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Taylor Hall: “It was nice to finally see (The Oilers) get eliminated”

Taylor Hall appeared on Sportsnet 590’s Starting Lineup on Thursday in Toronto, and he had some candid words on what it was like watching his former team go on a playoff run this spring.

“I wouldn’t say I wanted them to lose, but it was nice to finally see them maybe get eliminated,” Hall said when asked about whether or not he was cheering for the Oilers to lose Game 7 against the Anaheim Ducks.

“It’s a tough thing to describe to people. I think there’s been enough time that’s passed since the trade has happened that you finally just kind of… it is what it is now. And I’m a Devil, and I’m excited to see what we can do next season.”

This comes a couple of months after Hall said he wouldn’t be rooting for the Oilers in the playoffs.

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“It’s a weird dynamic,” Hall said in an interview with Luke Fox of Sportsnet. “You’re happy for your friends, that they’re doing well and they’re going to experience the playoffs, but you can’t help but be a bit jealous.

Hall, as we all know, was dealt to New Jersey in a controversial deal for rugged and reliable defenceman Adam Larsson last summer. The rest is history, really. The Oilers enjoyed a breakout season in which Connor McDavid grabbed control of the team and led them into the playoffs with an incredible 100-point performance. Hall had a strong season on the Devils, tying the team’s lead in scoring despite missing time with injury, but missed the playoffs yet again.

And you can tell it’s taking a toll on him.

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“I’d love to be in a playoff race. I don’t even think I’ve played meaningful games in the last 10 games of the season at any point in my career. To say that is tough, for sure,” Hall went on to say in that interview with Luke Fox. “But what am I going to do? I still have to produce. I still have to play well. One thing I learned last year down the stretch, even when we were in 27th, 26th place, a lot of people are watching. There’s still a lot of eyes on you. Even though our team isn’t going to make the playoffs, there’s still room for individual and team success.”

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I wouldn’t take Hall’s comments as a jab towards the city, team, or fans. He was always proud to play for the Oilers and badly wanted to bring this team up to a higher level. During those dark days between 2010-2015, Hall was one player who you could always count on for a good effort and strong play. When he was drafted first overall in 2010, Hall was deemed the saviour of a franchise that had been in flux for the better part of the last two decades. But it didn’t happen, and he ultimately ended up being used as a trade chip to fill a hole elsewhere in the lineup.

Whether you like Hall or not, or think Edmonton came out on the winning end of the swap, you can certainly empathize with how difficult it must be for Hall to watch the Oilers, who were once his team, find success without him. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled when he stops being asked this question.

  • Fuhr Satan

    What a pinhead. Let’s face it on a talent basis, when I clicked onto the Nation that morning last summer, it was WTF? Larson ok, who else? Then I let it ruminate for, yeah it was lopsided on a talent basis but like many of my suffering brethren, I remember thinking make a bold move I don’t care if the trade is a loss. Something needs to change.
    You don’t have to be a hockey insider to see Taylor, was a me first player. There was that feeling around him. Now giving Dallas Eakins a cold shower via a gatorade bottle aside, this guy was not a leader, most talented prior to McJesus no question.
    There is a reason greater hockey minds than I,took Matt Duchene for team Canada over Hall. I remember watching Oil Change, yeah that show. If I went down to Mr Lube and they replaced my oil with the oil Mario Andretti won the 1985Indy 500 with, yeah I guess it’s a change but not what I had in mind. Anyways I remember a clip and it was Hall directing Smytty before a face off or something. There was no audio but you can see Smytty looking at him like “really kid?”
    Now if got traded to New Jersey to suffer in pergatory non playoff hell, I would be chocked, but I would have to temper my disappointment with fact I was getting paid 6 million a year to play a game.
    Yes Taylor this trade was an endictment of your value to the Oilers team, but not as a player, more as a teammate. And every time you open your whinny yap it proves Chia Pete got that evaluation dead right. And I look forward to Zack Kassian of all people punching you in face during your one jealous appearance in Edmonton next year.

  • kormega

    At least he’s not a hypocrite and says what he really feels. He’s frustrated and a bit jealous but who won’t be in his situation. Guess no one expected “Let’s go Oilers” chanting from him.

  • Alberta Ice

    It was gutsy of Chiarelli to trade Hall for Larson. He got traded to the team that best describes his professional hockey career so far- “having a Devil of a time”. How hard it must have been for him to follow the Oilers good success this year.