GDB -2.0 Wrap-up: Saskatoon into this post-game recap, would ya?

Oilers win in Sasky. Ice cold Pilsners for everybody. Final Score: 4-0 Oilers

As the pre-season winds down, I can’t help but look for an imaginary fast forward button that takes us directly to the home opener. I know that we’ve only got one game left but it still seems like an eternity before the season kicks off for real. As much as I’ve been waiting for hockey to come back over these last few months, the pre-season isn’t quite doing it for me anymore. I’m ready for primetime. I got the itch and now I need the scratch. It’s almost like an over the pants handy after you’ve been scoring for real — it’s fine but it’s not the same, ya know?

Impatience aside, tonight’s rematch (AND VENGEANCE!) against the Hurricanes meant that not only is the pre-season winding down but that the Oilers are 6-1 heading into their last tuneup game on Saturday night. Even though pre-season records don’t really matter, you always want to be on the right side of .500 regardless of whether it matters or not. With that in mind, it was nice to see the Oilers redeem themselves after the lacklustre effort that we saw on Monday night. I was at that game and pretty much everyone (a few guys excluded) looked like they were going through the motions, just killing time until October 4th rolls around. As a whole, the team looked much better tonight and the scoreboard reflected it.

Frankly, when the Oilers play their game they SHOULD beat teams like the Hurricanes and that’s exactly what happened tonight. Solid game all around. Fist bumps, orange slices, cold ones for all. Nice job, everyone.

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We wrap.

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  • Hell of a goal by Zack Kassian. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a feeling that Kass is going to have a big season for the Oilers. Disallowed goals be damned!
  • Milan Lucic finished off a really pretty tic-tac-toe play at the side of the net for the Oilers second goal of the night. Really nice puck movement by Edmonton and a shout out to Lucic for getting the puck from skate to stick before banging it home.
  • Beautiful goal by Connor McDavid on a 2-on-0 break with Drake Caggiula. Connor pulled out the ol’ Charlie Conway triple deke and finished in a way that only he can. He followed that beauty up with another as he potted his second of the night almost immediately after putting the Oilers up by three. Great night for the captain.
  • Laurent Brossoit was rock solid and made some huge saves throughout the night. He made some big stops in close, especially in the the first and second periods, and that kept the Oilers in the lead. Brossoit finished the night stopping all 30 shots he faced as he was arguably the best Oiler tonight.
  • Leon Draisaitl had a really good game. He was all over the puck and seemed to control the play almost every time he was on the ice, often setting up his linemates with all world chances. He may not have registered as many points as he deserved but he was all over the ice.
  • I still think that Yamamoto should get sent back to junior after nine NHL games but he’s certainly not going to make that decision an easy one. He was really good again and made some really smart plays at both ends of the ice.
  • I assume Kris Russell hates his body because he was laying down to block shots in game six of the pre-season. Say what you will, the dude competes.
  • Actually, I thought both Russell and Benning were solid . Both guys were sound defensively and moved the puck effectively.
  • I dug the feature Oilers TV played about Darnell Nurse in the first intermission. It was a solid look at his journey to the NHL and it was interesting to see the ups and downs that led him to this point.
  • Only one pre-season game left to go until show time. No more streams unless you’re playin’ swords with the fellas.
Edmonton Oilers' Scott Howson selected as AHL president and CEO


  • Enough with the streams already. There are 48 Sportsnet channels and you’re telling me none of them can show the Oilers game?
  • The microphone on the stream kept cutting out which leads me to believe that Jack and Bob were swearing like sailors. Why else would there be no audio for extended periods of time?
  • Since tonight’s game was in Saskatchewan I was hoping to see more ads for Pilsner. The Green Diesel waits for no man.
  • Not a great start to the second period for the Oilers. They looked really sloppy in the first 10 minutes and were lucky that Brossoit was on his game because their two goal lead could have evaporated rather quickly.
  • The Oilers depended on Laurent Brossoit too much at times tonight. There were plenty of Grade A opportunities right at his doorstep and the team was lucky that their goaltender was sharp in those moments.
  • There were some pretty weak penalty calls , and I wonder how long the refs are going to call things as tightly as they are right now. Will this continue into April or May? I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • I assume the Oilers got some kind of discount on the graphics that showed up on screen ? They had the score wrong for a while, no power play clock, and the Broadway Cafe probably deserved better than the banner they got at the end of the periods.



01:49 EDM Zack Kassian (1) ASST: Chris Kelly (3), Yohann Auvitu (1) 1-0
13:16 EDM PPG – Milan Lucic (1) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (3), Connor McDavid (5) 2-0
GDB 57.0: Play Through Injuries (5pm MT, SNW)


No Scoring


10:30 EDM SHG – Connor McDavid (2) ASST: Drake Caggiula (3), Kris Russell (1) 3-0
12:02 EDM Connor McDavid (3) ASST: Ryan Strome (2) 4-0


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  • Can't Fix Stupid

    I really hope Yamamoto gets his 9 games and is sent back to junior. He sure is going to look sweet on the wing with his ELC during the McDrai era. He could be expensive too soon if he gets 10 games this year :-/

    • Mitch92

      The caveat being if he continues to produce at an astonishing pace. Then we would be happy to burn that year of eligibility and go deep into the play-offs this year.

  • I swear that the scoreboard said they were losing when I started up the FB feed at the start of the third period. I decided not to watch. #Neksminnit my phone is saying that we won, shutting out the ‘canes.

  • Oil9744

    It’s so obvious Yamamoto has been the best option for Mcdavid and Maroon on the RW over JP and Strome, Mclellan himself said age DOES NOT matter, if he’s getting the job done why do you keep on insisting on sending him down when even the coach says he won’t if he continues playing well??? I’ll tell you something you already know, Yamamoto IS making the team, and most likely playing on the top line with Mcdavid, the kid has been lights out in every situation especially with Connor, it’s time to give him his due and I look forward to see what he can do in the regular season, JP on the Power Play looked really good, Brossiot had his best game tonight as well

    • Oilerchild77

      But it DOES matter. Even if the coach says otherwise. McLellan isn’t going to go on the record and say that his youngest prospect needs more time, because that would take the wind out of Yamamoto’s sails and he wouldn’t be as motivated to make an impression. That beiong said, I think Moto has done enough t get a 9 game look against actual NHL lineups. If he tails off, they send him down and no real harm done. If he tears it up and has like 7-8 goals after 9 games, well, then he stays. But he’s going to have to impress ALOT to stick because he IS only 18, and he IS one of the smallest two players in the biggest division in hockey.

    • Not a First Tier Fan

      I think I can anticipate it for you…

      Connors going to get hurt.
      Sharks/Kings/Ducks are going to use their walkers to whoop the Oilers – at least until nap time
      Flames are going to somehow overcome sucking and do the same
      Pen Hawk King is really butt-hurt that Connor didn’t jump out of Edmonton as soon as he was drafted and sign in with the Leafs to win Stanley with Matthews and Marner…

      Did that cover it?

  • madjam

    Terrible feed on game tonight , blacked out a good portion of third period , thus missed McDavid’s two goals . Carolina has got quite the team this year by the looks of it , as a 4-0 loss was not indicative of the play .

  • madjam

    Some of the vets seemingly in Todd’s dog house played well or at least better tonight ( Benning , Caguilla and Strome ) while bubble players Malone , Pakarinen , and Kelly showed not an awful lot . Jesse played better , and Yam was not as dominant as he has been the last 4 games , but still promising none the less . Defensively it looks like Auvitu has pulled ahead of Fayne .

  • Not a First Tier Fan

    They had Auvitu on the first power play unit. That seemed to click…

    Was it just me or did Yammer get a lot of ice time tonight? Seemed like he was always making something happen.

    Broissoit – solid night. Good on him.

    Will it ever get old having Connor and Leon on our team? I checked with the magic eight ball and it told me ‘Hell No!’

  • BorjeSalming-IanTurnbull

    I’d be interested in seeing a race between Eberle and Strome? Slowwww
    The Drake’s got to get his head out of his ass. Looks lost and might lose his spot to yamer or jessi.
    The pre season streaming is bad. It like a they’ve given the production responsibility to a 12 year old. Be better

    • gregolas

      was decent on the PK
      Got an assist on 97s sh goal

      Other than that , he was just… ugh. He’s been bad in every game of the pre season except one against players who have trouble making an AHL Lineup

      I really don’t see why he his handed as much as he is… I think a stint in the AHL would do him good.

  • the preseason is way too long and blows dead goats.
    Good on Stoon for showing up and adding vibe to the tilt. Connor McDavid shoulders the responsibility of being the draw that fills the barn with a bit of brilliance. The ref who decided not to call that penalty shot could use a lesson in context.
    Finally, the most insightful question in the post game scrum came from the blades radio pxp guy…. ~and people wonder why MSM is failing~.

  • OriginalPouzar

    I don’t understand how so many people don’t get how broadcast rights work. Yes, SN has a bunch of channels but they can’t just broadcast any game they please. Yes, Rogers has the NHL rights but SN can’t just willy nilly show any game – they have specific licensing arrangements for the games – obviously there is the costs of production, broadcast teams, etc. they has been determined isn’t enough to create a profit for a pre-season game in Saskatoon against Carolina.

    Can we not just be greatful that 82 regular season games are available on TV and the exhibition games all available via stream?

    Remember where we were 20 years ago.

      • OriginalPouzar

        Yes, it should – does the contract with the NHL include all exhibition games? No.

        There needs to be agreement with teams, with sponsors, commercials, broadcast teams, etc.

    • oilerjed

      Im seeing Jets, Sens, Cansucks and Laffs games on sportsnet and Sportsnet, Yet somehow our broadcaster decided that showing preseason games where the greatest hockey player on the planet arent worth the effort? Jesus, we were even treated to the foggy entertainment of the Kings-Canucks games from China yet haven’t found a way to show one single Oilers game?
      I get broadcast rights I just feel that the NHL and Rogers are not servicing hockey fans as well as they could.

  • Spoils

    what an all world stud mcd is. Rolls into Sasky with a 100m contract and shows what a good deal the oilers got. Feels like watching a ferrari on a bike path. That 2nd goal was just rad.

  • Jordan88

    Just watched highlights of last nights game, my thoughts McDavid is too good for the NHL, on another level.
    Kassian will get 30 goals if he keeps playing like this. I said he would get 20. Mark my words Kassian has found another step in his game.

    Strome = Warrior.

  • Oilerz4life

    Sure hope Chia-Pet addresses that #7 D spot pronto with Auvitu, Fayne or Simpson the depth is back to hate to say it but absolute garbage again this year. Typical Oilers trade away Davidson, lose Reinhart to the draft, pick up Strome (yippee) and in my opinion the defense and right side are worse than last year. Hope they don’t hit skid row on injuries and dry up the right side because preseason means jack squat.

    • Big Nuggets

      Reinhardt is garbage. I liked Davidson but Auvitu is a better puck mover and might have NHL ability. He seems to take an adult approach to the game, as Reinhardt has the mentality of a spoiled child. I think Klef and Larsson step up and become a legit top pair this year. Our defence will be fine barring injury to one of those two, I predict.

  • Abagofpucks

    i think we should test the theroy that a firehydrant can score on mcdavids line by renting a monkey from the valley zoo and putting the monkey on the rw just to see what do you guys think