First Star, Worst Star: January 31st, 2016


All Star weekend is winding to a close, the NHL resumes play on Tuesday, teams are gearing up for one final push toward the playoffs (every Canadian team excluded) and spring is right around the corner. So you know what that means; another instalment of First Star, Worst Star! 


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.29.04 PM

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I mean, was there any doubt of who this was going to be? Not only did John Scott score TWO GOALS, he threw the first bodycheck in an All Star game since the advent of television, he dropped the mitts with the league’s favourite alleged criminal and he could not have had a bigger smile on his face while doing it. 

You want a garbage goal followed by a hilarious celebration (that I maintain was also a metaphorical middle finger to the league)? JOHN SCOTT’LL GET YOU THAT!

You want two-thirds of a Gordie Howe Hat Trick in an All Star game? JOHN SCOTT’LL GET YOU THAT!

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You want to see a universally disliked former player turned broadcaster get roasted on live TV? JOHN SCOTT’LL GET YOU THAT TOO! 

It’s already been said ad nauseam, but this was the most fun All Star game I can remember. I don’t know if it will leave an indelible mark in the same way Owen Nolan calling his shot and going bar down on Hasek for a hat trick did when I was a kid, but I definitely won’t forget this All Star game for a long time. Kudos to John Scott for embracing everything the way he did, not backing down when the league (allegedly) tried to bully him into bowing out, and turning this into what will probably be one of the most talked about All Star games in NHL history. Now let’s all get back to going out of our way to tell everyone how little interest we have in the All Star game for the next decade, just as god intended. 


You know what, I’m still so jacked up from all the All Star John Scott fun that there is no worst star this week. Instead let’s just watch Scott’s breakaway goal again, SHALL WE? Not a bad snipe for a guy who has only scored 22 goals since 2001! 

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Also shout out to Taylor Hall, who looked every bit the part of an All Star during that game. He even did well despite being saddled with two Calgary Flames for line mates! Talk about overcoming adversity! 

    • Would you take Bolig?
      We will toss in Smid ( you must miss him in the orange and blue) just to sweeten the pot.
      Really we would be doing you a favor by eliminating some of that price tag before you face cap crunch.
      But seriously, Bolig – what cant the guy do.

  • Twitch

    Beyond John Scott being the obvious first star. I also have to give a honorable mention to Jagr and his comments after the game. Good on one of the best to ever play to acknowledge the small margin of talent between the best and the worst in the NHL. I remember playing a summer rec game against Derek Boogaard (#RIP) and he single handedly destroyed us! Not that we were much completion but we all played somewhat high level hockey and he was clearly better then everyone out there and he wasn’t even trying that hard. You have to be extremely good at hockey to make the NHL in any capacity!

    Worst star easily goes to Glen Healy and his critical comments following John Scott’s 1st goal! It was a tip in off a hard slap pass! What did you want him to do with it? It went in didn’t it! How this guy continues to be employed as a broadcaster is beyond me. Again, shout out to Jagr when he named Healy his favourite player for all the goals he scored on him!

  • Twitch

    Gained a lot of respect for Brent Burns. For some reason I thought he was just another 7 million a year jackass with red 2000 dollar cowboy boots and a toothy grin. The way he treated John Scott was priceless and I am a Jackass for jumping to conclusions.

  • AJ88

    My kids watched the skills and the 3 on 3. They both play but rarely watch. The John Scott thing wasn’t much of a factor to them. I didn’t fill them in on anything except that he got voted in.

    The last all-star game I watched, Mario Lemeiux played in it. I enjoyed it this year.


  • Without a doubt the best ASG since ’97. Nothing else comes close.

    Man did Hall ever look good out there. He seems like one of the more complete hockey players in the game. Nice to see him enjoy himself. Well deserved.