Let’s Talk Pride Tape


Unless you’ve been living in the cone of silence for the past few weeks you’ve almost certainly heard about a great initiative called Pride Tape. In this article, I will be talking about why this is a worthy cause and what you can do to help. If you’re looking for anti-Jultz related material then this is not the place for you. Today, I’m talkin’ Pride Tape.

If you haven’t seen the commercials on TV the purpose of Pride Tape is to raise awareness for athletes in the LGBTQ community, aimed at helping them feel comfortable being themselves, and continue playing the game they love. Unfortunately, some young athletes do not feel comfortable with themselves, because of who they are, and even end up leaving the game entirely. This is a fact that needs to change.

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Pride Tape’s mission is, essentially, to create a “badge of honour” for teammates, coaches, and pros to show their support for athletes of all backgrounds and sexual orientations. The goal is to create an environment that is open, and understanding for athletes in the LGBTQ community. It’s a right that everyone who has ever wanted to play hockey should have, and it’s time we start moving towards that goal. 



As I write this article, the Kickstarter campaign is currently sitting at $20,619 with a goal of $54,000 with 29 days to go. We need to get this total climbing as they need the funds to start producing the tape, and preparing for distribution. Unfortunately getting an idea like this off the ground isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers and getting the tape on store shelves. They need your support and make sure that this very important initiative comes to fruition.

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What will your money be used for? From the Pride Tape Kickstarter page:

Funds from Kickstarter will make it possible for us to produce the initial run of 10,000 rolls of tape, plus the stickers. The next step after Kickstarter will be to get this tape in the hands of as many players and teams as possible—and to set up the transactional Pride Tape website for selling the tape. Our dream is to expand into Pride Tape products for other sports.

What I’m asking from you guys is your help to make this happen. I’m asking that you skip that $6 coffee tomorrow morning, or to skip that fast food you had planned, and instead put that money towards Pride Tape. If you don’t have the cash to donate you can still help by sharing this article, and spreading the word on social media.

If you’re a fan of hockey, or sports in general, this is a cause that should matter to you because you never know who is leaving the game because they don’t feel like they’re welcome. You never know who we could be missing out on. Maybe someone with the talent to become the next Connor McDavid has already quit playing the game, and that needs to change. Head to PrideTape.com to make a donation today.  


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Over the holidays we actually had an opportunity to speak to Adam Rozenhart (former Nation overlord) and Jeff McLean about where the idea came from, and where they’re at with the initiative. If you want to skip the rest of the podcast, you can jump right to the 29 minute mark where Adam and Jeff jump in on the conversation. 

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    I want to explain the difference and acceptance in 2 different cultures.

    My wife is a Filipina and I have been to the Philippines on several occasions.

    People say that there are way more gays ,lesbians and transgendered people in the Philippines. The truth is there are no more there than there are in Canada.

    The difference is that it is accepted there. It is a country madeup of 85% staunch Catholics, but they accept their sons and daughters without fail.

    I’m sure it’s not the dream of a Father or Mother to know their Son is gay ,but they are wholeheartedly accepted.

    When children are growing up they have enough to worry about, let alone worrying about if they will be bullied or chastised by society.

    In The Philippines ,they can live free and happy and you don’t have to worry about kids committing suicide because they feel safe and welcome in their society.

    You see gays and lesbians all the time holding hands walking together. People even make fun of each other being gay and it’s ok because there is just no negativity towards these people who just want to live ,and be happy.

    People say that they always knew they were gay when they were kids , and in The Philippines it is ok for a child to express who they are at an early age. When they hit their teens it’s no big deal and it is just part of life.

    Keep your kids safe and just let them be who they are.

    Canada is looked at as a tolerant ( that is actually a terrible word .it makes it sound as we will tolerate different people. We should just accept.) country but we have a long way to go ! Tape or no tape?

    Ands it’s a lot more than 2%!!

    • Seanaconda

      It’s bad when a supposed troll has to stick up and be the guy defending people. I was gonna put ‘ isn’t canada supposed to be accepting’ in my post but you worded it better than I would have. Also Filipinos are beautiful people especially the filipinas. Just don’t feed me balut it scares me.

      • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

        Thanks for the good words. No troll here? And yes balut is an acquired taste for sure. It’s best that you are drunk and take it with a chaser!!

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    If anyone needs to know why this is a good cause, read the comments section. A lot of the commenters here on the wrong side of history, on about “deviancy” and such, are likely parents themselves. How welcome do you think the gay or transgender kid on their kid’s team going to feel?

    Do you know if there are any NHL players planning to use pride tape in game? Love to Ference, he’s a great guy in the community, but uh, I’m not sure we’re going to see his stick tape on national tv anytime soon…

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    The gross thing is I bet a lot of these commenters on about “deviancy” and such are parents, likely hockey parents. How welcome do you think the gay or transgender kid on their kid’s team is going to feel?

    Any idea if any NHL players are planning to use pride tape in a game? No offence to Ference, but any players who….you know, play in NHL games?

  • @Jeanshorts: I respect you for using your platform to raise awareness for this very important issue. Obviously not everyone wants to see this topic get raised which is why it needs to. Keep up the good work.

  • .

    “Facts are the world is going downhill fast and there are precious few people standing up for good morals of any sort any more. . . . This is another example. This is simply my opinion . . .”

    It’s probably not a good idea to introduce what is “simply your opinion” with a phrase like “facts are . . .”

    Either this is your opinion or it’s fact.

    Consider that less than 100 years ago, women were legally not allowed to vote, anti-semitism was commonly accepted and even promoted by governments and religious organizations, black people were treated as 2nd class citizens and worse, young native Canadians in residential schools were abused physically and sexually and deprived of their families and native languages, and homosexual acts were considered as criminal behaviour that could be “treated” with chemical castration.

    Women still face myriad issues regarding sexual equality, anti-semitism has not gone away, racist behaviours still exist, and homophobia still thrives, (over 80 countries today still treat homosexuals as criminals) despite the efforts or more than a precious few people who’ve devoted their time to addressing these problems.

    These are facts.

    To say that the world is going downhill today as a result of such efforts is perhaps an opinion that doesn’t bear up to the facts. But that’s just my opinion.

  • The Oilers Shot Clock

    To all the people who are bothered with this….you have a LGBT in your life and don’t even know it. The stats are for OPEN….can you imagine what it would be if being open wasn’t a detriment? It’s coming.

    Don’t worry.They wont steal your sons or daughters.

  • Rob...

    I wish people would stop cloaking themselves in the idea of the moral high-ground when their opinion is nothing more than hatred based on fear or a lack of understanding.

    Also, please refrain from using religion as the basis for your opinion. Quoting a book of fiction can’t stand up to the real life problems these people face because of people like you.

    • reddy14

      I find this interesting.
      You sum up your own opinion nicely when you say “hatred based on fear or lack of understanding.”
      I’m sorry you feel that way about the Bible. I hope one day you lose the fear and gain the understanding of God’s word.

      • Rob...

        Whether it’s Star Trek novels or the Bible that you get your belief system from, I don’t care, but know that the moment it interferes with my country’s constitution or bill of rights your rights to practice those beliefs stop.

        I also find SOME of the parables of your work of fiction to be valuable teaching tools and many many others to be absolute nonsense that you ignore because that’s easier than exploring what the truth might be.

          • Rob...

            I get it. When your opinion is challenged and you don’t have a leg to stand on it’s always easier to run away than face the possibility that you might be wrong.

          • reddy14

            Right. Because I went through 5 years of university without hearing more compelling arguments than yours against my faith……
            I enjoy a good discussion as much as the next guy but I don’t think you are the guy to turn to for a respectable discussion and I don’t view this as the best place to have an extensive discussion.
            But sure, my tail is between my legs. Sleep tight.

          • reddy14

            Everyone has faith in something, even you. Unfortunately you are blind to the same faith I have but trust me, my faith is anything but blind.
            Who/what do you put your faith in?

          • Danglishish

            You can practice your religion all you want. But when that means discriminating against or marginalizing others due to hatred and fear, then you can expect to be called out for it. In other words, you’re free to act like an ignorant bigot, and the rest of us are free to point that out to you.

            Make sense?

          • reddy14

            Sure call it discrimination, hatred, marginalization and fear. It’s clear to me you have no knowledge of the christian faith. The New Testament was actually written 25 years after taking place and there are over 24000 manuscripts of it compared to Homer”s Iliad which has under 700 and was written over a thousand years after Homer yet its accepted as accurate. But the Bible? That must be fiction.
            I’m waiting for a better argument than “It’s fiction because it doesn’t say what I want it to.”

          • Stanley

            You can’t say he has no knowledge of the christian faith & then claim that the bible was written 25 years after taking place. Does the council of Nicaea mean anything to you?

          • reddy14

            What have I said that has made me a bigot? Find it and quote it please.
            Also, just so i’m sure, are you calling the entire christian community bigots? Because we all share the same beliefs.
            Anyways, this is nothing new, people rewrite history to fit their present all the time. I assume you will continue to do that.
            Also an example of my marginalizing and discriminatory comments would be good.

        • MorningOwl

          what i find a “valuable” teaching tool is the light we are shedding on “trans” issues, such as the 52 year old married man and the father of 4 who has finally had ther courage to share the truth – that in fact he is a 6 yeard ol girl stuck in a married father’s body. if this generation really is as enlightened as we want it to be, we need to accept this and enroll him in school, girls swim and gymnastics, brownies, etc, and allow him to use the girls washroom in elementary school. i mean, what is /heshe supposed to do? this 6 year old girl needs support, understanding, ans a society that will accept and facilitate his/her truth, unless of course we remain bigoted.

          there is no way you can call this a mental health issue – anybody that is trans anything is a crusader for truth and anyone that disagrees should not be allowed to practice their beliefs!

          oh, and by the way, thanks for being so disrespectful to the entire community of faith in your efforts to show how silly and intolerent they are.

          • MorningOwl

            resorting to name calling only shows your colors and the fact that you are angry, says nothing about me. you can say bigoted all you want but the truth is I am very open to trans issues, and in fact come from a family that has both trans and lesbian members, with whom i have a fabulous relationship. I have fully accepted and loved my trans sister, and gay niece/grandmother.

            the fact is, the 53 year old man who is a transgenger/age 6 year old girl is not a straw man, it is relevant piece of the conversation. I am all for equality and acceptance, but also for truth and honesty.

            but, ignore this and keep name calling – it says a lot about YOU 🙂

      • Danglishish

        First of all, the bible was not written by any god. It was written by men, like you and me, hundreds of years after the story of Christ apparently took place. That story was subsequently edited numerous times over the following years to align with the church’s interests, as they changed. Sooooo, “word of god” may be a bit of a stretch.

        Secondly, any book that calls for people to be stoned to death for adultery and treats women as the root of all evil and property of men ought to be hated. It’s a work of fiction intended to ensure you continue to obey the church and give your money for “salvation.”

        But I’m open minded, so please, feel free to explain to me how a book that promotes such disgusting and barbaric behavior should be embraced by anyone. I’ll wait…

    • MorningOwl

      you sir, are epitomizing the hypocrite. first, YOU have claimed the moral high-ground, THEN you Denigrate an entire population for the action of a few. you really need to be less self righteous and less hypocritical – you’d fit right in with the people you Denigrate.

      • Rob...

        Let’s make this easy. Are you in favor of discrimination against the LGBTQ community. If so, on what grounds? If it’s ‘because religion’, you invite scrutiny.

  • Rob...

    Let’s try a different approach. Most of you here are Oilers fans. You follow one of the least popular NHL teams. You’re taunted, called names, and told your team has no business even being in the NHL. They tell you that the next draft you shouldn’t even have the same rights as the other teams. In some circles you would be hesitant to even share that the Oilers are your team, because it’ll isolate you, or open you to ridicule. Multiply that stuff by 1000 and take away the concept that being an Oilers fan is voluntary and you might get close to what many in the LGBTQ deal with.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Good work Bingofuel and Oilersnation!

    My question is, why isn’t this article posted on all the Nation sites? Seems like a worthy cause that could benefit from exposure outside of Edmonton, and you have the tools to make it so. You may find more support in less conservative markets as well!

  • billythebullet

    With registration in grass roots hockey on the steady decline, any initiative to keep any player of any background in the game is a good idea. Just don’t think me as a bigot if I prefer to stay old school and fly all black or white on my stick please 😉

  • I just read through all the comments again, and I’m glad there are some thoughtful, articulate people among citizens of the Nation.

    I’m also dismayed that some people are giant asshats, but it’s nice to see that they’ve done a great job outing themselves as bigots without anyone else having to do the work for them.

    Here’s the thing:
    If you think PrideTape is stupid, you’re wrong. But remember that no one made you click the link, or read the article, or leave a comment. No one is making you spend your money on the Kickstarter. No one is even asking you to change your thinking (even if your ideas about LGBTQ people are straight out of the 50s).

    OilersNation is in a unique position amongst Oilers fans as the de facto fan site (for a number of reasons). One of the best reasons is that they get involved in community and charity projects even though they don’t need to. PrideTape is one of those things they’ve chosen to support and I think it’s admirable.

  • Last Chance

    It seems that Ference has a lot of free time on his hands and I was wondering if he could do something for Ashely Madison users who feel unfairly judged because of their sexual preferences? Maybe the logo from the Ashely Madison website could be used on tape.
    Many hockey players have had to keep their affairs private for fear of ridicule. Isn’t it time for change? Alberta needs to catch up to progressive sexual views held dearly in many parts of Canada.
    Why does Alberta have to follow let’s lead!

    • Rob...

      So what you’re saying is that you don’t understand the difference between a choice to seek out or commit adultery and being born with a sexuality that is in the minority. Gotcha.

      It’s sad that you don’t see how much opinions like yours drive the need for more awareness campaigns.

  • OilFarmer

    Here’s my opinion on this topic.

    I don’t care, not at all.

    Please give us more oilers articles. I come here for oilers talk that is all. I watch sports as an escape from the everyday drama.

    There’s so many articles and forums for the social justice warriors can go there and leave my oilers forum alone.

    Now please can we trade Jultz for Weber?

  • OilFarmer

    Here’s my opinion on this topic.

    I don’t care, not at all.

    Please give us more oilers articles. I come here for oilers talk that is all. I watch sports as an escape from the everyday drama.

    There’s so many articles and forums for the social justice warriors go there and leave my oilers forum alone.

    Now please can we trade Jultz for Weber?

  • #ThereGoesTheOilers

    I’ve been reading here for a long time. So baggedmilk, because I love this site and because I am part of the LGBTQ community, THANK YOU.

    Some of the comments on this one are encouraging and some are absolutely disheartening. The ignorance and hateful vitriol that seeps out of these posts is something I will never get used to.

  • Tomas Oppolzer

    FN commenter here (this really should be on all Nations websites) and I have a few things to say.

    1)This is a fantastic movement. I I hope it reaches way over it’s goal.

    2)To those of you demonizing LGBTQ individuals and then complaining about others disrespecting your “opinion” please shut up. When your “opinion” directly infringes on a persons right to live their life, it’s no longer an opinion. You’re just the new “blacks 3/5 of person” “women shouldn’t vote” people, and hopefully soon your group will be seen as ridiculous by society at large as those other people are.

    3)The people saying politics shouldn’t be part of hockey, you’re also wrong. In a different way though. Politics have always, and will always, be deeply ingrained in sports. That’s why it was a big deal when America not only sent Jesse Owens to the Berlin Olympics, but he won gold and Hitler stormed out. Jackie Robinson stormed headlines by being the first black baseball player in the MLB. That’s why the USSR made facilities to train the Red Army hockey teams.

      • MorningOwl

        you think that’s true? that’s not true.

        I have a TG sister/come-brother that I am very close with, as well as a niece and grandmother that are L whom i am also very close with – my TG sister has had to apologize numerous times for the unmerited anger, ignorance and intolerance of SOME of her LGBT friends, who she herself describes as “man-haters”.

        I am all for equality and acceptance and choice, and back that up in both my personal and professional life, but I am also tired of the jabs like the ones seen here where people of faith are stereotyped and mocked, disrespected, and criticized as a group, and denigrated with impunity. this is hypocrisy.

        The truth is, the only group that it is acceptable to mock and denigrate without repercussions are people of faith (Christians specifically, you wouldn’t take the same shots at Muslims/Jews/others without being challenged)

        Now, have a McDavid day! 🙂

  • Stanley

    I really appreciate all these comments today. In the past I have often thought about various posters “wow, this guy is a total douche bag, what an idiot”. Then I would feel bad about about thinking that way just because someone disagrees with me about roster deployment or Chia’s off season acquisitions. Then today I see many of those posters spewing bigotry & hatred over some rainbow coloured hockey tape.

    Thank you for confirming my earlier assumptions.

      • Rob...

        I find it amusing when someone blankets themselves in the ‘people of faith’ group. Which faith? Which one’s right? Are the rest wrong? Some christian sects believe if you aren’t part of their particular sect you’re going to hell. Care to comment on them? What about Scientologists? Mormons? Pastafarian? I couldn’t care less what faith you identify with up until you try to dictate how law abiding citizens conduct their lives.

        Every religion I’ve ever had dealings with was constructed by, run by, and full of people capable of all the good and bad traits that make people people.

        • MorningOwl

          i’ve heard of Rastafarians, (Bob Marley) but Pastafarians sounds much tastier…

          I am not sure though why you insist on aligning people of faith opposite the “law abiding citizens”. Last I checked, every person of faith I have met is a law abiding citizen as well… and have equal protection against discrimination and prejudice and hate and bigotry. If you cannot see yourself, that is not different than a lot of the hateful and bigoted people you address… same cloth, different side. I am not sure how you jumped to anyone dictating anyone’s way of life – I have not, nor has anyone I have read here, suggested people shouldn’t live the way they choose – it’s just that some don’t see their own hateful words as bigotry – not surprising given the nature of bigotry.

          and your whole argument about “Which faith? Which one’s right? Are the rest wrong?” is just you continuing to mock, disrespect and denigrate that population. keep it up.

          glad you are amused though – i also find it amusing that the one most vocal about the “hate” is the very one that has spewed the most hate here, but only towards a group that is OK to target… real Archie Bunker mindset.

          • Seanaconda

            Pastafarians are the ones that wear colanders on their heads. They worship the great flying spaghetti monster. But anyways people are good or bad regardless of faith. Also the pastafarian thing is real

      • Stanley

        “Your trying to sell a deviancy and legitimize it to normal people by delusion.”

        Do you seriously not see hatred & bigotry in comments like this? Deviancy? Just because you dont agree with a lifestyle doesnt make it deviant. You see bigotry against religion because you are religious and ignore it when it goes against a group you dont agree with. Your views are clear to everyone here.

        • MorningOwl

          so, you also see it a well against people of faith you’re saying?

          the comment you shared may border on bigotry, and definitely epitomizes the old school way of thinking, but my point is that there is much more ignorant, sarcastic and demeaning comments directed towards people of faith – and it doesn’t even register to those spewing it that they are actually committing the very bigotry and discrimination they are accusing others of. if we are going to call the comment highlighted “hate” and “bigotry” then i believe to be intellectually honest, you have to do the same towards the mocking and disparaging comments aimed at believers.

          I am all for equal rights 100% – but if you can be honest, you will see that the hatred and mocking and bigotry towards christians goes unchallenged. double stand = hypocrisy.

          • Ned

            “but my point is that there is much more ignorant, sarcastic and demeaning comments directed towards people of faith”

            I haven’t noticed any examples of these types of comments towards people of faith being made here. But Stanley’s point is valid, the comment he quoted is bigoted. I’m not sure how or why you can disagree.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Oilers Nation: you have great writers and a brilliant platform.

    Still, I’ll be taking a hiatus from this site after reading the ignorance floating around in your comments section. Being a (half) visible minority, I’ve seen a slightly different brand of this ignorance in my home town (Edmonton) and empathize greatly with the LGBT community.

    I hope ON keeps doing what it does but I really desire that the arrogance/ignorance be banished from this site. There are many elements of the LGBT cause that women (suffragettes) faced at the dawn of the 20th century.

    Of all people, straight men (those who are discriminated the least on this planet), ought to take a step back before spreading their trite, poorly thought through arguments.

    A bientot, ON. https://youtu.be/3CPjWd4MUXs