Who Are you with Patrick Maroon


In the fourth installment of a new semi-regular feature on my radio show on TSN 1260 called Who Are You, I caught up with Patrick Maroon.

We discussed music, hobbies, being a prankster and more.

We saw the emotional side of Maroon after Monday’s victory in St. Louis. It’s easy to forget the human side of sports and athletes at times, and he reminded us he is just like any father. He misses his son when he’s away. It was great.

Today you’ll read about the lighter side of Maroon.

Gregor: Let’s start with your new fledgeling radio voicing career, how’s that going?

Patrick Maroon: It’s going really good. I do a lot of the talking and Nuge [Ryan Nugent-Hopkins] doesn’t really say much so I enjoy it. Maybe I have a career after hockey.

Gregor: How many takes does it take for you guys to get one commercial done?

Maroon: Actually it only takes about ten minutes to be honest. We say the line and if they don’t like it we say it again. And then they usually take one line at a time. If they like the line then we’ll just go to the next line and then ‘OK say this line again and then we’ll take it’.

Gregor: Are you looking to add more chirps in them?

Maroon: No, I think I get him pretty good. Nuge and I have fun doing it, but I think I got him pretty good there in the last one.

Gregor: When you’re walking around, what is playing in your headphones?

Maroon: Country.

Gregor: Are you a Garth Brooks fan? I think that he’s got 97 concerts coming to Edmonton, are you going?

Maroon: I wish that I was going. I think that we’re out of town. I’m not sure though, but I would love to go.

Gregor: Favourite country music concert you’ve attended?

Maroon: Luke Bryan.

Gregor: No hesitation. What’s so good about Luke Bryan?

Maroon: His performance gets the crowd going, and I like what he does at the end with the beers (laughs).

Gregor: Nice. Who is a country act you haven’t seen but would like to?

Maroon: Florida Georgia Line and Garth Brooks.

Gregor: Are you a sing out loud in the car guy?

Maroon: I am, I really am. Me and my girlfriend, we actually sing out loud. We catch ourselves all of the time. She doesn’t like country music so I blare it, just to annoy her. (Laughs).

Gregor: What does she like?

Maroon: She likes soft rock, like old school rock and all that good stuff and she likes the new generation of music, obviously Justin Bieber.

Gregor: Do you sing along to Bieber?

Maroon: I do. I sing with her.

Gregor: Did you see the Bieber clip of him trying to fight the guy in rec hockey because he broke his stick? Would you fight him?

Maroon: If he came after me (laughs), and I broke his stick and he’s challenged me in a fight, ya I would give him a go (laughs).

Gregor: Think you’d win?

Maroon: I think so. I think I would take him (laughs), I don’t think he’s that strong on his skates.

Gregor: What about guilty pleasure songs. Is there a song that no matter what when it comes on you’re singing the song, even if some consider it a bit cheesy?

Maroon: You know what, I think if your music is on the radio, I don’t’ think that it’s really cheesy. My song, but I really like her, is Tracey Chapman and Fast Car. If it comes on, I blare it.

Gregor: What’s a hobby you have that Oiler fans are unaware of?

Maroon: Going to the roller hockey rink and working on my game. My uncle manages a roller hockey rink. I grew up playing it. I go there and I mess around, I work on my skills, my hands and I go there with my kid. So that’s technically my hobby.

Gregor: Would you ever want to participate in roller derby?

Maroon: Actually yeah because I want, when they go around the turns, I want to get a nice big hit. That would be fun (laughs).

Gregor: Of your teammates, who do you think would be the best roller skater?

Maroon: Oooh, that’s a tough one. Um, I know [Zack Kassian] Kass played a little bit, I would say, probably Connor [McDavid], who knows? I mean everything he touches turns into gold.

Gregor: He says he’s not a good runner though, have you seen him run?

Maroon: I have not, it might be interesting to see him run. He might run on his toes hey? (Chuckles).

Gregor: Outside of hockey, what other sports did you play growing up?

Maroon: I played everything, soccer, baseball, basketball, but obviously my sport outside of hockey was soccer. My dad played professionally, he played in D1 College so I think that was my sport besides ice hockey and roller hockey.

Gregor: Do you watch soccer?

Maroon: I don’t. I did watch some of the MLS championship game, but other than that, not often. I’ll watch the World Cup obviously, I watched women’s World Cup, I watch all USA events but other than that I really don’t watch much, but I would love to get into it.

Gregor: When you guys play in your warmup with your soccer drills, do you dominate? Are you the best soccer dribbler on the team?

Maroon: No, because I don’t play. I would love to play, but I just feel like it just takes too much energy out.

Gregor: It was your second-best sport but you never participate?

Maroon: There are only a handful of guys who don’t play and I’m one of them.

Gregor: I thought it might be because you’re worried about getting injured, but you’re worried you don’t want to waste any energy.

Maroon: Maybe, I’ve just never played it before, I don’t have it in my routine. I feel like if I did play I would get so excited and then before I got on the ice I would lose all of my energy. I can’t afford to waste any energy (laughs).


Gregor: Are you a prankster?

Maroon: I can be. I learned my lesson the hard way when I did it one year in the NHL.

Gregor: What happened? We have to hear this story.

Maroon: I cut everyone’s socks on their toes and their boxers. It didn’t go over well.

Gregor: The team was pretty upset?

Maroon: Not the team, the guys… one guy was upset, other than that everyone thought it was hilarious.

Gregor: Was that guy Cory Perry.

Maroon: It was not Corey Perry, I think it was Kevin Bieksa. (Laughs).

Gregor: What was he so upset about, were you guys on the road, was it cold?

Maroon: No, we were at home at our practice arena. I got it back though. I got some things back too. I think [Ryan Getzlaf] Getzy told me to do something funny and I did. I took it too far maybe.

Gregor: What happened to you in the payback?

Maroon: All of my laces were cut, socks were missing, I think that pretty much all of my clothing were missing. So I had to find ways to get home with no clothes.

Gregor: We talked about hobbies, your roller skating, do you have a hidden talent that you feel that you are pretty good at? Kassian is into colouring, do you have a hidden talent?

Maroon: No. I don’t (laughs) I wish I did, I wish I was artistic like Kass, but unfortunately, I don’t have any hidden talents.

Pat Maroon

Gregor: Do you read books?

Maroon: I do not. Do I look like a man who reads books?

Gregor: Well you just never know, you have a big beard like many old-school teachers, and you have some spare time on the road.

Maroon: No, I do not read books. If I do read, I read the news, the articles, the stuff going on in the world. But other than that I really don’t have a hobby like Kass and drawing. We have done gingerbread houses over the holidays, we do carving pumpkins but I’m always the guy who’s the worst one. So…

Gregor: Last year I found out that you were a huge [Wayne] Gretzky fan when he played for the Blues. At the final game, you scored a few goals when Gretzky was there and you were legitimately excited to meet him. Now that he’s part of the organization have you had an opportunity to talk more one-on-one with him?

Maroon: Yeah, absolutely. He’s obviously the best player to ever play the game and to have a chance to meet him last year was pretty special. I know he came around St. Louis a lot, I know that they have a house there. It was nice to finally meet him, and I got the chance to meet him a lot this summer and catch up with him and hang out with him and have a good talk with him. It’s pretty neat to listen to some good words from a player who was the best player in the world.

Gregor: Clearly that was on your bucket list of people you wanted to meet. So who else haven’t you met that you would like to meet?

Maroon: Honestly I’d love to meet country artists like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Georgia Line, I would love to meet all of those guys, Garth Brooks. I got the chance to meet Brett Kissel the other night and that was pretty cool. Just to listen o those guys entertain and what it takes to go out there every night and perform in front of, even if it’s just two thousand fans or twenty thousand fans, I would just love to sit down with them to find out how do you get up for that, what do you do before, what do you prepare for. And it’s honestly like us, what we do. We’re entertainers and we play every other day. We’re always on the road when we travel so I would love to just pick their brain because obviously if I had a hobby to pick up a guitar and start singing, I would want to do that.


Gregor: Do you Karaoke?

Maroon: I do sing Karaoke and my go to song is…Hootie and the Blowfish, Let Her Cry.

Gregor: Tough song!

Maroon: It is a tough song but I think that my vocals come out when I sing that song (laughs).

Gregor: Because you’re a big country fan, do you two step, are you a line dancer?

Maroon: I’m not, but I own a pair of boots. I know that.

Gregor: Any tight Wranglers?

Maroon: No.  You know what, actually I just picked up a pair of Wranglers for a Halloween costume, so now I own a pair of Wranglers.

Gregor: And a big cowboy hat?

Maroon: I do have a country hat, yup. Me and two of my buddies, Kyle Kramer and Shawn Darsh, we go to a lot of country music festivals and stuff. So we have our pair of boots, we put our hats on and we listen to music.

Gregor: Do you dip?

Maroon: I do not dip. I don’t do anything. Nothing.

Gregor: Nothing. Well that’s smart, you’re a pro athlete. Your body is a temple, you have to keep it in shape.

Maroon: Well yeah! (Laughs). My body is a temple. I don’t think that’s right (laughs), but yeah, we’ll keep it that way.

Gregor: Thanks for joining us on Who Are You.

Maroon: No problem. Anytime. I’m Patrick Maroon.


Maroon has a dry wit. His subtle little chirps at teammates, McDavid runs on his toes, and himself, caveman appearance and non-temple body, were great.

His sign off made me laugh the most, “Anytime, I’m Patrick Maroon.” His delivery of the line was great, plus the subtle reminder of “who he is” was quite funny.


Starting today and every Thursday at 2:20 MST on TSN 1260 we will have former NHL referee Kerry Fraser on the show discussing NHL officiating. We have a lot to discuss from last night. I felt Eric Gryba and Zack Kassian calls were incorrect. Gryba should have had nothing, while Kassian a two-minute crosscheck not a match penalty. I also believe the McDavid plays with Martinook and Stone were correct. Those weren’t penalties in my eyes. We will see what Fraser thinks.


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  • Weightfan39

    Pat Maroon is seriously becoming my favorite!

    Sorry Gregor, I gotta be that guy… It’s Luke Bryan, and Brett Kissel (I know you’re not a big country guy haha). Love the article though!

    • Jason Gregor

      I didn’t transcribe that part. It is fixed. I should have read through it though. Kissel is good buddy of mine. We jokingly tell him his career got started playing at our charity event, Spec’s Deck, five years ago…haha

  • Leef O'Golin

    What a beauty. Probably not much more can be said about that Principe interview, but that really put things in perspective for me. I watch ’em play, then tuck my kids in at night. Meanwhile, these guys move on to the next town and try to catch up with their fam over long-distance. Great article.

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    Gregor: Do you sing along to Bieber?

    Maroon: I do. I sing with her.

    LOL, i read this line as relating to Bieber (not his girlfriend): I sing with her.


  • This is a ‘guys’ guy. Love to take him Deer Hunting sometime and grab a beer. Post Script: When I attended College, my buddies and I would crash some after parties from time to time, etc…Eventually some Singing would take place and someone really stood out. He wasn’t your typical Singer, this guy turned out to have some serious talent. Who was this guy? Garth Brooks. Oklahoma State Univ. Good times by all…