If Duclair is available, should the Oilers be calling?

After being acquired by the Arizona Coyotes last year in a deal that sent Keith Yandle to the New York Rangers, 21-year old Anthony Duclair appears to be available. Should the Oilers be calling John Chayka?

Who is Duclair?

A dominant player in the QMJHL, Duclair’s ability to put up points has transitioned into the NHL having a breakout season last year with the Coyotes. Duclair is a big bodied left-shot winger who plays above his weight class.

The story of Anthony Duclair is an interesting one. How does a player who scored at a 1.23 PPG pace in the QMJHL fall late into the third round?

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TSN’s Bob McKenzie does a great job showing just what happened with Duclair in this article. The article is a must-read, but I’ll give you a bit of a summary below.

The jist of his article was that Duclair’s draft year was a year from hell. He dealt with injuries, inconsistency thoughout the year and there were questions asked about his attitude and coachability. Duclair was a member of the 2012 U-18 Canadian team that played at the Ivan Hlinka tournament. He hardly played there and fell into disfavor of the Todd Gill lead coaching staff.

He returned to the Q and suffered an ankle injury that held him out of the lineup for five weeks. After, questions arose about his attitude and had a one-game suspension imposed by then Quebec GM-coach Patrick Roy.

As McKenzie mentions, the suspension didn’t help Duclair’s rep with scouts saying he had too much me, and not we in his game. The last important thing to note is that after Roy left Quebec for the Avs, where he had lots of pull. The Avs had more than enough opportunity to take Duclair, but passed on him in the second and third rounds. 

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To Duclair’s credit, he bounced back and put up a 50-goal season. In his rookie season with the Rangers, he scored seven points in 18 games, and was later reassigned to the his QMJHL team and also spent time with the world junior team, where he put up eight points in seven games.

Interestingly enough, he was traded to the Coyotes on Mar. 1, 2015 when he was still in the QMJHL. Then Coyotes GM Don Maloney had this to say about the deal:

“It’s very simple: The only way we could do a deal with the Rangers given their cap situation was to retain salary,” Coyotes general manager Don Maloney said. “That’s the reality of the world we’re living in. We would not be doing this type of deal if we were acquiring a 33-year-old player, but when you talk about a 19-year-old potential first-line winger and a couple of other high-draft pick assets, you realize it’s going to cost you some money to make this type of deal.” Source.

Why is he being shopped and what’s he worth?

Darren Dreger, Insider Trading:

“John Chayka, the general manager, is not shopping Anthony Duclair but they’d consider it if there was a significant deal that made sense to them and brought a center back to the Arizona Coyotes. “Duclair’s name actually surfaced in Buffalo at the draft in the summer, and more recently has re-surfaced. They’re not pushing him out the door, but like Bob [McKenzie] said with Dougie Hamilton in Calgary, the same thing applies with Duclair — they’re willing to listen.” Source.

Nick Kypreos, Sportsnet.

“I’m hearing teams are saying that Duclair could be had at the right price,” Kypreos said. “If he’s not playing well, what are you truly going to give up?” said Kypreos. “I hear that Arizona would still ask for a pretty penny for him moving forward.” Source.

He started and played all of last season with the Coyotes where he put up 44 points in 81 games. However, this season he has seen struggles only putting up only four points through the teams first 23 games. While he has struggled this season, Duclair has all around been a solid player for the team. 

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In his two years at 5v5, he has produced 1.74 P/60 (2nd on team), a 58.8 GF% (1st on team), a 48.5 CF% (7th on team), as well as the highest PDO on his team during that time at 103.5. 

All things considering, it is interesting to see that Duclair is back on the trade block. He is still young, is a physical winger and has produced at the NHL level. The Coyotes have a wealth of talent on their roster, 

Duclair is a healthy scratch tonight, with coach Dave Tippett citing a “reset” for Duclair.

I would imagine that the Oilers would be a team that would be making calls on Duclair and seeing what they can move for him. With rumours soaring that Matt Hendricks and Benoit Pouliot could be had out of Edmonton, I wonder if a deal could be made there. 

What do you say, Oilers fans? Would you make a move for Anthony Duclair?

The latest from Laing:

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    • Dan 1919

      Lol look at what you just said, “…playoff position in December.”

      You’re right, pack’er in and hang tough for the rest of the season. We’re pretty much the Blackhawks now and should just completely bank on this team.

      • Randaman

        I guess I should’ve expanded on what I meant. It’s way too early unless the right deal lands in our lap. The expansion draft will have GM’s thinking twice as well.

        The trade deadline will be interesting and probably the best time to make a good deal as prices should be a little lower as teams try to offload players they wouldn’t protect anyway.

    • Rob19

      One thing this franchise has demonstrated (among other things) in recent years is some type or version of a fragile psyche. We are in relatively damn good territory now, standings-wise. We have seen recently what a mild lineup change does to this team’s confidence/record- given our place in the standings, I agree we have the tools now- let’s let things settle, cook and/or gel a while longer.

  • Scratch

    Nope. We need to run with our current lineup at least til the trade deadline. We already have 3 rookies in the starting lineup, we need more veterans if anything not a potential problem. Lets have some stability now that we have a little ( not much) depth

  • Hemmercules

    Sounds like a bit of a head case. Not sure thats a good idea. Maybe if the price is right but he doesn’t sound like an upgrade on anyone they already have.

      • Hemmercules

        Probably not the best choice of words on my part. Sounds like scouts and previous coaches weren’t too high on his attitude though. I wouldn’t give up too much for him at the moment, if the price was right he might improve with a change of scenery. Might be more intriguing if he was a RW too. Not sure who Arizona would want either? Maybe a pick or two for him?

        I like Kassian, good reclamation project. He seems to have his life turned around.

  • Ready to Win

    I don’t really know Duclair and this article doesn’t do much to sell him as being useful to the Oilers; he’s a LW (a position the Oilers are not weak at) who may or may not have bright future, and may or may not be available, but even if he is available, the Coyotes are going to want a high return for him.

    Why are we talking about him again?

  • @Hallsy4

    I’d like to see a deal. The yotes have lots of good young D men do they not, or Hanzal is a FA? I hear Pouliot and Fayne are advanced stats darlings, and Yotes GM loves that stuff.

  • If Poo is on the way out, which I hope he is, then yes I would look at Duclair and slot him in on the 3rd line to give him some soft minutes and rebuild his confidence. I always liked the player but sounds like he is falling out of favour in Arizona… He is young, inexpensive and could easily provide as much, if not more, offence than 67.

    LW depth with Looch, Maroon and Duclair would look great. Nice mix of toughness, youth and size.

    • Dan 1919

      Agreed, don’t see either of those getting you Duclair as he did pot 44pts last year (3 less than Eberle). What if the Oilers finish relatively well this year, is Duclair worth the risk of a bottom end first round pick? I’d say so, what are the odds of anything in the bottom end getting you a 40+ pt getter, relatively low from a few quick spot checks?

      Duclair for the Oilers’ first, if Chiareli is confident that the Oilers will make playoffs this year (I defer that judgment call to him, he knows what an NHL playoff team looks like).

        • Dan 1919

          Lol I actually wasn’t taking a jab at Eberle this time, I was trying to put into perspective that Duclair has already had success in the league.

          Given Eberle’s play the last couple seasons and especially the start of this one, I’m just not a fan of his overall contribution to the team. That being said he already has 20pts this year. I highly doubt he’s good enough to get you a top 4 dman, and no one is likely going to swap their 45-60pt guy for our soft Eberle. With his $6mil cap hit, Eberle is in a very peculiar situation where there’s probably not much of a market that would benefit the Oilers to trade him for. At this point, probably the only thing that would makes sense for both sides would be trade Eberle for a high end prospect/pick that could potentially end up better than him. Eberle can be frustrating to watch, but I’m not sure anybody wants to hit the reset on him now for another 18 year old, yet?

  • Finnish Oiler fan in Edmonton89

    Where are all the people who said we should of signed Enroth instead of Gustavson this summer?

    Waived after .872 save percentage, 3.94 GAA and hasn’t won a game this season

    I understand why we are just nobodies posting on a fan site opposed to GM’s

    • Seanaconda

      Not like the leafs have ever made a decent goalie look bad before

      ….. oh wait Bernier looks amazing with the ducks and was supposed to be the leafs amazing starter and enroth was just signed as a backup.

      (leafs are getting better but I wouldn’t wanna be a goalie for them. Andersen has to play out of his mind most nights to not be lit up.)

  • LuckyLex

    To me I take a shot at the following trade scenerio.

    and Stone
    and Reinhart

    To me makes sense for both teams in that, Oilers get a solid center that can slot into the 2nd/3rd role off setting Nuge and allowing Mclellan more options with the ability to keep Drai at RW. Duclair who played with McDavid at the Juniors tournament, and a big shot RD.

    Coyotes get a vetern LW to play with their young guys, a solid #2 LD behind OEL, a vetern RD to allow the young guys to not play above their level and Reinhart. There is also a small connection with Henrik Samuelsson as well from the Oil King team (I know it’s a stretch)

    Salaries almost balance, and the Oilers could retain some to make it more even and appealing to the Coyotes.

  • Opie

    Oilers don’t have the assets to give up for Duclair. Other than their first round pick. If it is Pouliot, that would be surreal. But it would take more than just Pouliot lol

    • camdog

      And Brian Burke called the trade proposal insulting and that the GM of the Coytotes was an arse for starting the Hamilton trade rumors.

      If the Oilers want Duclair all they have to do is wait for his value to plummet Oilers style and then trade a third round pick for him in 2 years time.

  • bwar

    So what I got out of that was that he’s not getting traded. Ok thanks for the heads up. If people are willing to overpay, every player is on the block. I’m starting to really hate trade rumors.

  • fran huckzky

    We are finally on the road to respectability. This guy doesn’t fill a need and has shown on many occasions that he is not a team player. It would be a mistake to add him to the roster even if he could be had for nothing. To compare his situation to Kassian’s is ludicrous.

  • hockey1099

    Duclair has worse numbers than yak this year just for some perspective.

    To the eberle haters and stats lovers our boy ebs has 5x the points of duclair thus far. He only scored 3 more than him last year but he did so playing 12 less games.

    I don’t think we need any projects. We need proven players preferably veterans with playoff experience. We need to get out of the mind set of building for the future and start building for today. We have one more year of mcdavid on an entry level. We need to get playoff experience now and hope to God we can convince ufas to take a discount to play with Connor and hopefully a cup contender.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    From my perspective trading anyone whom does not need to be protected from the expansion draft next summer for one who does would be foolishness as you will just risk more players to Vegas. If however we can pick up a great player who does not need protection and trade a player who has a bit of overpay and would have to be protected Im OK with that.

  • rusty

    What are the Oilers assets? Pouliot, Hendricks, Fayne, draft picks. if you can get the rookie GM to bite on a Pouliot trade then great but im guessing he doesnt do it. and if Chia trades our first or second rounder for Dulcair there would be a legit case for his immediate firing.

    Classic case of hometown (arizona) overvaluing their asset (dulcair). Not worth exploring.