Oilers Lost – Part 2

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I know I don’t have to tell anyone here about what a long, dark slog it’s been since the halcyon days of spring 2006. We’ve all dealt with it in our own ways; some of us drink to excess, while others have taken to screaming into the void that is Twitter. Local Edmonton comedy troupe Mostly Water Theatre has taken to writing hilarious sketches about the never-ending darkness that is Oiler fandom!

Many of you probably watched their original video, in which a time traveler visits a group of Oiler fans during the 06 Cup Run to warn them about the extreme lows that will soon follow. Five years later and…. not much has changed around here.

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As much as I love these videos I think it goes without saying that we’re hoping there isn’t a THIRD instalment circa 2020…



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Our friends at the Inner City Children’s Program will be hosting a family friendly water fight in an effort to raise money to help them provide for youth at risk. 

When? Saturday, September 17, 2016

What time? Gates and Registration at 12:00 pm — Fight Time at 2:00 pm

Where? NAIT Soccer Field (Kingsway Avenue) – Rain or Shine

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  • $10/person for a wristband and water access 
  • $25/person for a “Premium Fight Package” which will include fight supplies such as water balloons, a bucket and other swag TBD 
  • $225/group of 10 “Premium Fight Packages” 
  • $15/person at the door

All proceeds go to support the ICCP, who have provided programs to Edmonton’s inner city children since 1995. Get your tickets to the big water fight here.

    • RPG

      Talbot was terrible in November. He recovered to post a season save percentage of .917. Remove November and he posted a .924 for the season. A .924 with a team decimated by injury. A healthy Oiler team with a .924 save percentage can make the playoffs imo.

      • Spydyr

        Convoluted logic. If you remove the bad parts he was average.

        What happens if he has one bad month this season?

        Do you think the backup in place will carry the load?

        I don’t.

  • fisherprice

    I don’t know how to feel about these videos. On one hand, they are funny. On the other hand, I re-live all my Oilers trauma and weep inside…

    … I’m gonna go watch some McDavid highlights now.

  • WhoreableGuy

    Just watched the first Oilers Lost, there’s a fan on the couch during “current time” that’s wearing the Reebok Oilers jersey that was released a couple of seasons later.

    He should have been the guy from the future.

  • Dirtski


    I’m crying with joy at 6:40 seconds…Mcjesus..the chosen ones…save yourselves the embarrassment and throw those habs rags away….

    This is brilliant
    brilliant brilliant brilliant
    Brilliant comedy to pass the summer and a time capsule I can show my kids to summarize what we went through when Mcdavids hoisting his 4th cup with us. This is how I’ll prove it hasn’t always been glory days and there was in fact a dark time for oilers fans.

    Jeanshorts gets a raise. GIVE JEANSHORTS A RAISE!!!

  • Dirtski

    Whoa. Watched the last 6 minutes. Ture…total tearjerker at that half – but the twist of the ending brings it all together while climaxing with a cliffhanger.

    Oscar material. This makes me think there really could be a movie about the Oilers – and Jeanshorts is definitely the man to film it.

    This is really talent right here friends. I see where Jeanshorts earns his keep and actually supersedes it. For an oilers blog this is outrageous. Definitley takes hockey blog sites to the next level. Makes me feel even if we had the last place team – we by far have the 1st place blog in Oilersnation.

    (standing ovation for ON)

    • JS is a video wizard. You may remember him from his Ice Pilots fame. But this time I think he’s just passing a video on for us to enjoy. This was done by Trent Wilkie and his Mostly Water Theatre team.

  • A-Mc

    I had never seen these videos before. They are AWESOME. Very well done. I want to watch another episode where the good times roll; oh plz oilers give us some rolling good times. PLEASE!

    *tears up*


    ps: great vids. 10/10. Am going to watch again and share on twitface