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Carlyle says McDavid gets ‘White-glove Treatment’

Before the series began Randy Carlyle said the Oilers would be whining about faceoffs and other things. Todd McLellan responded jokingly due to the Oilers lack of success in the dot with, “I’ve been complaining about them all season.”

Today Carlyle was back at it and his comment will surely fire up Oilersnation.

Carlyle had an interesting take on Connor McDavid.

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“To me it seems like there is somewhat of a white-glove treatment for Mr. McDavid. The restrictions on anybody touching him seems to be a little bit higher than normal. It’s fact. Simple. We review the tape numerous times. He does draw penalties because of his speed. But if you don’t get close to him and you’re not inside of him, you’re going to watch him or you’re going to try and impede his progress.”

This is classic Carlyle trying to get the refs to think twice. McDavid did draw the most penalties in the regular season, and in three games vs. the Ducks he has drawn four calls.

Ryan Kesler and Jakob Silfvergberg in game one, Josh Manson in game two and Corey Perry in game three.  I thought the Perry call was a bit soft, as they just ran into each other, but the rest were deserved and there has been other calls

I’m sure Oilers fans would argue it is the Ducks star centre, Ryan Getzlaf, who is getting more leeway with his stick work, than McDavid is getting calls go in his favour. And I do believe the Oilers have got away with a few calls themselves.

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Me First

Carlyle loves stirring the pot, and this is classic gamesmanship from him. If his comment saves his team one penalty that could be the difference in winning or losing.

I’m curious to see how McLellan responds. Historically he is calmer than Carlyle and rarely makes statements about opposing players, but I wonder if he feels now is the time to defend his captain and possibly plant a seed in the ears of referees to take an extra look at the hacking and whacking in the series.

We won’t know for sure if Carlyle’s comments impact the officials or not, but it just adds another piece to a rivalry that will be much more intense next season.

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  • That's My Point

    BLACK GLOVES: that’s what Kesler, Getzlaf and Perry wear while clobbering and mugging the Oilers all game long while none of this is witnessed by a referee. There fixed it for you Carlyle.

  • ET

    The way they call, or rather don’t call penalties, in the NHL post season is a joke! I am so sick and tired of hearing and reading moronic comments like “let them play”, “refs shouldn’t decide the game”, etc, etc, etc. It’s bush league and always will be. There could be a legitimate call on McDavid pretty much every shift so Carlyle also shows his lack of intelligence with his comments although the “experts” will call it gamesmanship, another moronic comment. It’s no wonder the NHL is fourth and even lower in some places in the US as far as pro sports popularity is concerned. Name another professional sport that changes it’s rules when the playoffs start? How can we expect Americans to understand our game and appreciate it when we change the rules every playoffs? It’s asinine and the very definition of insanity. Refs may not lose us any games but they sure make it harder to win. Not to even mention the fact that the players themselves have no respect for one another. If they truly did then concussions would be drastically reduced as guys would just cease withy the cheap head shots. I realize that you will never get rid of them all as it is a violent game and you will always have the idiots who just don’t care. Make it clear to the refs that they are to call the game by the rule book for the entire season NHL and both you and your fans will be much better off in the long run.

    • Officiating has cost us games in the regular season and the playoffs. Other games they have made it harder to win, and those are sweet victories. Does not change the fact that the officials are bias towards US franchises under direction from head office, because growth in the States is good for us too?

    • BobbyCanuck

      Usually it takes a watershed moment to change perception. What would that watershed moment be? It would be horrible for the Oilers, but in the long run it will prove that the best officiating philosophy would be to call the game as per the rule book

      We are half way to that watershed moment if…
      1) Crosby’s latest concussion, knocks him into retirement
      2) The same happens to McDavid, and/or Mathews

      Only than will we see changes.

    • jaszby

      Do you even watch the NBA where the refs never call travelling against star players and let fouls go based on their star status. The NFL in the 4th quarters or playoffs pass interference calls are drastically reduced. Then MLB you don’t know what a strike will be from inning to inning. So don’t think for a second the other leagues are that much better.

  • OilCan2

    Randy is just stupid. He runs illegal plays and has his goon squad going full tilt with slashing, slew footing, hooking, cross checking, choke holds and THEN he gripes about non calls on the most talented player in the league? Grow a brain buddy. Then use it.

    The NHL is just about BLOOD SPORT. The highest scorer in the whole sad outfit gets high sticked in the face and as he is falling gets cross checked to the head. Yup just another hockey play folks. No penalty here.

    I know I will spend exactly ZERO DOLLARS on any NHL tickets or merchandise. I play hockey for the exercise, fun and to develop skills. I am fortunate to belong to a club that has respect for each other as well as a love of the game.

  • FISTO Siltanen

    Carlyle has put TMac in a tough spot.

    If he complains about the refs incompetence now he leaves his team susceptible to being targeted by the refs for the rest of the series.

    If he instead says what a great job the refs are doing and he has no reason to think the NHL would dare to fix games to get major market teams deep in the playoffs he has to do it maintaining a straight face.

    Very, very hard to do.

  • Buzz Killer

    carlyle is a tool, who cares what he has to say. Considering how the lame ducks play with their headlocks & stick work the same could be said about them.

  • Oiler Al

    Carlyle is a gamer, having some fun with the media and McLellan. Mclellan better wake the fk up and make sure Randy dosnt have any other tricks up his sleeve.Also McL., give a wakie up call to Eberle, Lucici, and Pouiliot, three veterans that have done diddley squat for the playoffs.

  • geoilersgist

    Carlyle is a dingleberry who cares? Let him talk all he wants. The best thing McLellan and the Oilers can do is use it as fuel to add to their fire and kick the crap out of the Ducks tonight. I also hope it works against Carlyle and Getzlaf actually has penalties called against him tonight.

  • Spiel

    Carlyle is right though.
    Since McDavid got injured last year, the league has been “looking out” for him and the Oilers.
    The Oilers had the fewest back to back games in the division, and played opponents who were tired (played the night before) more than any other team in the league. NHL wanted to make sure McDavid stayed healthy this year.

    • Not a First Tier Fan

      This sounds like a loser trying to explain why the Oilers beat his team.

      Watching all the uncalled hacks and slashes (and sometimes cross-checks) that McDavid has to put up with during just one shift on the ice indicates how the refs and the league officials just don’t give a sh*t about protecting the best player in the league. However they WILL call chintzy penalties on any Oiler that tries to stand up for him.

      What a laugh.

    • BleedOrange

      Just watched the live stream of the interviews… He did a great job of answering the question. Said he wouldn’t comment on the officiating of the refs, but that he was surprised by them because he thought he was supposed to be the one whining. Also stated that there are a few players in the league who get hooked and slashed and draw penalties, but should probably draw at least double. He referenced “Connor and a player who isn’t playing in Pittsburgh tonight”.

      Overall thought he did a great job of getting in some jabs while staying classy and not drawing any heat from the refs.

  • LordVallko

    I would love to have Carlyle instead of Todd as our coach. He’s proactive, sneeky and clever. Todds just Todd, always reactive never proactive and misses on Carlyle’s tricks everytime which could evidentally cost us this series. Every year of Todd is a wasted year of McDavid.

  • Randaman

    Carlyle knows exactly what he is doing. Sid got taken out by dirty plays and there was absolutely no response by players because of the stupid instigator rule. The league did nothing as well which really makes McDavid vulnerable whether you want to believe it or not. Keep your head up Connor.

  • leftcardoor

    Did Carlyle talk about Getz, getting away with murder? He virtually 2 handed a linesmen when he was hacking away at McDavid and Lucic after the whistle. Didn’t see any tomfoolery by Kesler, Manson or Getz…eh Carlyle? STFU princess.