Report: No Subban for Edmonton?

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According to Darren Dreger, Peter Chiarelli hasn’t spoken to Montreal in regards to a trade for PK Subban and likely never will. Why rain on our parade, bro?

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If you were hoping for that PK Subban trade to go through this summer you could be disappointed. Darren Dreger appeared on TSN 690 on Tuesday and declared that the Oilers and Habs are not talking about Subban and likely won’t be, at least this summer. From the horse’s mouth:

“Specific to Edmonton, I mean Peter Chiarelli just told me point blank there’s been no conversation. Very likely wouldn’t be any conversation. This is all just industry fodder that you guys, and he’s talking to me, want to talk about when things are slow.”

My first question off the jump would be why wouldn’t they talk about Subban? There have been rumblings about him being on the outs in Montreal for a few months now, and you’d expect that Chiarelli would have, at least, picked up the phone and investigated a little bit. Frankly, anything less than checking to see if the rumours are true shows a Tambellini-esque level of incompetence. Is Chiarelli just keeping his cards close to his vest? You’d have to think so if he’s talking to a guy that publicizes rumours and NHL insider info for a living. 

“All I can tell you is what was the latest round (it was) Taylor Hall and something out of Edmonton for PK Subban. You know, when these things surface, as Insiders we have to get to a source who is either going to completely dismiss or verify that there’s at least the potential or if there’s a chance that Subban can get traded.”

To me, this quote looks like Dreger asked Chiarelli if he had spoken to Bergevin about Subban and ol’ Pete said no. My counter to Dreger’s point would be to ask why Chiarelli would just go ahead and volunteer that information in the first place when he knows full well that Dreger would talk about it? I can tell you this for sure, if I’ve got super sneaky secret plans I’m not going to go ahead and leak them to the guy with a megaphone in his hand. I’m going to keep it on the DL, ya know? This is some deep web kinda shit we’re talking about. 

So what else did Dreger say?

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“So I still think that long shot at best doesn’t even describe how far-fetched that might be, specific to Subban.”

Yeah? Tell that to August 9th, 1988. BOOM! Nailed it. 


It is worth nothing that PK Subban’s no trade clause kicks in on July 1st, and I think a lot of these rumours about moving him are likely to do with that deadline. If Montreal is actually dumb enough to move the former Norris winner their best odds of maximizing a return would happen before that date. Makes sense, right? We hear the same kind of thing every year about potentially moving player X before their bonus kicks in, or player Y because of a no-trade. 

As much as I would want Subban anchoring the defense around the Y-E-G it always seemed more like a pipe dream than an actually thing that could legitimately happen. Delusions aside, it is fun to dream and argue about ways to improve the hockey team and trading for Subban would certainly fit the bill even if it is unlikely.  


  • MorningOwl

    I am pretty sure that this trade WILL happen, and since they are over the barrel with the no trade clause kicking in, they can twist Montreal’s arm and get him at a good price. Probably Eberle and Yak straight across gets’er done, plus if Montreal makes the playoffs, then Oilers get their second round pick.

      • OtOil

        why not? I’d trade the whole team for dancing bears IF it sold me $60mil a year in profit in tickets and merch. You wouldn’t? K, so you think PST is a good thing too right ? ? ?

  • Backburner

    There will be two top 4 defencemen available this summer: Hamonic and Yandle.

    If Chia doesn’t somehow make that happen, he should be fired.

    Also, I would be surprised if he doesn’t go after Lucic.

    • Druds

      if you click that flames nation icon at the top of this page you can sit and huddle with your other fellow trollers…I am sure they will be happy to hear from you.

      • Backburner

        Yandle is a UFA, Hamonic wants to be close to Manitoba. Those would be hard to screw up.

        Shattenkirk might also be available.

        All I’m saying is remember when Leddy and Boychuk were available and Mac T did nothing?

        PK Subban is not available. Especially if the Habs have any chance of signing Stamkos this summer.

        Also, it’s no secret that Chiarelli loves Lucic.. and Edmonton needs to get tougher.

  • KACaribou

    Okay first, I don’t think Drager cares two [email protected] about the west.

    Second if Chiarelli hasn’t talked to Montreal about Subban, you need a new GM already.

    But third, GMs are lying bastards.

    You don’t think Subban would have a career of padded stats firing the puck up to Connor McJesus?

    Gretzky… Coffey… Messier… McJesus… Lowe… (er, scratch that one)… Subban.

    Not out of the question at all.

    Hé Tayor, vous avez une bonne connaissance du Français ?

  • Bucknuck

    Considering this is the man who traded Seguin for off-ice issues, it might mean that the off-ice ego of Subban was something Chiarelli isn’t willing to contemplate.

    For the record I would love to see Subban in Oilers colours.

    • camdog

      Jeremy Jacobs had Seguin traded off of his team. It would take quite the scenario for Darryl Katz to directly want somebody off of this hockey team. A Subban trade would involve ownership input, ownership has not soured on Subban in Montreal.

  • hockey1099

    Everyone who says we don’t need subban hasn’t watched the oilers. We need a top pairing defenceman like tony Montana needs cocaine. Taylor or nuge plus anyone of our current dmen (klef, nurse, sekera, Davidson) would be the minimum ask.

    I’d love to see him in Edmonton but we got a better chance at winning the 2017 lottery.

  • Randaman

    Subban can stay in Montreal and look better than he actually is due to Mr. Price.
    Yes, I said it. Don’t care for his ego either.

    9 million per? That money can go towards building a solid defense without being tied up in one player.

    No Thanks

    • You sir, get it. Overrated is PK Subban’s middle name. He got a Norris because of Carey Price. Stick him on the Oilers defence, and you all will be wondering why we have to pay this bum 9 Million per year, and gave up Hall and a 4th overall for the privilege of doing so.

    • Scratch

      I agree, don’t want him period. Subban is a me first player who if you watch Montreal on the ice he isn’t any players favourite. Not a team player , no leadership and definitely not what the Oil needs, I take Hamonic every day over Subban and there won’t be a overpay there either as I think the deal has already been done and will come out when the Isles end their playoff run.

    • Anton CP

      Bergevin is an idiot, not because about how much money he is paying Subban but more of that he was trying to be stingy and got burned. He could tide up Subban for much cheaper contract but he did not trust Subban enough and only offered him 2 year bridge deal after ELC.

    • OtOil

      Win the cup? miss the playoffs? dosen’t matter in the least to any NHL team. Entertanment matters. Puck was correct in trading 99. the biz is still booming with a free $300 mil gift from the suckers who run city hall. Trade Taylor Hall? FFs Ft.Mac city hall just brned down!
      Spoiler! All of the NHL is just entertainment.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Subban would be a great fit . People whining about cap hell. You do like the smart teams do you rotate people into you lineup that are on the low end of the pay scale and move people out that are going to cost us . Pete and repeat!!

  • Danglishish

    “Frankly, anything less than checking to see if the rumours are true shows a Tambellini-esque level of incompetence.”

    Yes. And doing so, then telling the hockey world about that discussion in May would be an EVEN BIGGER level of incompetence. Here’s how this looks if the ol boys were still running the show:

    Dreger: So MacT/Lowe/Tambo, have you had any conversations with Montreal about Subban?
    MacT/Lowe/Tambo: Yup. Just got off the phone with them. I offered x,y,z, and they want a,b,c. I think we’re going to land this, just don’t tell players x,y,z I’m shopping them.

    Bottom line, Chia is a pro and understands the game (not hockey, the other game). He’s probably talked to every single GM about their dmen, and may even have something in the works. But nobody is going to hear about it until it’s done.

  • Word to the Bird

    From the Montreal perspective though, on paper a Hall+ for Subban deal might make sense in terms of on paper valuation, but really a top flight winger for a top pairing defenseman is a deal that makes no sense.

    This Subban trade stuff sounds more like a local writer looking for a story, sort of like the artificially made Stamkos to the Leafs stories coming out of Toronto.

  • CMG30

    I’ll start off by echoing most of the comments here. If PC hasn’t at least kicked the tires on Subban… Huston, we have a problem!

    … But chances are he has and if talks are going anywhere or were DOA we could expect the same denials from management.

    The thing that surprises me is how many of the commenters seem to have decided Subban is some kind of attitude problem on skates. Though with the amount of irrational hatred Hall gets I guess I shouldn’t be.

    • Reg Dunlop

      Irrational hatred towards Hall? That’s pretty strong language. Suggesting that a ‘Hall for a top defenceman’ trade would help the oil is far from hatred.

      Besides, if we trade Hallsey we might finish 31st… and who would be left to wheel the chicks at Cactus Club?

  • IronX

    Still with the Subban thing?

    And what’s going the other way? Let me guess: Pakarinen, our 32 pick, Yak and Oesterle.

    For the last time Subban isn’t coming here, next trade please.