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Recapping the Chiarelli Press Conference

This morning, Peter Chiarelli stood in front of the media to answer questions and take his lumps about what is going on with the Edmonton Oilers. Let’s break it down.

Before we get started, one thing I wanted to mention was that the media must have been listening to fan complaints or something because they did not go easy on Chiarelli this morning. The questions they asked were direct, blunt, and to the point. Actually, there was some absolute gas thrown at him today, and despite some of his answers being flimsy at best, it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

When asked about how the season is going…

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Nothing new here. Moving on. Blah blah blah he’s disappointed. Who isn’t?

When asked about his summer gambles failing…

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I have to admit that I was caught off guard when Mark Spector asked how he explains his failed bets from this summer. There was no easing into that questions and I don’t know if Chiarelli was expecting that one as he was noticeably taken aback by it. For me, this was one of the questions I wanted to hear, but the mistake I made was that I was hoping for Chiarelli to take some ownership of it. He did not.

When asked about working the trade market

Oh God no… Please don’t make a panic trade. PLEASE don’t make panic trades. Anyway…

Chiarelli mentioned contracts as a reason he may not look at add impact players. He also preached patience in times like these.

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This probably the money quote for me. Does this mean Chiarelli is going to stay patient? I hope so. There’s no bigger opportunity for mistakes than when you try to force a trade through from a position of weakness.

Buckle up, Nation. We could see more moves coming if things don’t improve. The next few months could be scary.

On the team being slow…

One of the things we’ve heard a lot this year is that the Edmonton Oilers are a slow team. Peter Chiarelli doesn’t see it that way.

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Anyone else find it odd that Chiarelli flat out denied what so many other people have said? We’ve had media, other players, fans, and everyone in between talking about the Oilers being slow but ol’ Pete doesn’t see it that way.

On Oscar Klefbom’s struggles…

I don’t know what those issues are but the Oilers need to hire a witch doctor or whatever it takes to fix them. They need Klefbom. NEED HIM. Bring in a psychiatrist or whatever he needs. Figure it out.

On the team being inconsistent from game to game…

I get rattled by the idea of multi-millionaire athletes being unable to motivate themselves to play hockey. I know that may be a simple way of looking at things, but it’s the truth. Why does it have to be up to the coach to get hockey players ready to go? Weird.

On the special teams struggles…

Not to blame Talbot, but… *blames Talbot*

If Chiarelli thinks that they’re spending too much time focusing on the special teams then maybe they could spend some time working on passes to the tape? Cool.

When asked about chemistry in the locker room…

We all have heard the rumours circling the team since the first week of the season. I was happy to see that someone (can’t remember who) asked about those rumours without getting salacious. I mean, he flat out denied it but it was interesting to see that he thinks the chemistry is fine. That said, what else is he supposed to say? Then again, he did criticize a few of the players so why avoid others?


At the end of the day, Peter Chiarelli spent 17 minutes talking about a lot of things without really saying anything. We didn’t really get any information that was new, aside from the fact that this season is caused by “death from 1000 cuts” which was something he repeated several times. From where I blog, I would have liked to see him take a little more ownership of what has gone on here. In the end, a big part of what’s happening here is caused by his roster moves and gambles that young guys would progress in a straight line. That said, it wasn’t exactly surprising that he said a lot of words without a lot of content — that’s kind of Chiarelli’s schtick.

What did you guys think? Do you think Chiarelli covered all of the bases you wanted to be covered? Did he say anything of substance? Do you feel better about anything? What say you, Nation?

  • Harry2

    The idea that Edm is a slow team for me is laughable. Last year nobody said they were slow cause they were winning. Fast forward to this year and all of a sudden they’re slow. Seems like lazy reporting because they are not winning.

  • KenBone18

    What do you think he would say? “Whew I sure laid a turd in the off season didn’t I?” or “Man Strome is totally slow – I should probably just stop doing trades with Garth Snow huh?” or ” Drai slept with my wife who was sleeping Nurse’s sister who then got punched out by Klefblom and that’s why Connor McDavid got the flu” or “Man I’m so desperate to make a trade to shake things up how about you other GMs call me up with your worst offers”?

  • TKB2677

    #1 I am not sure what people expect Chi or any GM to say when your team is under performing and is lousy. Were people wanting him to apologize to everyone, maybe tear up?
    #2 While I agree that pro hockey players shouldn’t need someone to motivate them. As pros at the highest level, they shouldn’t need someone to fire them up. But apparently they do and no one should be surprised. If Eberle comes out and whines about the media being too mean to him and it affecting his play, should it surprise you that these guys don’t give a damn half the time and need someone to poke them.
    #3 Team speed. No one called the Oilers slow last year. You can hate the Eberle trade but he wasn’t a fast skater what so ever. If anything Strome is slightly faster than Eberle. I think in general all teams need to continue to get faster. That is just the way the game is going but the entire team has been lousy for most of the year because the players aren’t playing well. If they were playing to their capabilities, no one would be calling them slow.

  • Roberto

    Based on every story I’ve heard, and some researching through various blogs, here’s what I believe to have happened:

    Drai had an affair with Klef’s GF, and Nurse’s sister punched him out in the Cactus club in front of witnesses (the witness being my friends friends hairdresser’s little brother, who saw it first hand). Drai then developed chemistry with Nurse’s sister, and Nurse punched him out on the road trip because of it. This was witnessed by a security officer who travels with the team and who is a friend of a poster on this very site. Nurse then marched into Chia Pete’s office, and demanded a trade…. He returned to confide in the Security officer, and told him that he has asked for a trade. The Security Officer then reported this top secret info to his friend, who relayed the info to the tier 2 fans, via Oilers Nation. I also heard that it was just some random guy (presumably Chris the Intern) who punched Drai at the Cactus club.

    I would actually love to know what, if anything, actually happened. Pretty funny how much the rumors change, as I have actually heard (**basically, with some small changes) all of the above stories. I think we might care about the Oilers a bit too much.

    • Natti_89

      Say any one of the versions are true and was confirmed by a player, what then? These players need to man up and realize that these off ice shenanigans have to stop. Take a Captain Serious mindset and live/breathe the game. We all were young once but they have a responsibility. In today’s day and age it’s sad that running away from your problems is an option especially in this ‘hypothetical’ scenario. Suck it up, man up, bro hug and win some farkin hockey games. Nothing to release the tension like when two feuding friends make up. Lol or maybe nothing happened….shrugs

    • Natti_89

      I agree! At the end of the day this is our team. But, as most things are when you are up north, it’s tough love. Regardless of the negativity, it comes from a good place. If only the fans can somehow hug the team…. gotta be an app or something for that…

  • OilersFanInMunich

    Ok, can somebody tell me about those rumours everyone is talking about?

    As you can see, an Oilers fan in Germany like me doesn’t hear much about that. Dont’t want to be that much of an gossip girl, but it seems to be an open secret in Edmonton?