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Speculation: Eberle to New York?

According to TSN’s Insider Trading, there are suitors following the Jordan Eberle saga with Peter Chiarelli even reportedly having deals on the table, if he chooses to go down that route. Let’s break down the latest.

The idea that Jordan Eberle could be on the move has gone around the Internet horn multiple times in the offseason, but now there are actually teams being connected to him, which makes it seem like there is more than just casual tire kicking going on.

Could there be a potential deal with the Islanders? Darren Dreger speculated:

“I know that the NY Islanders are in that group of teams that are interested and because of the fact that they’re going to have to, or it seems likely that they’re going to move a defenceman. Maybe you can connect Travis Hamonic to the Edmonton Oilers.”

Ahhhh Hamonic. Remember all of those Hamonic to Edmonton rumours that happened last summer? Remember? I ‘member. This kinda feels like I’m watching the same movie again. That said, which right-handed defenceman WASN’T connected to the Oilers last year? I digress.

What else did Dreger say?

“Jordan Eberle is second to only Connor McDavid in terms of puck touches on the Edmonton Oilers. So the Oilers value him and they’re not going to give him away.”

One of the things that Chiarelli needs to think about before pulling the trigger on any Eberle deal is how the Oilers will find the 50+ points that trading Ebs would cost them. Is there someone in the free agent market that would be a realistic fit? I don’t see Oshie coming here. Marleau? I can’t see it. Would Chiarelli look for an internal replacement? That seems like a lot of pressure to put on a young guy like Puljujarvi.

“Is there a strong chance he gets traded? Yes, there’s a strong chance, but there’s no guarantee.”

I always love these, “well maybe it could happen but don’t necessarily expect it” kind of speculations. Frankly, I thought there was a strong chance that Eberle was going to be the one traded last summer but that obviously wasn’t the case. That said, it seems like there is a lot of smoke surrounding his name.


Yesterday, Darren Dreger appeared on the Nielson and Fraser show over at TSN 1260 and hinted that there could already be offers on the table.

“The information that I’ve been given was that there’s interest expressed and there are actual offers on the table, not something that Peter Chiarelli is willing to accept just yet, but they know they’ve got to do something.”

I’d love to know what kind of anchors other GMs are trying to lob Chiarelli’s way. I mean, it’s not like other teams will be trying to help Pete out with a fair deal so it seems obvious that the potential deals that could be in his pocket are lacklustre at this point in time.

“Sometimes change for the sake of change is good and that might be the case for Jordan Eberle to get out of Edmonton.”

I know some folks are not Eberle fans right now but HE STILL SCORED 51 POINTS IN A DOWN YEAR! Are we really sure that trading him right now is the best option? While the cap crunch is coming, the real problems actually start next summer and rushing to trade Eberle just because we’re mad at him doesn’t seem like the best idea. Just me?


While we’ve talked about moving Eberle countless times around here, my interest is on the return. Let’s say that the Oilers do pick up Travis Hamonic in an Eberle to New York swap, what would that mean for Kris Russell? Wouldn’t that deal knock Russell down to the third pairing once Sekera comes back? If Russell gets signed and moved down to the third pair, one of Nurse or Benning would have to get bumped to the press box, right? All I’m saying is that I’m just trying to think this one through and it’s making my head hurt.

What do you guys think? Would an Eberle for Hamonic trade be good for Edmonton? With the Expansion Draft and NHL Entry Draft coming up in the next few weeks, I guess we’ll see sooner rather than later.

  • This.Is.NHL

    Ebs is great in the regular season so he would be great for anyteam that didn’t make the playoffs this year, but my opinion is he’ll be here next year hes a hard sell in the west, so that would leave a possible 7 teams he would fit in with.
    Im kind of at whatever with ebs but in the playoffs im like he should have been gone hes the kind of player that suits the regular season like a glove.