Do you want to win 5000? Enter NationDrafts Presented by Londonderry Dodge

My friends, it’s that wonderful time of the year again when we all put our hockey genius to work and draft a NationDrafts team that can win you prizes and glory that will last a lifetime. 

I feel like we’ve waited decades for hockey to come back after the shortest offseason in a decade, and all of that waiting was starting to take its toll on our minds and bodies. I mean, there is only so much summer filler that we can live with. Now that the puck life is almost back, we can finally stop complaining about who got signed for what, what the depth chart looks like (until the first injuries come around), and we can actually argue about real life hockey games!

Anyway… now that the regular season is just around the corner it also brings us the opportunity for another favourite Nation past time – merciless trash talking of each other for our scorching taeks. The idea of holding bragging rights for life over your Internet nemesis is a wonderful feeling and having killer prizes available is the cherry on top of our draft sundae. Combined, prizes and glory bring about a sense of power that every hockey fan should feel. Enter NationDrafts.


The rules of this draft are simple. After signing up (FOR FREE!), we’re going to give you boxes of players and you’re going to pick a name from each box until you’ve put together a super crew that you think can contend for a Nation Drafts championship. Seems easy, right? That’s because it IS easy. For you folks out there that think you’re Gord’s gift to fantasy hockey, winning prizes in a FREE hockey draft should be a breeze. Unless you’re scared… You’re not scared, are you? Of course not.

That said, I will warn you in advance that we’ve thrown a few grenades in the mix to keep you on your toes. If you think that you can just fly through this thing without putting any thought into it then you’re going to get burned. There will be players listed as options that are hurt, without contracts, and any other devious little trick that we could come up with to keep things interesting. What I’m telling you is to not get cocky because you just might find yourself stepping in one of our traps if you do.


Since no NationDraft is complete without prizes, our friends at Londonderry Dodge have gone above and beyond to give you guys a chance to win something substantial. Not only do they want you to play this free draft, they also want your impending victory to result in us making it rain on your huge hockey mind. Considering the draft is free to enter, I don’t want to hear any excuses about why you didn’t sign up and play along.

The Prizes:

  • First Prize: $5000 pre-paid Visa
  • Second Prize: $2500 pre-paid Visa
  • Third Prize: $1000 pre-paid Visa

The complete set of rules can be found here and the link to sign up is here. Unfortunately, this draft is limited to residents of Northern Alberta only so if you’re reading this in Calgary it’s time to fire off an email to your Aunty Karen in Edmonton telling her that you’ll need to use her address.