Oilers second behind only Penguins for 2018 Stanley Cup odds in most recent Vegas update

We aren’t going to see Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid play together on Team Canada next year, but we might see them face off in the Stanley Cup Final. At least that’s what Vegas oddsmakers are suggesting.

When betting opened for the 2018 Stanley Cup champion back at the beginning of June, Edmonton was tied with Tampa Bay and Washington for the second-best odds at 10-1. Now in the most recent update, they stand alone in second at 9-1 behind only the Penguins, who come in at 6-1.

TEAM                                                                 ODDS

Pittsburgh Penguins                                              6/1

Edmonton Oilers                                                   9/1

Tampa Bay Lightning                                           12/1

Washington Capitals                                            12/1

Chicago Blackhawks                                            12/1

Minnesota Wild                                                    12/1

Toronto Maple Leafs                                            14/1

Nashville Predators                                              14/1

Anaheim Ducks                                                    14/1

Dallas Stars                                                          14/1

Montreal Canadiens                                             16/1

New York Rangers                                               16/1

San Jose Sharks                                                  20/1

Los Angeles Kings                                                20/1

Columbus Blue Jackets                                        25/1

Ottawa Senators                                                   30/1

Boston Bruins                                                       30/1

St. Louis Blues                                                      30/1

Calgary Flames                                                    30/1

Florida Panthers                                                   40/1

New York Islanders                                               50/1

Philadelphia Flyers                                               50/1

Winnipeg Jets                                                       50/1

Buffalo Sabres                                                      60/1

Carolina Hurricanes                                              60/1

Colorado Avalanche                                            100/1

Detroit Red Wings                                               200/1

New Jersey Devils                                               200/1

Arizona Coyotes                                                  200/1

Vancouver Canucks                                            200/1

Vegas Golden Knights                                         200/1

These mid-August odds, of course, are a hell of a lot more telling than the ones done in June. Obviously Edmonton coming in second at the table in June, while the 2017 playoffs were still happening and well before any offseason transactions had been made, aren’t particularity meaningful. But with free agent frenzy finished and the season around the corner, it’s interesting to see the Oilers still close to the top of the table.

This doesn’t mean the Oilers are the second best team in the league and it doesn’t actually mean they’re the second most likely team to actually win the whole thing when it’s all said and done. What it does mean is that people, Vegas people specifically, are buying in on the hype. These odds are built around people putting money on Edmonton, which, regardless of how meaningful it is in the grand scheme of things, is cool.

  • DoubleDIon

    Four players have to stay healthy for the Oilers to even be considered anything but a bubble playoff team. An injury to either top pairing defenseman, McDavid or Talbot and this team will be lucky to make the playoffs. They certainly aren’t contenders in my book.

    • CBK

      You literally can say that about any team.

      If Calgary loses an injury to either top pairing defenseman, McDavid or Gaudreau and they’ll be lucky to make the playoffs.

      See how fun that was?

          • RyanCoke

            Yeah a bunch of nobodies no one heard of is this depth calgary keeps talking about. not to mention they have nothing but castaways for goalies. I wouldn’t trade any of our depth for any of calgary’s goalies.

          • Andy61038

            Ryan coke regardless of who your enemy is if your a real hockey fan you can shill appreciate other teams prospects. Flames have Parsons who we all know stood on his head against Canada in Gold medal game as well as soon memorial cup. One of better goalie prospects. Plus the second best rookie goalie in AHL last year. Both would be great additions.

            Then for defence prospects valamaki fox Andersson and kylington all highly touted.

        • Nanook

          Calgary has a decent prospect pool, but so does Edmonton where it matters. We have tremenouse strength at the d lvl, and good goaltending depth. Its the least important area we don’t. As the free agent pool showed wingers are easy to get on the cheap now a days. So long as the D and the G pool is deep, im not to worried.

        • Dr

          I agree. Outside of their ten game winning streak, they were 2 games over five hundred. Normally, I don’t exclude any portion of a schedule when assessing a season, but they played a great ten games, against 7 non-playoff teams, and 72 games where they were mediocre. They added an old goalie whose career save percentage is below league average, a second pairing, defensive defenceman, and a college free agent. Flames fans now think they’re contenders. Just because they made a lot of moves, doesn’t mean they are contenders.

      • DoubleDIon

        Disagree. Calgary has 3 top pairing defensemen. They have another guy on the bottom pairing who can step into top 4 minutes. Edmonton’s number 3 to start the season would be in touch to crack the Flames lineup. If you think we can’t survive without Gaudreau you weren’t watching when he was out last year. Backlund getting hurt is the real bullet that could kill our season. We had disastrous goaltending last year and survived it. It would be hard for Smith to be worse than Elliot was.

        • Dr

          I keep hearing about the Flames great defence. But, I looked at some advanced stats, corsi for relative and fenwick for, and calculated an average for each projected pairing, for each team. The Flames’ top pairing was better than any other. After that, the Oilers second and third pairings had better numbers than the Flames’ pairings. Let’s not forget: the Oilers had the 8th best goals against per game last season, and were 8th in fewest shots allowed. So, I don’t know how you’re drawing your conclusions.

          • DerpSolo

            Oilers no 1 is larsson, and no 2 klef. So their no 3 would sekara. I don’t think he’d have any trouble cracking the flames. Reggie is a top end defender

    • GK1980

      I agree they won’t win cups but not a playoff team? That’s a stretch pal. They have depth. If ANY team lost those high calibre type of players they would struggle.

  • FISTO Siltanen

    Those odds are set by betting trends. So either many believe in the Oilers or lots of fans going to Vegas.

    More telling is the fact Flames fans aren’t as delusional as FN would have us believe.

  • Devolution

    Remember after the lockout season the Oilers were ranked 4th in the power rankings going into the next season because they had so many players in the AHL during the lockout? Flying start on the new season… These things make me nervous.

  • GK1980

    I read those odds awhile ago. I love my Oilers but I still think they are a few years away from actually winnng it. Contenders right now? Yes, winning it? No.