November Report Card


Fair citizens of the Nation, the second month of the season has wrapped up and that means that it’s once again time for you to put on your favourite teacher’s hat and grade the Oilers based on what happened in the month of November. Are you ready? Of course, you are.

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As always, I’ve included every player that has seen the ice during the month of November as well as the management, coaching staff, and a few of the suggestions you gave me last month. It will be interesting to see how this report card goes considering the Oilers November and October were so different, and I’m wondering who will be voted as our new overlord and who will wear the goat horns this month. Let’s vote, shall we?

There are always ways to improve the Report Card for next month and I’m always open to new ideas that we can vote on or software that we can use to improve the report card in general. If you have a suggest for next month’s report card feel free to hit me up in the comments section, by email, or on Twitter.

The report card is still a moving target, and your feedback is always appreciated. Until then, I’m asking you guys with voting on the season that was and using what’s left of the brain cells you haven’t drunk away to remember how these guys did throughout the year.

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  • @Hallsy4

    Woodcroft could be a suggestion. His Grades would swing drastically, based on how good or bad the PP was the last game.

    Edit: I guess you’ve included the PP and PK, so pretty much got it covered. Unless it’s a month where the PP hasn’t been good, then I want to trash him personally!

  • Ssseth

    Let the Eberle hate train roll on… so disappointing. This is the player he has always been and folks used to love. We just have some shiny new toys that are more sparkly so the old ones look dull I guess…

    On a positive note, wow Drai’s coming out party has been a beauty to watch. Shades of Kopitar. Dare to dream Arnold, dare to dream.

    • @Hallsy4

      What I don’t understand is how he’s -4 when McDavid is plus 9, and they’ve played most of the year toghether. Hopefully he picks it up, obviously he has the skill.

    • Dan 1919

      You’re right, Eberle hasn’t changed much and I think that’s what frustrates a lot of people. They were thinking he would continue to improve into a great player, instead he seems to have levelled out as a soft 45-50pts guy.

      That combined with the fact that we finally got a lucky golden piece in McDavid and now everything would come together. But it hasn’t really worked that way, McDavid is an Allstar as expected, but for whatever reason, Eberle, Hopkins & Pouliot have taken the start of the year off.

      In my eyes a few guys have had very disappointing starts, but Eberle takes the most heat because he’s not a fan favourite like RNH.

      • STIXLER

        Eberle was money in the slot with the puck on his stick when he first came in the league. I’m not a hater and believe he has a lot of value despite his defensive warts but your right he is not as hungry.

      • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        What’s the best evidence for this argument?

        His current seasonal run-rate for shots, total shots attempted, 5v5 blocked shots, and giveways are all at career bests–all while his TOI is down by nearly 2 minutes a game from his career high (19:33 v 17:48). So he’s actually doing more shooting and shot blocking on average with about 10% less time per game.

        I haven’t included goals and points because “passion” isn’t necessarily something that translates into points. However, shots and shot attempts say something about passion, as does blocked shots and giveaways. Imho.

        What’s the data-based argument that he’s not playing with the same passion when he was hungry? And what did hungry look like, data-wise?

        • Spydyr

          You cannot measure heart in stats. I have played hockey for 40 years and watched for 45. An educated hockey eye can see a players effort or lack there of.

          • Word to the Bird

            Oh come on, just because heart can’t be measured with any quantity doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I get that you don’t want to formulate an opinion on a player based on heart but you can’t tell me Eberle has the same heart as 97. Just go by effort level and its obvious who is pulling their weight and who is getting their weight pulled.

          • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            No, you’re right. I can’t tell you that Ebs has the same heart as 97 (and that was never done or suggested). The comparison was with Ebs today and Ebs pre-contract. McDavid has nothing to do with the comparison.

            Besides, I think the only animal on earth with which you can compare McDavid’s heart is the blue whale. Yes, blue whales have a bigger heart, but they’re pathetic on ice and can’t skate to save their lives.

          • Randaman

            Seriously, are you in politics? You tend to defend Eberle without actually having any solid ground to stand on. You avoid the truth like Eberle avoids effort.

            Are you related?

          • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

            Eberle? Passion? Shot blocking? Wtf are you talking about? This is a muffin on skates.

            You wanna talk stats? Career plus/minus? What is it? How many take aways does this muffin have?

            Eberle’s problems aren’t quantified with puck possession statistics. This is something he’s obviously good at. Look at the other side.

          • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

            Blocked shots and shots are fancy stats now? Got it. As you were.

            The simple fact is that Eberle’s in a scoring slump, based on his averages.

            If he converts shots-to-goals at even last year’s levels he’s leading the team in goal scoring. He hasn’t done that. Ultimately that’s on him.

            But he’s got other stats (related to shots and blocked shots with less minutes per game) that are career high averages and suggest he’s playing with something. If it’s not passion, it’s still a will to win. I don’t mean to suggest that’s enough to keep him on McD’s line or the 1st PP but it’s an observable thing that helps viewers gauge how a player is performing.

            You speak of your experience watching the game, and yet you’ve been called out a number of times for completely misrepresenting what happened on a play and even what others have posted on this blog–when everyone can see that you’re completely misrepresenting the facts. So independently verified stats are helpful for folks that are one-note haters of a player. If you didn’t get up every morning with your I Hate Eberle underwear on, we could take your word on it. But your consistent single-note moan about Eberle kind of rules you out of the objective analyst role.

        • Thumby

          ummm, McDavid effect should have had at least a +25% statistical improvement in all his scoring metrics. If you are not going at absolute career plus levels playing with McD, then you are a slug who doesn’t try.

    • Oilerchild77

      Actually, no. It’s because on a decent team, Eberle’s flaws are magnified and those that didn’t notice how poorly he plays in certain areas of the game are finally taking notice. He has some seriously fatal flaws in his defensive game and his inability to cycle the puck on a team that wants to play a heavier game makes him less desirable.

    • Dirtbag Daddy

      In regards to Eberle, do you think that the way he has played in the past number of years, it may be one of the reasons the Oilers finished out of the playoffs. If he played like he is capable of nobody would bring this to the attention of the Eberle lovers and the Oilers may finish higher in the standings. Sick of watching hockey players going through the motions on the ice.

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Two forwards in the top 12 not named McGenius or Drai.

    One’s a rookie and the other doesn’t have an even strength goal. Hmmm, I wonder how we’re doing with secondary scoring?

    Maybe that could be a category for next month’s scorecard.

  • Spoils

    OK, if we are going to have some real talk.

    Still suffering from latent own zone foot shooting tire fire syndrome

    How good is Shea Weber for the Habs? Would you say he’s helped?

    to achieve the brass ring – the top – multiple stanley level we need a #1D.

    We have too many dishers. How scary was Laine’s PP performance?

    Still a LOT of work to do?

    nope – McDavid.

    he’s that good. (lifts palm, sips Kool Aid, smiles)

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Giving McDavid a report card is like giving Albert Einstein a report card. The guy is in the middle of rewriting the rules of the hockey universe. He deserves a Nobel Prize for hockey art and science every month, not a report card. It’s like, hey Mozart, how were your music lessons? Did ya pass yer test?

    2. Get ready to watch the best 2-player Art Ross race since Gretzky and Dionne as Crosby and McDavid battle it out for the next 55+ games. Crosby is not done and plays on a Dionne’s-LA-Kings-equivalent team of offensive rock stars. Whereas all McDavid has going for him is the fact that he’s Connor McDavid, planet earth’s best hockey player.

    3. Matt Hendricks’ parents are asking about his report card.

  • madjam

    Oilers have quality secondary players beyond Conner , but not the higher quality of other clubs top to bottom . Limit Conner , you basically beat the Oilers as per Leaf nations critics . Arizona another prime example . Our defence is still poor depth wise in comparison to most . Obviously Chia has a lot of work to do yet , to get us up to other clubs depths throughout lineup . Take Conner away and we would be dead last again beyond much doubt . The more teams limit Conner , the more games we lose .

  • Looch#27

    I’m no Eberle hater but I’ve so far liked the purge that PC has undertaken for the most part nothing but character guys and you’d be hard pressed to put Eb’s in that category. The man has an amazing set of hands and could stick handle in a phone booth but if I could use him to land someone with more grit and a 20 goals I’d be happy to show him the door. I swear the witch hunt for him seems completely ludicrous though some “fans” can’t be happy and must have a whipping boy to blame it’s been that way since the Jason Arnott years

  • RJ

    time for me to wade in…

    Eberle is not a bad player. He is not, however, a great player.

    The one thing Team Eberle fans will trumpet is his production. From a year to year perspective, it’s been dropping ever since he got his big contract. Read elsewhere he’s on pace for a 63 point season. He scored 60+ points on a 30th place team. Now that he’s playing along side the NHL scoring leader, expecting for a little more production isn’t unreasonable.

    One of the criticisms is his contract. When MacT was dishing out big contracts like candy, the sell was that at some point it would be a value deal. Lucic was considered a top free agent. He got $6m AAV, same as Eberle. Not really a value deal yet.

    The other big one to me is the blind loyalty given to him by media. If you could replace him with a top scorer, then most would do it in a heartbeat. But guys like Gregor go out of their way to pump him up. If he was producing more, sure. But he isn’t.