GDB 48.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Lightning


It was fun for a few minutes! Right? Anyone? Final Score: 6-4 Lightning.

Tonight was the first Nugeless night on our way to Connor McDavid’s return in exactly two weeks time. Until that happens, the Oilers are going to need multiple guys to step up and fill the hole. To me, Nuge’s injury (coupled with McDavid’s) shows exactly why Peter Chiarelli should be hesitant of trading him. Depth at centre is still an issue on this team. The top two centres for tonight consisted of a guy (a great one) with less than a full year of NHL experience and a third line winger. That’s bad. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to have an abundance of guys that could play either in the middle, or on the wing? I do.

Debating why trading Nuge is a bad idea is a debate that we can have for weeks to come. In the meantime, I think we may need to figure out which god/spirit/lucky gonch that we’ve upset because we almost lost another first overall pick tonight. Nail Yakupov got tied up in the Lightning zone and was pulled down awkwardly, favouring his ankle as he was helped off the ice. Luckily he came back, staying for the rest of the game, but having another guy go down would have been absolutely ridiculous. He bounced back. We can move on… this time.

As for the game itself, the only way I can really describe it would be ‘a complete gong show’ and I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way. Defense was optional tonight, and you can’t help but love seeing 10 goals in a game. For as often as the Oilers were bad, and made some glaring mistakes, they kept finding their way out of it. Even after Nilsson went out for a hot lap on the winner, I was still expecting them to get the game into overtime. But the hockey gods hate us right now, and they don’t want us to feel any prolonged happiness. Dreams crushed. More points lost. *sigh*

The wrap.



  • Zack Kassian scored his first goal as an Edmonton Oiler and he was pumped about it. Kassian was floating in front of the net, and was in perfect position to bang home the rebound. The puck was even inside, near his skates, and he was still able to put the rebound away. Kassian later got an assist on Leon Draisaitl’s goal, giving him two points on the night. If he can keep his shit together the Oilers may have found themselves a nice piece of the puzzle. 
  • Iiro Pakarinen got an assist on Kassian’s goal and follow it up with one of his own (his fourth). Pakarinen has been playing well over the past few weeks, and he was rewarded with a goal. It was also nice to see some production from the bottom six. 
  • Mark Letestu was great again tonight. With Nuge out, and Hendricks playing centre, Letestu had a bump in minutes and he handled them well. He was rewarded for his hard work with a shorthanded goal (seventh goal of the year, second shorthanded) that was a result of his speed and hustle. 
  • I thought Brandon Davidson was solid tonight. He was a team leading +3 on a night when the Lightning scored six. 
  • Taylor Hall and Leon Draisaitl played their two-on-one perfectly in the third period. Hall made a perfect pass and Draisaitl just had to tap it in (his 11th). Hall played much better after being benched for the final minutes of the second period. 
  • The penalty kill was perfect again.  
  • Thank Gord for post luck. The Lightning beat Nilsson cleanly three times in the first period, but were denied by the post. All hail post. Tonight could have been a lot worse. 
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  • Power play. Awful. 0/4 on the night. 
  • I thought Nail Yakupov was playing fairly well early on in the game, but as the game went on he gave away the puck multiple times. Forgettable end to his night.
  • Nail Yakupov also re-injured his ankle in the first period, and had to be helped off the ice. He did return later in that same period, but you have to wonder how the ankle will feel once he takes his skate off. 
  • Teddy Purcell got caught puck watching on Ondrej Palat’s goal. The Oilers had full coverage on the back check but Teddy P lost his man and the puck wound up in the net. 
  • In defense of Purcell, his whole line was quiet for big chunks of the night. Taylor Hall was even benched by McLellan in the second period.
  • It makes it much easier for the other team to get the matchup they want when they’re only defending against one true scoring line. 
  • Jordan Eberle had a forgettable game playing with Pouliot and Hendricks. He was very quiet, and seemed to be chasing the puck more than he had it. 
  • The Oilers still give up too many pucks at both blue lines. It must drive Todd McLellan insane. 
  • Steve Stamkos pulled one of the dirtiest plays in hockey when he slew footed Zack Kassian against the boards. Not only did he slew foot him, it was blatantly obvious. Not sure what the hell he was thinking on that one. Normally I would expect a suspension for that kind of play, but it’s Steve Stamkos doing it to Zack Kassian so you know nothing will happen. 
  • Not a great night for Anders Nilsson. As I mentioned earlier, he was getting a lot of luck with pucks hitting the post in the first period and they all ended up staying out of the net. On other shots, he just didn’t look comfortable at all. I’m not saying he played horribly (he didn’t), but this wasn’t a great night for Anders Nilsson and I think that’s being generous. He finished the night with 25 saves on 30 shots, and an .833 save%.


03:57 TBL Nikita Nesterov (3) Wrist shot – ASST: Alex Killorn (13), Andrej Sustr (9) 1 – 0 TBL
05:25 EDM Zack Kassian (1) Wrist shot – ASST: Iiro Pakarinen (3) 1 – 1 Tie
16:57 TBL Nikita Kucherov (19) Backhand shot – ASST: Tyler Johnson (10), Alex Killorn (14) 2 – 1 TBL
19:26 EDM SHG – Mark Letestu (7) Wrist shot – ASST: Darnell Nurse (6) 2 – 2 Tie
06:09 TBL Ondrej Palat (4) Wrist shot – ASST: Vladislav Namestnikov (15), Steven Stamkos (16) 3 – 2 TBL
17:12 TBL Vladislav Namestnikov (10) Tip-in – ASST: Ondrej Palat (9), Steven Stamkos (17) 4 – 2 TBL
02:10 EDM Leon Draisaitl (11) Wrist shot – ASST: Taylor Hall (28), Zack Kassian (1) 4 – 3 TBL
04:29 EDM Iiro Pakarinen (4) Slapshot – ASST: NONE 4 – 4 Tie
07:42 TBL SHG – Brian Boyle (9) Wrist shot – ASST: Braydon Coburn (6), J.T. Brown (10) 5 – 4 TBL
19:33 TBL EN – Alex Killorn (8) Wrist shot – ASST: Nikita Kucherov (20) 6 – 4 TBL


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This week Jason Gregor joins us to talk about the latest stretch of Oiler games, the debut of Zack Kassian, power play woes and potential trades in the near future. Then we play a spirited round of Ask The Idiots where we talk Making A Murderer, Gregor gives his dating advice and we find out what Chris The Intern’s favourite colour is.

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  • Baresnake

    The Oilers deserved to lose that game.

    Nilsson wasn’t the reason they lost. He just didn’t steal the game for them. Just too many turnovers and the PP just sucks. They should take a page from the beer leagues and just keep running through the lines. If someone starts to shine, give them that position and build from there.

  • DieHartOiler

    @Herb&@Robert….the efforts to support a fair and open and balanced status quo here are very much appreciated.

    I have to comment on something I have listened to a few times today on a TV Sports Show…a Commentator at the desk was discussing the “catalyst behind” the shots being generated by a Team and he made references that IMHO essentially said that the shots WERE “NOT Corsi-generated shots” …he was dissing the idea of this……. he then said THEY WERE ” QUALITY’ shots….quality shots?WTF?Excuse me?

    There is no such thing as Corsi generated shots because there is no such thing as Corsi.It is an advanced stats myth,supported by fluidly interpreted malable intentionally misused and misinterpeted statistical envelopes.

    The “Quality” shots were generated using IDA and IDM .They were terminally focused finishing shots signalling the proper conversion of a possesion into a shot in net.This is a perfect representation of the Possesion/Transition style of hockey as projected by the NHS using IDA…IDM..AND THE NHS-TSP.All of which the Rangers picked up from Moma2s NewAge Hockey System,which is where Intuitive Dynamic Analysis and Intuitive Dynamic Management and their love child the NHS Tactical Shooting Program ALL originate from .

    The so-called “corsi generated shots” being described are ALSO shots being generated using IDA and IDM.They were purposefully taken EARLY in the zone entry sequence and the entire o-zone playactions were planned loosely around the CONSISTANTLY PRODUCED REBOUNDS coming out of these playacton and process driven shot sequences.This is a “hurry-up” version of the possesion/transition focus….a different shade of interpretation and application of the same NHS Mother-Concepts IDA and IDM tailored to a specific Roster and base processes strengths .One earlier recommended for this version of the Oilers except supported by the Hammer and Anvil defensive base.This version of the IDA and IDM managed process produces LOTS OF SHOTS AND 2ND SHOTS ON NET and forces prodigeous volumes of puck possesion changes artificially,supporting the possesion/tansition style…..the Rangers have dialed right in LMAO.

    If you simply dump pucks into the o-zone after sucessfully transiting the opposition blueline with possesion,well THEN you would be consistantly ending possesion playactions with a result that would support something equally as regressive senseless and poisoned as the corsi myth happens to be.

    The TSP replaces a large part of a players cerebral machinations{decisions} AND Process based structural management{positional requirements} with micro-managed IDM driven cerebral muscle-memorys or “habits”{wax-on & wax-off Grasshopper….remember?}……this puts things into essentially controlled hyper-speed via PROCESS.Which is why Goalies cannot compete.

    The Commentators are even struggeling to explain effectively what they are seeing happen on the ice because they are IMHO intentionally skirting the use of correct and proper NHS terminology.

    Bring NAS out of retirement,get the entire NHS locked up for the Oilers then for the love of all things bacon let a Class be set up for these Broadcasters so they may do a more Professional job of describing the playactons they see manifesting on the ice.

    OMG I believe NAS would love to get a piece of Hrudy on the air or any schill who would dare challenge the NHS and try to tilt their illuminations away from the NHS or Oilers light….LMAO.

    We need tentacles immediatly reaching out into minor hockey to stop the stats based disconnects and the evolutionary stagnation ASAP and to invigorate the entire sport Books written,and Marketed ONLINE and conventionlly,we need Courses set up Seminars and Web-thingys planned,we need to tacticlly penetrate every level of GLOBAL HOCKEY ASAP because as we have seen on the World Stage many COUNTRIES have suddenly evolved almost overnight into competing powers using these same NHS based IDA and IDM System Management Programs.We need to target not just the few already being given the statistical antedote but ALL major Professional Sports and saturate their Industry Super-Structures with PARITY ASAP. It makes everything better for EveryFan.

    @Jordan McNugent Hallkins….quite a few years ago I read a post my Moma2/NAS which promised to donate a % of anything “imaginary”generated by the “imaginary” Moma2s NewAge Hockey System/NewAge Hockey System to a Charity on behalf of ON…because back then ON was receptive to letting Moma2 post lengthy philosophy concept and tacticlly based commentaries ,so NAS made the promise.Why would that change?

    If you consider that not one single stats based educational instructional or otherwise Hockey Program will survive the NHS Purge once the dam is broken because IDA and IDM 100% disenfranchise statistical numerical repesentations of past events which have been projected as having some use as anticipatory progressive tactical and even teaching assets then …. you will understand the unbelievably VAST HUNGRY MARKETPLACE which will behave like a massive VACUME sucking up everything NHS.

    Just light a match and see what happens.

    Hurry, because Therian moved everyone with the Stand-Up Honestly driven DEFENSE OF HIS MEN….and his honesty and loyalty PROJECTED HEAVY AND HARD….someones fingers were ligering over the keyboard this morning wanting to type in Montreal Canadi…..well you get it huh? That guy DESERVES A BREAK.He PROJECTS as the right man to posses the NHS to some degrees at the very least….I mean if you HAD A CHOICE WHERE TO LAND YOUR BATTLESHIP WOULDNT IT BE BESIDE A GUY LIKE THAT?,EVEN FOR A SHORT WHILE TO SHARPEN YOUR OWN TEETH AND TURN THIS CATS FORTUNES AROUND???


    Darn tempting to give him an NHS sample sized data set.Retirement is not easy.

    Taylor is PERFECT just how he is,he evolved some areas of his game this season during stretches where he saw the extra push was being exponentially capitalised upon.

    Yes,he coughs up a lot of pucks….but it took him a lot of deftly invested years and lessons to develop the puck possesion acumen he now has at the elite level,yes its high risk hockey when taken in the wrong context as in compared to his teammtes seemingly being mistake free….understand possesion changes are like CURRENCY….you only get as much as you demand and manifest and there are only so many places you can spend your loot during 60 minutes.

    Taylor KNOWS IN HIS GUTS …the TRUE VALUE of those possesions and he DOES NOT WISH TO FRITTER THEM AWAY….he is SMART….he has TASTED the NHS back when he broke into the NHL….he was a part of Sam Gagners 8 point Big-Night which Taylor and the rest of the Survivors KNOW VERY WELL was NHS catalysed.

    No current or past Oiler player who was vested in the team since 2009 will ever be forced to wear a scarlet band on their arm.That history has been written and recorded already.

    2012 will always be the Oilers rubicon.

    They cannot go back and change things now.

    They cannot fall back any further so now there is no option but to PUSH FORWARD…..they must break what will be to them NEW GROUND…it matters not what that path they must take may mean to their contemporaries{maybe Old-Hat}….but this Group must find the ORGANISATIONAL WILLPOWER TO ENDORSE NEW IDEAS and break NEW GROUND on the NHLs current evolutionary Landscape for themselves ASAP.

    You may give management control of those possesions to HALL or to NUGE or to DRE’ or to McDavid… matters not if there is no optimal process in place to help generate an adequate volume of possesions of the type fitting the rosters or to via process convert those possesions into NHL goals consistantly.Support grasshopper…support.Risk vs Reward.Trust between the ice and the Bench…generating opportunitys for both parts of the equation to push the process envelopes and gamble at the best times .CONTROL….giving the Players a NewAge level of CONTROL via PROCESS,allowing T-Mac and JW to RELINQUISH CONTROL and GAIN not LOSE process impetus.

    Taylor “bails” on most of his puck surrenders….many are not forced solely by opposition players mano-a-mano but by circumstance of the moment or game and process direction….there are MANY FACTORS which contribute to Halls decision making processes illuminated 100% by the dynamic patterns of his puck surrenders depending on the System he is playing and on the oppositions response to said System and by goodness I have seen him in enough Systems to know my tiddleys from my winks.

    Taylor Hall is a Proto-typical Possesion/Transition Power Forward….he IS THE NEWAGE GENERATION of an effective impactfull Power Forward.He provides evidence of his true pedigree every time he is used optimally as do his fellow Core-mates.

    Sure “statisticlly” he looks like a turnover machine….but within the NHS he or anyone else managing such a definitive volume of the teams 60 minutes worth of possesions would be considered an optimal possesion catalyst AND driver and would be built around so the process ACTIVATED on his decisions.

    You see Hallsy CATALYSES possesions and he DRIVES them,which is CHEATING VIA PROCESS T-MAC AND YOU KNOW IT,and so why… yes Dorothy… statisticlly or “visually”{see what they do there?blend the two lol}…. he looks like a turnover machine….but dynamiclly to the NHS he is a puck possesion powerhouse of untapped proportions.

    • Baresnake

      Every turnover results in an opportunity for a scoring chance against your team. That being said, a turnover against the opponent is also a scoring chance. Sometimes you have to give up the puck in order to regain it and score.

      This is just a big chess game:
      – Hall enters the offensive zone
      – Best defender and forward trap Hall to force him to give up the puck
      – Hall gives up the puck
      – Opponent starts their break out
      – Oilers gang up to strip the puck from either the opponent doing the outlet pass or the recipient of the outlet pass
      – Puck possession regained and odd man rush situation possible
      – Hall scores with a majic shot and adds +1 to turnover and +1 to goals scored

      • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins


        Now we have to look at the constellation of peripheral micro-dynamics surrounding this excellent example.

        Assuming we are going to execute this playaction sequence via PROCESS using tactical acumen,what do we need to consider,what does every man on the ice need to consider and have to be doing at any of the to be given moments?

        A lot of things have to work perfectly for us to turn the frown upside down when Hallsy loses the puck to those 2 men,maybe they are being targeted maybe their process positioning is being targeted by Hall or Hallsy entire line via process ,so lets begin there.Does he “lose” it or does he “tacticlly surrender” it? There is a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE in dynamic intentions but “visually” it is very very difficult if not impossible to discern his thought process as being individually catalysed or process driven.

        @Officer Frank Murphy…..salutations.

        There is not possibly enough time for me to continue breaking this down using IDA and IDM here and now , I did this once on faceoffs and Dellow got his and my dream job while I got the shaft,anyways I hear the League is now slowly moving to kibosh that particular F/O Template…lol,once is enough,and nowadays I dont want to waste to much energy sorry,but hopefully we get the gist here….there are SOOO MANY dynamic potentialities presenting themselves already that hopefully we can agree that if one is to have any hope of ever consistantly tacticlly managing this VOLUME of data…well a Program is needed,one which condenses and streamllines EVERYTHING then executes at neuro-speeds.

        Traditional systems do not have the raw horsepower of capacity on any level to optimally handle the volumes of data required to attatch statistical valuations and statisticlly catalysed sympathetic tactical data which would be congruent and not regressive by proxy.

        I am tired and at a loss to explain a reasonable paralell…..lets go with this one ok?

        The Computer DEEP BLUE lost to Garry Kasparov flat out hands down game fokking over.I consider Deep Blues Tem to have CHEATED and k

        Then the tech-geeks re-programmed their machine changing the parameters of the rules and CHEATED to BARELY BEAT HIM IN A 2ND MATCH.IMHO they never beat him because they cheated and it is on the record and they do not deny it they hide behind legalities and rule interpretations…..but at the TRUTH AND HEART OF THE MATTER THEY CHEATED.

        You see Deep Blue never had a fighting chance and never will UNLESS IT CHEATS…..because A.I cannot CREATE….it can only REPEAT .Numbers can only repeat or represent finite potentialities,representative of past events which are set in the equivilant of Time-space concrete and are that mallable.

        Deep Blue was programmed to make mistakes ON PURPOSE, to CREATE new dynamics,because it couldnt LEARN ON THE FLY , it was PROGAMMED TO CHEAT because it COULD NOT INTENTIONALLY MAKE MISTAKES…the data CAPACITY OF THE TECHNOLOGY WAS INFERIOR TO THE HUMAN BRAIN AND STILL IS…when new processing capabiliies were avilable the cheating beestards upgraded then programmed a CHEAT data set for set-up re-match.Then they would not engage Kasparov again once he figured them out and challenged them again{you wouldnt believe why they really biached out and ran Garry was going to promote them all from Tight-Ends to Wide-Recievers infinitum like NAS has done to the Oilers and all things stats} ……now the data processing capacity is ASTRONOMICAL compared to then but my money is on Kasparov……because kasparov…get this kids….ONLY HAS TO CHANGE ONE SINGLE DYNAMIC POTENTIALITY OUT OF THE INFINATE SET IN PLAY TO CREATE AN ENTIRELY NEW SET OF INFININATE POSSIBILITIES the simple POSTULATION BY GARRY engages this majic no machine will ever touch that speed….LMFAO… see Grasshopper?The NUMBERS NEVER WIN…someone please tell Oiler Al…its over Little-Dog its over…and get him some well aged Bacon…he needs it.

        Garrys singular thought executes this dynamic sequencing…lol….do YOU think there will ever be a computer capable of concieving of or manifesting an infinate self-propogating anticipatory reality MANIFESTING impact?In the time-space of a singular thought?No…you can even cheat more than once,I know because in my second chess game ever I two moved an experienced player who pulled out a freaking dictionary with 20,000 Chess Moves to try disenfranchising my victory….lol…do you have any idea how easy it was for me to go from having never played Chess in my life to sitting down over a few beers and listening to my pal as he pointed to pieces told me names and explained skillsets of every piece to losing a game while I absorbed his tactics comparatively to my established understanding of my own players optimal potentials,I was gunning to win from move one every time.The second game was over on his first move.

        The potentialities were a REFLECTION TO ME IN 3-D , so I was able to work from the opposite end of the spectrum to what he was seeing,he moved and I put him back

        I still remember the moment I understood the object of the game,because that was the same instant that I saw how to end it by the path of least resistance,there are a very few potentialiies avilable when there are so few players “in play”.

        Chess is boring when you can see the win one move in and even if you close your eyes you can verbalise the next few till its over….and trust me its over.

        Garry Kasparov was in my opinion a didactic learner in addition to being an Intuitive Empath…and there is rock solid evidence supporting this hypothesis.

        Garry didnt “record events’ with photographic memory ability projected and stored like a statistical imprint or numericlly projected one dimensional template.The computer did that,numberical symbologys do this,Dellow does this,the Oilers stats saturated visionaries do this.

        Garry wasnt “parroting” anything,ever,because he didnt need to.He was learning in interactive 3-D live real-time ..all the time at neurospeed.

        Now the coles notes version…watch the Karate Kid and pay attention.IDA and IDM are by philosophical proxy integral PILLARS of the original teaching style accurately portrayed in the movie as projected by the Bonzai Sculptor who fixed bicycles for free or so it seemed,free things or ideological cerebral “hooks”…mmmm…watch the movie,you decide.Keeping in mind the NHS was given to the hockey world in free sample sizes.

        Do you know what Bushido is Lobsang?

        Bushido to My-Eye is the embodiement of the philosophy of the Living Breathing Thinking Feeling Sword so I am taught.I share the melodies I have been privilaged to have been gifed within the fluidity of the layers and currents of dynamic verbal respites I have vested freely.Everyone has rules,even self-subscribed ones.

        As a child he had not to be instructed, as indeed he was from his earliest years, in the etiquette of philosophical self-immolation .

        When you are playing All-In all the time winning is not an option it is a requirement.

        Sometimes emotionally catalysed and philosophiclly driven intentions ARE THE ETHEREAL FIRMAMENT upon which ideological visionaries plan and sculpt the potential futures for those blessed with lesser vision and portent.

        Someone leads the way someone projects the flame or the light for all others someone sees everything first and someone is optimally equipped to land the next sucessfull evolutionary step ….every single time.He who seizes the light of day upon himself defines the blackness of the night which must fall upon others.

  • Pinoy-ler

    I don’t get all the fuss over Hall giving it to his teammates. This guy has been the beating heart of this team for YEARS. He WANTS TO WIN. All his hard work in the corner, gone because someone (probably Schultz or Fayner) bobbled it at the line.

    We need MORE players like Hall, not less. He has every right to be angry – he’s been playing in this sh!t hole ever since he came into the NHL. What’s wrong with holding his teammates accountable? This is the NHL, people.

    Westbrook and Durant get pissed at each other every now and then.

    Kobe and Shaq FOR SURE had their feuds while they were teammates. Kobe in general is a hard ass on everyone because he’s a COMPETITOR.

    I don’t know why this is frowned upon. To those of you who took offense to what Hall did, please feel free to take your leave from this fan base. We have too many soft players, we don’t need soft fans.


    • Pinoy-ler

      To add on to my comment,

      I’m assuming all of you, who didn’t like what Hall did, have played competitive sports, no matter what level, and were fine with teammates making mental mistakes?

      I’m also assuming you were the type to not be able to take any type of criticism on your play/performance.

      … I just don’t understand the people turning on Hall after this. He is one of the few players (from what we saw/heard on the ice) who is verbally trying to hold his teammates accountable and better this group as a whole.

      Some of you need to grow a pair. I’d rather have 3 Halls yelling at his teammates, holding them accountable than 3 Schultzes bobbling the puck at the blueline and telling each other, “it’s alright buddy. we’re only down 2-0!”

      • Chris_Cruise

        These get ugly..there’s a difference between saying stuff in the heat of the moment out of passion and just getting ugly.

        Christian Bale yelling at a lighting guy…That’s saying stuff passionately in the heat of the moment.

        I was at the Ducks game and saw Hall chew out Schultz and it was ugly….A guy playing with no confidence to begin with.

        This isn’t leadership, this is juvenile. But Hall’s a young player so I’ll give him a pass.

        And McLellan handled it. Lesson learned for Hall, and it was done in front of the whole team. If McLellan saw a problem with it, then it likely was a problem.

        I’ve played on trends with people like that and you never see a lot of team success when that happens.

        • Pinoy-ler

          At that point, Hall chewing out Schultz most likely had been brewing for who knows how many games, practices, etc.

          People respond differently, I guess is all there is to say. Some people need to be coddled, while some just need to get a fire lit under their ass to get going.

          It just boggles my mind how people can’t take criticism. I don’t know how badly it’s been (with Hall). I trust that McLellan did the right thing, but is also still willing to hold his players accountable in a more “appropriate” manner.

          I’m a fan of both NBA and NHL. I suppose it’s not appropriate to compare the two sports since in the NHL, the players are stripped of their freedom of speech. You just need to look at post game player interviews.

          • AJ88

            There is a time and place for constructive criticism. In an arena on television during the game in front of your whole team is not the time and place. This is why teams have closed door meetings, to air the dirty laundry. Hall went over the line as far as being a teammate, he was justly put into place by the coach and you move on. However I think why you are not seeing the “C” on Hall may be directly related to this type of leadership qualities he displays at times.

          • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

            I think your points are fair and I don’t necessarily disagree with them.

            It’s also a subjective topic, in regards to what crosses the line and what doesn’t. Passion and criticism are two things that you want, but within measure. Kassian spoke about passion last night, he feels it and I definitely think the team needs more of it.

            It’s just with Hall he’s been doing it for a bit now, I remember one instance where in the lockout season he was yelling at Yakupov in his rookie season, right after a whistle. I don’t think Hall was ever treated that way by vets. It looked bad and I’m sure the other team noticed.

            There are players known for this, but they do it in the locker room. I don’t mind that either, at least it’s away from prying eyes. Others may soak to this better than I, but didn’t Pronger have this sort of reputation?

          • Pinoy-ler

            I think we can attribute it to his competitive nature.

            I just think that it’s better to do it in game AND in closed door meetings. If you wait til the meeting, the game is already over – they already lost. Problems need to be fixed as soon as possible, not when it’s too late, in my opinion.

  • Pinoy-ler

    Hall is a goofy, spoiled heartless brat. You can flip the story however you want, and stick up for him, but, it will do nothing, he will still be a goofy, spoiled heartless brat.

    I wish all his groupies lived in the states of America, that passion of blindness and ignorance is what Trump needs to prevail.