Monday Mailbag – Hendricks on the Move?

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As per tradition, it is mailbag time once again and that means I’m here to bring you some free learnin’ from your friendly writers here at the Nation. As always, I’ve taken your questions and sent them out to our geniuses team to get the answers that you’ve always been thirsting for. I’ve said it many times before, but this feature is entirely dependent on you guys and I need questions for next week. If you have something you’d like to ask you can email me at [email protected] or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk.com

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1) Jeff S asks –  As of December 5th, 2016, the coach and GM’s previous teams (Sharks and Bruins) are both doing better in the standings than the Oilers. Do you still believe that they were still good hires for the Oilers?


Yes. The Oilers have a veteran management and coaching staff now. This is no longer a learn on the job franchise. As much I think Craig MacTavish is a very smart guy, learning the GM job at that level is extremely difficult. The Jeff Petry handling would be an example. As for McLellan, if you think back to the day Dallas Eakins was fired, and remember the weeks after, I think you will find your answer. Worlds apart.

Jason Gregor:

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Yes. Oilers are infinitely better than before they arrived. Not every move they made has worked out, but no GM or coach has a perfect record. They’ve helped make the Oilers competitive, which was the first step towards being a Cup contender. In two years we can re-evaluate and see if they are still steering team in the right direction.

Matt Henderson:

I think Todd McLellan is probably the most legitimate head coaching hire the Oilers have made since the glory days. If you think about it, everyone they’ve hired since then was either a former Oiler player, an unknown, or well past their prime. So they went after McLellan who had a legit resume and wasn’t on the verge of retirement. He makes some odd choices (Russell top pairing minutes?) but every single coach makes weird choices.

Chiarelli is different. I’m much less confident in Peter Chiarelli. He’s done some good things (Maroon for a song), he’s done some high risk things (Lucic signed until the Sun collapses) and he’s done some awful things (Multiple picks for Reinhart, Hall for Larsson). So it’s a mixed bag there and I can’t tell if he’s going to take the team in the right direction or if McDavid is covering up for his errors. 

Robin Brownlee:

Yes. In the season before Chiarelli and McLellan joined the Oilers, the Bruins finished 34 points ahead of the Oilers and the Sharks finished 27 points ahead. Look at the standings today. Do you consider the difference some sort of failure?

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Jonathan Willis:

I don’t think looking at how Boston and San Jose do in the absence of Peter Chiarelli/Todd McLellan is the best way of answering whether or not they were good hires for the Oilers; I’d rather look at their record in Edmonton. On that front, the results have been mixed. Chiarelli’s done some good things, but his biggest trades have also hurt the team. McLellan is a good coach but unfortunately seems to have lost some useful guys along the way. I’d guess that neither is totally happy with how things have worked out so far. 

Chris the Intern:

Yeah, of course they were good hires. The Sharks and Bruins have a different team than us so it doesn’t make sense to compare them. For example, McLellan came onto a team where the players haven’t had a consistent coaching method in the last five years with all the different coaches coming in whereas the Sharks have been together for a while and have succeeded with their system for years. It’s much easier to come onto a team like that and succeed.


The Sharks were a much better team than the Oilers when McLellan left and same goes for the Bruins (to a lesser extent). Not sure why you’re overly surprised. Granted the Oilers can be frustrating at times but you didn’t really think they would go from 29th place to Cup winners in one year, did you? Also, have you forgotten the swarm? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the swarm.

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2) Ziyan S asks – Would it be in the Oilers’ best interest to send Jesse Puljujarvi to the World Juniors? Any chance it could happen? Thanks in advance.


I think there is some benefit for sure, but the organization has to this point not made that an option. JP has to play, if not in the NHL or AHL, then Finland.

2020 NHL UFA Top 30: Erik Haula and Evgenii Dadonov

Jason Gregor:

It would be a bad move. Why would seven games against kids he has already dominated in the tournament be good for him? Playing in the AHL would be better, if he was going to leave Edmonton.

Matt Henderson:

Of course it would be in the best interest of the team to send Puljujarvi to the World Juniors. It’s a tournament for his peer group. He’s 18 years old and forever we’ve been told it’s actually a 19 year old’s tournament. To suggest he shouldn’t be there would be bizarre. That said, Edmonton won’t send him. They’ve proven thus far that they have no development plan or grasp on reality when it comes to Puljujarvi. I need to see it happen before I believe it now.

Robin Brownlee:

No. If he goes anywhere it should be to the AHL where he can play steady minutes.

Jonathan Willis:

I don’t see how it could hurt to send a part-time NHL’er in the middle of a scoring slump to the World Juniors to play meaningful games against elite competition his own age. But no, I don’t see it happening.

Chris the Intern:

I would rather have him be in and around the team, even if he is being scratched. It might be beneficial for Puljujarvi’s personal growth to play a few games at that level with his old teammates, but I’d want him here.


I think you spelt AHL wrong. 

3) Geoff asks – Is there a player that you had written off that came back to play well and have a career? Who was it? I personally thought Devan Dubnyk would be gone after the Oilers traded him and he couldn’t find traction in Nashville.


All kinds over the years. Tyler Wright would be an example, credit to him, he worked hard and found a way. I always cheer for these players, but the odds do not favor long careers (outside the first round). 

Jason Gregor:

I don’t think Yakupov will ever be the player many felt he could be. He’d be the one, but too early to see if I’m correct.

Matt Henderson:

There are lots of players I’ve written off that had a decent career. We saw one the other day in Vande Velde. I thought that guy was going to be an AHL lifer. Tom Poti was dead to me before he was traded. He even went on to have a career where he was known for exactly the thing he couldn’t provide in Edmonton. It happens.

Robin Brownlee:

Nail Yakupov. Nevermind . . . Probably Daniel Cleary. Until he beat the bottle he wasn’t going to be a good NHL player, which is what he turned into in Detroit after he got straightened out. 

Jonathan Willis:

There have been a couple.  Matt Hendricks has been a much better Oiler than I expected; he’s fallen off this year but I didn’t think he’d last even this long. That serves me right for betting against a guy who fought his way up from the ECHL. Part of the reason I got Hendricks wrong was probably because I never lost my belief that Devan Dubnyk could be an NHL starter; I’ve just seen too many goalies have one bad year and then bounce back, so I always figured he’d come around. One goalie I was out to lunch on is Steve Mason: We had years of work in Columbus saying this guy couldn’t really stop the puck, but as soon as he got to Philly he turned into a real asset and I didn’t see that coming.

Chris the Intern:

I’ve always believed in Dubnyk. Seeing his success right now isn’t a surprise at all. I wouldn’t say Sam Gagner is having a ‘career’ right now. But i definitely wasn’t expecting him to light it up as he is now this year.


I never expected Radulov to come back to the NHL one time let alone twice. The guy is having a great year in Montreal and it seems like he may have found a home for himself. Big piece for Montreal.


4) Anna asks – Elliotte Friedman reported that teams have been inquiring about Matt Hendricks but he seems like the kind of leader that the young Oilers need right now. What do you think about Matt Hendricks at this point in his career, and do you think the Oilers should keep or trade him?


Depends entirely on the coach. I agree he has tremendous leadership skills, but if the Oilers have other options, and Hendricks isn’t in the every night lineup? Best to find him another spot in the NHL. 

Fourteenth overall picks from the past five NHL drafts

Jason Gregor:

Oilers still don’t have an abundance of depth. One or two forward injuries and they are searching for depth again. I suspect the return on Hendricks would be a mid-round pick. This team wants to compete for a playoff spot, and I’d keep vets around. If he doesn’t dress all the time, I’m fine with that, but having an up beat guy around does help, even if some believe it has no value. As long as they don’t overplay him, I’d rather have him around.

Matt Henderson:

I have time for Matt Hendricks, but he’s a fourth line player at the end of his career. He’s not a fast guy and it looks like he’s lost a half-step. That’s a career death sentence if it’s true. If Edmonton can get a pick for him I say make that happen. Keeping him in the lineup means keeping out a Slepyshev, Pitlick, or Pouliot, and at this point I’m not sure that makes the team better at all.

Robin Brownlee:

The reason you trade Hendricks is to open up a spot because you won’t get anything in the way of a return for him. Matt is pretty much used up at this point in his career so it depends on what value he brings to the team as a leader and an experienced voice in the room. I’ll defer to McLellan on that one.

Jonathan Willis:

I think Matt Hendricks is a 35-year-old pending free agent, and while I’ve been wrong about him before (see question three!) I feel like we’re seeing age catch up with him right before our eyes. I’m at the point where I almost always think that Anton Slepyshev or Tyler Pitlick (or for that matter, Taylor Beck or Anton Lander) can do more with a roster spot. I also think that if there’s a contender out there interested in him why not give him a chance to play there?

Chris the Intern:

I LOVE HENDO. I would be so sad to see him leave. It sucks that he had to start his season weeks after everyone else did (cause of his injury). So obviously he’s looking a little out of it right now. HOWEVER, it’s the last year of his contract, he’s getting old, blah blah blah. I hope we end up keeping him.


Makes sense, right? Hendo is in the last year of his deal, he’s 34-years-old, and he could get Chiarelli another magic bean for the summer. I think it will really depend on where the Oilers are at near the deadline before a guy like Hendricks gets moved. It’s not exactly as though this team is ripe with depth and injuries can happen.

5) Herald asks – What did you think of the Taylor Hall hit on Philip Larsen?


Clean hit, terrific reaction by both teams skating into him, dropping sticks on his head. The hit was fine, though.

Jason Gregor:

It was fine. The worst consequence to a non-dangerous hit. He didn’t run him over, he let up. It was unfortunate, but not cheap or dirty.

Matt Henderson:

Clean hit. Never want to see someone laying on the ice like that. I think it was a terrible outcome of a good hockey hit. Go Hall.

Robin Brownlee:

Nothing wrong with the hit. Bad result. Could have been worse with all the players piling in to react to the hit rather than making sure Larsen was OK.

Jonathan Willis:

It looked to me like Hall tried to go through the body, and it was unfortunate that Larsen was hunched over and leaning forward. Anybody who has watched hockey for a while knows that’s a deadly place for NHL defencemen, and I don’t know what else a forechecking forward is supposed to do other than go through the guy with the puck. The one thing that really made me cringe was watching the immediate retaliation – I get why it happens, but the potential for serious damage to Larsen as a result of piling up around his prone body is really scary. Jacob Markstrom deserves a lot of credit for going over to protect him. 

Chris the Intern:

Beauty hit. Not sure if we’ve ever seen a hit like that from Taylor Hall. Good for him. 


The hit itself was fine. That’s chapter one in the ‘Keep Your Head Up, Son’ handbook. It just sucks that he got hurt. Where things got crazy was with both teams starting a rumble on top of Larsen. Guy could have got stepped on, kicked, throat cut. Either way, you wish Larsen the best and hope he gets back on the ice soon.

  • Shredder

    Chris the Intern – Hall has given a few big hits…remember when he got suspended for crushing Clutterbuck a few years ago? That wasn’t as clean, but still a huge hit nonetheless. Hall has delivered a few beauties in his day.

  • freelancer

    While I do think it’s a good idea for Puljujarvi to be sent down to the AHL, I don’t think that he should play in the World Juniors.

    I think the last thing you want right now is to have Puljujarvi go play on European ice and fall back into those habits. He is only starting to adjust to the North American game. Send him down to the AHL soon and let him continue to develop to the NA game.

  • bcoil

    Matt H your constant negativity about the Oilers Management team and all things Peter and Todd M is starting to effect your objectivity and over time your legitamasy as it pertains to your writings. I sometimes wonder which one of them P…sd in your cornflakes.

  • Jay (not J)

    Here’s a question. if Laine dominates the rookie scoring race through season’s end like he’s done so far, but the Jets miss the playoffs by finishing the season 1 point behind the second wildcard spot claiming Oilers, is he the league’s rookie of the year and the team’s goat of the year at the same time?

  • Oilerchild77

    Matt Henderson is not a true professional, as he’s demonstrated too many times in his writing already. As if he would know how to manage a professional hockey franchise! As if he has the slightest clue about how difficult it is to acquire the right players to make a team competitive (especially right-handed defenseman). If he were made the permanent GM of the Oilers, we would be 31st place until the league took control of the team.

    • Hemmercules

      I don’t get why everyone is totally crapping on Henderson all the time? As far as I know he’s just a fan of the Oilers that Oilersnation decided to give a few opinionated articles here and there.

      If he just wrote exactly what you want to hear all the time there would be no discussion. It helps having guys with varying opinions. If they are proven wrong , you can throw it back at them, if they are right, then maybe you gain a little respect for them.

      I dont agree with some of his opinions either, but I dont think that makes him unprofessional or clueless.

      I actually found his answer to #1 to be bang on. Todd is a good coach, makes some weird choices sometimes. Chiarelli has been a mixed bag. I dont know how anyone can argue with those statements at this point in the season.

      • freelancer

        Have to agree with you. I’ve found Henderson brings a different perspective to some topics. A good writer will challenge your current beliefs and create discussion.

        I don’t agree on Russell for example. I don’t think that he is as terrible as he suggests, but now I’ve started to look more into analytics to try and figure out why he suggests it.

      • He’s the main Oiler blogger over at hockey buzz as well. I think the issue comes in that people seem to think two things:

        1) sports writing is journalism.
        2) Henderson is more than just a well educated guy with a day job, who has enough skill end experience writing about the Oilers to have an informed opinion.

        He tells people all the time you don’t have to follow him. I personally think someone who gets paid to deliver content, based on how many clicks that content gets, should not be encouraging people to stop reading. (and before getting my throat jumped down, I realize it’s not a direct pay per click model, however ad buys largely go off the strength of traffic)

        So, if everyone would take Henderson off the pedestal, then maybe there would be a little less complaints. I do, however, think Henderson harps on a few points a little too much, and that like people complaining about his writing, he too should let a few things go.

        But, when it comes to ON, really what it comes down to for me is the strength of the writing and the articles. In this way I have a tough time not enjoying Henderson or especially Willis. Gegor is always very good, and I’ve been impressed with Chris the Intern. I find Brown Lee to be very Op Ed, but always good for a few minutes, plus he’s very good at getting back in his comment sections. I wish some of the ex NHL ers on the site would give more what it’s like insight that is badly missing.

        Get on it ON.

        • AJ88

          Point 2 “enough skill and experience writing about the Oilers to have an informed opinion”
          I think there is much more required to have an informed opinion. Looking only at analytics (Russell) and having a favourite player (Hall) does not make you an informed writer. IMO writers that can only base their articles on analytics do not have a large amount of skill and experience when it comes to the true value of a player.

          The one thing that is fact, the Oilers are in a better position in 2016, with Russell and without Hall. Those moves may have made the team better and were not based on the individuals own play.

          • When I say skill and experience, I am referring to his skill and experience as a writer. Whether or not you enjoy the overall point or thrust of Matt’s articles, I don’t think it’s so easy to say he does not have skill as a writer. He is skilled, and he does have experience. He has been writing professionally (or whatever hockey buzz and ON are) for a good many years. That is experience. Not to mention his appearances on various radio shows and other media outlets.

            Love it or hate it Matt has an analytical thrust to his articles. Anything stats based will always be open to interpretation, you are reading Matt’s interpretation of the stats. If you don’t like his results, why not look into the stats he is using to demonstrate his point, and see if you can’t find some to counterpoint them? David Staples does that quite a bit. He had a good one in reference to Russel the other day, and it had to do with save percentage for goalies when Russel is on the ice, vs when he’s not.

            Now I may be getting this mixed up, but if Matt’s argument is the team does bad at puck possession when Russel is on the ice, then Staples argument is goalies do great when Russel is on the ice. Since hockey is a team game and nothing happens in a vacume like in baseball, even the most telling stat has some wiggle room.

            Personally the only stats I think matter are goal differential and wins / losses.

          • AJ88

            Okay, my point was not about enough skill and experience to write, does that relate to having an informed opinion on hockey itself when it is basically backed up by analytics?
            The Hall trade wreaks of something much more than analytics, hence an informed opinion can only come from within the organization not from a blogger that can only base his articles/opinions/arguements on analytics. Unfortunately informed opinions rarely see there way to ON.

          • Fair enough. The thing is though is you say stats and figures do not qualify someone to have an informed opinion on the trade, because it was more about that, however only those within really know what it was about. Assuming you are not apart of the organization, how can you know only those in the know know, yet you know it was more about stats without you yourself being in the know? In other words you basically disqualify yourself from having an informed opinion, while at the same time dictating what an informed opinion takes, and who would or would not have it.

            Ipso facto (love using that) you would not be able to have an informed opinion on who does and doesn’t have an informed opinion.

            I think the fact Henderson at least tries to use hard data over the smell test, as you put it, means his opinion is more educated, and thus informed, than those who are not using hard data. Of course people in the organization would have a more informed opinion on why or why not they made their own decisions, but given as how Todd McLellan does not write for ON, I don’t see how that’s a relevant request. Even Stauffer who works for the organization misses all the time.

            And so on ON you have opinions that are informed from stats, personal experience watching the team and games, and the smell tests. Thus you kind of have a writer who informs their opinion based on what you would like to see. Except for those in the organization or previously from it. Something I noted in my first post ON should try and get. Struds was okay, but he didn’t bring that insight in enough.

            Anyway, I guess Henderson is kind of right here. Since that’s how he informs his opinions, if you don’t like it I suppose you can always stop reading?

          • AJ88

            I am not totally against analytics but I question how strong an informed opinion may be when analytics are used solely to back your opinion.

            Analytics in my opinion is too symplistic in evaluating a NHL player’s value. It has some value but, for example, if a player scores 50 goals, has a great CF, throws out 200 hits/year on one team and gets traded he should have the same stats on the new team or he is deemed to be underperforming. What analytics would prove out his demise? Most likely it would be related to coaching, linemates, teammates, division you are in, McD on your team, type of system, etc

            In the end it comes down to win/losses and Russell does not deserve the negative attention that Henderson is handing out.

          • I agree with all that. Hockey is such a fast paced and team orientated game. It’s difficult to think of a comparable. I appreciate what advance stats sets out to do, which is to evaluate each player’s performance, and evaluate that performance against the teammates, however you are right in that it does not provide the whole picture.

            I really appreciated when Willis did those articles that broke down good or bad plays frame by frame and explained what was going wrong, and who the blame hung on. Lots of times watching the game I’m screaming at a player, when really it was a bad pinch or turnover or poor coverage from some other guy who’s really at fault for the goal.

          • YEGswede

            “Analytics in my opinion is too symplistic in evaluating a NHL player’s value. It has some value but, for example, if a player scores 50 goals, has a great CF, throws out 200 hits/year on one team and gets traded he should have the same stats on the new team or he is deemed to be underperforming. What analytics would prove out his demise? Most likely it would be related to coaching, linemates, teammates, division you are in, McD on your team, type of system, etc”

            This is why most people usually use individual stats relative to your teammates or WOWY type data.

            Should pinch in that in principal I agree with your overall sentiment though, that there are bloggers and other social media guys out there who seem to base their opinions on only one (almost always shot based) metric, which of course is way too simplistic.

        • Hemmercules

          Reading some of the stuff that is said to him in the comments I really can’t blame him for telling people to stop reading his articles. Some comments seem to get downright angry about the subject and its almost funny. I actually enjoy it when someone in the comments has a complete 180 opinion to mine, it makes for good discussion and I usually end up learning something.

          • I agree, as long as there is a point to actually debate and discuss, rather than just trolling.

            I follow Matt on Twitter and indeed read the articles here and on Hockey buzz. I see both points as I too burn out on the constant harping on the Hall trade, or playing Russel. I think by now we all get it, and wish Matt would focus his talents on other items. Like how is Marincin doing?

            I think for the majority we like the cynicism, but can only endure so much negativity on a site most of us come to escape for a bit.

          • Harry2

            My problem with Henderson is that hes a perfect example of a broken record. Here we are in December the Oilers are having their best season since forever and hes still whining about a trade that happened in the summer! Not to mention a 2 part article railroading 1 player.

            If Henderson is a fan then how can he not be excited about what Chiarelli has done? Taken the worst team in NHL history and turned it into division contenders in the span of a season and a half. Not liking some moves that PC has made is one thing but its awfully ignorant to suggest Chiarelli isnt doing a good job based on the record of the team and depth hes created in such a short time.

          • Hemmercules

            I don think you understand what this article is?? He was specifically asked what he thought of Chiarelli so far and he answered it. Thats called whining now??

            “Chiarelli is different. I’m much less confident in Peter Chiarelli. He’s done some good things (Maroon for a song), he’s done some high risk things (Lucic signed until the Sun collapses) and he’s done some awful things (Multiple picks for Reinhart, Hall for Larsson). So it’s a mixed bag there and I can’t tell if he’s going to take the team in the right direction or if McDavid is covering up for his errors.”

            I dont see anything too outlandish in that statement. A large population of people hated the Hall trade, he’s not alone. Reinhart was a terrible move, Morron was good, Lucic was high risk. There has also been a lot of discussion about how good the Oilers would be right now without McDavid.

            Oilers fan have every right to be cynical until they actually win something other than draft lotteries. Still lots of season left, they could easily be at the top or bottom of the league by seasons end, we will see.

      • Oilerchild77

        Exactly. He’s just a fan, which is why he shouldn’t be writing articles on a (somewhat) reputable hockey site. And I’m not expecting to hear what I want to hear. I’m expecting to hear well informed and well-rounded information, and maybe even some humility, which we don’t often get from him.

        • Hemmercules

          I actually think thats whats good about it, he’s a fan, giving his perspective from a fan standpoint. The other writers tend to avoid being homers or fans and stick to just being writers on a subject.

          One of the greatest things I find about the internet is thats its super easy to just move on and not be a douche if you dont like something. You are a click, or non-click away from saving yourself some time and frustration. Its just that easy.

  • Big fan of Hendricks, but if he’s hurting the team because he can’t keep up, then it may be time to let Lander back int he line up. No, he doesn’t put the puck in the net, but he doesn’t really let the puck go in either.

    It’s a shame Hendricks lost a step because he was pretty electric on the forecheck.

    Having said that, Maroon, Letestu, Kassian has been the best “fourth” line this team has ever seen. That line dominated every shift for two games. I understand you want to move guys up and give them a chance on scoring lines, but if there is a way to keep the line and still have the top line producing, I don’t see why they wouldn’t put that back together again.

    To a lesser extent, the kid line, while not great against some teams, had more energy than the entire team combined on some nights. The Anaheim game comes to mind in one where Pitlick and Cagguila hit everything that moved. McLellan needs to put away the blender and take out the chemistry set. Give these guys time to build timing and spacing with each other.

  • @Hallsy4

    I’d trade Hendo, he’s lost too much of a step, and seems to have hurt the team when he plays, and I love the guy. I’d also trade Pouliot this season. Next offseason I trade Ebs, and the one after that Nuge. I suspect this is the plan, although Ebs and Nuge may both be gone this summer. The games are exciting and the Oilers are in a playoff race, but McDavid’s covering a lot of mistakes. Without him, is this team that much better than the decade of despair? Time to start earning your Paycheque PETE. Also, Mac T and Lowe are still at the very top of the organization, and they certainly have some influence still. FIRE THEM

  • Sir Dudeinstein

    I got a question.
    This isnt a rumour blog but I have a question as Matt Hendricks was mentioned to be on the move.
    Would you trade Eberle and Hendricks for Fowler and conditional 3rd round. (Becomes second if NYI goes to the conference finals)??
    There has been rumours about NYI and ANA involving Fowler. Garth is known to do more than one deal.
    They need a winger for Traveres, EDM needs more stability in the back end. Thoughts?

    • Hemmercules

      If the Oilers had another RW with some talent I would say yes, but they dont and its not close. Be nice to have Fowler but its just creating another hole that wont be that easy to fill on its own.

      If the Oilers are totally out of the playoffs by the deadline and they have their sights on a free agent RW or a trade to bring one in, then that is the time to make that trade. Even then, if you strike out on a free agent or can’t swing a trade then RW is looking sparse for next season.

      • Sir Dudeinstein

        yes, but we do need RHD depth, Fowler fits the age that we need, we have players that will soon be able to make the jump soon, shlepy proved he can play up here,

        So if our lines are the following:








        • Hemmercules

          Double shifting Puljujarvi at 19 years old and moving natural centermen to the wing doesn’t work for me personally but thats just me.

          I also think you are leaning too heavily on Paka, Pitlick, Kassian, Slepy and Pul. Great guys but add up their points this season and you barely beat Eberle by himself.

          • Sir Dudeinstein

            I made a mistake on my comment I had edit it
            Edmonton problem this year isnt the points. They are near the top for goals for so there isnt a problem with scoring.
            Giving up one of the most shots per game, is relying heavily on Talbot and obvious Gus cant handle that pressure and we cant play Talbot 70+ games a year.
            Leaving heavily on Pitlick/Slepy for bottom 6 role isnt a big leap, but they are ready for the NHL leap, same with Kahaira.

            Pulijarvi can play top 6 role, will he gets eberle 70 points a year? not at this stage of his career BUT he is more responsible than Eberle, and he will stand up for his teammate not coward to the bench.

          • Hemmercules

            I understand that you want Eberle out as soon as possible for whatever return but I just think Pitlick, Kassian, Pulu and Paka is reaching for your top 3 right wingers.

            Puljujarvi has great pedigree but I dont see anything at this point that guarantees him being a top line RW in the NHL. He could very well end up a middling guy in the long run. I consider that a pretty good gamble expecting at 19 year old to be your top guy after only looking average so far this season.

            I’m not agaisnt trading Eberle but I think they need to bring in another guy with experience and skill if they ditch him.

          • Sir Dudeinstein

            Eberle isnt a top RW either, hes a middle guy so yes I would like to get rid of the old losing ways of the oilers including those that were with the team who isnt part of the Long term plan.
            Eberle isnt part of the plan, sorry but hes already almost 30 Oilers are not winning the cup this year, most likely not next year.

            Why keep someone who cant HELP your team weakness and shows no signs of even trying to improve that aspect. Now Eberle has been trying to back check but he get pushed off the puck cant hold the puck and people know his toe drag move.

            If that isnt enough, he been shooting better yes but teams are blocking and the garbage goals are the way to do this in todays NHL and Eberle wont go infront of the net.

            Thats why I think if we can get a lot for him now, to pull the trigger, bite the bullet, we can play for a playoff spot this year, good movement but its time to move on. We moved on from Yakupov, Pijarvi, Hall, Omark, Schultz, and now its Eberle’s time.

            With Eberle here how do you see to improve this team? We obviously still have problem but how do you see us improving?

            What are you willing to give up to improve that?
            Hendricks wont fetch us a 1st or 2nd rounder, he wont fetch us a top 6 RW, so what are you willing to get for him and what are you willing to give up to improve our team?

  • Wolverine_Oiler

    Q1. Chiarelli – I could have done without a few signings and the Hall trade. I would have much preferred the rumored trade for Subban in exchange for the #4, Klefbom, and I think it was RNG or Drai. I would have made yes with RNH as the last part. But that’s just me. Would have been nice to see PK running the PP and offloading bombs. And nice to see Hall with McDavid.

    McLellan – I don’t have a lot of complaints except for shootouts. I get the Hendricks and Letestu have good percentages over their career but you go to them in rounds 4, 5, 6. McDavid, Eberle, Drai have to be in there all the time. It’s just baffling to me.

    • Sir Dudeinstein

      Problem with PK that Larsson does better at, PK will go for the big hit, regardless what side of the ice its on leaving whoever open where Larsson is a bit more defensively aware. PK will join the rush and pinch at any time where you will need a defensive thought guy to be with him. Price bailed PK out A LOT and Talbot isnt Price)
      Rumour had it that PK character was questionable in the locker room (no one came out to call it out but there was speculations) and the rumour goes for Hall as well. That is also why you see MTL playing better as a team, EDM playing better as a team.
      Hall and PK brings offense yes, but that is not where we are hurting this year, we are near the top in shots against, we are not able to shut down games when we are up.

      McL has insight and had advice about certain goaltenders against left handed shooters, right handed shooters, whos doing well that game, who been good in shootouts, ect ect. He gets advice but ultimately its his choice and he felt those two been having a good game and had decent numbers.

    • Harry2

      Larsson AND Klefbom are 5 years younger than Subban and their combined cap hit is still less than PK’s.

      I like Subban the player but ill take the way Chiarelli decided to make over the D anyday over adding a somewhat one dimensional 9 million dollar dman

  • Hemmercules

    I consider top 15 in points for all RW in the league to be a top RW. Again, just my opinion, I know you think otherwise.

    He’s almost 30?? He’s 26, few prime years to go yet.

    Every goal scored in the NHL is a garbage, front of the net goal now?? OK

    I never said “dont trade him” I said their RW depth is not good and its a gamble to expect the current RW crew to carry the load next year without Eberle. I think with Nurse and Davidson healthy they have a decent defense. I dont think Fowler is going to shift the team that astronomically thats its the right move at this moment.

    • Sir Dudeinstein

      In his prime? What indication do you have that he is in his prime? I see regression in his play, in his speed, in his points from year to year, so if thats his prime, im scared to see when he gets out of his prime.

      All I can say losing Eberle wont hurt us as much as you are portrayed to feel.

      How did the oilers do last year without eberle when he was injured compared to when he came back?

      How well did the oilers do when Eberle was a top line RW compare to when he wasnt?

      If it hurt us so much not having Eberle at the top line why havnt McL move him back to the first line, because HE even knows it doesnt work. top 15 scorer sure by stats but he hurts the team as much as he “helps”

  • VvV

    Lowetide, Did you really just say that because he isn’t in the lineup every night it is best to find him another place in the NHL… Oilers need to worry bout the team, not gifting players ice time on their team or someone elses. Much rather see Hendricks in and out of the lineup then going out of the way to make sure he’s playing every night on another team.