North By NorthGretz Podcast Episode 15


Live from the #NationSkiTrip in Jasper! This week the boys are joined by a very special guest, one of the ORIGINAL Oilersnation commenters The Towel Boy! They talk about the return of Connor McDavid, expectations for the rest of the season, how much fun they’re having in Jasper, share some old school Oilersnation memories, and much, much more!

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  • S cottV

    There is a very good reason the Oil are losers from top to bottom of the organization. Entitlement.

    Lowe and Mact never once did anything to deserve their positions by earning anything. Lowe was made coach of the Oil maybe, what, one year as an asst. coach in NYC before coming to the Oil. Next year he was GM with no experience. Mact the same. This organization from before and post-Katz continued to demonstrate the Peter Principle.

    Players no longer have to earn anything or prove anything before they get the big 7- figure contract dropped on them. Go high in the draft sign your ELC wait patiently for 3 years to come and go and presto magico and you are an entitled multi-millionaire. Look at Eberle and Schultz just for openers. The former is a lazy s.o.b. who plays sorry weakass hockey. He has never been held accountable by any coach. Schultz is the same but even more inept. Go through the whole team.

    If the management aren’t held to account what message do you think has filtered down through the whole organization from Katz to the players in the AHL. Top to bottom entitlement and that is beyond bullsh*t. Stan Fischler got it right.

    I don’t think this will ever end.

    • ‘Lowe and Mact never once did anything to deserve their positions by earning anything.’

      Hundreds of games played, Captains both as well as Head Coach. You may not be happy with the results of their regime – how could anyone with eyes and a brain – but let’s not suggest they were plucked off the trash heap of history and put in charge. These two have more than earned their time at the top and now others are in charge so lets take a deep breath here.