Top 5 Oilers Goals of 2017

We’ve made it to 2018 and that means one final look back at the year that was. Previously, we took a look at the Top 3 hits and saves and the Top 5 fights from the last calendar year. For the last segment of the series, I’m going to count down the top 5 goals from the last 12 months.

Number Five:

McDavid just doing McDavid things

This goal isn’t so pretty as much as it is awe inspiring. It’s one of those goals that you can show to any hockey fan, no matter what team they cheer for, and watch their jaw drop. In it, McDavid hits Mach 6 and just makes the Flames look ordinary.

Number Four:

The $18.5 Million dollar connection

This is a twofer and with good reason. In the span of a week, the Oilers went into the houses of our former exes and put on a 3-on-3 OT clinic. Is there honestly a more terrifying duo that can play together than Neon Leon and the one we call Connor? On the Island (also known as Brooklyn), the boys were a whiff of a shot from Barzal away from walking away with nothing, but Connor’ speed, and Leon’s strength saw the puck moving down the ice and McDavid with a perfect setup for the top shelf snipe. A few nights later, Connor and Leon get back to work and beat Cory Schneider with another OT beauty for the ages.

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Number Three:

Game 5 from a Klefbomb to little D

Who said my list had to be just 5 goals long (don’t DM Baggedmilk, please)? This highlight pack is not so much for the goal, as it is for the moment. Getting clutch goals is perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world, and the fact that DD has a part in both is just special. In the first goal, David Desharnais skates around the Sharks D and sets up that patented Klefbom clapper… and man you just have to listen to the PING of that shot going in off the bar, over and over. In the second, be honest, you have watched it too many times to count. I’m not sure what the Sharks three players at the top of the zone were doing. They all just kind of go for a skate. Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite diminutive forward slides down and shelves a beauty feed from Leon.

Number Two:

The assist

Patrick Maroon’s time with the Edmonton Oilers may best be summed up in this play right here. This next summer he may just take his paycheck from the man who made it all possible for him (Connor), and sign with another team. Connor just makes what is likely the best pairing of D we have seen in years (Seabrook and Keith) and makes them look average.

Honourable Mention:

Kris Russell’s two goal night

Every Oilers fan had to live through it. We’ve all seen the lowest of the lows. But as the 2017 season wound down, and our playoff chances dwindle with each loss, Kris Russell had himself a doozy of a night. Known pretty much for his shot blocking ability, and his father’s bull taming wrestling riding ability, no one expected two absolute snipes from the young man. First he unloads an absolute laser to tie the game for the Oilers. Then.. well Russell perfects his ability to be everything and nothing to fans all at the same time, but ripping one past LB. So quick even he wasn’t expecting it. If you can’t laugh as an Oilers fan, I feel for you.

Number One:

Kassian just doing McDavid things

On a team with the offensive dynamos of Connor and Leon, I am likely going to get slain in the comments for this, but bear with me as I admire this beauty of a goal from Zack Kassian. The Ducks, the Pacific division winning team last year, that’s the team that Kassian just dangled. So there’s that. Then on top of it, that backhand. He gets Gibson going to his right and then he uncorks a thing of beauty off the back of his stick. Then to cap it off, one of the best Kassian celebrations of his career. Those crazy eyes.

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So there it is. The top 5 goals of the year for YOUR Edmonton Oilers. Let me know in the comments below if you think there is one I missed, or go wrong.

Thanks for reading.

  • ubermiguel

    Connor is playing on All Star while the rest of the league is on Rookie. Just noticed on that Chicago goal that Toews is on the ice too, so that’s Chicago’s best players and Connor makes them look like pylons. God bless the Golden Ticket.

    • ricardo2000

      The so-called top line sucks on defence. Does every one remember the 3-on-1 to start the game 0 to 1? It is obvious every team knows the winning game-plan is to bottle these losers in their own end early and score.

  • Natejax97

    I went from pumped for the season, to cocky when we beat the flames, to worried when we lost the next 4 in a row, to mad and frustrated heading into December, to skeptical in the middle of December, to Optimistic at Christmas time, to completely and utterly sad and disappointed today. You look at that team last year, and you had to believe that things were going to be okay…

    I have never said this but will say it now, I am embarrassed to be an Oiler fan today…and I hope they do something with these last 42 games to at least show that they want to be in the playoffs again at some point during Connor McDavid’s time here. My expectations are exactly 0 at this point. I assume we get beat 4-1 (maybe 5 or 6 even) tonight and don’t bother showing up for the Anaheim game on Thursday either and get thumped again…The really sad part is I had that Anaheim game circled on the calendar because it was our first chance to get some revenge…LOL…not this group.

    If they can get into a pure skill game, the Oil can win. But as soon as it takes character, drive, doing hard things, going into dirty areas, grit, etc. this group is a complete debacle. This includes trying to get the puck out of our own end.

    At this point…we are so desperate for any spark that we are contemplating playing a left handed defenseman on right wing.

    Maybe this summer get some players that can win a race to the puck and actually have a little sandpaper in their game…if you need an example, see Nashville, Vegas, Toronto, even the Flames.

    • Jordan88

      That defenseman has proven to have offensive instincts. He has the the right tools to be an effective top 9 forward. When I see Auvitu play I see a flawed defenseman and an excellent two way forward.

      I never expected the Oilers to be this low in the standings but I held no illusions we would be in the hunt and possibly cup contenders.

      I also expected Vegas to be a team of suck but look at them now.

      I expected Ottawa to be in the hunt as well.

      Its been a strange season and if the Oilers don’t make it this year the holes we have now will be filled in next season.

    • TruthHurts98

      I feel/felt the same way. But these past 3 games have been depressing, glad I didn’t see the Winnipeg blowout. Problem is this team has no shot at winning home games with the special teams in complete disarray. Talbot hasn’t been as sharp after Christmas either and they need him to stand on his head. But now I think we’re talking top 5 pick since the coaching staff can’t get the team motivated. I’m afraid PC makes some more awful trades that bleed away the remaining talent. Feels like the DOD all over again. But it shouldn’t. This roster is good enough to be playoff worthy, they just don’t want it. At least that’s what last game looked like. How do the assistant coaches still have jobs?!?!?!?!?

  • Glencontrolurstik

    Well, it seems the team could care less???
    That (the Jets Game) was a waste of what I would have thought was the best present (my kids first game)…
    “Dis – friggen – custing”…
    And Oilers Nation is trying to keep the dream alive with this drivel???
    Are we all turning into “Leafesque Fans”…?
    Putting up with the mediocre & pumping each other up to a false confidence?
    Sidenote: did anyone watch that NBC coverage of the Winter Classic?
    No wonder the NHL is having trouble finding new fans in the US?

  • ricardo2000

    It is time to bury this worthless, no-effort team. No one should expect the Oilers to do anything but suck from now till the end of the season. Every Edmonton fan has been betrayed, and should show their loud contempt at every opportunity. The coaches should all lose their jobs immediately, because the Oilers have the worst defence, PK, PP in the league: slow and stupid. Watching Kane skate around a motionless Draisiatl for the OT goal epitomizes this whole season.

  • ted

    top 5 goals of 2017:
    1. Make the playoffs
    2. Come out strong at start of season.
    3. Have an effective power play
    4. Have an effective penalty kill
    5. Cut down on turnovers