Reminder: Nation Night at the Prospects game is on Saturday

Back in May, I talked about doing a couple Nation Nights at the Edmonton Prospects games and we’re fast approaching the second date on that calendar. That said, who can be expected to remember something that I wrote back in May? Not even my parents care that much.

On Saturday night, the Edmonton Prospects are taking on Medicine Hat and we want to do as much as we can to pack the place with Nation fans and show the boys the kind of support they deserve. This is the Prospects’ second last regular season game and having it land on a Saturday night means that you’ve got a chance to get messy with a day to recover before heading back to work on Monday. How can you go wrong? You can’t.


We want to see some of you fine Nation Citizens out at the RE/MAX Field on Saturday night and that’s why I wanted to remind everyone about Saturday night’s Nation Night at the ballpark.

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Just like we did last month, we’ll be heading to the park with plenty of prizes to give away to those in attendance, stickers for the kids, and everything else we can scrape together. We’ll also have some NationGear prizes to give away to peeps that attend the game and send me some photos of themselves rocking their Nation merch at the ballpark. To enter, all you have to do is tweet your pics to me, or email them to [email protected].

You can get your tickets right here and we’ll see you at the Prospects games! Consider yourselves reminded.