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Trade Talk: RNH or Eberle

Unless the salary cap has a massive increase before the 2018 NHL season, it seems a guarantee one of either Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Jordan Eberle will be traded. Leon Draisaitl will sign a big contract this summer, likely between $6.5- $7.5 million/year depending on the length of the deal, and Connor McDavid’s new contract, which could come with a $10 million cap hit, begins July 1st, 2018.

The Oilers won’t have room for five forwards with $6 million cap hits, so someone will be moved.

Who would be the better option for the Oilers?

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It is a tough answer, because discussing trading players and uprooting their lives is not something I look at lightly. I always try to be aware of the human element of players. They aren’t just a number on a jersey or your most, or least, favourite player.

However, the reality of the salary cap world means I have to look at plausible scenarios, and from where I sit, I don’t see room for both of them in Edmonton when the 2018/2019 season begins.

General Manager Peter Chiarelli could keep both of them for next season. The Oilers have around $22 million in cap space, and after Chiarelli re-signs Draisaitl, he’ll have 15 million to re-sign restricted free agents Zack Kassian, Jujhar Khaira and Iiro Pakarinen, and unrestricted free agent Kris Russell. He could opt not to sign a few of them and fill cap space with some other UFAs. Either way, the Oilers aren’t in a massive cap crunch this season.

Chiarelli could be patient and hope both RNH and Eberle are more productive next year and increase their trade value, or he might not wait until he has to move one in 2018 and make a deal this summer. Obviously, he’ll try to make a deal he believes will improve his hockey club, but like most trades, there is never a perfect time.

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Who has more value?

May 7, 2017; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Edmonton Oilers forward Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (93) is stopped by Anaheim Ducks goaltender Jonathan Bernier (1) during the third period in game six of the second round of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

RNH is the centre and often they have more than wingers, however, he has four years at $6 million/year, while Eberle only has two years at $6 million. It also depends what a team wants. Right now many are focusing on what the players don’t do, rather than what they do. Eberle scores. I think their value is likely much closer than many think. Contract length is a factor.

Today, I sense most Oilers fans believe moving Eberle makes the most sense. He didn’t score a goal in the playoffs, and if he isn’t scoring there isn’t much else he brings. The caveat to that is, not many players have scored as consistently as Eberle. He is coming off a “bad” year with 20 goals and 51 points. Despite having a down year he was still tied for 84th most points among forwards. He was third on the Oilers in points.

He had a career-high in shots, 208, but a career-worst 9.6 shooting percentage. Did he create less, or did he just not finish like he has in the past? He SH% in his first six seasons was 11.4, 18.9, 12, 14, 13.1 and 14.5. He had 18 goals as a rookie followed by 34, 16 (in lockout shortened 48-game season, which prorates to 27), 28, 24 and 25 goals.

“I watched a lot of video this year. I had many chances I didn’t finish. It (fewer goals) wasn’t due to not creating, but a lack of finish. My confidence became an issue,” said Eberle at his end-of-season address.

Scoring goals is the most difficult thing to do in the NHL, and I find too often it is overlooked. I don’t care how the goals go in — if you are consistently a 25-goal scorer you have value in my eyes.

My main concern with Eberle’s play this year was he didn’t look as quick. I didn’t see him beat defenders from the top of the circles like he has in the past. I think he has to get stronger, but he disagreed with what I saw as a lack of a speed this year. When I asked him about not beating guys wide like he had in the past, he said he didn’t feel slower. He felt players defended him differently and that he just didn’t finish. We agree on the last statement, and if Eberle buried a few more of his chances, less vitriol would have be spewed his way.

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He is counted on to score and he needed to be better this season, especially in the playoffs. His lack of production, combined with subpar play in the second round, left Oilersnation with a bad taste in its collective mouth.

Are there reasons to be optimistic?

It is understandable, but when I look at Eberle and RNH, I believe trading RNH first makes more sense.

Keep in mind, trading a player doesn’t mean they are a bad player. Was Adam Larsson a bad player because New Jersey traded him? Perspective matters when we discuss trades.

The Oilers have two top-line centres in Draisaitl and McDavid, and teams rarely employ a true checking line centre anymore. Who was the checking line centre for the Chicago Blackhawks when they won three Cups? Jonathan Toews took many of the tough matchups, but he was also in their top-six. The LA Kings had Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter. Boston had Patrice Bergeron and David Krecji. Pittsburgh had Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. They had Phil Kessel on their third line with Nick Bonino, but Bonino didn’t check the other team’s top lines and this year Bonino isn’t playing with Kessel.

Bonino also makes $1.9 million, not six.

I think the Oilers could fetch a bigger return with RNH, and they could find a third line centre much cheaper. Despite what many keep repeating, I don’t see RNH has a great or even really good shutdown centre. He isn’t big enough to battle with the top centres down low. That isn’t a knock on his effort, which is consistent, but his physical stature limits his ability to check most team’s top centres. Asking him to defend Ryan Getzlaf, Kopitar, Malkin and others is a lot to ask. He had more success versus San Jose in the playoffs because Joe Pavelski doesn’t have a size advantage, and Joe Thornton was banged up.

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He also hasn’t been able to improve his faceoffs in six seasons. He was 43.8% this year. His career average is 43.2%. He has been unable to find a way to improve in the dot, and if you want to be a shutdown defensive centre, you need to be out for key draws in your own end. If he was 49%, you could probably live with it, but no improvement in six years suggests to me he won’t become one unless he fully commits to faceoffs.

The Oilers could trade him, and replace him with a player like Bonino, for example, at a lower cap hit. RNH has averaged 18 goals the past two seasons (prorated due to injury in 2016). Bonino had 18-19-37 this season.

Right now the Oilers don’t have anyone in house who could replace Eberle’s goals. Anton Slepyshev and Jesse Puljujarvi are 22 and 19 respectively. They could become a 20-25 goal scorer in the future, but asking, or expecting them, to do it next season would be a lot. In another year they might be more prepared to produce similar numbers to Eberle.

Whether you like Eberle or not, you can’t debate his ability to finish. Scoring goals is still important, which is why I understand why so many were frustrated by his inability to do it in the playoffs. However, because he failed once, doesn’t guarantee he will next season or the year after. It was obvious to all observers he had lost his offensive confidence this season, and while he had a decent month of March, he wasn’t able to maintain it.

The question Chiarelli will ask is: does he believe Eberle can regain it?

The Oilers don’t need Eberle to be a go-to guy. They just need him to score 25 goals and 55 points and be responsible defensively. Todd McLellan admitted Eberle had improved, and while he is not going to be the guy in the final minute protecting a one-goal, he at least showed some improvement in that area of his game.

In today’s NHL it seems some value effort and defensive acumen over offensive points.

‘Two-way player’ has become the fall back description for players who aren’t talented enough to score regularly, but are supposedly decent defensively. It gets tossed around far too easily.

For me, Pavel Datsyuk was a great two-way player. He could play tough matchups and also be a point-a-game-player in the final 13 years of his career. Players who score 40 points are not great two-way players in my books. They are simply players who have to ensure they are good defensively, because they don’t have the skill to produce a lot of offence and defend at the same time.

Oilers mean business with their playoff hair

It is very difficult to do both, I realize that, but at this point I do not see RNH has a great two-way player. I think he can produce more offensively, and I believe due to his size, he should focus more on becoming an offensive threat. He has worked hard on being responsible defensively, which is important, but I do not see him as someone you put out to shutdown the other team’s top lines.

So with Draisaitl and McDavid, I think moving RNH makes more sense. It will benefit him to go to a team where he can play on the top two lines, and the Oilers should get a solid player in return.

I think it is easier to find a third line centre than to find a winger who can regularly produce 25 goals. Eberle can be useful because of his proven ability to score. He is coming off a season where he fired the most shots on goal, but had his lowest SH%. I’d expect he could return to being a 25-goal man very easily.

Because he can score doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be criticized for a bad season. He should be. He needs to do more.

He needs to get stronger.

He needs to get quicker, in my books, and he has to find a way to not allow his confidence to remain low for the majority of a season.

In Datsyuk’s first four NHL playoff years he played 42 games and scored three goals and added 15 assists. He was never productive in the playoffs until he was 28 years of age. He had had regular seasons of 87 and 68 points during those first four years, but couldn’t get going in the postseason.

Jakob Silfverberg had eight goals in his first 48 playoff games. He has nine in 13 games this year. It is amazing how things can change for some players.

Eberle will never be as good as Datsyuk, and he isn’t as big and strong as Silfverberg, but the point is one bad playoffs doesn’t guarantee he’ll struggle next postseason.

The playoffs are a small window, and I’ve seen many offensive players struggle to produce from one year to the next. It is what makes the playoffs so exciting, but also frustrating for fans. Because a scoring slump can happen at any time.

I won’t be surprised if both RNH and Eberle are out of Edmonton before the start of the 2019 season. It is how the business of the NHL operates, but right now I believe you can make a strong argument that moving RNH makes more sense in the short term because they don’t have a right-winger with experience or a proven track record to replace Eberle. The UFA list for RW isn’t very long and only TJ Oshie, Patrick Eaves and Justin Williams had more goals than Eberle this year.

Eaves is 33, had a career-high 32 goals, but he only had 99 goals total in his first 545 career games. Oshie is 30 and will command a six or seven year deal close to $6 million. He has 169 goals in 591 career games. Eberle has 165 in 507 and is four years younger. Oshie is better all-around, but he is older and how many $6 million wingers can you have long-term? The Oilers already have Lucic for another six seasons. Williams turns 36 in October. He could be a one year stop-gap for sure if the Oilers moved Eberle. Of the three, I’d say Williams would make the most sense.

Due to the cap, I’m not certain the Oilers have to move one of them this summer. Eventualy one, and maybe both, will be moved but I don’t see a real reason to rush a deal.

Making trades isn’t always about keeping the best player, instead, it is about making a move that allows your team to keep improving.

Who do you think has more value when you look at salary, production and position?

Recently by Jason Gregor:

  • A-Mc

    I keep both for next year and with the cap space, i look at grabbing another C that could be 3C and i also look at grabbing RW that COULD be 2RW.

    Double down on everything this season and let it playout. Nuge and Eberle will sort out, for themselves, if they belong on the team.

    Other than the obvious benefit of being a Center over a winger, RNH is also much stronger on his skates than Eberle is. Eberle is very easy to knock down, where as Nuge has excellent balance and doesnt appear to be nearly as easy to knock over. If you’re going to have a smaller player playing the type of game the Oilers want to, then i believe Chiarelli would value RNH over Eberle. Eberle is just too much of a push over.

  • OldOilerFan

    Trade Eberle first. Remember awhile ago we were agonizing for another center? Nuge has an upside. Trade Eberle as soon as his stock rises somewhat and get the best value possible. And rip that damn A off his chest. He’s no leader. A leader doesn’t get outed by the Coach after one game for poor play, and then play worse and get benched the next!

  • crabman

    Great article Gregor. I’m not a big Eberle fan or hater but I found myself defending him all week. People calling him the most overpaid player in the league. And people thinking leacing him available to LV for free is the best thing for our team. The fact is we aren’t in a cap crunch next year and who will replace the points lost?
    I do wish we say Nugg on the wing to see if that would work but that would put another left shot in the top 6. I agree that finding a 3C would be esier and getting away from paying 6m for that position might make more sense right now.

    • Hemmercules

      I agree, exposing Eberle and losing him for nothing would be a bad move. I could honestly see Chia just keeping them both but I think one if them is gone this summer, it just depends on what the deal is and who else is available. If they can find a cheaper replacement for either of them then it makes them more expendable. Hard to give them both up without replacing the offence or potential offence you could say 😉

  • MrBung

    After the emotion of the playoffs has worn off now, I agree with Gregor. But I suspect that there are certain opportunities and players Chia has his eye on…something might happen if something opens up earlier. Never know when those sort of things present themselves.

  • Rob...

    ~Sell them both and bring back Derek Roy with Nail Yakupov for the 3rd line on the cheap. Let them create some chaos with a complimentary defensively responsible winger and watch opposition wrack their brains with confusion as to what the next play is going to be. Use the freed cap money to keep our stars happy and bring in a sniper for the 1st or 2nd line.

  • Spoils

    why did Team Canada’s Olympic team consist of something like 10 centers out of their top 12 forwards. Could Nuge be deployed as a winger? I loved the 3 line attack Pittsburgh won their last cup with and that option would remain open. I also think Nuge has more upside. As he gets man strength and is competing against players who are younger and less experienced, I believe he will have yet another gear. He had 15 points in 6 games in the world juniors when he played against younger opponents. A long shot, but he might just find this gear.

  • Mr. PopnFresh

    I used to be a big Eberle fan but in my eyes he gave up a long time ago. He has forgotten how to dangle & his dedication to being a professional hockey player seems to be lacking. In the beginning of his oil career it seemed he was way more willing to carry the puck and try and stick handle around guys before either getting into a spot to shoot or pass. He had and still has the skill to do this but he just chooses the simple path & it drives fans absolutely crazy. These days, he runs up the wing & does 1 of 2 things. He either button hooks and dumps the puck off OR he sees someone closing in, gives up and dumps the puck. He is afraid to be 1st to the puck and doesn’t check or take a prime opportunity to paste an opponent into the boards. When opposing players know that you are non-confrontational, they will beat you to the puck without worrying about you hitting them because, quite frankly, your reputation has proven that you are not a threat.

    The reality is no one is going to give us anything more than a currently disgruntled player from another team who is also being overpaid. To me, Eberle is taking up a valuable roster spot that could be given, or at least, earned by another player. He just seems happy with the status quo of not really ever trying. His interviews are always regurgitated comments from either the press or coaches. Sometimes I wonder if the guy truly believes what he says in interviews or is he just delusional to what hockey observers really see when he plays. A consistent effort is sorely lacking. He is a small guy and he plays small. When I think of a professional athlete, I think of a guy/gal who truly has the body to match that designation. To me, Eberle doesn’t care about that either. Look at Caggiula. Smaller than Eberle but plays double his size & you can tell this guy works out at the gym. As of now…where do you even put Eberle in a line up? To me, he is no longer a 1st or 2nd liner. He is not a 3rd or 4th liner either because he lacks all the qualities that those players need or use because of their lack of skill set. No easy answer here and Jordan needs to take a long look in the mirror at the player he currently is & what he wants to do to be the best possible player he can be. I see a player who is playing himself out of the NHL which is too bad because the Eberle I remember in the beginning, was a much better player than what we see today.

    As for Nuge, the guys tries and you can see that he truly wants to keep improving to become the best player he can be. Yes, his size and poor faceoff % work against him but I see someone who is more deserving of being an Oiler than Jordan is. The contract is tough but you can’t blame these guys for getting the money before they actually proved their long-term worth. MacT & Lowe were trying to predict future salary cap and thought all these deals would be just that, deals. Turns out, they aren’t looking too good and being pushed down the pecking order by Connor and Leon is probably a hard ego hit to stomach as well. I would like to see Nuge move to the wing and rotate between the 1st and 2nd lines whenever he earns it or shows some chemistry with the other guys. As for Jordan, I hope the guy figures it out but I suspect he will keep things status quo until he moves along to another team. It’s too bad Eberle doesn’t have the drive that Pitlick does. Speaking of Pitlick, if that guy could put together an inury free year, I would take 10 or 15 of his goals over Jordan’s 20+ ones any day of the week because you get that extra effort and drive that Jordan doesn’t want to show. Even Yak worked 1000% harder on a game to game basis than Eberle ever did.

    • btrain

      Lots of good points but you can find guys that you can visibly tell are giving 110% efforts in adult rec leagues across our great nation. Not that I wouldn’t like to see more visible signs Ebs is engaged, but skating hard, hitting, fighting, yelling, smashing sticks in frustration, putting you body on the line to make a play is not enough for many who have these qualities in spades to even crack the NHL. Skill and goal scoring touch at the NHL level on the other hand is rare and extremely valuable. Like you I expect way more than what this player gave but I believe a touch of confidence and a touch of speed can easily result in a 25 plus goal season next season.

    • Dan 1919

      That “trio” was them riding Hall’s coat tale. Many people including myself noticed RNH and Eberle regressing a few years ago and wondered what would happen if these guys lost Hall who was actually the one generating the points and going to the hard area’s to create plays. Well now we know for sure.

      Eakins even said at one point during and Ebs/RNH slump that he’s not going to put them back on Hall’s line for Hall to rescue them… He actually used the word rescue.

      • AJ88

        Who is Hall? The guy that is going to be helping out the overall number 1 pick in 17/18? You think exactly like Hall, everybody should be wanting to ride his coat “tale”.

        • Dan 1919

          You’re delusional. How did Ebs and RNH do this year? Did you even read what this article is about. Sorry bud your RNH and Ebs are floaters and Hall wasn’t. There’s nothing complicated about it and nothing to do with Hall’s “attitude”. Wake up.

  • Johnnyo

    I suspect any trade that begins with “need to trade player x” rather than “need to trade for player y” is a losing trade in the long run.

    Oilers should Cogliano RNH before moving him. Imagine he’d be a heck of a winger able to finish and defend if he was playing beside Drai or Connor. If he became thatu player, you then have an opportunity to maximize return should cap reasons force either Nuge or Ebs out.

  • kormega

    I just can’t get why RNH and Eberle are discussed in one line. Nuge is a speed and backcheck, hockey attitude and efforts, damn 50 points every season. He’s a center, true hockey player, really how do you dare to even compete him with a lazy bug Eberle smh

  • CBK

    I understand your point Gregor, and agree with most of it. However it is much better to have an over abundance of C’s then Wingers…. and this is my major concern with your angle

    Eberle can score no doubt but if he were to get injured during the regular season the Oilers could find healthy internal replacements to keep the ship afloat until he comes back to health ie. Puljujarvi, Pitlick, Slepyshev.

    If McDavid or Draisaitl goes down with an injury it would be a much deeper hole to the Oilers season if someone like RNH were not available because he was traded in the off-season. There aren’t any C’s available that could really fill the gap internally either.

    Personally, if Chiarelli could trade Eberle to get something decent in return (draft picks/prospects) and sign a Bonino. I think that would be the route to go.

    You can never have enough C’s in my opinion. Especially if they’re as skilled as an RNH. Just my two cents.

  • AndersKwan

    Hi Gregor, what are the chances the Oilers find a way to move Pouliot, RNH, and Eberle. Because there are two free agents of interest that the Oilers should go after (TJ Oshie and Martin Hanzal) who would really fit a couple of needs for Edmonton

    • Hemmercules

      Lots of people suggesting going after Oshie. Its going to take a Lucic type contract to get him. I feel like that isn’t wise but replacing Eberle with Oshie would be tempting fro sure. Pass on Hanzal unless its short term at reasonable dollars.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Seems like a 3rd line centre would be easier and cheaper to acquire than a top 6 right wing. Combined with the fact that RNH would return more in trade, it’s logical that Nuge goes first. Eberle can go the next day, however.

  • shaner

    Any chance a deal centered around RNH and Justin Faulk out of Carolina, I know oilers would have to prob eat some salary/sweeten pot….but from what I understand Faulk was on a down year also and I’m sure Carolina could use some forwards

  • 0W-20

    There’s an inherent flaw in the argument for keeping Eberle simply because he’s scored 25 goals before and that’s hard to come by in the NHL. Exhibit A: Patrick Maroon, who had never scored more than 12 goals in an entire season before this year goes out and bags 27.
    Eberle should go because he’s Pillsbury doughboy soft – if other teams value his goal scoring prowess, then in theory he has higher market value and should fetch more in return.
    RNH is not earning his wage packet for a 3C @ $6M/yr. so he goes too. It’s good actually that Chiarelli’s hand is not forced by cap implications this offseason and he can bide his time to make the right deal and not the “right now” deal.

  • Ron Burgundyz

    I think both players get moved in the next 12 months, and one in the next 6 weeks. They have been good soldiers for the most part, but it was apparent in the playoffs that Eberle isn’t a fit on this team anymore, and Nugey is too expensive for his role going forward.

    There are going to be some very interesting players available in the expansion draft, so perhaps instead of a straight-up trade Chia does something like trades a pick or an exempt prospect for someone likely to be chosen (lets use Michael Grabner and his 27 goals last year as an example), then exposes Ebs in the expansion draft. If Vegas takes Ebs, his replacement is Grabner, who costs $1.7MM next year and then is UFA. If they don’t, we’ve now got more depth on RW which buys time for Slepy and Pulj to develop. Maybe Grabner’s not your cup of tea, but the point is the expansion draft gives Chia a rather unique tool to re-shape this team beyond straight-up trades, and I expect he’ll consider that.

  • I am Batman

    Oh, I can debate Eberle’s ability to finish: 20 goals in 95 games (counting playoffs)isn’t exactly world class, is it?
    How many of those were empty netters?
    Plus…. regardless of the production, he is the only Oiler that looked completely disengaged in the playoffs.

    Nuge at least plays hard. Nuge is awesome, Eberle…. not so much.

    Can’t wait to see 14 leave.

  • Ivan Drago

    Ebs goes. They won’t win with him. I can’t get out of my head him saving his own skin instead of taking a hit to get the puck out. He coughed it up 8 seconds before too and his 2nd effort was to bail and turn it over again! How do you look your teammates in the eye after that? When they’re all diving in front of pucks and getting hammered along the boards to make a play, and Ebs bails. Can’t get over that, he won’t change that next yr. Also I don’t believe he puts a lot of work in off season to improve. He’s an avid golfer and spends most of his time on the course. Not in the gym fixing weaknesses. Can’t help it though he is who he is.

  • Heschultzhescores

    The ONLY reason I’d keep Eberle over RNH is that his contract is shorter, and maybe, just maybe he will score 25 goals and we can trade him before next year’s playoffs and get someone that can play the tougher game that the playoffs demand.

  • madjam

    Hall, Yakupov , Hopkins and Eberle first priorities were to score with little emphasis on defensive play and/or truculence . It was hoped they would progress monumentally in the latter two , but they never really did to any acceptable degree . Happens with many scorers , they often do not trend well in other aspects of the game . They are often thought of being lazy and soft , but it is just the flaws in their overall game more than anything . I honestly never expected any of them to fair well in truculent games , and history of them pretty much backs that up . Still a hope a young Hopkins can markedly improve in those other areas of game , but maybe to late for Eberle as he is probably best trying it on another club .

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    I keep both going into next season, unless someone makes an offer-we-can’t-refuse during the summer (unlikely!).
    They’re both overpaid but also still pretty good players. Nuge is still young enough that he might make a jump (tho unlikely). They give T-Mac a lot of options.

  • RJ

    I thought the Hall trade was brutal at the time since it should have been Larsson+ at minimum, but Larsson was a decent defender, and brought no offence. But there was a clear benefit to the Oil: they were able to fill a giant hole in the RHD depth chart.

    Is Nuge or Eberle going to bring back a strong return that strengthens the team? I’d think it would depend upon where you sent them. Both of these smaller skilled forwards would benefit moving to the East.

    Using the Islanders as a potential trading partner, their top scorer (RH) was Clutterbuck with 20 points. There’s some logic for the Isles to be interested and the easier schedule in the East may help him bounce back, more than keeping him in Edmonton.

  • Freddie the fog

    Maybe Ebs will want to redeem for a poor playoff and a substandard season. Get him going early in the year , have him put some good numbers up…and then make your move. Pump and dump

  • Jmarty

    I rather keep RNH over eberle
    RNH reminds me alot of Nazem Kadri, who is a great shutdown center, size isn’t all wat matters, or one of the Selke nominations, Mikka Koivu

  • Second Tier Oiler Fan

    I’d skid Eberle and his MUFFIN of a shot, fans need to stop thinking he will provide more than he has, he is what he is and IT IS NOT ENOUGH MUFFIN MAN!

  • Explicit

    I think chia would move them both if he could. I think he’s been trying for awhile but no one wants them. Nashville took johansen instead of nuge for Seth Jones, islanders didn’t want eberle for hamonic. Hall was the only one chia could get a decent dman for. I’m sure as soon chia kind find a trade partner that makes sense they’ll both be gone

  • Bagged Almond Milk

    I would trade them both. Pou first, then Ebs, and id be pleased. Then if anyone gives anyone back for Nuge, him too, in a second. Nuge, the first, and Griffin for Duchene? IDK, TRADE THE MALL

  • OIlerpride15

    Chiarelli should be patient with this group. Let’s not forget, if the refs knew what goalie interference was, we would still be playing. I would like to see 93 on 97’s Wing for 10-20 games. I thought they had decent chemistry at the beginning of last season when Nuge was on the 1st PP. I would still like to see if 14 can recover to his average shooting percentage. Both of these players should be on top of their game coming out of the gate. If it ends up that it’s not working then you try to save face. The only way that Chiarelli makes a deal with those two involved is if another team offers something that makes the team better, short and long term, then go for it. Now time to listen to Soundgarden and Audioslave.