GDB 78.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Kings

The countdown hits four. At least Connor got a point? Final Score: 6-4 Kings

With tonight’s game in the books, the Oilers have only four contests remaining until the time comes for what could potentially be the greatest tank battle of all time. With so many Canadian teams in the running for this year’s lottery the Oilers may have to do something drastic to ensure that a fifth first overall pick finds its way into the pocket of its rightful owner. We will find a way. All I can think about is how funny it would be if the Oilers won another draft lottery. At this point of the season, what else do we have left to do but laugh at ourselves?

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If I’m being honest, I’m actually counting down the days until the season is over. This season has been longer than any of us could have imagined, and I think we could use the break. I also think that this coming summer could be more entertaining for the Oilers than the last half of the season has been (as per tradition). I want to see the look on Bettman’s face when the Oilers somehow win another draft lottery, and I want to see what kind of moving and shaking Chiarelli is going to do with the roster. If I were to guess, this summer will likely see a massive overhaul for the Oilers and for the first time in forever that won’t just mean for the peripheral players.

As for tonight’s game it was pretty much what I expected from a March matchup between the Oilers and Kings. From the second period onward, the Kings were able to kind of do as they pleased against the Oilers and Edmonton was left trying to plug the holes in the dam. While there were moments where the Oilers were engaged in the game, and able to generate chances offensively, the Kings were just too much on every level. They were just too big, strong, and talented for the Oilers to be able to create any kind of even match ups. Unfortunately, games against teams as good as the Kings show just how far off the Oilers are from actually competing seriously.

As much as it is disappointing to watch another game like this, I still have hope that there are better days are ahead. I just hope the hockey gods call our number soon. 

The wrap.

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  • Jordan Eberle had some great follow up on the puck to bang home his 25th goal of the season. He also added an assist on Maroon’s power play goal in the third period.
  • Connor McDavid scored a goal (his 15th) by swinging his stick at the puck when it was on Lecavalier’s stick, right in front of Quick. You would think that Lecavalier would have known better but I guess he’s not used to someone as fast as Connor. McDavid followed that up with a primary assist on Patrick Maroon’s power play goal in the third period. Another two points for Calder McDavid! Connor McDavid now finds himself on a seven game point streak.
  • Patrick Maroon has been so much better than I think anyone expected when he was brought over from the Anaheim Ducks. Maroon put home his 8th goal of the year with a beautiful shot, through a crowd, on the power play. He followed that up with his 9th goal by driving to the net and banging home a loose puck. I love this guy.
  • Jordan Oesterle put up another assist tonight and quietly played a team high 22:20 while finishing the night an even 0 on the night.
  • The Oilers went 55% in the face off circle. No small feat against the Kings. 



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  • Crazy start to tonight’s game. The Kings scored and the Oilers responded within a minute, then the Oilers scored and Kings returned the favour.
  • How did Jeff Carter’s goal count? I know I may be biased but that seemed like blatant goaltender interference to me. 
  • I won’t complain about the refs again. I won’t complain about the refs again. I won’t complain about the refs again. I won’t complain about the refs again. I won’t complain about the refs again.
  • The Oilers power play is so bad that they were just as likely to give up a shorthanded goal as they were to score one of their own. Although they did score a PP goal tonight, they also allowed a shortie which always seems worse. The Oilers went 1/4 on the power play.
  • Tonight was not Laurent Brossoit’s night. Actually, Brossoit hasn’t had an overly great run since being recalled after the trade deadline. I wouldn’t say that this run is enough to give up on Brossoit, not even close, but it does make it clear that the Oilers will be in the market for a backup goaltender in the offseason. Brossoit finished the night with 27 saves and an .844 save%.
  • When you put up four goals you should have a good chance to win the game. The Oilers were let down by their goaltending and defensive lapses that resulted in goals. 
  • The Hall-Draisaitl line had a tough night tonight. They couldn’t get much going and always seemed to be on the ice for goals against. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s what I saw.


00:16 LAK Tyler Toffoli (28) Wrist shot – ASST: Brayden McNabb (8), Milan Lucic (30) 1 – 0 LAK
00:38 EDM Jordan Eberle (25) Backhand shot – ASST: Jordan Oesterle (5) 1 – 1 Tie
09:53 EDM Connor McDavid (15) Wrist shot – ASST: NONE 2 – 1 EDM
10:20 LAK Jeff Carter (19) Wrist shot – ASST: Milan Lucic (31), Luke Schenn (11) 2 – 2 Tie
03:11 LAK Tyler Toffoli (29) Snap shot – ASST: Milan Lucic (32) 3 – 2 LAK
13:07 LAK Andy Andreoff (5) Wrist shot – ASST: Tyler Toffoli (23), Jeff Carter (35) 4 – 2 LAK
17:26 LAK SHG – Trevor Lewis (8) Wrist shot – ASST: Brayden McNabb (9), Jonathan Quick (3) 5 – 2 LAK
09:22 EDM PPG – Patrick Maroon (8) Wrist shot – ASST: Andrej Sekera (24), Jordan Eberle (21) 5 – 3 LAK
16:50 EDM Patrick Maroon (9) Tip-in – ASST: Connor McDavid (30), Adam Clendening (6) 5 – 4 LAK
19:27 LAK EN – Jeff Carter (20) Wrist shot – ASST: Tyler Toffoli (24), Jake Muzzin (31) 6 – 4 LAK


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  • jdh1089

    Who hires these incompetent refs. Must be the same people who have hired the ‘hockey analysts’ on Sportnet. The fact Kyprios agreed with the call is just outright sad and pathetic.

  • Strottie

    McDavid looked so good when he was making Lecavalier look dumb tonight. I’m so excited to see him next year and in the years to come. Love the energy and tenacity that Maroon brings. The refs are garbage, and we scored 4 against the kings. Nothing to be disappointed in here.

  • camdog

    “The Hall-Draisaitl line had a tough night tonight. They couldn’t get much going and always seemed to be on the ice for goals against. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s what I saw.”

    LD doesn’t look like he’s got anything left in the tank.

    • toprightcorner

      Long season for a newer pro, this happens at about game 60 for most 1st full year players. now that he has been through it and goes back to his zen skating coach, he should improve another big step next year. Maybe invite Maroon to train with him in Germany for a few weeks.

        • toprightcorner

          Have you not noticed how much faster Draisaitl has been this year, he flies around guys on the outside. He has a trainer in Germany who put him on a program to improve skating and it gave him a step and a half. Maroon has been playing great, but is just an average skater at best. If he can add a gear, he will be lethal and will help him a lot playing with McDavid.

          Thats enough of me trying to explain hockey to you, you are putting me to sleep.

          • bradleypi

            I’m thinking you contradicting everything you say is making you tired. Lol. Too much going on in you’re mind. “If brossiot was playing well I’d be afraid he’d be the backup next year”. Lol! And about draisatl “blowing” by guys? He’s definitely lost a step the 2nd half of the year. While maroon has upped his game. Go to bed for sure

          • pkam

            Are you serious? You didn’t notice the difference in Leon’s speed in the 1st half of this season from last season? He obviously has nothing left in his tank now. If he hadn’t taken that skating training last off season, he will be much worst now.

    • bradleypi

      Is this it now? We’ve gone from blaming Schultz to blaming the refs for every loss? Kings are 1st in the division, oilers are last. Not sure why people are surprised by the outcome tonight. Same story has played out all year. Oilers are 0-5 against the kings. Time for oilersnation to start taking the lumps for these losses. Instead of looking for a “whipping boy”……

      • chickenStew

        For the short time that you are here until you are banned yet again, “Oilersnation” doesn’t need to look for a whipping boy.

        Since you gladly take it, you’ll do.

        • bradleypi

          Good ol stew. I see you’re still as grumpy as ever after an oiler loss. You should try yoga or something. And thanks for saying hi and being more condescending than usual! Happy Easter chum!

  • Connor McJesus

    Remember the first game against LA where the refs robbed McDavid from scoring in the dying seconds to send the game into overtime? Puck crossed the line, cost us a point.

    Again, same thing happened this game, except instead of robbing us of a goal, they gifted one to LA. This is pretty sloppy, but I have to admit, LB played a terrible game.

    The only reason I think the goal was legit was because LB showed no effort to get up, and the NHL doesn’t want goalies lie down and assume goalie interference. LB should have had at least 3 of the 5 goals he let in. Sad day.

    • Connor McJesus

      He’s officially at 1.10 ppg and bumped ahead of Jamie Ben after tonight. He’s 2nd in the league in that department.

      He inspired my display name, that kid is awesome.

  • realmatt

    Brossoit. No.

    I could score 20 goals in the NHL on McDavid’s wing. It would be more ridiculous than Carter’s goal if he doesn’t win the Calder.

    Lucic is a scary man. Maroon didn’t look too interested in that scrap. Can’t say I blame him.

    Officiating has been complete garbage in the second half of the season. Not just in the Oilers games. This cannot continue in the playoffs, can it?

  • R U Kidding Me!

    Remember when all the talking heads were laughing when the Oilers traded for Maroon.

    11 points in 12 games and the most physical force on the team.

    Who’s laughing now.

  • sportsjunkie007

    Ebs is tied for the lead in goals for the Oilers. It’s too bad we haven’t traded him away yet, what with our over abundance of goal scoring.

    • Spydyr

      Eberle is also -10 and that despite playing most of the season with McDavid who is +1. Eberle has managed to be on the ice for 11 more goals against . Defence does matter.

      • bradleypi

        I thought oilersnation didn’t believe in the plus minus stat? I guess when it suits the argument it’s a valid stat….not a shocker an oiler is in the minus. They are a last place team. Funny how you seem to have forgotten connor missed 3 months. Ebs must have been playing with someone else during that time, no?

        • Harry2

          When your making an argument against someone why do you feel the need to refer to them as “Oilersnation” as if they speak for everyone?

          Just because your a Schultz fan doesnt mean the world is against you opinions

          • bradleypi

            Ummm take a look at the trashes on my comments and it’s obvious the “world” is in fact against my opinions. I lump everyone together because back when I was comparing schultzs superior plus minus to petrys at the time ALL of oilersnation was all over me telling me that plus minus is not a valid stat. It wasn’t just a couple guys lol. Do you agree that Eberle being -10 is a huge detriment and he should be shipped out of town because it?

          • M22

            You perceive that the OilersNation “world” is against your opinions, based on the trashes your posts consistently get. I believe this is where the general disdain for you starts: with your perception.

            I’m as certain as can be that I speak for most when I say that it has very little to do with your opinions on the team’s affairs, and almost everything to do with the manner in which you respond to other posters.

            Condescending, smug, spiteful, defensive, combative – these are often the foundation of your communications here. It puts people off. I would wager, and likely win, that when a person sees your name at the beginning of any post, they already know what to expect. This is not the fault of the OilersNation “world”. This is mostly your own doing, because it is a choice.

            Truth is, I believe people here would like to be able to engage in some healthy point/counterpoint with you, myself included, because you’re passionate about the Oilers, as we all are, and you have some good points, though I sometimes disagree with them.

            Understand, there are many people here, I think, who have nothing to offer but trolling and negativism, so I’m not lumping you in with them. On the contrary, I think you have brains, unlike the irritants, and my hope is that you see my words not as an affront to you, but rather something to consider. That’s all.

            I’m being sincere, but, of course, you can do with it what you want.

          • Harry2

            No I do not agree that because Eberle is -10 we should ship him out.

            I do however know that this team will own the basement of the league for all eternity, whether or not McD is the next Gretzky, if they do not drastically improve their defence. And anyone except McD should be considered as trade bait to obtain defencemen.

            The 3 players with the most value who I believe Chiarelli will trade are RNH Eberle and Hall.

            Out of those 3 Eberle is my choice to trade

          • bradleypi

            Let it go. Schultz is gone. And I hope Eberle is here for many years to come. Been a fan of his since the day the oilers drafted him. He’s far from the problem on the oilers.

  • Dawn

    Granted the better team prevailed. But the officiating was brutal again. How can the NHL even say they’re impartial with a straight face? I’ve got a swarm of not oiler fans on my Twitter feed. Even they commented repeatedly about the crap calls and more notably the non-calls. It’s all cool to interfere, slew foot, and outright tackle as long as it is on our guys. F#$% them.

  • West

    I saw the funniest thing the other day. In an article about whether McDavid should be in the running for the Calder, someone posited that it is no wonder McDavid is doing well at the end of the season , because he is not as tired as the other rookies because he has played so many fewer games. I guess having to come back from the Flyers attempting to break him in half is just easy peasy stuff.

    • ChillyPepper

      There is a ring of truth to the original comment. I am a runner, and my best half marathon time came right after I came off a serious back injury. It was no treat recovering from the surgery but coming back fresh put me minutes ahead against the seasoned.

  • Connor McJesus

    I think Hall’s drive is amazing and his tenacity even more so, he’s far from gone. Maybe a switch of linemates would help, not sure what we have to work with though, esp with Nuge out. I saw Yakupov on his line a lot tonight though.

  • OldOilerFan

    Your review BM summed it all up. McDavid – wow. Robbed on that coaches challenge.

    I want to be in Brossoits corner but … He needs more seasoning.

    And I admit I’ve been one of the guys saying trade Hall if only for what the return is – but he was flying tonight: offensively. Defensively he has one hand on his stick and coasts. I’m like …. I dunno.

  • toprightcorner

    I still believe that LB has the talent to be an NHL starter in a few years, but I am a little relieved that his last few performances haven’t been that good. This ensures the Oilers will sign a veteran back up goalie for nest year and LB can continue to develop as all young goalies need. I was afraid that if he played really well the may have become the back up next year.

    • bradleypi

      Lol!!!!!! What??? So you think he’s crappy but even if he plays well to finish the year and into training camp next year you wouldn’t want him as the backup?? Wtf? Lol. So confused lol…..Isn’t playing well what earns you jobs??

      • toprightcorner

        You either have to drink less when you read or learn to read. I will make is simple for you to understand.

        LB not ready for NHL

        LB needs more developing in AHL

        I still see potential as NHL goalie a few years in future

        Most goalies don’t reach the NHL until they are 25 years old, LB just turned 23.

        Back up should be for veterans unless you young goalie is pushing for the starting job, that is common sense and why these older goalies can hang around so long. Young goalies do not develop playing 10-15 games a season.

  • realmatt

    I don’t really see the officiating as biased. It’s just been terrible and inconsistent across the board. I 100% knew this would happen when the NHL brought in video replay and coach’s challenge. The referees are scared to make a call, because they look stupid when they have to overturn something due to review. BACK IN THE DAY, we just took the good with the bad, and it all pretty much balanced out. Now we have goals called back from missed offside calls (usually by about a millimeter) half a minute away from being relevant to the scoring play. We have referees making NO CALL on the ice because they know, just like we do, that it doesn’t matter what they see in real time, since it’s just going to be reviewed anyway. The worst part is, there’s no going back now. It’s never going to be the same. Referees used to be a part of the game, and I was cool with that. Now, we may as well just get some robots in there, or put cameras on every line (sounds like this is happening anyway). Hell, let’s just replace the players with robots too. Okay, I’m ranting a bit now. I hate replay.

  • toprightcorner

    Amazing how differently the Oilers look against the big west teams with Maroon and Kassian. The can actually cycle and dont get pushed off the puck, the entire team plays stronger. Couldnt imagine how good a Lucic or a Backes would improve them even more

    • bradleypi

      Who are you getting rid of to bring in big money contracts like lucic and Backes? Lucic pushes 4mill pouliot to the 3rd line and korpikoski to the 4th. Where does Hendricks play? Backes pushes nuge to the 4th line? Or draisatl? I don’t see any logic here at all

      • toprightcorner

        Open your eyes man, one of Lucic or Backes.

        No Nikitin, Purcell, Schultz, that is $13 mill right there.

        Nuge plays 2C, Draisailt to the wing Backes plays 3C.

        If Lucic, Pouliot likely gets traded, but may be able to keep him on 3rd line.

        If we get a top RD, then likely Eberle could be involved in that deal.

        Hopefully Korpikoski won’t be on the team next year. ARI know him, like him, and always need to add salary, send him back for a middle round pick.

        • bradleypi

          Eyes are open man. You delete nikitin, purcell and schultz but you neglect to add maroon, possibly Kassian and Davidsons new contract into the mix. Plus any rfa’s the oilers have. And why Backes? You seriously think he wants to come to edmonton to finish his career on the 3rd line of a non playoff team? Not likely. Would take a massive overpay to get him. And how are you magically deleting korpikoski?

        • bradleypi

          You’re positive that the islanders will trade hamonic for a winger when they’ve clearly stated that they want a dman in return? And I’m not sold on a team that struggles to score should trade it’s leading goal scorer. I think nuge or draisatl are the chips in play. I like ebs and connors chemistry. Maroon is a nice fit with them. Not sure why you’d mess that up to aquire a 32 year old winger.

          • RJ

            If it was an in-season trade, then a defenceman makes the most sense. But since they’re likely to lose Okposo, they’ll need a winger to play with Tavares. Lighthouse Hockey (Islanders blog) figures Eberle is the logical target for both teams.

            The trade isn’t Eberle for Backes. It’s Eberle for a top pairing RHD. There would be a spot opening up in the top-6. Since the presumed preference is for a player with skill, size and grit (6’3, 221) not to mention add to centre depth, Backes seems to be a logical target.

            They could also fill the RW spot with a rookie taken with their first round pick (like Laine) but I would assume they want to play competitive games.

            As for chemistry, McDavid had chemistry with Eberle, but he also had chemistry with Yak and Draisaitl. About the only guy he didn’t have chemistry with is Hall.

          • JimmyV1965

            I think Snow might change his mind about getting dman in return for Hamonic. The Isles can’t score now and they’re losing Okposo. Agree that Backes won’t sign here unless it’s a massive overpay. He’s probably not worth it. There are lots of intriguing free agent forwards though. We sign a decent size skilled forward and trade for two dmen. Trade our first round pick and one of the $6 million men. Three moves and we’re a lot closer to the playoffs.

  • toprightcorner

    Oesterle’s puck handling and ability to skate it out of his on zone with speed and hitting forwards in stride is such a nice change to see. Can’t wait to see what an established offensive defensemen can do with our forwards on breakouts.