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Unfortunately for Oiler fans the 2016 NHL draft lottery didn’t turn out as expected. For the first time in what seems like decades the Edmonton Oilers will not be picking first overall at this years entry draft. Fans of the team took it rather well, but what about Oilers management? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

    • McRaj

      I tried to trash you more then once, I just kept clicking and clicking and clicking on the trash button.

      Bold is not to draft Tkachuk. Bold would be to draft Chychrun. Drafting Tkachuk is what any team at #4 would do.

      I don’t blame you though, it’s that time of the year where we are all obsessed with what we hope will be our shiny new toy and at the same we refuse to trade in any of our old toys. I say we collect all skilled forwards we possibly can, and dress one of them on the Top Pairing Right Side D spot 🙂

  • pkam

    This is not a plan B, this is an exile for losing the draft lottery.

    The previous management at least give up some rewards by winning the lottery. This new management can’t win anything, not even the draft lottery.

    This new management group should be executed, not just an exile.

  • madjam

    What could be worse , they all proclaimed as they went to hide and bury their heads on the moon . To think we know hockey even worse than Lowe and MacT . new how to build a team . Sorry Conner , I guess we don’t . Losing the draft , we simply don’t know which way to go, can you help us out ? Sorry says Conner , I’m going back to sleep away this nightmare you’ve created for me .

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    Draft should be interesting. Historically the previous year’s 1st pick is there as part of the welcome wagon (along with Hall). If they are seriously planning on trading the pick the tell will be no McD at the table. “Might as well stay home kid – nothing to see here…”

  • @Hallsy4

    You simply need to collect the correct pieces, until the puzzle is complete, then complex mathematical analytics and equations will tell us a story, and we will be awarded accordingly, with a silver trophy. You must return the trophy within months, but your names will be carved into it for all space history. “We need a puck transporter to right this ship”, said the fox to co-pilot Peter. “We don’t have room”, said Peter. Bob, overhearing this discussion from his space office, taking a break from his top secret endless investigation, said “Shall we see if the Dallas Starships will exchange a puck transporter for some depth up the middle?”. Shocked at what he just heard, Master of the Galaxy and Druglord Darrell Katz, stated “We have the Russians on our side”, referring to his prized Nail, “My young apprentice said it will be so”. A crazed space man known as MacT emerged from his chambers, “Visually things look promising”, said the crazed man. The fox, slightly irritated, snarked “This isn’t the 80’s anymore, boy, space time works differently than earthly time, we’ve been over this”. The preserved talking head of Fred “Ralph” Krueger, a man MacT severed years previous in a fit of rage, looked on from his tank of liquid…. deeply thinking of how much he looked like Al Bundy.

    • @Hallsy4

      Really? Where/When? I’m guessing he will be here now, and I think he will help huge. I doubt he just said that for no reason. Someone everyone respects and forces the skilled guys to work hard etc. I think this spells the end of the line in Edm for some expensive young skilled players. TOo bad Lucic wasn’t RW