GDB 15.0 Wrap Up: Bad Starts Will Get Ya

Who forgot to tell Kari Lehtonen that he was supposed to suck in the second game of a back-to-back? Final Score: 3-2 Stars

How many of you guys remember the epic battles between the Oilers and Stars from the late 90s and early 2000s? It seemed like every year the Oilers would scratch and claw their way into the playoffs they would run into the Dallas Stars in the first round. If you remember it, chances are that the Stars are still a team that brings back those old hateful feelings whenever they come up on the schedule. They’re like a bad ex-girlfriend that will always annoy you anytime you run into each other, and, over the last decade, it’s been horrible to see that “ex” doing better than we are. The Oilers have sucked and the Stars have ranged from anywhere between awesome and mediocre. But they’ve always been better than us.

Coming into tonight’s game I thought the Oilers had a good chance to put two points up on the board and end their losing streak at one game. In fact, I was so confident that the Oilers were going to win that I even started making a list of reasons of why they would win. The Stars played last night, they’re banged up, they have Korpikoski. That’s really as far as I figured I had to get. If the Oilers want to prove they’re legit then they need to beat tired and depleted teams. Kick a guy when they’re down, ya know? That said, the Oilers have their own share of injuries to deal with and, not to mention, there was the threat of the mythological first-game-back-from-the-road-trip-rust. You know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, my crystal ball seems to be completely useless because, once again, a game that I felt the Oilers should be able to win handily ended up being much closer than I expected.

While the Oilers were able to maintain offensive zone pressure and outshot the Stars, they also gave up some five-star chances that ended up in their net. Edmonton looked sluggish early on and even though the Stars played last night in Calgary they were gifted an early goal which compensated for any lack of energy. Once again, the Oilers were able to come back after two early deficits and get themselves back into the game, but the third time was just too much. While the Oilers did get plenty of shots on goal, and ample time in Dallas’ end, they weren’t able to beat a red hot Kari Lehtonen. There were definitely things to like about tonight’s game, but the poor start and special teams loss ended up being the difference. 

Wrap it like it’s hot.



  • Connor McDavid was flying tonight, and the Stars defenders couldn’t do anything about it. It was amazing watching him fly past NHLers like they were pylons. I’ve never seen anything like it. Connor finished the night with one assist, thousands of miles skated, and my love forever. 
  • I love Patrick Maroon. The guy has been on fire ever since Todd McLellan bumped him up to McDavid’s line and the streak continued tonight. The Oilers, yet again, let their opponent get an early goal and Patrick Maroon was there to cue the comeback and tie things up. Maroon’s sixth goal of the year puts him in the lead for the Oilers. 
  • Lance “Don’t Call Me Tyler” Pitlick scored a huge goal late in the first period that tied the game at two. Pitlick continues to expand on his career year with yet another big goal (his fifth) and solid game all around. Pitlick must really hate Bakersfield because he’s playing like he never wants to go back. 
  • The Oilers were excellent in the faceoff circle. They finished the night at 59%.
  • Even though the Oilers allowed a goal on the Stars’ first power play chance of the night, they didn’t allow anything after that. The Stars went shotless on more than one of their PP chances and Edmonton’s penalty killers did a really nice job of keeping the Stars to the outside. 
  • Wasn’t it nice not to have to hear the Taylor or Tyler debate for the first time in six years? Despite the trade, I was still expecting to hear something about Taylor and Tyler but it never happened. Nice. 
  • The game being in Edmonton meant no banging on the glass guy in the tan jacket. 
  • Oilers outshot the Stars 42-30. Sometimes you just run into a hot goalie. If it weren’t for another bad start we’d be talking about a win. Need to lock it up. 
  • Atta punch some face, Darryl! In the first period, Darnell Nurse squared off against Curtis McKenzie and put on a clinic as he rained down fist kisses until McKenzie went down. I don’t think you want to mess with ol’ Darryl. The fight isn’t up yet but you’ll be able to check out over at


Broken Hip

  • The Oilers gave up another goal within the first couple minutes of the game. Darnell Nurse got his pocket picked and the Stars were able to capitalize. Has it been three games in a row? What’s up with that? It’s like they’re not ready to play when the puck drops regardless of how often everyone tells them they have to be ready to play. 
  • From where I blog, the Oilers, at times, fly the defensive zone a little bit early. Their breakouts haven’t been as tight over the past few games and some of the turnovers have given the opponents some great chances down low. The Stars scored a couple goals as a result of those giveaways/gifts. 
  • The Stars had six players injured (Sharp, Spezza, Hudler, Hemsky, Eakin, Janmark) tonight, and the Oilers couldn’t take advantage. 
  • Jordan Eberle’s backcheck was non-existent on Dallas’ third goal by Roussel. Eberle coasted back towards his own end, lost his check, and the Stars took advantage. The goal, of course, ended up being the game winner. 
  • Nuge is snakebitten right now. He had seven shots on net tonight and got nothing for it. His career shooting percentage is around 10.5% which would have him around four goals right now, but that’s just not happening. Needs to get a greasy one, or find a chicken to sacrifice. Either way, Nuge needs to score. 
  • Quiet night for Jesse Puljujarvi. As he makes his way through the NHL learning curve there are bound to be quiet nights, and tonight was one of those. Puljujarvi was replaced by Slepyshev on the second line in the third period. 
  • The Oilers needed their power play to score but they couldn’t get the goal. That’s not to say that the PP was horrible, but they couldn’t score when they needed one and it ended up being the difference. The power play went 0/3 on the night. 
  • Cam Talbot wasn’t as sharp as we’ve come to expect. Not that I’m saying he was bad, but it would have been nice if the team was able to pick him up for a change. Taldad finished the game with 27 saves and a .900 save%. 
  • Of course, Korpikoski scored. Of course he did. 
  • I will not complain about the refs. I will not complain about the refs. I will not complain about the refs.
  • Refs complaints aside, the Oilers gave the Stars way too many power play chances. Even though they only allowed one power play goal they still provided the Stars too many opportunities. 
  • Connor’s goalless drought has reached seven games. He’s getting all sorts of chances, though, so it’s only a matter of time. 
  • Speaking of Connor, when does Jamie Benn decide he wants to play with Connor McDavid? 
  • Gregor predicted that Korpikoski wouldn’t score and that the Oilers would win 5-2. I blame Gregor. 




00:28 Dallas Lauri Korpikoski (3) ASST: Jamie Benn (8) 1-0
03:37 Edmonton Patrick Maroon (6) ASST: Jordan Eberle (7), Connor McDavid (13) 1-1
04:51 Dallas PPG – Patrick Eaves (4) ASST: Tyler Seguin (9), Jamie Benn (9) 2-1
19:31 Edmonton Tyler Pitlick (5) 2-2


15:00 Dallas Antoine Roussel (3) ASST: Tyler Seguin (10), Patrick Eaves (6) 3-2


No Scoring


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  • Mitch92

    Next week’s four games will provide a good indication of where this Oiler team is at. I am hoping for a five point week. A good start to the week against the grizzled Rangers at home is crucial. The following three road games are against Western rivals who are not used to getting up for Oiler games. This will be their wake-up call. You better be ready when the Oil comes to town!!!

  • nuge2drai

    Ebs doesnt forecheck, cant backcheck, is soft as butter and lazy on top of that.

    Ebs refuses to change, and why should he…

    Media never write up anything on him, coaches never bench him.

    He is gifted first line, first pp time… no matter how he plays.

    His turnovers at the blue line and no look behind the back passes never get old.

    The fact he is the highest paid player on the team and has the worst +- isnt suprising to most of us.

    If he was Russian, he would get the treatment he deserves.

    Since he is a good old western canadian boy, he can do no wrong.

    Sick of this ridiculous media bias. Its gross. Please trade this lazy bum for a back of pucks and move on.

  • nuge2drai

    Ebs doesnt forecheck, cant backcheck, is soft as butter and lazy on top of that.

    He refuses to change, and why should he…

    Media never write up anything negative about him, coaches never bench him.

    He is gifted first line, first pp time… no matter how he plays.

    His turnovers at the blue line and no look behind the back passes never get old.

    The fact he is the highest paid player on the team and has the worst +- isnt suprising to most of us.

    If he was Russian, he would get the treatment he deserves.

    Since he is a good old western canadian boy, he can do no wrong.

    Sick of this ridiculous media bias. Its gross. Please trade this lazy bum for a bag of pucks and move on.

  • Mitch92

    Eberle’s biggest problem is that he is still riding a good game for Team Canada Juniors from 2009. Yes he was absolutely clutch in that game but to excuse his tenure with the Oilers because he has not had the opportunity to be that “clutch” player because they have never had a sniff of play-off action is just wrong. Truly clutch players are good all the time, not just when the pressure is on in a big game. There is a perceived level of comfort in Eberle that must be eradicated. I think he has the skill and ability. Until he gets ten years of bad habits out of his game he is going to be considered a place-holder of that top right wing spot until Puljujärvi or someone else usurps him.

    • Serious Gord

      There is a great deal of truth to your first assertion. I suspect many fans are hoping that should the oil make it to the playoffs he would deliver in a similar manner. And this they tolerate his flaws in the regular season more than they otherwise would.

      You are also correct that as the team continues to improve those flaws will become even more irritating. And at some point he either corrects them or he’s gone. Should he fail to do so i doubt that he gets moved during this season, but he would very well be wearing the silks of a different team Come next October.

  • Mitch92

    The Oilers may be struggling with bad starts but how about the Jets bad finish last night? Nikolaj Ehlers scored the OT winner into his own net on a perfect shot from the side boards. The only thing that could have been worse is if it were Trouba who had scored after returning from his hold-out.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    The hate Eberle circle jerk is in full force. He did stop skating on that Rousell goal but Maroon wasn’t in the passing lane where he should have been. Hindsight is nice but S**t happens. We can’t focus on that one play and ignore the rest of eberles game.I saw him have some great chances and he took a couple hits to make plays. Also worth noting that Ebs has 3 giveaways this year so people should stop throwing out that hes a turnover machine just to join the circle.

    We don’t need to throw someone(eberle) under the bus every loss. Lehtonen just had a great game.

    Win as a team and lose as a team. If ON ran the Oil, we’d be trading someone after every loss.


      It’s not just this game, it is the accumulation of lackluster back checking and 0 determination in the D zone. don’t try to bring the trade someone argument cz it’s not what I’m trying to say. We need accountability in this team, and almost everyone is being treated fairly expect eberle. and btw seeing players have great chances doesn’t mean they are playing great. professional athletes are not paid to get chances they are paid to score freaking goals.

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        The thing about chances is that goals usually follow. He won’t score every game.

        I expect T-mac to hold him accountable for the Rousell goal and his defensive play just like Draisaitl, Looch and everyone else on the team needs to be held accountable. I just think people here are unfairly attacking Eberle. It’s a team game.

      • JimmyV1965

        So how many goals are enough? Is it 40? Eberle scores goals. That’s just not enuf for the haters. The problem with his team isn’t preventing goals, it’s scoring goals. And the geniuses here all want to get rid of our best goal scorer.

    • Oilerchild77

      Eberle doez tnis all the time. He doesn’t like working hard in the defensive zone. 6M bucks for a player that only wants to play on half an ice sheet.

  • I can’t defend Ebs no longer..his back checking is non-existent, MAC needs to send a message and send him down a line or 2. Bring Up Tyler Pitlick to replace him. Pitlick may not have the same skill as Ebs, but he will give 10X the effort in all 3 zones….

    • Dwayne Roloson 35

      I’d keep him in the bottom 6 where he’s having success. Making him play other teams top lines as well as adding on 6 minutes to his TOI a game probably wouldn’t go too well IMO.

  • madjam

    My goats are the lack of offense from the defence , and poor lack of secondary scoring of goals from Hopkins and Draisaitl . McDavid is not scoring goals any better than Lucic , Eberle , or even Pitlick or Maroon . Jesse has been another disappointment scoring wise .

  • Total Points

    I watched quite a bit of the New Jersey games last night.

    Nothing changed with Hall – go over blue line take soft shot on goal – play dies; or cant get puck out of defensive zone: or cant cover his man.

    Same as Eberle.

    Poor Oiler coaching early in their careers has not helped these 2 develop as NHL players – same as Yak, Schultz.

  • Spydyr

    Funny when I called Eberle out on his soft play years ago I was the bad guy. Thanks for catching up Oiler nation.

    PS : I called out Gagner years before it was popular too.

    • Thumby

      Hey Spyder – I feel for you man!

      I said 3 weeks ago that I’d try Pitlick on line 1 and drop Eberle down to 2 with Nuge- and got soundly sewered by ON and Gregor – how about now?

      That back check (or lack thereof) made me sick…

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        Ebs is still on pace for 27G and 66 points even though he’s started slow. Giving Pitlick an extra 6 minutes of ice time and playing him against other teams top lines still isn’t a good choice just because Ebs was half a step behind on that Rousell goal.

        • 24% body fat

          You mean McDavid is on pace for getting Eberle 27G and 66 points. I believe this was the as similar POINT total Yakupov was on pace for on his line as well.

          Yak may not have ever developed, but the effort was there and more or less the same with Gagner (lost in the defense zone or retreating) but with Eberle he just doesnt even try.

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            Except that Eberle has been producing those kind of numbers even before we had McDavid.

            Yak wasn’t even that good witch McDavid. he had 2 goals in 10 games which put him on pace for 16 over a full season. he had 15 assists that year but he only had 3 primary assists.

            Eberle has been a 25G 60+ point player for 440 NHL games.

            Yak played 10 alright games riding the back of McDavid. Theres no comparison to Eberle.

          • 24% body fat

            oh you mean when he shot 19 percent and people said it wasnt sustainable. Or the year he played with Nuge and Hall when those 2 were on fire.

            When Eberle relies on Eberle to get points, its simpe. He doesnt.

            You are right Yak played 10 games riding McDavid, but he was paid 2M to do so. Eberle is paid 6M to ride McDavid.

            Move him down with nuge and lets see how much he puts up and if he is worth 6M

            The marginal difference that Eberle might add to that line over yakupov is not worth the difference in the pay or what extra we could have gotten for trading Eberle

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            I didn’t mention his 34G 76P season. He’s been a consistent 25G, 60+point player his whole career.

            Eberle has produced without Hall and wihout McDavid on the Poo-NUge-Ebs line.

            The hypocrisy on your post is a joke. You say Ebs and Yak are on the same level but we could have gotten more for Eberle who makes 4M more. You also say Ebs needs to produce without top end talent while saying we should have kept Yak who only produced playing 10 games with McDavid.

          • 24% body fat

            never did i say they were on the same level, i said the production was very similar, and he was never on a nuge poo line for a whole year.

            With out nuge being a full 200 foot player and doing the work ebs would not put up points.

            How many games has he played with lesser players as both his line mates.

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            Ok so theyre not on the same level but you think Yakupov could do Eberle’s job based on a small sample size with McDavid.

            One of Yaks most common linemates in his time with edmonton was the Nuge so why wasn’t he putting up points?

            Also why would we play one of the best point producers in the NHL with lesser linemates?

            Youre just joining the hate ebs circlejerk.

            Ebs is a proven top 6 player but people are focusing on 1 mistake he made last night.

          • 24% body fat

            actually i have been critical of his play and contract when he signed it.

            Why would a proven point producer play with lesser line mates? so he can create offense for them. obviously the coach knows he wont, so that why he is not down the line up. All stars in the league create no matter who their linemates are and are usually the best on their line. Not the case for ebs.

            I am not defending Yak, I am stating how to efficiently manage the cap space. Everyone who is defending eberle quotes his point production. Well if Eberle get 65 points on Mcdavids line and Yak would get 55 hypothetically. What is better use of cap space. And if Eberle produces well as you say so without McDavid and helps boost the second lines scoring more so, that would increase the teams overall amount of goals.

            He is fine as a top 6 forward, and I can handle his shortcomings defensively, but I can not handle 6M for no effort. People who defend by saying he gets points, it is irrelevant because there others who will get close to those points on McDavids line for much less and will be less of a liabiltiy to the team.

          • RJ

            And the Captain of Team Eberle has arrived!

            Tell us more about his sick dangles, or if you add in his one good season from five years ago, his average looks better than it is.

            Tell us how many primary assists Eberle has this season, and tell us how many of those assists could have been made by anyone.

        • SkatinginSand

          Please take another look at the goal. Eberle glided back from the offensive blue line until the puck was in the net. For over 100 feet, HE DID NOT TAKE ONE STRIDE!

          This is not a mistake, it is an egregious lack of effort.

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            I counted 8 strides if you want the truth. His job as a winger is to cover the point. When the point(Rousell) decided to go to the net, it threw ebs off and he got caught. Thats just what i saw.

          • 24% body fat

            his job as a teammate is to put forth and effort and cover the next man on the back check. When the play is settled in the defensive zone than his main responsibility is the dman.

          • SkatinginSand

            No, his job on the backcheck is to cover any uncovered player right back to the net and to continue that coverage until that player is no longer a threat or is picked up by the defensive zone coverage.

            Edit exactly what 24% said!

    • 24% body fat

      same here, though i defended gagner because he was getting the slack worse than eberle and he played a much tougher position and was never put in place to succeed.

      Eberle has never had bad line mates or been the best player on his line.

      The rest of the league thinks he is over rated why wont oilers.

      My quotes on this site about him in the past are “he won in a tournament in which canada was suppose to dominate and he did it as an overager with Tavares or Hall on his line. This should be expected. this is also the case with his world championship win. The team was expected to win. Other than that since junior he has never seen the playoffs or pushed his team to be compettive. He is a complimentary player and on a 4.5M dollar contract and on the 2nd line could be useful.

      Oilers traded hall because he was a cancer in the room, try having nothing around you and losing due to inept management for years. You will be mad as well.

      But we keep eberle who is a cancer on the ice.

  • Total Points

    For the Oilers to make playoffs they need to finish with more points than one of SJ, Ana, or LA for one of the three top spots in the Pacific Division. That way they don’t have to worry about a wild card spot.

    I think they can finish higher that LA.

    Next week they play Anaheim and LA so we will get a good idea

    Of course this assumes that Canucks, Arizona or Flames continue to suck

  • FISTO Siltanen

    Not saying the two players are the same in the least but before the 2010 playoffs I was checking out Chicago Blackhawk message boards. There were posts about how the Blackhawks screwed up drafting Jonathan Toews 3rd overall in 2006 instead of grabbing Nicklas Backstrom. Seriously.

    Eberle is far from being a perfect player. And he might be gone yet. But I agree with the vitriol directed at him. I think it is bad form.

    They lost a game they competed in. These are corners teams need to learn to navigate before they become great. I’m happy the team hasn’t embraced a full on quit. Actually, I’m ecstatic about that.

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    More drama than a pack of sixteen year old girls at a shoe sale… Holy schmoly…

    Yeah the crew came out flat last night – but it was still a close one and Lehtonen stood on his head. Before we spike the juice with draino let’s wait and see how they respond on Sunday.

    As for the Trade Eberle movement – chill out. Takes more than one or two players to lose a 60 minute game. Where’s the comments on how much of a no-show Puljujarvi and Draisatl were? Or a count of how many times Pouliot coughed up the puck with a soft play? Slepyshev had one close look by my count but was otherwise a no-show… And I bet Talbot wishes he had another chance at at least one of those three against.

    My point – it takes more than one singer to make a bass quartet. And more than one slice of bread for a sandwich. Which is what I’m going to make right now while looking forward to tomorrow nights game.

  • IRONman

    What a witch hunt.

    First Schultz and no Ebs

    Ebs is a 30 goal score. Proven

    Yak is a M dud

    Yak is benched now and is better in KHL

    Oilers need Proven Defence.

    They are always on there heals

    Nurse is a keeper. The rest hmmmm

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        Well he has had 28, 24 and 25 goal seasons. Also 16 in the lockout year. 25 goals in 69 games last year so he’s pretty much a 30 goal scorer. On pace for 27 so far this year too.

        • 24% body fat

          nope, by that thinking gagner is a 50 point player.

          if you dont get to 30 because you missed 30 games fair enough. If you are consistantly hurt and are blaming it on missing 10 too bad. you are not a 30 goal scorer if you dont get to 30 goals. You can not help the team when you are hurt.

          And on pace for 27 is not 30.

          Call him a 25 goal scorer if you want.

          EDIT and in all those years the goals per game still does not get him to 30 if he is healthy

          • 24% body fat

            Thats fair but here is my point. Eberle is a 25 goal scorer 60 point player without McDavid, With McDavid he is a 29 goal score (stats from last year) and a 65 point player.

            29-36-65 with Mcdavid

            25-35-60 without

            Now lets do it for yak.

            with out 13-15-28

            with (on pace and than made highly conservative due to small sample ) 10-45-55 *remember he was just under PPG on Mcdavids line. Maybe this wasnt sustainable; we will never know.

            The point here is the marginally better returns from Eberle on that line worth 4M more. Or is having Eberle produce with out Mcdavid and getting some one elses contributing to the offense who may need connor more (doesnt have to be yak) help increase the teams overall scoring.

            IF Eberle creates offense as people state due to his numbers, than he should be down with nuge to help drive this line, if he is just a complimentary piece and should play with connor why is he getting 6m. If he is traded for a very good asset after expansion that fills a hole can another complimentary player on that line be a more effective use of cap space?

            If you are gifted the privilege of playing with McDavid put forth and effort and make the most of it like Maroon. Especially if you have the talent to do so!

          • Dwayne Roloson 35

            Yeah that’s something i can agree with. I feel McDavid can produce with whoever he plays with. Making a Poo-Nuge-Ebs line could give us more scoring.

            Sometimes points isnt the best measuring stick though.
            Eberles points per 60 improved a lot last year with McDavid.

            Ebs without McDavid 0.99G/60 and 2.26P/60

            Ebs with McDavid 1.32G/60 and 2.64P/60

            Maroon actually produced at a higher rate than this last year so moving Ebs down to the second line is something i can get behind.

  • GK1980

    Everyone needs to just take a step back and breath. Apart from buffalo this team has been in EVERY game this year. They are close to turning that corner if they haven’t already. They were toe to toe with Pittsburgh, the champions.

    This team will put togther another winning streak before Xmas. That winning streak this year was no fluke, team is for real. They outplayed Dallas last night, game could have gone either way.

    Boys need to score some more goals though. It will come. I do agree wth sending Eberle down a line. He needs to be sent a message.

  • bazmagoo

    This is they type of game that will stop us from making the playoffs this year, as I said the other day I think it’s 50/50 we make the playoffs – at best. We just aren’t deep enough on defence to have lazy forwards floating back while trying to get an extra step or two on offence. That’s just my opinion, I hope I’m wrong!

  • Petrolero

    5 losses in the last 7 games. Something is going south with the team. They better figure it out fast because the California teams are starting to catch up.

  • slats-west

    It’s another “Eberle piling-on post mortem” …

    So I was thinking “why does he do it?” – the soft back check, the mental breakdown etc. Why? The guys in room must hate it, the coach hates it, the Fans definitely hate it…. So why?

    We all know this play Ebs does ……if you’ve played any form of Men’s/women’s league or shinny game …” You’re lazy and you think….hopefully the goalie makes the play and my legs will still be fresh so I can do what I want which is score a goal (dangle deluxe goal!) … Well Eberle’s certainly not in beer league and he’s not in the WHL anymore you simply cannot do it. He does not think D first on his side of the red line…he just doesn’t.

    It reminds me of Brett Hull with the Blues and he was constantly cheating for offence and actually got that rap in the league “selfish” offensive player (a lot from Team Canada players hence why I think he played for USA). So what changed for Hull?

    Ken Hitchcock and the Dallas Stars changed him. Basically he told him if he wanted to continue to play “his way” and go through his career without a Cup but a guy with good “stats” he could keep doing what he’s doing……

    OR he could change.

    He could be defensively responsible FIRST …….and the offence opportunities would still come but maybe not as many. He would play on a winning TEAM though. With Ebs playing with MCD how could he not get scoring chances and especially being the late trailer with MCD it may lead to more scoring chances than what he gets now.

    Time for a chat with McL and for a player to look in the mirror to see “What kind of player am I am going to be”?”………

  • IRONman

    No Hall. And u girls want trade Ebs.

    Wow. Blind leading the blind.

    The Team is to blame.

    Why? low effort.

    They do not look hungry.

    Except u 97. 97 is awesome.

  • nuge2drai

    Why are we arguing about Ebs on here.

    We all know he’s a soft lazy player.

    God forbid he lays a hit or wins a puck battle.

    He would be so lucky to accidently get hit by the puck and get credited with a block.

    Maybe go into a tough area and score a tip in… not this guy..

    The clincher… and someone please explain this…

    How do you have the worst +- on the team playing with McDavid…

    How is this possible.. most of us know.. hes lazy, and he has no heart..

    • Chainsawz

      Already covered the backcheck where he stole the puck so the puck battle point is already bunk.

      And what area of the ice was Eberle in when he put the puck on net for Maroons goal again?

      If you are going to have a blind bias against a player, at least try to have points that aren’t easily tossed aside in the most recent game.

    • JimmyV1965

      Wow. It’s actually getting painful to read this knuckle-dragging, imbecilic, ridiculous crap. Ebs doesn’t play a gritty frickin game. Get over it. The team obviously has. So difficult to read this garbage.

      • nuge2drai

        That surely explains why he has the worst +- on the team but skates with the best player in the league.

        Is it too much to ask that our highest paid player trys to improve defensively and backchecks once in awhile.

        Apparantly for some of us it is.

    • Seriously Bored

      You do realize at one point McDavid was -7 in a 5 game stretch and was playing some very poor defensive hockey?

      You said it yourself that we all know Ebs isnt a gritty player but that still doesnt make him a poor hockey player. He isnt big enough to hit everyone in the league or continually win board battles with some players.

      Obviously you wish Eberle is Ovechkin. Maybe while we are it we should trade for Doughty and Keith to shore up our defense.

      Does anyone really think Eberle is going anywhere until they find some more wingers?

  • The ultimate question is whether or not Ebs will make the same make again.

    Pouliot went a long stretch without a penalty last season after taking some very bad ones. We did see some again early this season and he’s been pretty good since, in that regard.

    This mistake was so glaring and so costly that I don’t he’ll be making the same mistake anytime soon.

    That sort of play should really demote someone off the first line, I wonder if we’ll see some accountability.

    The Maroon-McDavid experiment is working, let’s try Pulju, Slepy, Kass