The Oilers reportedly had interest in Shane Doan

Shane Doan, the 21-year NHL veteran and leader in virtually every major statistical category in Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes franchise history, announced his retirement yesterday.

Set to turn 41 in October, Doan announced that he would be moving on from the Coyotes earlier this summer when the organization parted ways with long-time head coach Dave Tippett. According to a report from Arizona Sports, the Edmonton Oilers were among the teams who showed interest in the veteran’s services in free agency.

It isn’t known if the Oilers offered Doan a contract — apparently Edmonton, Calgary, Dallas, the New York Rangers, and Nashville were interested in Doan and one team offered a contract — but the former seventh overall pick from the 1996 NHL draft and last standing member from the Winnipeg Jets 1.0 declined. He ultimately decided that moving his family in order to play a fourth line role wasn’t worth it.

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If the Oilers did sign Doan it likely would have bumped a right winger, likely Anton Slepyshev or Iiro Pakarainen, off of the roster. Slepyshev probably would have been the guy considering he doesn’t have to go through waivers while Pakarainen does.

With that in mind, would signing Doan, who scored just six goals in 74 games on a putrid Coyotes squad last season, have been worthwhile? Obviously he would be brought in for depth and leadership in the dressing room and not offensive prowess, but it’s hard to say if bumping a player like Slepyshev, who likely has a role on the team in the future, for a veteran voice would really be worth it.

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That brings us to Jarome Iginla, a player in a very similar situation to Doan.

Rumours are whirling around on Twitter and in the Oilogosphere that the Oilers are looking to bring Iginla, a surefire Hall of Famer and local product, in on a PTO contract for training camp.

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Is there actually merit to this rumour? Probably not. But Iginla is a better player than Doan is in that same role, and the Oilers were apparently interested in acquiring him last season prior to the trade deadline. Iginla was ultimately dealt to the L.A. Kings where he scored six goals in 19 games on a team that fell short of the playoffs.

Like with Doan, Iginla would shove somebody off the roster in order to add a veteran presence. There’s an argument to be made that it would be a good move for the young players to have this kind of veteran — and, of course, it would burn Flames fans to see a franchise legend in Oilers colours — but there’s also an argument that players like Slepyshev and Jesse Puljujarvi need the opportunity.

That said, there’s never hard in bringing in a player like Iginla on a PTO. If he shows up to camp and beats out one of those aforementioned fringe players for a roster spot, then, well, that probably isn’t a good sign for them and their worth to the team anyway.

  • Consultant

    Sadly one player out of 12 will always have a injury or at least a bump that needs resting, minimum. When I plan out forwards I think of the 14 that they will have on the roster not just the 12 on the ice, because all 14 are important. If they sign Iginla (hope they do) all parties would surely understand he’s not playing 82 games.

  • Would have been cool to have him but I won’t lose sleep. You could argue about the experience but after taking down San Jose and going down to the last minute against Aneheim(we should’ve won in 6 games in the first place) this team knows what they’re doing and there is also a decent amount of vets(Looch, Maroon, Letestu, Zack, Russell, Jokinen, Sekera, etc) already. Im sure they wouldn’t let Hendricks walk if they weren’t confident in the leadership group here. Last season Doan scored 27 points and he won’t be any younger this season, if we’re going to sign that type of production might as well give that chance to JP or Slepyshev and let them get game experience, no doubt in my mind Slepy or JP could hit 20pts. We have plenty of top-9 guys already. As shown from the previous regime’s logic 6 top-6 defensemen don’t=1 top-2 defensemen and 5 top-9 wingers don’t equal a top line winger.

  • CMG30

    Signing Iggy would be great, if for no other reason than watching the meltdown in Calgary every time the announcer yells ‘MacDavid to Iginla, he scores!” Ultimately, I’d still rather sign Jagr…

  • madjam

    Doubt Shane would have turned down an opportunity to play for Oilers , seeing as they are big odds to go all the way this year . Calgary more a hopeful playoff team , not generally a cup team . Would not even have to move family here , as Phoenix only a short flight away . Shane might not be able to handle the rabid fans of a Canadian cities scrutiny . Funny , as Doan was looking like an Oiler, until Sather and boys decided on bust Steve Kelly instead at the draft here in Edmonton . Iginla running out of time chasing a Stanley Cup chance, so that should leave Calgary out , but Edmonton should be high on his list . Jagr probably for same reasons as Iginla , would love opportunity to play with Oilers . How big a role could any of them play here ? Probably pretty limited .

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      sure and I was sitting in the seats at Northlands when then Oilers GM Glen Sather stepped to the mic, with most of the arena chanting “Doan, Doan” and says “Steve Kelly”. the place went silent ! all the wind was just sucked out of the place! but in fairness to Kelly, he was at least a similar type of player to Doan in that he was also big and physical and could score points. but the biggest thing in Kelly’s favor was he had great speed and Doan not so much. so of course guess who has the far better career? #becauseoilers.

    • Off the wall

      I don’t know where this information came from, however I heard nothing at all regarding Doan.
      Jagr, of course…who wouldn’t want a piece of that Czech- pie?

      Most Flames were split on Jagr anyhow.
      It’s the dog days of summer, what better way to fill the void and ask, ” What ifs”?

      I seem to remember that yesterday’s blog was on PTO’s for ON.

      I seem to remember names such as, Wideman and Hudler being brought up.
      Does it mean anything? Probably not.

      It’s just noise, summer noise..

  • Semenko27

    Since the wonderful connor mcdavid came into our lives i no longer look back on all the players that could have played for he oil because any or all of them would have changed the course of the teams that led us to getting connor.

  • I’ll admit: I’ve secretly wished for a Doan-Iginla-Hemsky line called the “McDavid will win you a Cup” line.

    Yeah, I know, it’s impractical.
    It’s nonsensical.
    It’s delusional.
    It’s irrational.

    But dammit I want to see it happen.