New Oilers Jerseys Leaked?

If you’ve been waiting and wondering what the new Oilers jerseys are going to look like then you’re in luck. It looks like Twitter gave us the answer. 

Shown below is the image put out to the Twitterverse by the sports blog Icethetics. According to their story, they received an email from an anonymous source giving them first dibs at seeing pictures of the full uniform and a chance to leak the news. Are they a reliable source? Do they have actual sources? Who the hell knows. What I do know is that we’re looking at a picture of a new orange Oilers jersey that we’ve never seen before and that it’s consistent with rumblings that I’ve heard about what the new jerseys may look like. Real? Fake? Let’s break it down.

According to Icethetics’s picture, the new jerseys have will have completely different striping on the arms and body and will include another white ring around the neck. If true, it looks like they’ve moved away from the wide stripes on the sleeves and at the bottom of the jersey and replaced it with something much more narrow. While we don’t know for sure that this jersey leak will actually end being what the new unis look like or if it’s even in the ballpark of reality, it does seem to fit with what we’ve been told about the blue being darker and the orange being a bit lighter. That said, the lettering on the teaser was white and this is clearly not.

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What do you guys think? Are you into it? Hate it? For me, I don’t really have an opinion just yet because I’m still not sure if this is real or not. It’s going to take me a minute to put my thoughts together before I can decide whether I need to rush out and buy 10 of these things or none at all. My first thought is that it kinda reminds me of something you’d order on the Internet for $14 when you want a jersey but can’t afford one, but, then again, what the hell do I know? Right now, my biggest question is who is this mysterious imposter wearing number 17 with Connor’s ‘C’ on his chest? The mystery continues.