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This week, Wanye returns to the podcast to regale us with tales from the road. 

As always, the fellas talk about all things life and discuss what’s going well with the Oilers over their current winning streak. Wanye is confused by the state of Oilersnation. Why aren’t you happy the Oilers are in first place?

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Gregor and Struds bring up topics in the hope of making Wanye vomit. Seriously. Does it work?

GOOD NEWS…. The podcast is now available on iTunes. Just search Real Life and you can find every episode. Register for the podcast at iTunes and you will receive notifications every week when it is ready to download.

You can listen on Soundcloud here, and on iTunes here.

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    Is the podcast going to touch more specifically upon the anonymity of Wanye? Maybe I missed the moment in Nation history where his his identity was revealed? and now it is just not talked about?

    I am fine if his identity needs to remain a secret but is there a large group of nation subscribers who know who Wanye is?

    Also, is there a chance that the other nation podcast comes back? Even without the high profile guests I would be more than ok with listening to those three guys just shoot the breeze on a weekly basis.