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WWYDW: To Rest Or Not To Rest?

With the Oilers locking up a playoff spot and the division title in sight, today’s WWYDW asks whether or not you would rest any of the Oilers’ star players before the second season starts.

We’re getting to that time of year where some playoff teams look at limiting minutes for their star players and looking ahead at the playoffs rather than focusing so much on the remaining games. With the Oilers being within reach of the division title, I want to know if there’s a case to be made for resting some of the stars or whether or not you guys think that would be a waste?

I tried to put together a list of reasons for both sides of the argument that you can either use in your argument or choose to ignore altogether. I’m asking you to put on your coaching cap and make these roster decisions for Todd McLellan so that he doesn’t have to. I’m sure he reads the website daily (probably completely untrue) and I’m sure he will appreciate the advice.


  • Avoiding injuries.
  • Vancouver is long out of the playoffs and they could have chippy players dressed that just want to make a name for themselves.
  • Prevent Draisaitl from getting his $1.6 million bonus for landing in the Top 10 in league scoring. It would be a dick move but it would help the Oilers cap wise.
  • Allowing time to recover from any bumps and bruises.
  • Talbot has already played 1000 games this year and could use a few nights off.
  • You could argue that it’s actually beneficial to the Oilers to finish second in the Pacific Division and match up against the beaten up, worn out San Jose Sharks.
  • Sometimes your body gets tired, ya know? Maybe they’d appreciate some time to have a chocolate milk.
  • Give some younger players a cup of coffee to show them appreciation and keep them hungry.


  • Home ice advantage.
  • McDavid’s pursuit of 100 points.
  • Talbot’s pursuit of 41 wins and the single-season franchise record.
  • The team is also in pursuit of the 100 point plateau.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins needs two goals to get to 20 on the year which would give the Oilers five 20-goal men.
  • Keep all of the players sharp heading into the playoffs.
  • After losing last night we don’t want losses to pile up heading into the post-season dance.
  • Who wouldn’t want to watch them kill the Canucks on back-to-back nights?


Depending how you see things, there is a case to be made for either side of the argument. Maybe you’ll say  that the Oilers would be smart to rest some of their best players or at least limit their minutes in order to keep them fresh. Maybe you’ll say that resting players would allow for rust to creep in which would be the last thing you want before the playoffs. Either way, say it in the comment section.

  • madjam

    REST? Sharks might need to rest seeing as they played so much last year , as well going to the finals . We are younger than them , played less than them considering , and should not need the rest .

  • Tony Montana

    As long as the results affect our playoff seeding, you play your starters and lean on your stars. The minute they no longer make a difference then sure give some guys a rest.

  • Oilerz4life

    The Oilers are not a team that performs well rested. They come back flat with lazy feet. McTodd knows this and I can’t see him doing anything but get as many players as many minutes as possible before the playoffs, except for Benny, who’s playing hurt or something, something’s wrong there, needs some down time.

    • Oilerz4life

      Also McD needs to be double shifted until he locks down 100 points. He needs to dial in 100 like Crosby did his second year, when they won the cup. Except that for McD to do it now, when its harder to score goals, would be a way bigger accomplishment.

  • Ten Long Years

    Give the $18mill line more ice time to keep them engaged. Would love to see CM get 100 points, but will be difficult now that refs don’t call penalties anymore.

  • Averagewhitebread

    I think they should run all 4 lines and 3 d pairings 5×5 but on the power play maybe give klefbomb or sekera the night off and put nurse or Larson on that second line PP. also take mcdavid off the penalty kill

  • Been there

    First off, DO NOT sit anyone just prevent bonus money! It was a negotiated deal between both parties, if they earn them fairly they deserve them.
    The only way I rest people are if they need rest or are banged up and the time off will help. Only the team knows those answers. I do agree with playing 3rd or 4th lines more, get them more involved, especially if the games get chippy but that is it. Like others, I say play Talbot in SJ, Brossoit in Van, and let Talbot and training staff decide if he want a the last game or not. If we win in SJ then Talbot will have the Oilers record for most wins in regular season, he deserves a shot at that.

    • Been there

      Hey BM, I won’t get into if the new site/look is better or not but having an edit function to correct our posts would be nice. Especially since spell check seems to work against us occasionally.

  • Bagged Almond Milk

    Would Fayne be a good addition to the bottom pairing right about now? I’d rather have him in than Benning at this point I think…. What say you BM and others? All we need is the 3rd pairing to not get scored on very often and the Oil will go far in the playoffs. Fayne might be perfect for that…