LFR10 – Game10 – Hype – Edm 2, Tor 3 (OT)

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If you’re watching this on ON, heyyy at least you got a point, right! We still friends?

The all the McDavid vs. Matthews hype in the world, with a sea of the best young players in the league, a lil’ guy named Nazem Kadri reminded us all that he’s here to win.

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The Oilers-Leafs Blockbuster of 1991

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    My biggest concern with the loss was that as much as the Leafs hounded CMD that no one was hitting the leafs near as much as needed. That when there were several people on CMD that Ebs and Lucic had a combined 2 shots on net. From my perspective if that does not improve I hope they find their way to a line demotion for a game or two. Playing with CMD is a privilege not a right no matter how big your contract. I also have really issue with every single goal the leafs scored as someone was not doing their job. The OT goal was the worst as Toronto came out as if they want to make the post season we looked to be ready to play shinny.

  • Long live Jacque and the trap!!

    Boring obstruction beats hype: Every…. single… day.. of … the.. weak.

    Yah… the spelling error is on purpose.

    rematch on the 29th in edmunchuk.

    Maybe that game will measure up to the billing?

  • I’m not going to say poor reffing was the issue because the Oilers should be able to score more than 2. However I’ve never seen a play where one guy is able to shove another guy down by the neck, and push himself around, the other player.

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    Reading the Leaf’s page, they’re all saying it’s their best game this year.

    McDavid is going to have to get used to teams ramping up and playing over the top when he comes to town.

    ..and he will.

  • Jay (not J)

    Well Steve, we wanted to let you guys have some content for the big 50 Years of Losing Celebration coming up. I know it will be a big deal upstaging that great 45 Years of Losing Celebration you had a few years ago (gonna bring Sittler back again?)so maybe a few clips of 4 Leafs gang tackling the latest Southern Ontario boy to say ‘play in Toronto? No Thanks!’ will help make the event everything it should be.

    • You’ve GOTTA check out “Blog Man Ry” on Youtube.

      He updates around once a week-ish, but they’re all fantastic. I’d actually start from the beginning, a few years ago, because he nails where the “rebuild” was flawed and more.

      Again, it’s not like you’re watching every game day reaction, he focuses on a new topic every week, so catching up on old ones won’t feel stale at all.