to be traded to bring in a legit defensman that can stabilize out D.

    Nuge possibly gets you another Sekera (which would be huge) but nothing other than Hall will get us the real top end guy we need.

    Give quality to get quality.

    Anyways this will be an offseason move if it ever happens, but, for now, just enjoy the wins and don’t get too hung up about the losses. I really hope nobody here expected playoffs this year and if you did I feel sorry for you and your optimism.

    Moderate improvement is all I ask for and I’m seeing it. If we can finish in a position that doesn’t force us to have to improve ridiculously to fight for playoffs next year then I’m okay.

    Face the facts this is no playoff team. Lol could you imagine whatAn actual western conference team would do to these guys in a 7 game series????

    What do all good teams have in common—–Pieterangelo/Bouwmeester/Shattenkirk, Keith/Seabrook/Hjalmersson, Burns/Vlasic, Doughty/Muzzin(although LA lots of d from forwards)….

    All have at least one stud Dman in his prime. We can wait 5 years for Nurse to become that, but, personally I’d prefer not to be sentimental because a player might have a better team somewhere else.

    This season is over. Hall will not win us games because….this just in….. a top LW is not more valuable than a top DMan or Center. Yes best case would be trade Eberle or yak, but problem is they will not net a return that is helpful to the TEAM. If Hall were to get injured is it not possible to move a forward around to fill in? When Klefbom goes down we have Hunt. ONE JUST ONE Dman that can push every guy one down the defensive depth will change the makeup of this team.

    • bradleypi

      I didn’t finish your essay. I stopped at the part where you asked if everyone expected the playoffs this year and were silly to do so. Now I wasn’t “expecting” playoffs, but I didn’t expect this team to almost be last at this point. And I didn’t “expect” the Pacific division to be as weak as it is. There is a playoff spot for the taking so why don’t the oilers go grab it? What’s the harm in giving your fans meaningful hockey for once in 10 years? The oil just got stomped 3 games in a row by division rivals. Teams they HAVE TO beat to get in. Not good enough. Next up Anaheim. Hope they haven’t turned the corner or its gonna be ugly again.

    • Captain McTowel

      What are you saying? Price will be an Oiler soon? I don’t get the connection between the Hab’s complete dependence on Price and the Oilers’ situation.

  • lav

    The game against the Kings depresses me. The Oilers are so far away from even competing for a cup, its depressing.

    Our goaltending still sucks, after all these years. Nillson is not a starter, and it seems like Talbot is a bit of a head-case. Whats the plan PC?

    Our defence sucks, really sucks. We trade away two first round draft picks to get Reinhart and he’s not even a call up. Brad Hunt? Jesus Christ. We need a top pairing d-man or we are going nowhere, and we don’t have time to wait 4 years for Nurse to hopefully turn into one. Whats the plan PC?

    We aren’t tough enough – Eberle is not part of the solution and guys like Lander and Gazdic don’t bring much to the table. Whats the plan PC?

    I thought next year we would be a playoff team but I don’t know anymore. PC has a lot to fix on this incredibly flawed team which MacIdiot has left him. How can he get consistent goaltending? How can he get a top pairing dman? How can he replace non-factors like Lander, Gazdic?

    I’m happy PC is in charge and not MacT (can you imagine MacT still in charge?) But when is this going to turn around? Is TMac the right coach? How can we get what we need with the assets we have?


  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers
    If Justin Schultz was any kind of a defenseman the game is different.

    On the first goal:

    As much as you want to blame Talbot for the first goal (It was ugly) that goal doesn’t go in if Justin Schultz Isn’t the biggest A$$ in the rink.

    If he clears the puck, or pins his man, or maybe just get in his way, Talbot can get set and ready, maybe then this game is different.

    On L.A’s second goal, Hunt is so AHL on the play but you know what……If Schultz was able to do his job on the PP Hunt doesn’t get called up and inserted into the lineup.

    On L.A’s forth goal Shultz over commits to the wrong side and the winger blows past Schultz like a pylon, Now, I do hold Hall accountable for not back checking like he should but Hall should expect Schultz to be in position.

    All that and 18 + minutes.

    • Captain McTowel

      The incompetents Chiarelli and MacLelland play Schultz.
      They do not have to.He could outright released this morning.
      Only willful incompetence prevents that.
      Fan abuse.

    • McNuge

      First goal – two LA guys were on Schultz. Not a great play by JS but give LA some credit too.

      Second goal – that’s quite a stretch blaming it on Schultz. Going that route, it would be more Nikitin’s fault, yes?

      Fourth goal – Nurse and Schultz each had a guy. LA goal scorer skated by both Drai and Hall who were both just taking up space.

      And yet your comment got a bunch of Cheers and no Trashes. It used to be I could come to Oilers Nation for some terrific insight from most the comments.

      Come mothers and fathers;
      Throughout the land;
      And don’t criticize;
      What you can’t understand;
      Your sons and your daughters;
      Are beyond your command,
      Your old road is;
      Rapidly agin’;
      Please get out of the new one;
      If you can’t lend your hand;
      For the times they are a-changin’.

  • The Funky Chicken Has Left The Building

    With the exception of the goal from behind the net l don’t blame this game on the goalie. The oilers defenceman are brutal and the forwards did not come back to support. It’s the same old issue. Even when they had the win streak it was the same team, the only difference was at least the goalies were hiding their mistakes because they made the saves. Soft players, poor defenceman and a night where the goalie is mortal it’s the results that are expected. This team can not afford any brain cramps.

  • Dirtski

    Now second last in the league in points and we are tied with the most number of games played. We have 3, count ’em 3, legitimate D in Klefbom, Sekera and Nurse and two of them were playing in the AHL not long ago. We need at least 2 from outside as the rest are pretty much useless.

    They bring up Hunt to shoot from the point on the PP. At 5’9″ and 187 lbs he pretty much allowed Mersch free reign to the net at 218 lbs. I am pretty sure there are others that weight over 200 lbs that will do the same thing to Hunt. The fact that Todd M thought Hunt may be part of the solution to our D speaks volumes to the depth of hurt we have at that position.

    Who is the #1 overall pick this year. Hopefully a D.

    • ….Mathews he’s a forward. Davidson has the shot but he’s out for a bit. Hunt for as bad defensively as he is has a cannon a big guy like that that can play defense isn’t easy to get hahahah. Nikitan can shoot I guess but he’s not much better if at all.

    • There s no doubt that the Oil D at the moment is far from NHL caliber. Agee that last night only Sekera and Nurse were NHL Dmen. I would say however, I don’t think Hunt, despite his obvious limitations, was any worse than Niktin and might have been better.

      However if the Oil do get a high (say top 5 pick) I suggest they don’t use it for a prospect Dman. Trade it for something that will help immediately rather than draft a maybe that might be a good NHL dman in 4 or 5 years time. By then Hall, RHN, Ebs may have left either by UFA or trade.

      • a lg dubl dubl

        You really think Nuge and Eberle are with the Oil at the start of training camp, let alone four years from now?

        Also, if they are drafting a defenceman that high, he should be in the NHL no later than draft+2/draft+3, unless he is Griffin Reinhart.

        • Delete

          1, I hope they move one of their surplus forwards for either a high end power forward to complement McD (a real payer not the coward) for a Sekera type Dman or a Seth Jones type. Only Hall would fetch a true 1D.

          2. Never any guarantees with drafting 18 year old, especially Dmen. If the Oil are not good at evaluating and drafting, then even more reason to consider a trade.

  • bradleypi

    The Oilers dont want to win bad enough as an organisation and this is evidenced by Bobs audit which was ineffective and could not have possibly been complete or the Oilers would be using a Philosophy concepts and a System which produces NHL wins,no spinning their wheels in the same old rut…lol.

    I would be difficult to repeat another Season in the middle of this storm unless there were STRONG INFLUENCES PULLING YOU INTO IT……there ARE NO MISTAKES HERE…..this is simple REFUSAL TO EVOLVE with cocky intentions of absorbing the heat never admitting errors and paying to suck rather than humble re-ssesments and paying to win ….this Ownership/Management Team cannot be taught to say thank you because no one Potty Trained them…they dont think they have a Boss….lol.Good luck with that…lol

    • Delete

      Hammer & Anvil – a two-part, two-skater puck retrieval strategy that slows down and re-positions the opposition’s puck carrier (anvil – skater one) using various methods such as a large stand-up pinching defender or angling the puck carrier along the boards. By slowing down the opposition’s puck carrier, the second skater can swiftly rush and retrieve the puck (hammer). Finishing of the back check is situational. This method should be used in all three zones of the ice. The advanced stats metric is PGBT which stands for Possession Gained by Threesome.

      The formula is: (Successful Possessions) / (Total Threesomes) / 60 min.

      Let’s see if the Ducks can walk right past the Oilers blue line and take a free screened slapper. Thanks collapse-style defense!

      • 99CupsofCoffey

        Excellent….text-book NHS…I am proud,you are correct.

        You have now set the selected consistant dynamic producing table for the the OPTIMAL application of the two NHS System Management Programs Intuitive Dynamic Analysis {IDA} and Intuitive Dynamic Management {IDM}.You may apply them Pre-Game as per the online explanations and dissect your opponent the long-hand way or do it with anticipatory flexability in Real-Time during the game if you happen to have an Intuitive Empath calling in fire-support for you.

        To date the Oilers have focused on building their own version of NHS Pre-Game Templates or Plans ,not being guided by true NHS philosophy concept and principals but instead guided by a placebo of some sort.They took a break a game before the win streak to KISS and re-set because these Pre-Game Plans were letting them down and causing process disconnects.These disconnects happen because they are not applying the NHS data correctly…this is historic state of denial….lol.

        Other NHL Teams have followed the NHS guidelines to a “T” and are applying IDA and IDM impactfully and consequently are producing paralell statistical patterns.

        Having created the NHS I will end with this….it has been the Oilers escalating reliance on excusatory statistical inputs which has distanced them from the NHL Pack since 2009,the Oilers try to “explain” away and furtively “reproduce” NHS impacts using a stats based and strong perspective and traditional stats processes but it NEVER WORKS so then they went to “advanced-stats” and supported the fabrication of a dynamic sympatheticlly but peripherlly encouraging people to believe “advanced-stats” were creating impacts the NHS was in fact producing.

        Other Teams simply follow the results like the Oilers used to do….letting the evidence lead them,and when you do this it is not difficult to see the statistical patterning the NHS produces,SIGNATURE PATTERNING.This is how you can be 100% sure Dellow could never have given the Oilers accurate data,the statistical patterns the con-job stats people tried to tailwind were IN EXISTANCE BEFORE THEY WERE…they “found them” and tried to steal the NHSs Thunder.

        In 2009 Pat Quinn beacme the first NHL Head Coach to directly implement NHS data on the ice with his men officially and professionally,he was a Hockey Mind with incredible vision.Because not only did he implement the NHS he also provided an undeniable permanent record of his actions sympathetic to the NHS .Ulimately Pat briefly held in his palm the Philosophy and concepts and Systems management Programs that would evolve the entire NHL ultimately catalysing a one System 2 Team 4 Cup run of ongoing dominance ,Pat Quinn knew what he had and what it might do just like Sutter and Bowman who also identified this same impacts knew very well.They all idenified something NewAge,and did not deny it once indoctrinated,they PURSUED IT.No man is Prophet in his own Land….the NHS was created IN EDMONTON FOR THE OILERS but obviously not everyone identified the same hidden value.

        And here we are….I am checking out….there is no upside for me now….lol.I could build entertainment value fictional posts where I help the Oilers online for free or toy with the Playoffs , but its all entertainment value fiction….no money in it,and there is Bacon to bring home….lol.

        I didnt formally fiscalise the NHS years ago because I expected that at a certain point in time the right person would see through the long term organised multi-Industry suppression and clue in and attatch a fair market value to the only existing source of Intuitive Empath NHS related data on the planet….kind of a closed loop there.4 Stanley Cups influenced and a Professional Football Championship cinderella story implementing the NHS data impacfully in 5 years is plenty of evidence,but no bites,so I am hitting the cold hard streets….lol…I have some cool Ph#s on speed-dial and some Thank-Yous but a Resume they do not make because they are confidential…lol.

        Caio.Keep up the excellent translations,you are VERY GOOD AT IT.

      • A-Mc

        Clarification . The comedians strategy would work but it isnt what the NHS-Hammer and Anvil is….lol.

        NHS-Hammer and Anvil.

        Defense consistantly executes center body mass Stand-Up violent hits at or above the Blueline to define a no-fly zone,to seal off the d-zone to ALL possesion skating based atacks,no BODY ever crosses the Blueline with a puck,because the BODY is stood up.This is the Anvil….the BASE.

        The forwards execute ultra-aggressive Forechecking tactics and ultra-aggressive Back-checking tactics a combonation of which sets the table for LIGHTENING QUICK transitions to offense because the primary battle area where possesion changes happen is reduced in size to the 2 zone Devils PhoneBooth …just the N-zone and their O-zone.The Forwards speed and aggression on the FCHK speeds up the opponents and forces then into one single option,and the high pressure high risk BCHK PUSHES LIKE SHEEP the opposition puck carries up-ice full speed whenever they gain possesion, the BCHK is EXTENDED at full speeds right thru the N-Zone BECAUSE when the Stand-Up Defensive line you have supporting you ENGAGES the puck carriers low in the N-zone or picks them out of the flow of the playaction the BCHK will be coming up behind them UPSPEED and will NOT hve to sutter-step on their way deep into the zone to retrieve dump-ins.The opposition when exiting their own zone under extended high speed pressure will NOT be able to hit transiting N-zone passes without setting guys up to be EXPLODED by the Stand-Up hits as they try to pick up hurried passes….sooooo…their puck carriers WILL HANG ON TO IT AND LUG IT UP-ICE …lol…being chased by the EXTENDED BCHK HAMMER right into the ANVIL ,the general idea is to formulate tactical strategys using IDA and IDM wich fit into the Devils PhoneBooth and optimise your speed and skill which now has the homefield advantage because as soon as we shrink the rink by sealing off our d-zone we put bigger players at disadvantage.Tic-Tac-Toe is how you slay your foe when you are a mid-size skill team in the NHL,so you must FORCE THIS DYNAMIC.

        You dont need overly mobile d-men when you project a Stand-Up defense…you need guys who can execute Stand-Up Body Checks effectively and cleanly and consistantly and recover FIRST back into the playaction optimally.That first 8-10 feet of N-zone is where you engage the dump-in teams,you blow them up as they pick up hurried passes.

        The BCHKing forwards PROTECT the DEFENSE and COMPENSATE for lack of mobility catalysed by the Stand-Up focus and bigger men by coming out of the Devils PhoneBooth with superior UNIMPEEDED speed and CONSISTANTLY GETTING TO DUMPED-IN PUCKS FIRST before the opposition and before the Defense.

        You dont just use your elite offensive skillsets to score points…you use them to SUPPORT THEIR DEFENSE by building for them a sympathetic Process or System which lets them actively use the aggressive FCHK driving an extended BCKCHK/ or the Hammer to drive the harried sheep into the STDPDFNS at which point the BCHK/Hammer will either engage and recover the puck or use their unimpeeded UPSPEED momentum to PASS the opponent who dumped the puck in and then police the d-zone and have their sticks on pucks earlier and more often allowing them to transition to offense IMMEDIATLY ON POSSESION without killing time setting up any structure at all.This focus also engages the Goalie a LOT and allows him to trigger the offense enough to break games open or close them out.

        Maybe Nuge and Ebbs and Hall and Yak arent BEHEMOTHS but if they lean their speed and mass on opponents in conjunction with the Anvil,well they will in many cases be getting a 2 stride Upspeed advantage coming from behind and they will use it to crush guys into the Stand-Up defense.This NHS-H&A System by proxy builds quick-strike FIRST OPPONENT TRANSITION STRIKES and must be aimed this way.This is an ultra-high speed pocess which is one-and-done…possesion change then one pass and “someone lucky” will be in a terminal PROCESS DICTATED AND SUPPORTED high% scoring area with a Goalie remediated by process and a shot selection chosen by process simply looking to finish the playaction with the goal.

        I just turned 175lbs of NHL Elite Skillset into 210 lbs of Everyman into Hammers pushing you forward into the Anvil .For free….again….I am outta here now…just had to fix that.

        The System Management Programs IDA and IDM can then be applied atop this base System once consistant dynamic patterning as per roster combos has been established.

        • McNuge


          Glad you found my comic relief amusing as that was the intention. That being said, it is unfair to use a NHS-H&A-CoM-CoA-TSP-IDA-IDM system to systematically rip apart the poor hybrids and traditionals. Can’t you give them a shred of hope?

          • A-Mc

            They didnt give the NHS one.

            The only hope is compliance.

            Your are scaring me now because you have a firm grip on the NHS philosophies and concepts.You found your way through the Maze huh?Are you Friend or Foe?

            Over the last 9 years many NHL Teams have been indoctrinated to the NHS during the Playoffs via FanPosts,when the chips are down and they have to make critical decisions under unusually high pressure dynamics.Do or die dynamics.

            It is difficlt to get Pros to listen to anything which is not results based….when you have no past established Indusry validated results and have no established Market or
            Industry Value you need an Industry IN…or you will never be heard.

            Industry recognition and valuations were specificlly and intentionally and artificially denied the NHS long enough for other hockey industry people to arbitrarily TAKE the proprietry intellectual property and misdirect the online and Indusrty interests so they could HARNESS the impcats and re-name and structure them to contribute to Stakeholder driven fiscal gain.

            Despite the suppression and graft and deceptions against the NHS…the last 4 consecutive Stanley Cups have been won by Teams using the philosophys conceps and tactics.For he record that is 100% of the available Cups since the Kings endorsed the NHS unknowingly Team-wide in 2012.

            An entire Industry of advanced stats con-jobs has been built off of the NHSs impacts and proprietary data….culminating with an Industry First in the “insertion” of Dellow into the Oilers org. Do you see what they did there…lol…some might believe the NHS rightfully deserved to be showcased on an NHL Team as an Industry First to DRIVE THE NHS FISCAL FUTURE and to create a NewAge Intuitive Dynamic Analysis movement instead of the future of the advanced stats industry and its minions.

            They werent simply babes in the woods because NOT ONE ON THEM MENTIONED THE NHS…EVER…..they didnt credit or disclose source.

            You have a solid handle on the NHS you obviously know the data but do you know the entire story?

            If you are an Oilers Fan with a Blank Paper Tiger….set it free and send it to me so we can get this team on its feet….lol.

            Historiclly IMHO the Oilers Cabal were forcing TANKING….then the Players stumbled upon the NHS,when it began to improve their teams results…..well a crack appeared at the bottom of the tank and momentum was lost,this created a PANIC,and catalysed an eventual PURGE of everything Moma2 or NHS.They didnt tank a season they tanked an NHL ERA and a Generational Industry influence.

            The NHLs hope is to learn understand and implement the NHS-Hammer and Anvil….because this is the only way to slow down Teams already using and winning with IDA and IDM optimising traditional Systems today.

            The NHL has just settled in to the NHS influences now coursing through its veins,these influences have only just began to impact the Eastern Conference Systems now.

            The Oilers hope is in the pure unadultered full and complete Moma2s NewAge Hockey System….as in that specific System itself…the Mother-System….not just its System Management Programs IDA and IDM which is essentially what NHL Teams have been learning to use for 9 years .

            Moma2s NewAge Hockey Mother-System data remains 100% in stasis and will ONLY BE RELEASED TO THE EDMONTON OILERS….no one else,if the right honest man comes along and decides to put a ring on it,that is exactly as I said nearly a decade ago. I knew
            9 years ago that by simply adding one word…honest…to the equation I would push the Oilers negative pillars out of the running…I also knew ALL NHL teams are very much like the Oilers are and this meant a war of attrition…which was fine…but now a Vanguard internal support for the remediated olde guard has sabatoged the new incoming GM and Head Coach by undermining the Audit Bob performed so as to action a continued suppression and disenfranchisement of the NHS right into the new incumbants tenure…they werent letting PC and T-Mac get a hold of an asset or tool they couldnt retain so…they mined the road as they retreated….lol.

            The thing is though….Katz moved the earth to audit his business and get it on its feet…but…somehow the entire NHS history was not included in the audit.

            This meant that there was a GAP between T-Mac…PC…and the NHS….an artificially actioned GAP and a GAP Katz worked very hard to close to no avail .

            Or maybe PC and T-Mac simply made deals with the Devil who somehow rationalised to them that the Oilers were not guilty of doing anything everyone else in the NHL wassnt also doing…..when this was not the case.

            Katz brought in a clean slate with an impeccable resume which articulated an optimal process focus and which was showing progressive foundational impovements and was beginning to focus on Process R&D.However someone threw up a Firewall between the NHS and T-Mac.

            “Someone” didnt want T-Mac and PC to get the low-down…..someone WANTED a GAP to exist between TMac and PC and the NHS.

            Its not hard to see who has fiscal gains to lose should this GAP close and T-Mac and PC validate and retain the NHS.

            The NHS disenfranchises beancounters and numbers spin-doctors.kl

            I am not in to dragging Bob Nicholson through the mud,he is now held hostage because he hs validated his own work and will never tarnish it,he MUST defend his work as being complete.

            To re-address the Audit is not possible now,”someone” knew this very very well.

            Bob Nicholson we will assume was WORKED LIKE THE TOWN PUMP,and now he is an unwilling accomplice dynamiclly or he must disenfranchise himself and his work…lol…never gonna happen.He could issue an addenedum but was likely under contract and the issue is deadended now.

          • McNuge

            Just another observer. The history spans at least the date of Pat Quinn (2009-2010). It is to my understanding that you were asking for a cup of coffee and a desk, which was scoffed at. During this time Pat Quinn accepted the NHS and validated this with certain quotes such as matching “pairs” plus 1 for forward lines. A huge rift in the Oilers’ locker room occurred with several players being shipped off (notably Jarett Stoll). With the 2012 NHS influenced Kings Cup, it is likely Mr. Stoll was made aware of NHS during his Oilers tenure.

            At this time it was considerably difficult to acquire top end skill for the Oilers. Free agents did not want to sign in the Siberia of NHL and thus a change philosophy had to take place – draft skill. This worked in the 80’s, so why not repeat the process.

            Anyways K-Lowe decided to dabble in statistical analysis and hired Darkhorse Analytics to consult. During this time, NHS was given a single opportunity to present to the Oilers’ brass but was blindsided and cut-off by an unknown force (blackballed). Aware of dynamics NHS can create, Darkhorse held a hackaton to see if they could replicate certain NHS influenced processes through computer aided manipulation of raw data. The results were a perfect statistical tank.

            The next person who managed to find information would be Sam Gagner who guided Ralph Kruger towards NHS. Both Sam and Ralph had the intellect and intuition to understand NHS but were also removed by manufactured statistics and inexperienced management.

            The quest was on to find a coach who had a similar mindset Mac-T and K-Lowe were looking for. Enter Dallas Eakins. Mr. Eakins was using H&A techniques for the Marlies in the AHL and the stats reflected it. While coaching the Chicago Wolves, Mac-T felt that everyman on the Marlies were prepared. Perhaps Dallas had unlocked the winning formula to NHS. In the summer of 2013 the swarm was introduced, which was an incomplete H&A template. D.E. relied heavily on stats to recreate the NHS influences.

            As of August 2014, we can confirm that Darkhorse is retained and hired Dellows. So yes, the stats poison you speak is still very much with the Oilers. Without any options to connect with the Oilers management, there was no choice but to spread the NHS to as many channels as possible. Oilers message boards and blogs.

            So what options are left? Leave NHS-adjusted hybrid in 100% stasis for every team to learn? That’s a great idea. Even better, offer translated NHS-adjusted hybrid system to all 30 teams and let them demolish the Oilers. That way after several years we can spread out our coveted skilled players to the rest of the NHL. Everyone wins (except for the Oilers)!

            At any rate the adoption of NHS-adjusted hybrids are already evident:
            Kings – KISS-H&A with simple TSP rebound goals
            Hawks – TSP-CoM-CoE-IDA – transition and strike game
            Blues – KISS-H&A-CoM – adjustments for hardnosed playstyle
            Flames – H&A-TSP chicken wing + 3 zone -IDM-IDA – no fluke for the 2nd and 3rd period dominations.
            Rangers – ask Jarret Stoll
            Oilers – KISS-IDA-IDM (eye in the sky for Jay Woodcroft)

            The list above is not exhaustive, so those are just some examples. The adjustments are made for the team composition and playing style.

  • Jay (not J)

    That should have been ‘Damage Case’, ‘ Bomber’ or ‘I Know How to Die’ for the Oilers not ‘The Ace of Spades’. Getting picky though Motorhead on Oilersnation almost makes up for the Oilers on Oilersnation.

  • The Funky Chicken Has Left The Building

    I puked all over my chicken outfit when I heard the telecast crew dub Johnny Gooodreau a SUPERSTAR. Sending dry cleaning bill to Sportsnet!

  • bradleypi

    Cheer up oilnation our team has been hit by the injury bug .2 of our defence are out ,our best player is out,I miss Yak.And Calgary has only one injury and they still can’t win. that’s just sad.

          • Delete

            So you are saying that one measly bad angle shot with 8 seconds left in the third period is all that separates the Oiler “tire fire” and “league embarrassment” with the powerhouse Flames?

            Reality check time, dude. Flames are in the same boat as Oil.

      • Simmerdown

        After 10 years of excuses getting pretty good at it. Sad but true. The only thing that improves in Oilerville is their excuse making skills and ability to sell hope year after year.

    • McNuge

      Not sure why everyone keeps playing the injury card. The Oil need to accept that this is who they are. When you build a team full of soft players you will get more injuries. It comes hand in hand. It is not bad luck it is the reality of how this team was built. Soft skilled players equals increased chance of injury. Accept it. This is what management built.

  • Big Cap

    Watching RNH line up against the Kings was like watching boys versus men. He topped out at 31% in Faceoffs, threw 1 shot on net, and generally was pushed aside with little regard from the big bad Kings. Congrats on his 1 assist. He sits at an embarrassing -9 for the year with his linemate leading the pack at -12.

    I know everyone loves the Nuge, but when does it finally hit us he is not an elite, #1 Center that will carry this team. Yes, I know he’s 22 years old, he plays against the top lines, he’s excellent defensively, blah blah blah.

    Do Nuge and Ebs HATE to lose??? Do they do everything they possible can to lead by example even when there not scoring? It’s embarrassing those 2 soft skill specialists wear an “A” while other guys lay it on the line every night.

    Watching Drai match up against the Kings is our future. At 56% in FO’s and more of a driver of the play he is a #1 Center in the making. Luckily we have McD for that role. So that will probably move Drai to the wing, allowing baby Nuge to still float through games as our #2 Center.

    • S cottV

      No way that the Oilers will be able to play Drai on the wing, he is and certainly will be – much better than Nuge in top 2c.

      You cant afford to hold back a much better option, in such a critical position.

      Drai’s potential upside needs to be provided with as much top 2c experience as possible. He is going to get better – a lot better. More complete.

      Drai is already built for heavy going trench warfare in the defensive zone, like the Kings can throw at you. Already built for it and he’s going to get bigger, stronger and more experienced.

      He is already more aware of the d zone process, than is Nuge. Drai positions himself much better by constantly looking around and behind him to evaluate threats. Nuge is much more of a puck watcher and it gets him in way more trouble than most people realize. Some of this process is just genetics, what you are mentally wired like for certain situations. Drai is not only wired better mentally but is better suited physically, for the defensive requirements of being a top 2 c.

      Drai’s offensive upside, already supercedes Nuge, so – all in all, it’s no contest. You have to go with Drai and McD in top 2 c.

      The real good news for me, is that watching McD for the short time he was playing – would indicate that he is going to be pretty good in his own end. McD shows the ability to identify threats around him – behind him and to adjust his positioning accordingly. A few times – he had the right guy but got beat physically, but that’s to be expected at this point. At least – he had the right guy and the physical will come.

      So things are looking up in top 2c.

      A lot different than a few years ago, with Gagner and Nuge.

      Gagner? – had no clue how to play on the defensive side of his position. No clue at all.

  • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

    I still can’t help thinking it’s to do with goalie coaching almost as much as poor D. let’s face it, what are the odds of 4 goalies imploding in less than 2 seasons? Fasht, Scrivens, Talbot and Nillson – the common denominator is the goalie coach. WHL caliber coach = WHL caliber goalies. I had tickets for last night’s game, couldn’t make it so donated them to tickets for kids. I feel so sorry for the kids who had to see the loss.

    • Delete

      Chabot was replaced last year. I don’t know if its goalie coaching.

      Calgary had this problem earlier in the year, goaltenders could not stop a beach ball. Many teams go through it.

      The defence is terribly thin right now. You can’t essentially play with three AHL caliber defenders in Nikitin, Hunt, Schultz and a rookie and expect different results.

  • A-Mc

    Someone needs to be dismissed immediately!! I say dismiss someone after every loss in January, be unreasonable, let the boys know youre there chia pete. It would actually be pretty easy, we have a lot of passengers on this bus (ebs) or worse (jultz, Lowe)

  • Delete

    Thoughts on Bob Nicholson? I am starting to be unsure. An Audit… And maybe he left hockey Canada in the mess they are in at World Juniors….. Did he not create the program of excellence that Identifies players with potential at 13 rather than just take the best players, regardless of draft pedigree or potential ect. It seems like a monkey could take the top 19 year olds in Canada and dominate, and Canada could have 2 or even 3 Olympic teams that could win Gold. Why is Mason McDonald on Canada? .893 sv%. Your’e telling me that hes the best goalie in Canada 19 or under? If so, your’e wrong…. At least the Shames drafted him

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    Wow. That was a tough game to watch. But watch it I did, as i’m sure all the people posting on this site did.

    I laugh at the Flames fans with nothing better to do than troll here. We’ll get better, no doubt.

    We’re not a very “fluid” team right now with the players we have, especially on Defence.

    With the new Management and Coaches, it’ll happen, but it won’t be instantaneous.