The Weekend Report

In the NHL, the summer content cycle is very slow. News trickles in slowly on most days, but the weekends are where the fun is at. This weekend saw the KHL trying to one-up the NHL, Talbot score some chairs and chirps from fans, and Connor was making Dwight Schrute look bad.


Mascots. They were once a light and fun way to have your team interact with kids. For me, Youppi, Carlton, Fin all come to mind but these characters have taken a harder edge in recent years. The Oilers lead the charge with the addition of Hunter, stealer of souls, as their mascot last year and one KHL team decided they can’t stand idly by and let the NHL out crazy Russia. So HC Neftekhimik is proud to bring you their new mascot, #JunkYardWolf.Get a load of this guy:

Get a load of this guy:

Terrifying, right? Good luck trying to sleep with that image dancing in your head.


As we all know, the Talbot’s welcomed new twins into their family only a few month ago. Over the weekend, they added another pair to their lives with this matching set of a Talbot chairs.

Aren’t they gorgeous and lovely? My Custom Sports Chair has been making these for a while, and I bet they will be selling like hot cakes now that they’re getting the extra press. I can’t wait til they send us over a couple of gorgeous new Connor seats for the backyard at Nation HQ. Just saying CSC. Just saying.

Speaking of the Talbot family, they took a well-deserved vacation to a beach (how unreasonable) and the official Oilers Twitter account tweeted out a picture to their 735K followers. One of those followers took the chance to criticize Cam:

To which Kelly Talbot replied:

“Thanks Coach”

Love that Talbot clan.

This Morning:

Fresh off the presses, and still in the weekend somewhere (in my mind)… we have Connor McDaddy doing what Connor does best with his best Dwight Schrute impression:

Is there anything he can’t do? Connor is in an open space but is also running at the speed of light (the video is slowed down) whereas Dwight was operating in a smaller space whilst also tying a tie. I’ll always and forever take Connor in this and any contest. You be the judge as to who did it better.

And now that you’re all caught up…

Have a great week, everybody.


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  • madjam

    Putting the contracts of Leon and Connor into future perspective : Salary cap 2009-10 was 56.8 M , and if we take this years cap of 75M or last year at 73M it was approximately a 30% increase over the 8 years . Projecting the recently signed cost certainty contracts with a 30% increase over 8 years the cap might easily be 97.5M , making both players a likely big bargain .